Analysis of Family pet Lovers Centre

This record is to look at the potency of the marketing strategies that permit them to widely increase their business around Singapore and Malaysia. And in addition examine the way they react to their competitors.


What is Pet Lovers Centre?

Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) is Singapore's biggest dog or cat retail and service string. It was wide open as a home hobby business in 1973. In 1995, the next era of Ng family got over, and the business enterprise grew quickly as they have extend their business not only Singapore and also Malaysia. PLC is well known for their capability to offer its customer "widest and freshest range, coupled with fast and warm service". They will be the only pet string being awarded for the "Trust SG certification for the entire year" and also an Associate person in Worldwide Family pet Industry Connection. In 2008, it became a franchise-able brand.


Background of Pet Lovers Centre

In 1973, both brothers, David Ng and Robert Ng, have the same interest for dogs because they were raised in a plantation with a myriad of pets and family pets. At the point of time, the pet ownership had not been popular as compare to today, dog or cat shop hardly can be seen on the road, as leftover food were consider proper meals for pets. After that, the two brothers shared a typical dream to open up Singapore's first shop that offered everything a pet should need. It started off with the wholesaling and from then on change to retailing as the demand for dog or cat related retail service was expand and there have been lack of choice in the market. And this switching of business was a success.

After much time and money being spent, they finally open up their first shop at Shaw Centre along Scotts Highway. They also determine to begin their own Research & Development. Such as for example, "turning car cushions into pet cat basket, home carpet into scuff pad for cats". This technology allow the shop to be first in transfer dried out dog food, first to sell anti flea and tick hair shampoo, first to sell nutritional supplement for pets and first to provide dry food to provide to Singapore's authorities and army dog products.

Mission and Center Values

Pet Lovers Centre objective is to provide their quality care and attention to their customer by displaying their care and attention and concern with their customer needs and also good ease of access. Pet Addicts Centre core worth are Integrity, professionalism, performance, teamwork, and service. The needs having this central ideals is to ensure that the personnel being professional in their job, do their part and being genuine, courteous, care and attention and concern to their customer. "PLC is where pet fans can shop with total confidence and satisfaction. " They ensure they did provide quality services and share their knowledge about pet and product with their customer.


Pet addicts centre has received the Singapore Creative Circle Bronze award of the year of 2001, Retail Courtesy Silver Award of the entire year of 2002, Excellent Service Award of the entire year of 2002, Best Family pet Shop Prize 2004 & 2005, Largest Dog or cat Store in Malaysia Publication of Details 2003, Clubpets Readers Choice honor of the entire year of 2003 to 2006, Singapore Prestige Brand Honor in 2008, Trust SG Documentation for the entire year of 2006 -2008 and Second Runner Up, Global Pets Forum Prize 2010.

Pet Lover Foundation

Pet Fans Centre has always offering charities to those animals. And previous years, the foundation arrived with a tagline"Pets, people and out globe" to pets. They donate food for animal shelter in Singapore. The building blocks work with the animal shelters such as Noah's Ark, SPCA and ASD. And this past year when economic perspective is bleak, they organise "Dog Food Drive". They actually collected over 2000kg of dog food for SPCA and Noah's Ark. And just lately, they organise and charity preview of the movie, "Hachiko - A dog's story", and elevated sixteen thousand us dollars for the ASD and Noah's Ark. Presently, they are working by using an eco task and working with Salvation Military to help the animal shelter. Furthermore, their stores got these house brand products "Burp!" and "Trustie" and their exclusive imports products, the sales of the merchandise will be contribute to Pet lovers foundation's beneficiaries.


Location of Stores

Pet fans Centre has develop their business to Malaysia and Singapore. There are 32 stores in Singapore and 8 stores in Malaysia. In Singapore, the stores are located near to the MRT stop or shopping malls. This allows customer to access to the destination easily. For instance: VivoCity, Singapore's most significant retail and lifestyle vacation spot, customer can actually take bus, MRT, Taxi or autos to the shopping mall. And they can even shop around the shopping mall once they have shop at your pet Lovers Centre. So this permit the customer not only able to purchase their pet products, they also could purchase other things from other retailers. And they won't believe that trip had been wasted to visit down.

Grooming Centre

In Singapore, there are 5 Pet Lovers Centre's wall plug contain the grooming facilities. They could bring their pets to the EastPoint mall, Holland town, Serangoon Gardens, Toa Payoh Central or Vivocity for wild hair grooming. And those groomers are higher level of expertise proficiency and professionalism as they are being trained by the PLC Animal Arts Academy. They train skills in a intensifying manner which helps them to build up the building blocks, learning basic skills of handling and grooming dogs and cats, attaining new techniques as they learn advance skills. Lately, they provide new services to your pet owner. It is the "just a shower" for puppies only. This is to allow the owners have an alternative solution choice to really bring their household pets for a bathtub rather than carrying it out themselves.

Veterinary Clinics

There are veterinary Treatment centers located at Vivocity and Holland Town. They also came out with a system for the owner to ask for an advice, view or recommendation through online. So owner can in fact enter their website and consult the veterinary through online before bringing their pet to a veterinarian. And they'll reply the post at the earliest opportunity to solve owner's problem. That is to allow the owner get an idea whether their domestic pets are behaving normally or it does really need a medical care. So this enables owners to save lots of assessment cost if their dog or cat were perfectly alright.

Dog Training

PLC has dog training at their stores. They work together with the Waggie's dog training institution, Doggie Move forward dog training college and Dog Listener consultancy. They might schedule their category at different venue of Singapore. And owners are given a selection to choose which classes they might like their dog to travel for training. Along with the place usually will be at Vivo city 3rd floor. Yet another way owner could do is consult the instructors through online on basic training. This would allow them to have better advice, thoughts and opinions and recommendation from the trainer. So rather than bring canines to training institution, they could actually coach their pups themselves.

Home delivery

They provide home delivery. So owner could purchase bulky item such as dog food, dog cage plus more. Or owner could also online order goods. If goods are being purchase above $50, there exists free of charge for delivery. The delivery calls for 3 to 4 4 business days to process. There's a call receive from other Customer Service Official to verify the requests and time of delivery. So when goods appear, goods can be exchanges within 7 business days from the night out of purchase.

Marketing Strategies

Membership Card

They also provide membership greeting card for those pet addicts to get profit. For instance, 15% discount on birthday month, 5% discount on regular-priced product, makes loyalty indicate redeem items. To use the free regular membership card, customer has to purchase above $100 in one receipt. If not, customer has to pay $5 for request fees for bare minimum purchase of $50 solo receipts or gathered receipts in four weeks. And this account could last for just one year, subsequent time renewal of membership fees will be $2. Customer could check their point and redeem item through their website. With this account, members will have a tendency to visit their stores and buy more items from them, in order that they could collect point. With the idea, customers could actually redeem pet's food, pet's shampoo, pet's solution or supplement, accessories and surprise vouchers.


The price of the products was placed at an acceptable and affordable price. And they do have make of product that could not within other dog or cat stores. Despite the fact that there are some product that are sold higher price than other dog or cat stores, but customer still choose to buy their product as the quality and service was that. They are willing to pay higher price as they wish to get good quality of food.

S. W. O. T analysis


They provide the customer their finest service with a smile from it. This demonstrates they appreciated each of these customers. They willingly to help customers and fixed their problem. They would like to gain the trust from the customer. So they allow exchange of products within 7 days. This will allow customer to get good impress of these business. They'll constantly delivering latest product for customer. That is to prevent them from reselling expired food plus more variety to choose. They not only aim for people around town or city, they also focus on people who live at HDB. This allows them to visitors to happen to be their stores handily. Every month, they certainly have campaign item, this is to entice more customer to buy their product.


They have quite limited types of products compare to other pet shop. And not every store has the same products. As some of the shop size is small, so they cannot actually bring in many different types of products. So, the majority of products will be accessible at the pet safari mega stores only.


Service and Quality of the product that Pet Lover Centre provides to each of these customer are useful. This would permit the customer have rely upon their product and ready to go to the stores again. And this enables the client to recommend more pet enthusiasts to drop by their stores. They are doing organise outdoor event and dog or cat contest. This also really helps to promote responsible pet ownerships and also allow owner and domestic pets to enjoy and have fun. And permit customer to know that all this event are in reality organize by your pet Enthusiasts Centre.


There are a great deal of pet shops in Singapore. They are simply actually Pet Fans competitor. For the reason that they are doing sell dog or cat products, and their products are for sale at lower price. And they do have their own home brand product. So they might miss out with customer because of that. As the majority of the people wouldn't normally wish to pay too much on products, all they want is their pet eating healthy food.


Interview of the Pet Owner

Name: Anonymous

Sex: Male

Comments: I prefer to buy pet's product from Family pet Lovers Centre. It is because their foods are fresh. As the day of expiry is either one or two 2 time later. THEREFORE I feel safe to permit my pet to consume their food and snack. There was once, I went to other Family pet Shop to get pet food. I observe that the expiry time was just a few month away. Not only that, tiny opening and insect are available on the product packaging which will make me feel so unsafe and quality of food was kind of bad, which give me an awful impression of the stores. So from that point in time, I favor to buy products from Family pet Lovers Centre. Despite the fact that the price was just a little expensive from other stores, it's more worthwhile.

Although the price of the merchandise are slightly more expensive, but there is a lot of promotion going on throughout the year. So whenever there is promotion on the particular product that my dog or cat loves it, I would like to acquire it bulk and there is a free delivery to my house. So it's worthy of buying it and I do not need to carry those things all the way back home. Incidentally, Pet Lovers Centre can be found almost all the shopping malls and it's located near MRT stop too. It had been as convenient as compare to other dog or cat stores. So whenever I stop by to that retail center, I'll always drop by the stores to check on their promotion. As well as the service was excellent, their advice was very clear.

Being a member, there are so benefits. During birthday months, you can find 15% discount on the things. Sometime you might even receive free gift idea from them. Tips are given to all or any members; I've attempted to redeem items through online. It was great. They even deliver it to my home. What a good service they provide to all participants. So Pet Lovers Centre is a good choice for all pet enthusiasts.


Pets Lovers Centre has being displaying their finest in providing good service and good quality with their customer. Their marketing strategies had been proven and recognise, this allow them to develop in Singapore and Malaysia. They continue to keep the member up to date with the latest information or promotion through email, E-zine or even typically the most popular cultural network, Facebook. This allows the member to go to to Pet Lovers Centre more regularly. This allow Dog or cat Buffs Centre to be success and able to expand their business swiftly throughout the island.

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