Analysis of the mobile phone industry

Mobile phone experienced become the daily needed factor atlanta divorce attorneys ones personal life. It got started its progress slowly. Initial times the major part of the delivery was from the most big electronic equipment producers' countries like China. There was a heavy drift of creation from China to India. India was even producing most cost effective and low cost handsets. Research group 'Garter' got made some research to recognize the most reliable and best mobile producing and manufacturing company. With just a year of its research it came to a realization that 68% of the models are made by India. It had also forecasted that this year and yes it would be on high scales in making.

Until 2005 India didn't even have a single unit for making. Because of its low cost of maintenance and cheap labor supply country was able to produce more steady products with an increase of cheap costs. This made a clear way to development to increase drastically. 31 million mobile phone were stated in the entire year 2006 according to the Granter records. Each mobile phone on an aggregate had a road value folks $5. Garter also firmly believes that you will see a consistent progress of practically 95 million handsets. In addition, it made a prediction by reconciling the annals and believed the development rate in terms of cellular phone production in market will be of 25%.

With your day to day upsurge in the mobile connection usages there came up up a dependence on home-based mobile manufacturers. With the future of 6. 57 million mobile users registering for services in the recent past India is considered as the fast growing mobile market on the planet. June 2007 was the beginning in the sub continent fro 178 million mobile users.

In Bangalore Finnish company elcoteq got create its first telecom manufacturing company in Apr 2005. Giant companies like LG and Samsung based from Korea adopted suit market leaders like Nokia which had become in the entire year 2006.

Even though Nokia from its globe near Chennai (Madras) has started out to export mobile phones to Gulf and Africa says. You can also get a few locally branded phone sellers and manufacturers such as Spice, Usha Lexus, and BPL that are either manufacturing locally or import the handsets.

Market strategy analysis

In telecom industry to for serving low income consumer in rural and urban areas there is great deal of hype in the mobile telecommunications to make their market. There are more than 2. 1 billion consumers at the 'bottom part of the monetary pyramid', with per capita incomes of significantly less than $1, 500. Among those several million which is equivalent to one 6th of world inhabitants have $1 income as per capital income, and very handful of these have their mobile phones at present. Gleam lot of discuss the communal and financial benefits an increase in mobile penetration can bring to the poorest countries - a recently available research by London Business School found that, in an average developing country, a growth of ten mobile phones per 100 people boosts GDP expansion by 0. 6 ratio points.

But the penetration of the success of the mpbole systems to low income customers has been patchy at the best. World loan company is anticipating or estimating that the worlds most populace in particulat 75 % are with in the coverage of the mobile systems. Most of the mobile network are focusing on attaining the sutomers from middle income and above middle class. In the growing regions like Asia the mobile penetration in top the lifes of the populace are still significantly less than 20% where as in the un expanded regions like Africa the mobile pentration rate is still significantly less than 10%. Generally, MNOs have offered the poorest consumers through shared-use models such as GrameenPhone's Community phone notion in Bangladesh (see textbox), because of the commonly held opinion that attaining these consumers is difficult due to two key obstacles - affordability and availability.

The affordability of a mobile hand place can be related tgo the high cost of the mobile handset to the poor mans income and its challenges in getting together with re occurring costs such as buying recharge cards and minimum regular monthly amount sent for mobile hands place maintainence. The difiiculty in attaining poor also realtes to the income of the poorer and to the clients who are isolated to the exterior world - as average earnings per customer (ARPUs) fall when confronted with increasing capital costs (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX) and distribution/marketing costs, the success of these consumers can collapse. This commonly presented belief with respect to both operators and regulators has resulted in various initiatives to address the so called "universal gain access to gap" - common access cash and subsidies for infrastructure investment in more isolated rural areas being two typical methods3

TI Case study on mobile market strateget

Now a times the mobile wirle less business stems form the flawed platform music group startaegy. It just my berish sense about the mobile industry. Most companys feels like they have mis judged both its competitive landscape and principal customers. Nokia and Ericsson multiple vendore are best performer in comparison with TI which has no longer has the strengths in leveraging the processing strategy. (moving towards a fabless model for digital), but it could be past due to counter aggressive competition.

TI got also jhandled design deficits at sutomers without neging in a position to contend with Qualcomm, Interdigital and iCera. This would be looked at as its child years things as though like Broadcom. TI also have like most of the mobile developing companies with majopt baseband company with wither set up, with their own software products. In addition they posses their own dynamic development programs working.

There is also a move towards integrated program processor plus baseband processors. This, until now, was regarded as another TI strength that is fast eroding credited to smarter competition. TI's answer which must have been a 3G OMAP-Vox chip is conspicuously absent from its product-line.

Thirdly, the fortunes of its connection alternatives - WLAN, Bluetooth and Gps navigation - are attached with the mobile chipset design is victorious compounding the company's cellular woes. Though in addition to the OMAP or custom chips, these are often bundled in the mobile chipsets. TI has spent large resources on these systems with cutting edge R&D work. But it has made a mindful decision to concentrate on the mobile market though each one of these connectivity solutions reveals a wider prospect. This dependence on mobile not only significantly reduces their total addressable market, but also indicates suboptimal utilization of the related advanced research and development work.

In conclusion, TI's competition are carving shares for themselves with area of interest products and the company seems all but a muted spectator. In the sequel, I'll take a simple go through the financial impact of the cordless reverses for TI and the impact of its give attention to the application cpu segment.

Broadband mobile internet and abundant multi-media phones is one of the long predictive is the deliver on its assurance to provide. Now we see United kingdom customers using these technologies in their daily life. This is said as the conversion of mopbile content into a multi- million pound matter. A lot of the major suppliers like ITV, Route4, EMAP and MSN are actually deploying 'made-for-mobile' marketing to capitalize on the public's desire for foods for mobile content. This can be said as a majot and drastic drift in the mobile technology. These solutions makes the major stake of the market in the mobile world. All most all the major suppliers are deploying these technologies to their development to gain market stakes.

Figures below gives a snapshot of the mobile phone usages

Source : http://www. dynamiclogic. com/eu/events/docs/Aerodeon_MobileStrategy_v100. pdf

Mobile phone had now deliver more than brand proposal using the mobile, marketers. The vertical difference between your mobile phone and its own customers or users with the added advantage of mobile advertisement to control the viewing environment provides more meaningful brand relationship.

But choosing the best brand owners and exploiting their opportunities is an average task and exactly how is that achieved? In which sector will the mobile advertisement helps or plays a vital role ? and how can the mobile marketing accommodates with the set up combine to make all the expected and backed marketing goal, along with measured the targets and achieved outcomes ? Each one of these question and questions related to the mobile techonolgies and its ad will be responded to examined. And we make an effort to define criteria and framework that people plan to create a mobile marketing & advertising stratagey.

Mobile for All

In UK more than 1. 2 billion internet pages are traversed and 3. 2 billion SMS texts are directed. A couple of more mobiles than the populace of the UK suggesting that lots of consumers now own multiple phones. A lot more than 80% of the multi-media phones penetrates in 70% of hard to reach to reach junior market. There's a figure derived depending on the number of sessions designed to the mobile operator website in numbers its 8 million users stopped at the mobile providers portal in per month and in time 2004 the mobile operator have produced an unexpected earnings of just one 1. 2 billion pounds, which is clear metrics for us to say that mobile advertisement as the advertisement medium. It really is a broad reached, pervasive and massive.

With the Text marketing promotions in UK there is brands to communicate with their customers and potential clients through mobile. To produce and inline and interactive advertising many brands provide instant and creative responses. They use these offers for sales deals and also to deliver immediate marketing subject matter. They touch base the customers applying this function of advertising. Several activities related to special offers are actually inline with the brands and their organizations. It is also very impossible to construct with out such a good multimedia.

For example:

a sales promotion mechanic targeted at the junior market without inserting mobile at its centre. Automotive manufacturers regularly include mobile as a primary response mechanism to increase the traditional ad-impression impact to 'in market' potential clients and provide an instant route to consumers who want to find out about the publicized car - all from the comfort of these sofa. Along with the financial sector - with First Direct leading the charge - have acknowledged the energy of mobile to include consumer value cost effectively, increase loyalty and cross sell services to frenetically occupied 21st century banking customers.

Source: http://www. dynamiclogic. com/eu/events/docs/Aerodeon_MobileStrategy_v100. pdf

On new marketing 7% is spent annually in UK for a new multimedia as their advertising expenditure to reach their targets. But this should be expected as every 'new press' must go through the 'innovator' and 'early adopter' stages of the technology adoption curve. The mobile market still focuses and belives on market makes, consumer demand for mobile content and changing socio-cultural habits (that happen to be forcing consumers to invest additional time in 'mobile method'). They play a essential role and power the customers to the exponential growth in the mobile marketing period and advertising stage.

We can identify many parallel and identical symptoms between their constant development in web and the expected development in mobile internet. There are various metrics and critical factors have to be made productive and fulfilled prior to the Internet became an accepted medium for marketers to attain their


With the arrival of high speed internet and considerably drift from the 'pay-per-minute' to the way of turning up the destop like feature with multimedia system on the browser. High speed download made the adverts reach the clients in the very best manner. The Internet advertising explosion only really started out when press owners began to publish online areas that offered the kind of

coverage that marketers' need to meet audience reach thresholds. Also to maintain momentum it was essential that industry large online planning currencies were developed together with 3rd party studies demonstrating online's effectiveness.

There a wide range of arguments happening the raising or mind-boggling prices with the web web media expenses. There was a recent study by the face consultancy exemplifies a specific age group between 16 to 25 are spending more time on the online traversing, looking at and surfing net than watching television.

The factors that demand and induce the mobile internet before it makes it avenue will be of no not the same as parents but there are factors that gaurentee the progress will create a whole new chances and opportunities fro advertisers. Mobile advertising specifically identifies display advertising, that is, any advertising put into the blast of mobile advertising (WAP sites, video recording, game titles and music) used by your

customers using their mobile handsets.

For creating a mobile advertisement will flourish only with four advertisements

i. The consumption of the reduced and toned rate internet services in UK

ii. The low cost migration of Web multimedia inventory to the mobile internet.

This may be performed by the introduction of new made-for-mobile

content or existing online content may be repurposed and optimised for

mobile surfing.

iii. The introduction of a mobile press planning currency.

iv. The publication of large scale, peer reviewed indie studies that

demonstrate the potency of mobile advertising in a language that

brands understand.

Nokia Mobile stratagey

Product life cycle-Nokia


When cell phones like Nokia are being developed they are supposed to need a whole lot of advertising and campaigns. These helps to make market to the products. Also Nokia possessed invested large amount of its budget in promoting and growing of its innovative products. Among the blessed factor that helped Nokia is its rivals. There have been no much opponents available when Nokia possessed first launched its product other than some major distributors like Sony. The price with that your competitors inserted into market also helped a lot in reaching the nokia in building its foot print.

There are also many factors said below which results a firm standards


This stage entails basic things such as establishing a firm into the market with appropriate trade make. This step will involve many factors to be looked at like opponents and maintaining criteria. Additionally it is the phase where the major cost is involved and making the first ft. step into the market.


No major cost is incurred in this stage as the brand name reaches the clients and they will be well matured in determining the best products as per their requirements and the standards they need in the merchandise they opt for.


In this stage the height reached from the prior life pattern should be keep to make sure they are selves standard without the potential drifts. It should make its R&D wing to fly fast to make and introducing progressive and competitive products with many features.

In marketing communications market with all the current technology stake available. There are many competitors as said below

* Sony Ericsson

* Samsung

* Motorola

* Siemens

* Panasonic


* Sagem and

* Toplux

Nokia must keep its side upper in the market from all its competitors using many market strategies. To be always a leader Nokia should keep its strategies operating successfully. It will also concentrate on its concepts. Nokia is also considered as the worlds best mobile selling business or company. Nokia using its concepts and strong durability in its guidelines nokia reached its business lead postion as No1 vendor in market. It possessed achived 66 percent growth in 2000 when compared to the entire year 1999.

Some of the business's success was related to a strong second one half in 2000 when

59 percent of sales took place.

1. Nokia 37. 2% (34. 7% 1Q02)

2. Motorola 17. 3% (15. 5%)

3. Samsung 9. 8% (9. 6%)

4. Siemens 8. 5% (8. 8%)

5. Sony-Ericsson 5. 2% (6. 4%)

Source : http://www. 123helpme. com/view. asp?id=120850

Marketing principles


There are numerous priorities in just a business, however in a marketing

orientated company like Nokia, many of the following guidelines will

be on top of the plan
1. Client satisfaction

Many sensible and market research must identify why is the sutomer more content. In short known as client satisfaction.

2. Customer perception: This will make the way the customer desires from the product. The look and development of the merchandise should do in the [point of view of the customer.

3. Customer needs and anticipations

Future analysis and estimation along with expectation about the near future needs makes the company sustain.

4. Generating income or revenue: This basic principle clearly declares that

the need of the business is usually to be profitable enough to

generate income for growth and to gratify stakeholders in the

business. Although fulfilling the customer is a major part of a

companies plans in addition they need to take into consideration their own

needs, such as

5. Making acceptable progress: Business should produce the greatly acceptable and reliable things to achieve

6. Be aware of the environment: Marinating the environment and cost of the environment and product develop will make you to release the product in the price expected to deliver with. If the environment or any production cost increases it obviously sets its finger in the price of the product, so choosing the environment is vital and essential to make up the product.

Along with all its regulations an organization also needs to be focused on its exterior factors which contributes value to its market. It will also be aware of some of the major influsing factors like P. E. S. T factors (politics, environmental, social

and technological) and also S. W. O. T (durability, weakness, opportunity

and threat).

A business to make its place and be successful it should take each one of these constraints into action. These all strategies should be accounted into business to make it an effective enterprise.

Investigating consumer trends

An company to maintain par with the market tendencies there are factors that needs to be accounted to make it an effective organization they must do a continuous general market trends to emerge on the market with new ground breaking ideas. A significant part of this market research is to observe out the sales documents to be able to pin pointed identify the merchandise which will probably put up its experience in increase in sales. This slanysys not only includes the factors that are nurturing the sales and increasing the business revenue. In addition, it matters to investigate the products that the marketplace value is getting degraded. Which sales will probably fall?

There will be ongoing demand in the clients. Changes in customer demand, which continue in the same path to get more then 24 months, show a long-term development or saturation is happening within the marketplace. This is unquestionably a poor market for businesses to

be in (the mobile phone market is in the first calendar year of an continuing

trend) and the business must consider changing their market or product

to a market or product that is currently showing a continuing upwards


When Cell phones were first released they were not such a popular

item and there weren't as many competing companies on the market. So

Nokia and some other companies (Sony and Panasonic) could charge

higher prices they would in the highly competitive market that

they are in today, as there aren't so many companies contending for

market talk about.

NOKIA examination of SWAT

If a corporation is certainly going into negative development there should be some basic analyses that produce in identifies the ways to cope with the marketplace as said earlier there are a few basic strategies that need to be implemented like SWOT evaluation. This should be done over the market.

What I've found out by analysing S. W. O. T is the fact Nokia's main

weaknesses are

1. Nokia is promoting the merchandise that were already in the stabilized and saturated talk about. It really is still making its advertisements in the merchandise that are already reached the client with good and positive responses. It should give attention to its new products and should present services with various features that offers value to its market. It should use promoting those new launched products with new features.

2. Recognized rate of wages from your day the business have began and the existing day have drastically increased. Off course the price tag on the environment have also increased daily. To beat this the organization should focus on re useful products and the machinery which reduces the real human efforts. It subsequently increases the productivity by reducing the human initiatives and their wages. (The average volume of employees in 2002 was 52714 and this was a

decrease from 57716 in 2001).

3. Importing of the equipments and the needed materials from the source location got increased drastically.

To counter-top this nokia should have its company na d branches installation in all the global areas whene they take in their materials. This intern assists with produciong the products from the area where the materials can be found. Which also increases the productivity by lowering the time in exporting an importing. Its also reduces the expense of exporting and importing.

I have also discovered that Nokia have established themselves as one

of the most popular mobile communications companies in the market with

a total of over 52000 sales in 1997 which was a 34% increase from

1996's sales.

There are also many political factors which is effecting the development of the company. While using icrease of the G3 technolgy many competetors are employing their influence to achieve their licence which is a costly affair which has cost companies a total of 110 billion euros so far, are always around to stop Nokia from properly producing strategies and

further conquering the communications market. Also fees such as

import and export provide an have an effect on on Nokia's development and these are

more-or-less impossible to avoid unless a firm are able to run

factories in every country and continent on the planet.

Analysis of my research


Form the essential analysis that I did so to help make the market research I choosed a particular set of individuals and generation gives me the precise information on studying the Nokia market. These professional and selective strap of individuals provided me several outcomes. I tried to make some people (a particular group) so that I could derive and generalize about the entire world population to ascertain abput nokia and its own standards and the way it penetrated to the population lives.

About 55 percent of people in this world population supports or owns their own mobile phones. In the students people with in this group of eleven and twelve acquired already owned or operated a mobile phone. They utilize it as their main mass media mum of marketing communications.

I also have observed that this group of individuals with the age fourty to fifty does not prefer never to use their cell phones and do not holds or uses the mobile phone. And the people who have sixty five will not hold their mobile phones. My results show that the current youth market has already been capitalised on by the marketing communications companies, and the market is becoming saturated or is definitely near saturation. That is reflected

in the actual fact that Nokia's sales have decreased by 4% and this has been

said by many Wall structure Street writers to be the tip of the iceberg and they

are prophesising that sales will continue to lower until the

marketing strategy is modified.

The majority of the people who clarified my questionnaire had an income

of 30000-40000 and this shows that the existing market certainly has

enough money to buy a new phone, the youth market had an average

of under 10000, but as they may have the most disposable income are more

likely to buy new types of mobile phones, if the most the

population has a sizable income they can afford mobile phones but as a

lot of these have people and other financial commitments they may be

a bit apprehensive about spending a big amount of money on the new

mobile mobile, so when a phone premiered at this market it ought to be a

available at a lesser price then your phones targeted at the junior market.

My research also confirmed that "pay as you go" was the most popular

pricing option for the whole human population, especially the junior in

which 100% of people had chosen this plan, but in the more mature

consumers they said that they would probably choose a "pay month to month"

system as they would not be bothered with the hassle of "toping up"

every time they ran out of call time. Also I found out that some 75%

of the youth market changes their payment intend to a "pay monthly"

system as the "pay as you go" system got proven to be very costly,

due to the high call rates to other mobile networks, and because on

the "pay every month" system you can get free texts (SMS) and free

call time, but the amount depended on the network you had a contract


My most important research backed up my extra research and exhibited that

Nokia was the largest selling make of cell phones, with 75% of my

participants saying that they possessed a Nokia cellphone, compared to a

very small 7% for Nokia's closest rivals, Sony. It has shown me that

Nokia already are a very well established brand amongst the consumers

and that they don't need to invest any money (or a little amount if

entering a fresh market) on promoting the brand all together and should

concentrate nearly all their promotional expenses on singular

models or new technology that are being uncovered or being


My research exhibited that the most popular places that cell phones are

bought in are Carphone warehouse and The link which accounted for 85%

of the sales of mobile phones to the people I questioned. Small

dealerships such as selective network stores and major household

appliance stores, like John Lewis or the O2 stores accounted for a

very small amount of sales (less then 10%). If a telephone is to be

successfully allocated it is merely logical that it should be released

in the primary dealerships prior to the other smaller outlet stores if it is

going to attain its maximum advertising potential.

According to my research the three most significant things that

consumers want for in a mobile phone are; long battery pack life, a

stylish casing, and good Text message (text messaging) features. In case a phone is

to achieve success in the market environment it must include all of

these, but the consumers have to be told that your product has these

available, this is what the business should try to promote through

advertising and not simply the brand name.

I have discovered that most people do not perform heavy research, if

they do any research whatsoever (only 65% have research into mobile

phones), and the most frequent types of research are magazines and

window-shopping. Which means that it's important for something to

stand out to the consumer and look good statistically in a magazine so

that it will stand out to the consuming populace who research in

magazines, and individuals who ask floor sales people for advice on

which handset to get.

Price was a difficult varying to analyse as my research has shown

that it was a 50-50 break up between people who said price was a key

factor, and the ones who didn't really care about the price as long as

the phone was offering everything they needed, although upon further

inspection most people wouldn't normally prefer to spend over 175 over a handset,

but could be persuaded to pay a little more by a solid advertising

campaign or a good all-round offer, that includes; cheap call rates,

free text messages and some free accessories, for example, a hands

free package or an in car charger.

I have also found out that the most popular food shops are Sainsbury's

and Grades & Spencer, this gives us an idea of where to put promotional

fliers and leaflets about up and coming releases in to the market, and

as people are usually bored while ready in lines for a till, they

will want something to look at of course, if a flier is easily placed

near in the lines then that could easily get more customers considering a

Nokia mobile phone instead of one with their competition, also people

who shop in these 2 main supermarkets tend to be either middle or

upper class and will pay extra for "quality" in brand products.

Revised marketing strategy

As Nokia's current sales information are decreasing and they show no sign

of increasing again

In the near future, I have think of a revised marketing strategy

that will re-launch Nokia and its products and increase sales to what

they have been in days gone by, and probably higher they have been

since these were first released.

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