Analysis of the textile industry in Pakistan

Introduction to Textile Industry in Pakistan

Textile Industry is one of Pakistans largest industries. It plays a vital role in adding to the countrys economy through its industrial production, high employment opportunities and attracting Foreign exchange. The industry is certainly going through incredible changes with respect to globalization and many financial challenges. The percentage of textile industry in the country's overall economy along with its contribution to exports, in conditions of GDP employment, foreign exchange earnings, investment and value added, and income generation altogether located the industry as the single largest processing sector of the united states. The primary factor to donate to such huge advancements in the textile industry is the development of cotton in the country, considered as one of the very best 10 textile exporting countries of the world. Pakistan is the fourth major producer of natural cotton yarn and towel, and third most significant player in Asia with a rotating capacity of 5% of total world development. It also ranks 2nd in the export of yarn, 3rd in the export of towel and contributes 3% to the total textile trade of the world.

Pakistan is fast rising as a hub for textile and clothing trade in the Asian region as it is endowed with one of the greatest textile and garment producing business on the globe. In agriculture sector, the availability of cotton contributes a lifeline of its economy, making textile and garment the largest professional sector in the country.

Market Situation

Trends in the style Industry in Pakistan are changing and the style mantras of the past are actually becoming obsolete. Fashion choice is currently mostly based on the Fashion Icons and stars present more recently, being more susceptible towards the american culture. Due to growing recognition and changing market movements, businesses now carefully research the marketplace and want to bring to the client progressive fashion; clothing that the customers desire, clothing that is entirely based upon the customers' needs and desires.

Bargaining vitality of customers: Market analysis show that about around 80% of the customers of textile industry in Pakistan participate in lower and lower-middle school with a per capita income of $1051 (as per Ministry of Finance of Pakistan), which will make them less drawn towards proven brands due to their high prices.

Competitors: The textile industry in Pakistan is a saturated industry; with many established (branded) and non-branded competitors. Thus, the gains are allocated within the industry and are low. The market study of the Pakistan fashion industry demonstrates many non-brand rivals mostly influence the marketplace. Businesses that contain a couple of shop business and markets clothes on extremely low prices bargain on the product quality, design and fabric of the t-shirts.

Bargaining ability of suppliers: There exists abundant way to obtain producers in this market, hence every individual provider cannot exercise much bargaining electricity with apparel sellers.

Related & support market sectors: as mentioned above, Pakistan is the hub of textile processing on the planet; hence there is a widespread presence of affiliate market sectors. With increased authorities support for the textile industry, the infrastructure helping the textile industry is also expected to improve tremendously.

Threats of new entrants: the industry is seen as a low income which is relatively saturated; hence the risk of new entrants is low. Also, the high preliminary investment necessary to create a manufacturing plant makes the industry relatively secure from threat of new entrants.

Target Market & Market Segmentation

Target Market

"Triumph tees" targets the segment of the 15 - 33 calendar year olds of each income strata from the middle to the high higher class. It determines to segment its market predicated on "Graphics" which would comprise of already designed t-shirts predicated on totally new fashion developments, and "Artwork", which would be based on custom-designed t-shirts, permitting its customers to create and create their own t-shirts on a variety of textiles and colors. Along with individuals, the organization also plans to focus on organizations, NGOs, scholar organizations, universities, institutions and the sports activities sector for big purchases of custom designs.

"Success tees" sections its target market into two specific groups; this first group consists of customers who prefer pre-graphically designed t shirts. The next group is those who like building their own t-shirts based entirely on their own thoughts, in colors and materials that suit them.

Graphics -- This group buys a shirt and comes with an existing graphic positioned on the t shirt. This is actually the less costly option and lends itself to low production numbers, as low as one, since there is not the inherent expenditure of artwork creation.

Ages 14-32

69% are students

Median individual income is Rs. 40, 000

Artwork -- This segment prefers having custom artwork created and located on their shirt. This segment would like to design its own shirts in order to make a certain fashion declaration. Occasionally when the client wouldn't normally have an exact image in mind, and thus would depend on the artist's skills to help condition the ultimate product. A few of these customers would require the assistance of Victory Tee's spouse artist, while others would have a friend or other design providers develop the art work.

Ages 20-35

Median specific income is RS40, 000 and above

18% are using the shirt as a form of communication for a reason or a message

Product Review

"Win tees" is a product that focuses on the 15-32 12 months olds and it is a high quality, branded T-shirt coming in at relatively lower prices than that of its challengers. It offers its customers a multitude of quality designs, colors and textures. In addition, however the business also provides them with an possibility to design their own T-shirts in various colors and textiles. This original and differentiated offer will enable the company to generate its repute on the market and you will be able to differentiate itself from other competitors.

The t-shirts at Victory Tees would be of six standard sizes: extra small, small, medium, large, extra large and two times XL.

The colors of the common t-shirts could be mixed depending after the demand of the look, and the colors that might be available for the artwork t-shirts (customized shirts) would be










More colors would be launched later predicated on demand.

The t-shirts would initially be introduced in organic cotton only, and taking into consideration the demand habits, more materials would be put into the product lines later.

Each t-shirt from the graphic design category comes with an average cost of Rs. 100 and would cost Rs. 500, which is marginally lower than that of its competition. The tee shirts in the artwork category would cost Rs. 150, and would be sold at Rs. 700. These prices would be priced initially for Victory Tees to capture the expected market show of 1-2%, and may be raised after the success of the product.

Review of Competition

Outfitters bargains in clothes almost all over Pakistan. It provides its products via shops. They will be the producers and the sellers with their products like tops, tops, knitwear, skinny jeans etc. They also have targeted customers in Islamabad also, for that they have their retailers in F-7 Jinnah Super Market, Blue Area and in F-11 also. Their prices are much competitive in market. Prices begins from Rs. 499 to Rs. 800 maximum and during off conditions they have their promotional offers like all stock on 25% discount which led to great fascination of customers. They actually have confidence in differing designs to attract more customers through providing them exclusiveness. Quick changes in designs let them expand very quickly in the market and in off conditions in addition they offer their clothes at extremely reduced prices. They don't really encourage retaining cost at all they always make an effort to keep their stores full with modified designs and on competitive prices.

Crossroads initially is known because of its huge range of sweaters but now it enters in a major market by growing their selection of products for unisex. Presently they may have 40 retailers in 13 cities of Pakistan. It's an appearing brand. It includes its shop in G-6, in Super Market and in Blue Area. The majority of their Tees are sold for Rs. 500 to Rs 700 and prices go up and show up with the deviation in the stuff and design. As new arrivals come in old stock tagged with the discounted prices and promotional offers like buy two in Rs. 900. they have confidence in variety providing like if they produce couple of socks their purpose is to ensure the option of sock in maximum colors.

Chenone is the brand which got into in Pakistani market in 1997 in Islamabad. It is a brand which offers wide range of products including clothes. They have got their electric outlet in Jinnah Super. Their products are publicized and highlighted in leading magazines of Pakistan. They not only package in clothing but also feet wear, bed linens, kitchen and furniture can be viewed as as one stop shop. Cost range of Tees provided by them is from Rs. 700 to Rs. 900 plus they helps to keep on fluctuating as Pakistan have very uncertain economic conditions.

PEST Analysis

Political Implications

Pakistan has been facing the condition of politics instability since its labor and birth in 1947. From 1947 until 2010, the governments have failed to maintain political balance in Pakistan. There can be an doubt in government's structure and everybody knows whenever a ruling party faces this sort of uncertainty they neglect to do well for public. The contrary parties have a tendency to take advantage of the situation.

As one of the most effective growing commercial sector of Pakistan, the government is paying high attention to the garments industry. One measure used is the Balancing, Modernization and Replacing (BMR) program under which lending options are provided to the new businesses under concessionary rates. Put into it, the Chamber of Commerce provides the pursuing incentives.

Establishment of Textile City at Karachi and Garment Places at Karachi, Lahore & Faisalabad.

Gradual reduced amount of import work on textile equipment and parts to 5%.

6% R & D support to garment exporting businesses.

Reduction of transfer obligation on ginning presses to 5%.

Reduction of start tax on vendors of specified textile fabrics and articles of garments including readymade clothes or fashion wear to 1% and reduced amount of sales taxes from 15% to 2%. Both these fees will be their last tax responsibility.

Long term funding for export focused businesses.

Looking forward, the attire industry in Pakistan faces some serious problems from the growing politics tensions and issues. The procedures regarding forex, imports, exports and investments have been regularly unpredictable because of the politics instability in the united states. In short, the constantly changing laws and instability in the regulations of the government have greatly hampered the overall clothing industry in achieving its optimum potential.

Economic Factors

Economic steadiness of any country is a very essential part, which must be considered as it pertains to the expansion of the business firm. It is like a primary element around which all the factors of an organization are revolving.

The Pakistani current economic climate is a desperate state, and the complexities are long-term, structural fluctuations. The brand new Zardari federal in Pakistan and especially in Islamabad has inherited high inflation, large income inequality and a serious insufficient spending for infrastructure.

In the last two decades, monetary depression is witnessed all around the globe. This has brought on a huge rapid change in the purchasing ability of the clients. Poverty level, Foreign Direct Investment and export are on high-speed decline. Many garment market sectors have been shut down today due to all or any these factors. With regular price fluctuations, garment industry is forced to boost the prices of these products which customers are not willing to get.

Finally yet significantly, Pakistan depends intensely on the bilateral and multilateral support to close its funding gap and prevent serious balance of repayment stress. Because of weak companies and governance, economical development is slow-moving and heightened risk will continue steadily to linger.

Technological Factors

Rapid changes and developments in technology have increased your competition. The machinery used by the establishments in Pakistan is outdated and outdated. Federal fails to provide the funds and loans to the owner of garment industries hence they cannot install new machinery, which is capable of doing tasks within an easier and faster manner.

Power inability is another big issue which garment industry is facing nowadays. Long duration electricity weight shedding without the agenda; instable prices of electricity, per unit price of electricity goes up after each few month, scarcity of gas equipment in winter, increased scored of petroleum products, insufficient CNG, as well as drinking water shortages are a few of the prominent causes of garment industry downfall within the last several years.

In addition, lack of research-oriented attitude contributes to lack of improvement on the market. New and Impressive products are unveiled by the garment companies of other countries but Pakistan is lacking behind in this framework.

Socio-Cultural Factors

Society and Culture are incredibly critical indicators that any group cannot ignore. There must be a perfect match between the production and public systems in a specific area. This match will help us in getting high goodwill. Therefore, we need to examine the socio-cultural environment of a country before joining its markets, in order to know the needs and requirements of the mark consumers.

Following Factors must be looked at when launching a fresh product such as Victory Tees

Population Growth- Population is growing rapidly in Pakistan. There's a gap between the demand and supply of labor, which is often exploited to consider advantage of low labor costs. The labor is usually unskilled and amateurish hence a substantial amount of money and time must be spent on their training.

Customer Action is varying rapidly. Folks are more aware about quality issues now hence want to invest their money on high quality products. This is why brought in products are much preferred over local. but inflation has induced a compromising change in tendencies of consumers from the low class.

Religion and Culture- It is very important with an knowledge of the religious guidelines and concepts existing in a country, to be able to get good will and recognition. Pakistan is an Islamic country hence business organizations have to take appropriate and ideal steps atlanta divorce attorneys aspect so that nothing is from the Islamic culture.

Advertisements and Marketing have to be done by keeping in the needs and requirements of the people of the specific culture in a country.

Age Distribution-Pakistan has the highest number junior and since Win Tees is focusing on children this factor may be used to increase sales and earn high income. Youngsters of the country are captivated highly for the traditional western culture and are brand mindful thus; there is a greater potential for fulfilling the needs of the targeted customers.

SWOT Analysis


Custom coming up with of the shirt would be the Unique Advertising Proposition (USP) for the business enterprise. It could help the business to get a competitive border over the opponents and earn the business enterprise more customers. Also, outsourcing costs for the business are relatively low which would eventually lead the business to sell their tee shirts at a comparatively low price. It would enable the customers to buy high quality tops at a minimal price, and even design their own tee shirts. Changing social proportions will go quite a distance in helping Victory Tees make a name for itself. Young ones nowadays is impressive and evolving. They prefer to test hence providing Victory-tees an opportunity to enter this market


The business does not have a production department making it entirely reliant on the supplier. The business enterprise will be dependent on the provider and in turmoil situation there might be a wait in the delivery in the products. This would further add the supplier's revenue to the expenses of the business. Also, the business doesn't have much primary capital designed for the business. As Victory-Tees projects to obtain a bank loan it would increase further business dangers. There already are well known brands in this industry, enjoying a particular brand loyalty so that it may end up being very hard to penetrate the market.


With the recession installation, the new brands such as Victory Tees would put up with a lot. There won't be many opportunities to them in the market. They need to utilize every chance they can be offered by the marketplace. Victory Tees being truly a totally new product needs to create a new and unique solution to capture the marketplace profitably and establish customer commitment on the brand. The formulation must determine product/service, marketplace, capabilities required and resources to be used, comes back expected and the level of risk allowed. The method will help specify what comes within the sphere of the opportunity to concentrate on those areas and go after those opportunities where success can be done.

The fads that are usually followed by the junior nowadays would be targeted. The survey was conducted to get idea about the choices of the young ones. This survey helped us determining the very most important choices by the clients and idea of the current styles on the market. The best of the greatest designers are chosen and if the product like Victory Tees is being offered the junior would be very interested in trying a new local brand. The junior, specifically the innovators are being targeted as they might be more interested in trend setting.

The brand has a whole lot of advantageous circumstances as the marketplace is already established; the thing needed is Market Penetration. As it is Market Penetration, the Victory Tees would be highly receptive for the weaknesses of these competitors. Their high price of the products can turn out to be an edge for the Win Tees. Participating in the right card, the Victory Tees can succeed the hearts of the customers.

Lastly, the business has designed itself to be very up to date with regards to the upcoming technology on the market. They have the latest equipment available in the market.


As Victory Tees would be stepping into an already set up market, the largest threat to it might be the already founded brands of the T-shirts. Keeping PEST research in mind, Pakistan is certainly going through the most detrimental phase in its record as the financial and political conditions are exceedingly unpredictable. The country is going into deep recession with every arriving day.

It's an extremely big benefits that the market is already founded, but ever-changing market styles and in a country like Pakistan, it may also be the biggest threat. Market changes could end up like always lowering income levels of the costumers resulting in decreased purchasing electricity, their needs and priorities changing with the increasing inflation, Competitor's techniques and demographic changes. Scientific changes can also have an effect on the company as it's the most expensive section of an company and implementing new technologies every now and then can make the offerings obsolete.

Right now, the main competition would be by the brands like Outfitters, River Stone, Stone Age group and Cross Highways. And these rivals are offering best quality at a fairly high price they have a very more developed brand commitment so for breaking into this market Success Tees should provide best value at a reasonable price. As in fashion world, the fads and designs continue changing from time to time, appropriate steps should be studied to help make the brand a real success by offering latest designs and tendencies set by rivals should be kept in mind.

Objectives and Issues


The purpose of Win Tees is to open up at least yet another outlet within 2 yrs of its start in the Islamabad market and capture a sizeable market talk about within the same period.

The market for branded t-shirts within the medium cost range in Islamabad is relatively smaller than that in Lahore or Karachi in conditions of sales, which is in this market that Victory Tees should be able to achieve 1 - 2% of the full total market sales within the first two years of operations. Together with the expected popularity, the brand would be able to attract enough sales to do this target. Another concentrate on would be more material in character: the starting of at least one additional shop within two years of the release of the initial one.


In regards to the release of a new brand within an existing market, one major issue that could arise would be that of marketing. There are a number of large players in the market and thus Triumph Tees wouldn't normally simply advise its customers of its lifestyle, but would also need to persuade these to move from its rivals to the brand.

As Victory Tees is a new venture, a critical concern would be that of the initial capital. This capital would be lifted mainly through one source, that being the owner's own investment. The owner of this endeavor would commit Rs. 10, 00, 000 (Rs. 1 million) as the initial capital.

Sale Point in Islamabad: Jinnah Supermarket is known as a prime location which is went to by youngsters in Islamabad. It really is a hub of public and ethnical activity in the administrative centre, and attracts several thousand people daily from all strolls of life, both from the twin places of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, as well as all over Pakistan. A vacation to Islamabad is not considered complete unless one goes to the "dandy" Jinnah Supermarket.

Since Jinnah Supermarket is a haven for the nouveau riche, as well as the young elite, it is prepared to establish the first Sale Point of Triumph Tees in Jinnah Supermarket, Islamabad.

High property prices in Jinnah Supermarket may be a limiting element in starting this sales point, but considering the potential of creating the brand in future, it is a risk well worth taking, and this is why building the first deal point in this high profile location has been organized.

Outsourcing issues: Outsourcing the production of Triumph Tees T-Shirts is one of the most important steps resulting in the success of the product. Selection of the production source requires exhaustive and meticulous market research to allow the selection of a company who provides not only high quality, durability and attractive T-shirts, but also needs to be affordable, easy to discuss and prompt on delivery pledges.

While many manufacturers have guaranteed of these features however, it is important to contact earlier clients of these manufacturers and obtain their honest and candid reviews before any company is preferred and an progress repayment made.

Unfortunately the market is teeming with so called manufacturers who will claim to be set up manufacturers, but are actually just agents who will sub-contract the work to others, and make their own commission. Such "manufacturers" have no control of the product quality which is produced, since they will be jumping between various low-cost manufacturers, while on the other hand will not be in a position to maintain their promises on times of delivery, since they themselves will be at the mercy of the actual manufacturers. So, it's important to actually visit the manufacturing unit whether Success Tees T-Shirts should be manufactured. In this age of scam, it is essential to check that the individual with whom discussions are being carried out, are the real owners of the premises, and will be able to produce the mandatory quality of T-shirts on the premises.

It is vital to negotiate every single facet of the production of the T-shirts right from the quality, source and weightage of the yarn to be utilized, to the density of the weave, to the fastness and quality of color, and undoubtedly the quality of finishing of the product. Every little minute depth must be worked out, and agreed upon in writing by means of a contract.

Production of tee shirts and printing of designs: Once a reliable maker has been decided on, and everything details worked out, it isn't enough to relax, relax, and wait for the completed product. One must be positively involved in step by step checking of the T-shorts while they are simply being prepared, right until the final product is in your hands.

Designs: The young technology of Pakistan is one of the trendiest set of youngsters in the world. Having access to both Western and Eastern designs, their alternatives are not limited by anything which is the "going" or "hot" trend or fashion, but have a huge selection of design options to be attracted to. Hence Victory Tees T-Shirts need to be designed keeping this clientele at heart. Designers will be chosen not on the basis of old and obsolete experience, but in fact trendy young designers will be asked to contribute their designs by wide open competition. The picked designs will be honored prizes either by means of cash, or some other youthful incentives, like cell phones laptops etc.

In addition to the, one of the most striking top features of Victory Tees T-Shirts is that clients will offer an opportunity to design their own T-shirts, as well as customize pre-selected designs with their names, signatures, communications, logos, photos, or any images that they would like to have on their shirts. This sort of feature has been available with limited resources, and has mainly experienced the form of the clients photograph taken in dark and white and transferred onto a T-shirt or vest through an flat iron on label. This not only lacks quality and sturdiness, but limits the imagination and then just what a camera can picture in black and white.


Victory Tees T-Shirts is a novel innovation which will undoubtedly make a stir in the style market of Pakistan. Not only is the idea completely novel and expected to be a hit, but it the necessity of the local young ones of today.

The main thrust of the marketing strategy will be based on product differentiation. Win Tees T-Shirts is different from another competitor in the market, since there is absolutely no other shop or store of branded T-shirts that provides the service of self making of T-Shirts. Not only this, but customers will be led by professionally trained staff to design their own T-shirts, or have them designed according with their needs, taste, preference, and most importantly, the latest movements on the market.

The concept of customization of Tops is an entirely new phenomenon. People of all ages, especially the youngsters want to look different, but while preserving their identification and individuality. That is why custom made clothes and attire are so popular, even though they might not necessarily be the best in conditions of quality, element or design. It's the desire to look and feel different, and essentially a trim above the rest, which drives this idea. Victory Tees T-Shirts actually calls for this even a step further. While, there is no doubt that Triumph Tees T-Shirts will offer you individualized and personal T-shirt designs, it will be the very first time that clients will be able to actually be involved in the planning of a product according to a personal desire, dream, or just a preference.

People can pay hundreds of thousands of rupees to obtain car number plated reading "1" or maybe having their family name on a car, like "Malik 1" etc. Precisely the same concept essentially applies to providing high quality, top of the range T-shirts, but with the wearers own private fancy depicted on it.

Penetrate a preexisting market To permeate the prevailing market is extremely difficult if one is just offering a run-of-the-mill product with no particular gain over its precursors. But Victory Tees T-Shirts has no competition in this parameter whatsoever, since it is designed to outclass all competition certainly, in conditions of quality and cost. Quality would be not only high quality of the cloth, stitching and colour, but also individuality of the look itself.

However complacency in penetrating the marketplace will never be allowed. Despite having an undeniable advantage in terms of all parameters necessary for an effective product, Victory Tees T-Shirts will still be actively and aggressively marketed maintaining a floor realty position. No rock will be left unturned until Victory Tees T-Shirts becomes a house-hold name, and an undisputed leader in the field of T-shirts in Pakistan, and in another country.


As has been envisaged that Triumph Tees T-Shirts can be a brand head in personalized T-shirts, not only in Islamabad, where it'll be launched, but throughout the united states, and possibly globally too. Using product differentiation, our company is banking on a fresh notion of customization of Tee shirt designs and marketing will focus on the projection of the feature. How we position ourselves on the market depends not only on successful marketing of the product, but also on the quality and desirability, which in themselves should be strong marketing features. Any marketing campaign, if not recognized by an similarly strong product in terms of quality, affordability and acceptance, will soon become inadequate.

The entire concept of Victory Tees T-Shirts is being promoted to become brand leader, and not simply another frog in the fish-pond!

Product Strategy

Initially it is organized to launch the product, according to product review. However a wider selection of colors, fabric and designs will be launched with the duration of time. Once an exhaustive range of T-shirts has been established, other matching and complementary garments may also be created, such as fleece lined overcoats, sleeveless and sleeved jackets and casual coats, and artist tops.

As the release of Success Tees T-Shirts will maintain early warmer summer months / late planting season, it is planned to launch Win Tees T-Shirts in genuine, high quality combed silk cotton, in a range of summery colors and designs. This, in conjunction with the service of client custom-made designs, should take Victory Tees T-Shirts to the number one position in a short period of energy.

However with change in weather and climate, Win Tees T-Shirts will contain the adaptability to change the textile, design and color schemes to maintain vogue with the elements and weather, and the location. So, when the product will be broadened into different towns of Pakistan, it is envisaged to own different kinds of materials, textile, stitching and design to suit different conditions, climates and seasons in the several major places of Pakistan.

To complement this selection of attractive Win Tees T-Shirts, a complementary selection of matching apparel may also be launched. Again, the garments will be made for every individual city in line with the requirements of this region. For example, fleece lined spencer, woolen, acrylic and mixed material will be utilized in thicker weave for winter conditions in the colder environments of Pakistan like Islamabad, Murree, mountainous areas, and rainy areas. Correspondingly, sleeveless and sleeved coats and casual coats, and creator tops could be more in vogue, made from lighter, more absorbent silk cotton, in light weave and feel for locations where it is hotter, and folks are more susceptible to sweating.

It is this highly individualized product strategy that may ensure the place of Win Tees T-Shirts at the topmost rung of the style ladder.

Pricing Strategy

Victory Tees T-Shirts offers two basic products. The first will be the universal, high quality T-shirts, which are not personalized. Penetration strategy will be used for the costing of generic T shirts at Rs 500 per t shirt, which would be about 20% less costly than our competition, offering similar products.

Secondly, our hallmark will be the customized T Shirts. These would be priced at Rs. 700 per piece, since this can be an entirely new strategy, so we will apply price skimming, as there is no competition in this area.

For later products, or for modifications in the same product range, the rates strategy will be located considering the recognition of our earlier products, the marketplace demand, and our resource position.

Distribution Strategy

There will be two main sources for sale and circulation of Victory Tees T-Shirts. The primary outlet will be a Sale and Distribution point at in the hub of Islamabad, Jinnah Supermarket, which will be the sole central deal point. The justification of selection of this venue has already been provided.

Secondly an online occurrence for selection and buy of T-shirts will be accessible. This will be well publicized, and clients can select their designs online, and place their orders accordingly. There may also be online options for clients to create their T-shirts online, as well. The web orders will be processed and submitted from the Jinnah Supermarket wall socket using reliable registered delivery methods.

Marketing Communication Strategy

Introduction of the Brand Name and inform customers about the new notion of customizing your own T-shirts.

The brand name "Victory Tees" displays these T-shirts are for folks who prefer to always achieve win and emerge victorious in their work, play and alternative activities. They are for leaders, rather than for losers. Hence marketing slogans like "Victory Tees - limited to winners", or "Victory Tees - not for the loser", or "Be victorious with Victory Tees " will be the invitation to trend-setters and market leaders to wear Victory Tees T-Shirts.

Victory Tees T-Shirts would also be presenting the concept of customizing your own T-shirts for your client. So macho types, hostile types or prominent people would be able to choose from a variety of extreme, macho type designs which would be customizable for the person with his photo, name or other note or picture imbedded in the look.

Similarly more stylish, academics or studious type of personalities, or young ladies or ladies, would be able to select softer designs, colors and styles to speak their personality. This "personal branding" would be the sign of Success Tees T-Shirts.

Mostly bill-boards and adverts in leading periodicals will aim at targeting young ones in Islamabad.

Marketing strategies concentrating on the young ones will be targeted after in marketing Triumph Tees T-Shirts. Costs and sign boards displaying attractive advertisements, as well as beautiful, colorful and attractive brochures and leaflets branded on high quality. Polished art-paper will be allocated at all young ones key assembly things, like colleges, institutions, universities, cinema properties, markets, social golf clubs and other areas which draw in the clients for whom Victory Tees T-Shirts are aimed at.

Youth magazines will be the second main source of advertising, especially those targeted at fashion, and design. Nevertheless the fashion pages of leading magazines and current interest publications may also be a target for advertising.

Sponsorship and branding of youth occurrences like videos, musical concerts, fashion shows, races and sports activities events, and countrywide and holiday functions and festivities is a key feature in sensitizing the junior about Victory Tees T-Shirts.

Unofficial vacation gatherings, especially on National and Religious getaways, in prime youngsters collection locations and factors like Jinnah Supermarket, F-10 Markaz, F-6 Supermarket, Saddar, Chaklala structure III market, Satellite tv Town Commercial market, Bank Road, Fatima Jinnah Area and Jinnah Park, would be excellent focuses on for marketing and promotional activities of Victory Tees T-Shirts.

Advertising will continue on a continuous basis to ensure the continuity of the brand in the heads of the youngsters.

As previously explained, Victory Tees T-Shirts will be produced in line with the local requirements and weather, and vary in line with the season and environment. Hence the advertising campaign of Victory Tees T-Shirts will be personalized according to the requirement. Nevertheless the advertising campaign will be run continually for at least the first yr, and then routinely thereafter, especially in the beginning of every season, and at the unveiling of a fresh product, design or facility.

Social utility websites, like Facebook and Tweets, will be used.

The youngsters of today are highly E-interactive, plus some of the greatest electronic mediums to fully capture the interest of junior are community sites like Facebook and Tweets. Victory Tees T-Shirts will establish a properly designed marketing campaign on these sites, as well as upload T-shirt designs on Flickr, a favorite photograph sharing site. In addition, various tournaments and situations will be carried out through these sites, like quizzes, question and answer trainings etc, that may culminate in a "lucky draw" resulting in a lucrative reward.

Marketing through Text (Short Messaging Service) has become an extremely popular and inexpensive marketing tool these days. A software for sending test or Text message information to multiple recipients is available in the market for less than Rs 2, 000 to 3, 000, gives not only the option of sending a message to a large number of users, but one can actually select the type of mobile phone number that one needs to target. For instance, numbers you start with 0300, provided by Mobilink are usually expensive, business consumer type post-paid contacts, who would not be ideal individuals for marketing of T-shirts, but would be good if we were reselling top quality luxury vehicles. Conversely youth friendly, trendy deals pre-paid provided by Telenor commence with 0347, or Zong packages would be more ideal to focus on, since they are more popular amidst youth.

Apart from this, promotion will also be on the basis of word-of-mouth, to aid this differentiation meaning.

Word of mouth area promotion could very well be the most real of all types of advertising. Whenever a peer, a colleague, a professor, a mature, or an icon talks about a product, saying his / her personal experience, and praises Victory Tees T-Shirts, it'll provide a significant raise to the marketing campaign. For this function, complimentary Triumph Tees T-Shirts will be gifted to key people to help propagate this communication, and talk about the high quality of the merchandise.

Create a buzz on the market by organizing wide open competitions searching for collection of designs.

Creating a excitement on the market is easy nowadays due to involvement of young ones in various cultural activities. It is simple to advertise the launch of a product and offer free give-aways and Victory Tees T-Shirts, to create a market hype, but this will not offer a resilient effect. Engagement of youth in the development of a brand gives a sense and sense of ownership, as well as an personality to the brand. Because of this, it is planned to launch competitions, both through our Deal Point in Jinnah Supermarket, Islamabad, as well as electronically, to ask ideas for designs for T-shirts. The earning designs will be advertised offering scheduled credit to the artist, and arranging advertising interviews of the being successful designers. This may enable Victory Tees T-Shirts to be named a brandname with which children can identify, own, and call their own.

Once a sizeable portion of the community starts to identify with Success Tees T-Shirts, it'll be extremely difficult for any new competitor to dislodge this position in the a long time.

Marketing Research

Market Survey results

A review was conducted in order to analyze the marketplace for Victory Tees. 200 respondents owned by various age groups and income classes stuffed the questionnaire. The results of the survey are fastened in the appendix. As per the review results, 92% of the respondents welcomed the idea of personalized T-shirts as they were not satisfied with the existing range of products available in the market. Furthermore, the study also remarked that 65% of the respondents were dissatisfied with the rates of the T-shirts available for sale, as the grade of the product did not justify its price.

Observations about competition demand patterns

Competitors making similar products haven't any doubt devote several years of hard work in not only creating and processing their products, but also learning the market and its own demands. At this point in time, and with limited resources accessible, rather than re-inventing the steering wheel, Win Tees T-Shirts will review the advantages and weaknesses of these competitors in the regions of product, marketing, advertising, and related demand patterns. We will have how their sales responded to specific marketing campaigns and just why their sales rose or fell in reaction to various factors (like weather, local climate, increasing inflation etc). This research will allow us to all the mistakes created by our challengers, and improve after successful strategies.

Brand awareness research after having a few months of launch

In order to keep up Victory Tees T-Shirts as the main brand in the market, there would be no room at all for complacency. Post marketing studies would be essential to evaluate brand consciousness and recognition. If the studies, as well as sales figures speak of an increasing understanding, then the advertising campaign can be just a little, but not completely, reduced. However if the converse is true, then a renewed and refreshed online marketing strategy would be asked to promote Victory Tees T-Shirts.

Although this would be a continuing process, but would be most essential a few months after the introduction, since consumer recollections are extremely brief, and need frequent reminding.

Sales amounts and habits to measure receptiveness of the merchandise in the market

Sales volumes, characters and patterns are really important to monitor the progress of the merchandise. Since it is important to keep a finger on the pulse of a patient to view and screen his progress, it is vital to document daily, each week, fortnightly and every month sale amounts and habits, and identify patterns impacting on (favorably or unfavorably) the sales. For example, sales would be likely to drop in months of examinations, when youngsters are busy in educational activities, and would be likely to rise at the start of holiday season, or near festivities like Eid etc. Marketing campaigns need to be properly targeted at accommodate for these habits. It would be useless t launch a heavy advertising campaign during assessment times, when the prospective human population would be least enthusiastic about purchasing a new T-shirt.

Customer feedback

Above all, the all-time stating "the customer is actually right" does not keep truer than in marketing of consumer products. Comments from customers is essential to maintain the grade of the merchandise, as well as to forge our way forwards in enhancing the merchandise, and getting rid of problems and bottle-necks which might become be considered a hurdle in the way of high sales figures.

Prompt addressing of customer desires and needs, adequate publicity of consumer satisfaction, and a careful response to the client's needs, will ensure Success Tees T-Shirts, to be the most successful T-shirt ever before launched in Pakistan.

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