Analysis On Nike And Feasibility Of Imc Plan Marketing Essay

Executive Summary

Marketing processes even as are conversant with are a fundamental element of any company and it starting. The sole goal for any given business corporation is to produce products and service such that it can be sold on the market and extends to consumer. Marketing is one of the process undertakings within the business at the functional level with an objective. Strategically speaking, any forms of marketing have their own benefits and constraints. However, in the current system of things, we can reasoned herein that marketing undertaking of firm have undergone tremendous change in any way level. There are also various tools and marketing practices that organization exploit for the sole concern of befitting organizational procedures and its marketing undertaking.

The purpose of this record is to go over the central theme of 'IMC Plan in a significant organization" and also to web page link it with the concepts and theoretical meaning of the topic. We have been of the judgment that the idea of involved marketing communication is hugely in practiced amongst marketers for the utter element mounted on it. But what are the IMC operations at play regarding Nike? For that reason, this statement also attempts to analyze the many feature and meaning fo IMC and its own various tools that si at play. Besides, Nike is also considered as the organization to grasp after the realms of IMC and its own meaning and how far the business IMC has been effective on a global range. Besides, the record in parts also accumulates the essence to indicate upon the admittance of Nike in UAE also to identify the features of IMC at play in UAE undertaken by Nike.


The idea of built-in marketing communication can be understood as a self-control of marketing communication and its own planning that combines the comprehensive principles of marketing tools to the benefit of the organization and its marketing effort. To top everything, the practice of built in marketing communication also helps companies and marketers to turn out with a comprehensive and strategic format of marketing and communication strategy that is often believed to provide clearness to information, as well as quality and total impact of communicated messegges that is smooth. (Yeshin, 1998, p. 68)

Thus, we think that the basis for any marketing endeavor that corporations take on is to make a value chain internally and externally for its products and services. The creation of value chains thus takes a detailed integration and routines of marketing stations that is seamless across boundaries and to some extent the utilization of extensive marketing tools and communication forms.

Objective of the analysis & Concern in Consideration

There are countless issues when it comes to the factor encompassing included marketing communication. soe of the possible issue to be discovered can be searched in respect of the next

How has mass media added to the factor encompassing Integrated marketing Communication?

Does the factor attached to the changing areas of communication in today's circumstance have its effect on the factor encompassing how designed marketing communication is carried out?

How can the vital tool of built-in marketing communication be associated as one single force for the overall communication process?

How does visible communication tools add toward the marketing aim of any companies in today digitalized era?

How improvement in technology and literacy among consumer contributed to the expansion of built in marketing communication?

Is there any parity for illustration when it comes to information being made open public related to products or any matter thereof that are communicated by marketers to the general public?

What are the challenges after all the faces marketers in an era of digital surrounding, and how far belief of consumer can be produced into marketing plan through items of information's available at random?

What has the internet and other types of mass media and its medium added to the expansion of built in marketing communication?

The aim of the analysis is to web page link the examination to the many aspects of built-in marketing communication. It would also beneficial we suppose to turn out with a built-in marketing arrange for Nike when we look to these issue in contemplation. The goal of this work is to recognize this is of integrated marketing communication for the intended purpose of this review. Besides, underpinning the SWOT Evaluation of Nike Firm also would be helpful. To top everything, discovering the marketing communication strategy of Nike for whatever reason can also be beneficial, as well as reflecting after the methods and activities programs and exactly how these contribute to the essentialities of designed marketing communication. However, before we just do it will analyzing some or area of the concern and the examining the SWOT of Nike, we believe that it would be more than prudent to outline the company also, which is talked about below.

Company Overview: Nike

As we have been conversant with the many advertising related to Nike, it is being observed that the primary undertaking of the company and its procedure is targeted on high end sport shoes and sets. Simple fact is the fact that Nike origination in the global world today and its historical background also links back to you with the business idea of its founder Phil Knight who in the past in 1960 had a dream about designing and providing keep tabs on shoes. From that very time, the idea of its founder paid dividends. (Frisch, 2008, p. 6) The storyline of Nike and its own starting is interesting indeed to notice given the humble dynamics of its creator and exactly how he made his ambition and dream a reality.

The foundation of Nike and its own trademark logo started out when Blue Ribbon Sports sold area of the company shares and began manufacturing sport shoes with Nike Logo. It had been in 1971 that the entire concepts of the business enterprise plan were nourished between its founder Phil Knight and co-founder Monthly bill Bowerman. It had been only in 1972 that the company was founded and officially travelled community in 1980. (Nike)

Since it base and establishment, the company today boast of 36, 000 employees worldwide. With it's headquarter in Beaverton, Oregon, most of the company procedure also are carried out from herein, which feature almost 7000 staff in it's headquarter. As per the company information it says that Nike revenue for the year 2010 was computed $19 billion. (Nike)

From this simple overview, we wonder as to how Nike has empowered itself today to be among the global contender in its industry. Thus, the try out of the work overall also is to recognize the feature of Nike built-in marketing plan, which we assume is the factor that has added towards the progress of the company in full or in parts. It would helpful though to understand this is of integrated marketing communication also which is detailed below.

The Meaning of Integrated Marketing Communication

What is this is and origination of integrated marketing communication and its concepts overall. Since it goes with any other companies across the globe, they understand that sound marriage with consumer in the market is important. Marketing and its own functional aspects thus in any forms is a solution to bridge the gaps between consumer and a company. It is here that involved marketing communication also is necessary. The idea of built in marketing communication was something about new varieties of marketing undertaking in the current competitive world. Far from traditional marketing, integrated marketing communications have increased the bar for companies to benefits directly from its effective undertaking and practical solutions.

The American Relationship of Advertising Companies defined integrated marketing communication as a thought of marketing communication planning that acknowledged the added value of a comprehensive plan that evaluates the proper roles of a number of communication disciplines, particularly - sales advertising, public relation, standard advertising and so on. The combination of the disciplines forms the very essentials of integrated marketing communication as a way to provide quality, reliability and maximum communication impact. (Percy, 2008, p. 5)

Thus, that which we can derive out of this definition is the fact that involved marketing communication is a comprehensive marketing executing that helps the foundation for consumer to talk and build romance with consumer on the market immediately or indirectly. Because of this we believe that designed marketing communication is a vital for organization and exactly how well its place itself in the communication platform and on the global graph.

Nike: SWOT and Market Analysis


One example of Nike power can be seemed according of its IMC undertaking in the varieties of sponsorship and so on which were very effective for the business. Nike strength lays within its competitive characteristics to business procedure and all types of management. Besides, Nike is also a low fat organization. The company does not own any factories, and its research and development is also very strong. Technology has been the adding make of research and development. Products also are of high quality. Above all these, Nike is a worldwide brand. Besides its company logo is also offers taken the planet by surprise, which we can see just about everywhere and everywhere. (Anonymous)


Despite their power in IMC, and research and development, Nike weakness for that matter can be appeared in respect of these business dependency on shoes products. The vulnerable factor in that respect is clear. Moreover, retails sector is also very hypersensitive to prices changes. Dependence on merchant also posed an instance of less customer direct experience. (Anonymous)


The global business world is a place of opportunities. The make of Nike itself is seen as to where opportunities apply to it. The majority of Nike products also are a hit with youth in every culture, and not limited with sportsmen's. Opportunities can also be looked in respect of new product in the section of sport wears and accessories. Besides, given its brand and its reach, global business of Nike is more than an opportunity itself. Brand advertising through sponsorship in big and major incidents such as sports world cup and Olympics is an opportunistic place for Nike. (Anonymous)


Every business has their hazard from the business enterprise environment or rival rivals. International business has many uncertainties. Over the economical and financial leading, factor such as cross ethnical marketing and currencies and exchange rate often posed a risk in term of business. The industry is also very competitive. Which means that Nike have to remain tuned whatsoever time. Threats from competitors also posed many hazards. These are a few of the menace related to Nike. (Anonymous)

Market Analysis

Nike sales characters for the year 2010 stood at $9 billion. However, we believe that sales figure have reduced when inspecting the sales characters within the last one decade, starting 1990 to 1999. Here are the sales information

http://condor. depaul. edu/aalmaney/Image4. gif

Source: (http://condor. depaul. edu/aalmaney/StrategicAnalysisofNike. htm)

According to the information, we can say that Nike sales have decreased. Although it is very unlikely to say that its market cover also have fall season.

As per record in the advertising, it is said that Nike twelve-monthly Cover advertising together stood at $2. 5 million. That is somewhat a large amount to promote.

Marketing Communication Strategy for Nike

Marketing and its own medium as we have stated earlier is an integral part of an organization. Corporation through their marketing and communication make the best means to reach consumer on the market with intuitive and attractive features.

As reported in the news headlines media, it features that regardless of the traditional marketing and communication in sports, which still keeps a surface of representation in Nike, endorsing such as whatever is the situation of Michael Jordan is one example as to how effective Nike endorsing will benefit the company in the long-term and short-term. Nike once we are aware, have always been at the frontline of marketing executing. Sponsorship, endorsing of celebrity sportsmen's and bridging their communication in the most ready environment that is easily accessible to consumer on the market have added to the coffer of the business. (Businessweek, 2004 )

Nike since its groundwork times have underscores all varieties of marketing and communication realms. It might be correct to state that designed marketing communication of the business is way above the boundary of new age marketing effort.

Marketing Methods and Action Programs

Marketers are extremely much aware that advertising is not the result of sales. Second of all, advertising also does not create sales. These are the actual fact from the fallacy of all advertising. Advertiser are often clear with the facts and numbers, yet, they endeavor towards advertising simply as a factor to bolster current customers, track down new prospects, position the merchandise competitively and build brand collateral and most importantly stimulate demands. Most importantly, the practicality when it comes to advertising is to influence notion by informing, persuading and reminding consumers in the market. Besides, advertising also influences sales. (Arens, 2006)

Thus, out of this point we learn that advertising in framework of IMC and its own marketing strategies and action programs is a strategy carried out to persuade and convince consumer and customers through communication in all available forms.


According to scholastic point, methods related to IMC can be looked to the varying of IMC combine, namely



Cyber Marketing

Direct Marketing

Personal Selling

Sales promotion

Publicity and Pr. (Adam R. Ogden, 2009, p. 39)

The tactics utilized by Nike also is no different. Regarding to media information, Nike today have come of age and understood also the value of sustainable advertising.


When we look at Nike affirmation "if you have body, you are an athlete" (Nike) this note has a long way to go and also to register immediately with most athlete and consumer throughout the world. This is one of these of Nike marketing communication.

Besides, communication such as "Nike: Just Do It" also sign-up hugely with supporters across the globe.


Digital media and its use is known to have been at the heart of Nike marketing communication. Its website is one example, where media is at full play. Whenever we evaluate the feature of Nike practices and action programs related to marketing, we can easily see that their power have experienced an intuitive content and images that appeals consumer. The advancement of Nike marketing didn't take that long because the 'Swoosh' sign was selected as a brand by its co-founder.


High price will always be a concern when it's related to marketing Nike have admitted. Director in the company also feel that relying on TV commercial have cost a lot of us dollars for the business, since it requires paying advertiser huge amounts. It's estimated that Nike twelve-monthly advertising budget is nearly $2. 5 million. That's a huge amount by any reason. Yet you can find all the feasibility when heading ahead with such a budget related to advertising and all varieties of IMC. The worthiness of such budgeting is a measure taken by the business that is directed towards global reach. (Scott)

This is exactly what really taking place in Nike, and the budget of $2. 5 million us dollars rings an security alarm bells for the company we presume.


Demands for products of Nike also are impressive to notice. Its popularity amidst all age ranges for example also cannot be sided aside.

According to researcher it is believed that from 2003 to 2006 Nike US revenue from $4. 6 billion to practically $5. 7 billion. The annual sales were determined at 7%. Advertising budget of the company also increased to $678 million during 2003 to 2006. Thus, in every fact, we can conclude from our analysis that adverting through digital multimedia and investment in Nike own website as well as promotional activities, and occasions sponsorship have been the largest grosser for Nike. (Christopher Vollmer, 2008, p. 4)

From this brief, we learn that market needs for Nike products have increased many folds, everything can be appeared in respect of its brand IMC, by means of digital communication tools that are used such as website, and effective articles that is at play during promotional and the like.

The recent development demonstrates Nike is more into sustainable adverting, such as setting up a mash-up by utilizing their old content to create a new meaning also to talk to the visitors. Thus what Nike took into consideration is to limit its advertising cost, and also to re-channelize and re-use content and New multimedia Channels. (Scott)

As far as it goes with UAE, we've mentioned previously that Nike made its accessibility in 2003. Its presence is very weakened in UAE. Communication and advertising also for example is also weakened. The first store of Nike was opened just lately in Abu Dhabi. However, it offers a long way to go till it extends to its ideal level. And demands for Nike products in UAE likewise have started to increase since 2010 claims the article. (AmeInfo, 2010)

Thus, what we can finally conclude upon the facts is the fact Nike has also released for sponsorship in UAE when it comes to the 19th Arabian Gulf Glass. (Anonymous, Nike Announces Key Sponsorship Support For 'Gcc 19') Hence, we reach an analysis that Nike occurrence in UAE has began to gain origins. It is only a matter of your time till it grows to its optimal best and features its competitive aspects in UAE market.

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