Analyze The Range And Importance Of Marketing Strategies Marketing Essay


This study purpose is to identify how competitive marketing strategies can help companies to achieve the market and to analyze the range and need for marketing approaches for successful companies. The Strategic marketing is to identifying competitor is based on the variations in firms tactical for competing within an industry. Just like the business definition strategy, the idea is intuitively attractive and understandable. However, academics are understandably astonished at reported empirical results that 85% of most promotions are losing money to the promoters, which only 50 % of the advertising expenditures generate economic benefits to the promoters (Abraham and Lodish 1990). Economic downturn is the most crucial fact for today's world. Noticing this, it's important to extract the fact in this present situation. This newspaper seeks to research the current debate regarding the threats and vulnerabilities of the downturn economic condition and to study some possible remedial action to guard the hazards of economical situation. This research discovered a whole lot of risk and way to save the company in this downturn economy. In monetary crisis firm need to change their marketing policy to makes the earnings. Marketing combination strategy, product strategy, rates strategy, promotion strategy and syndication strategy can make successful in economical crisis. In marketing mix strategy companies withdraw their product and service from the fragile market. Avoid adding new product in product strategy. Costing strategy firm increase the service or product quality and campaign strategy they maintain their advertising budget and available new inexpensive centers under circulation strategy. By changing their marketing strategy firm can achieve success in the tough economy current economic climate. This research also proved how company may survive by using competitive online marketing strategy and also by handling the shrinkage in the tough economy economy. For instance, a hypothetical industry may be composed of three strategic categories

A set of large firms seeking a strategy of low-cost development of a complete type of standardized products through mass-market outlets

Another set of organizations whose strategy emphasized high-quality, differentiated and products sold through speciality shops

A group of smaller firms which have gained strategic edge by focusing on portion either specific customer group or producing a very narrow selection of products.

Table of Contents


Chapter -1

Introduction: Reason for this review is to identify how competitive marketing strategies can help organizations to achieve the market and to analyze the range and importance of marketing strategies for successful firms. The Proper marketing is to discovering competitor is based on the dissimilarities in firms strategic for competing within an industry. Downturn means slowdown financial condition for the sustain period of time. In this era customer feel insecure about their job and more sensitive about all financial subject (Shama1978). Consumer also changes their shopping patterns and patterns for the adjustment of changing economical condition (Ang et al. 2000). Due to consumer habit company should take some change in their market place by reducing costs and investment, enhance their efficiency, cutting creation and re-structuring arrears (Michael 1997; Beaver and Ross 1999). Shrinkage catches the firm's liquidity LJ Carranza et al. (2003). This research shows company should not take only competitive strategy they also aware about the shrinkage of the company which decrease the liquidity, so they can make income in the downturn economy. Now the question is how solid utilizing their competitive marketing strategy to improve the profit in tough economy economy and just how do solid stop their shrinkage to attain the goal.

Problem Statement:

What will be the reasons for the observed reaction behavior?

How do opponents react to each other's price-promotion and advertising problems?

Very difficult to face and overcome this situation without changing online marketing strategy.

Insecure market is the primary problem of this situation.

Lake of enough knowledge, which step should be ingest this monetary condition

1. 2 Aims and Targets: The objective of this record is to obtain the practical understanding of the market to conduct an enterprise run successfully and also develop our knowledge how do Firms make it through in down turn economy or tough economy overall economy by changing competitive online marketing strategy. Recession affects different company in different ways. So it's essential for the Firms change their marketing strategy to endure in the recession economy. They ought to aware about the shrinkage of the Company, follow the reduced cost strategy, increase the employee success by proper training and decrease the wastes of the Organizations.

1. 3 Research Question:

What is Competitive Marketing Strategy?

What is downturn economy or recession overall economy?

How can company use these ways of survive in recession monetary condition?

1. 4 Need for Research: Recession economy is very impotent in this present situation for all the company all over the world. So, it is vital to get the way to make it through the company. This research is important because it's showing importance of marketing ways of survive the business and make succeed in the market through the recession current economic climate.

1. 5 Limitation of Research: This is very difficult to get the info from the firm what strategy they are using to overcome the recession monetary condition because different company using different strategy and also its very confidential for the company therefore the company don't want to display their marketing insurance policy or strategy.

1. 6 Overview of the Research: This research demonstrating some technique to save company and make the income in downturn economical condition. Its also revealed how firm may survive by implemented the competitive online marketing strategy.


Literature Review

The Proper marketing is to discovering competitor is based on the variations in firms proper for competing within an industry. This review shows company shouldn't take only competitive marketing strategy to endure in downturn monetary condition but organizations also aware of the shrinkage of the business which reduces the liquidity, to allow them to make income in the tough economy economy. Now the question is how stable utilizing their competitive online marketing strategy to raise the profit in downturn economy and just how do solid stop their shrinkage to attain the goal.

How do rivals react to one another. s price-promotion and advertising disorders? What are the reason why for the detected reaction action? Steenkamp et al. (2003) answer these questions by executing a large-scale empirical analysis on the short-run and long-run reactions to campaign and advertising attacks in over 400 consumer product categories, on the four-year time span.

The main finding of the analysis is the fact that competitive reaction is predominantly unaggressive. When it's present, in most cases retaliatory in the same tool, i. e. , promotion problems are countered with marketing promotions, and advertising episodes are countered with advertising. There are very few long-run repercussions of any type of reaction tendencies. The authors are able to draw these inferences because their models take a look at the. chain response. of consumer and competitor response following a preliminary advertising or advertising campaign.

The study also studies on a number of moderating effects, such as electricity asymmetry, promotional depth and perishability of the merchandise category, that support the existence of a certain amount of rationality in competitive response patterns. Finally, by linking reaction habit to both combination and own marketing effectiveness, they display that passive tendencies is often a sound strategy. Alternatively, firms that opt to retaliate often use inadequate instruments, leading to. spoiled biceps and triceps. . Accommodating behavior is seen in only a minority of situations, and often ends up with a missed sales opportunity when promotional support is reduced.

The writers. overall conclusion is the fact that the best impact of all promotion and promotional initiatives depends mostly on the nature of consumer response, not the vigilance of challengers. In order words, the strong link in the string reaction is the consumer. This is an important finding for online marketing strategy, especially as it counters a prevailing opinion in the management strategy books that the best effectiveness of any action depends basically on the defenders response. While marketing researchers are understandably focused on consumer and competition respond to marketing activities, it is equally important to review how these actions influence investor action. Specifically, do buyers place reduced value on firms that advertise seriously? Do they value new-product activity and/or promotional campaigns? The finance self-control has long founded that stock prices follow random strolls, i. e. new information that is revenue relevant is designed immediately and completely in valuation. Because of this, stock prices are always changing, and persistence models enable you to reveal how marketing activities influence that progression, above and beyond their sales- and profit impact. This principle has been found in two contexts thus far. First, Pauwels, Silva-Risso, Srinivasan and anssens (2004) contrasted entrepreneur reactions to automobile companies. new-product introductions vs. grain promotions over a five-year period. They discovered that new-product introductions have a little by little increasing influence on stock price.

2. 1 Competitive ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGY: Porter (1985) reviewed that low priced, differentiation and concentrates these three type competitive strategies. Low cost strategy, a company set out to become the low priced player on the market. It can achieve by seeking of economic range, preferential accessing to raw materials, proprietary technology and other factor. Organization try to provide unique products or service that call differentiation strategy. Employing this strategy firm can in a position to set prime price because of their unique product and service. Cost concentration and differentiation focus comes under concentrate strategy that firm can place their target segment. In recession current economic climate requires to improve the marketing strategy and action by marketing manager that can be profitable and responsive from the customer. Shama (1978) identified that customer change their buying patterns under economical hardship and stress. Different company have an effect on differently by downturn, so think about company routine of business, size and profit marketing manager change marketing policy and make profit in recession economical environment. Regarding to Ang et al. (2000) we can discuss that in tough economy economy marketing manager may take bellow action

General Action

Product Adjustment

Price Adjustment

Promotion Adjustment

Reduce wastefulness

Serve necessary product rather than luxuries

Emphasize product life pattern costs

Much rational procedure about promotion

Careful about Decision making

Choose similar cheaper product

Emphasis on cheaper price

Reduce interest of free gifts

Provide local product alternatively than overseas brand

Informative advertisement

Shopping Adjustment

Increase the screen shopping

Preference for discount

Preference neighborhood stores

According to Ang et al. , (2000) in financial downturn marketing strategies can be synthesized the following

Marketing mixture strategies:

Withdraw products or service from fragile market

Acquire the poor competitor

Fortify the product in market where the brand is strong

Consider non- Asian and youth market

Consider resale market for durable product

Product Strategies:

Avoid presenting new products

Trim the vulnerable product

Concentrate on simple and durable product.

Adaptive positioning

Costs Strategies:

Improve the merchandise quality while preserving price

Reduce the product or service price while retaining the quality

Consider product life pattern pricing

Promotion Strategies:

Maintain the advertising campaign budget

Increase the use of print media

Provide assurances through rational appeal

Satisfied customer by product and service

Avoid star endorsement

Capitalize on public relations

Introduce the customer loyalty programs

Distribution strategies:

Location is very important for the company

Provide discount on product

Open the inexpensive centers

Prune marginal dealers

Consider substitute channels

2. 2 Recession Current economic climate: Shama (1981) pointed out that in recession current economic climate time consumer spend more time because of their shopping. That point they look the cheaper product in existing market. So recession time manager should use strategies to encourage consumer demand. This plan requires expected target consumer and strategies. This includes provide consumer cheaper product, promotional sales rises, narrowing the merchandise line, and discount. As well as organization have to utilize their all resources in the tough economy economy. Kotler and Amstrong, (2006); Ang et al. (2000) recommended that lower operating cost and enhancing cooperate within the channel can clearly influence company performance favorably.

2. 3 Shrinkage: Decrease in inventory anticipated to shoplifting, theft by worker, paperwork problem and supplier scams call shrinkage. Because of shrinkage profit go down that's why dealer improve the product cost. Global Barometer covers 36 countries in North America, European countries, Latin America, Africa and Asia-Pacific. They accumulate the info from 920 of most significant retail corporations with merged sales of $814 billion. 22/09/2009 at Shrink was USA industry in 2008 for the retail industry 1. 48% of sales, Europe 1. 27% of sales, Australia 1. 42% and Asia-Pacific 3. 10% of sales. How can we find the shrinkage?

Beginning Inventory + Buys - (Sales + Changes) = Inventory

Inventory - Physical Counted Inventory = Shrinkage

This shrinkage happened by Employee Robbery, Shoplifting, Administration and Vendor Scams.

Employee Fraud: National Retail Security Review found that biggest shrinkage for the retail business is interior theft or staff theft. Like abuse the discount, abuse the refund and charge card abuse, which cost 36. 5% of shrinkage. Sometimes staff robbery occurs when staff face financial difficulties such as high personal debt, playing problem and drug abuse. This is the big problem for the business so companies have to strict about worker theft. Company should take proper step for worker theft. Company gives proper wages to the staff that can meet their basic needs. Worker should take into account the profit of the business.

Shoplifting: Second reason behind the shrinkage is shoplifting. Sometime customers swap the high cost one product to some other product, sometimes by concealment plus some time changing the box. By shoplifting store cost about $10 billions yearly which is closer to employee robbery.

Administrative Error: 15% of shrinkage happened by administrative and paperwork mistakes such as pricing mistake, physical counting problem, do not check the delivery properly, lake of employee attentiveness and training.

Vendor Fraud: This is actually the small percentage of shrink which happened by owner Scam. Only 5. 8% shrinkage affect by supplier. It's done by incorrect delivery and brief delivery.

Prevention of reduction by shrinkage:

Routine check: Administrator should arrange regular check every day for the worker. Tedious check can stop the staff theft.

Use CCTV: It is very very important to use the CCTV around the product storage space and selling point. It can benefit to stop worker theft and shoplifting.

Security Officer: company should recruits well trained and dynamic security guard who are able to meet his job role. Trained and lively security guard can help to reduce the shrinkage.

Security tag: It's a great idea to lessen the shrinkage, if companies use security label for the product than they can stop the shoplifting. Security label should be small and it will not most probably without machine.

Eyes widely open: It's not possible to reduce the shrinkage only by security guard and security tag, when employee works in the company they need to follow if they see any dubious behavior.

Employee Training: If company trained their staff properly than it can benefit to lessen the shrinkage. Maximum Time Company do not supply the worker proper training about their job. Such as for example how to do paperwork's, keeping track of, pricing and check the delivery. So, when they work they certainly lots of oversight which cause of shrinkage.

Delivery Check: When company have the delivery they need to check it properly is there anything missing or not. If they arrange the proper check than it could be helpful for the company to lessen the shrinkage by seller fraud.

Chapter -3


3. 1 Kind of Research: In this study qualitative research methods are determined with case study procedure. Qualitative methods are less set up and more extensive than quantitative methods that's why these are more flexible in terms of romance with respondent. Qualitative research will involve collecting, studying and interpreting data that can't be quantified. The essential dissimilarities of phenomena seemed for are in the characteristics, not in the amounts. Case study methodology chosen for this study is appropriate to help to answer the study question 'how' of the analysis, that is clearly a contemporary set of events which investigator has little if any control. In addition, the case strategy allows an investigation to retain the all natural view and important characteristics of true to life events like impact of recession current economic climate on action of businesses. In terms of sample, this study implemented a single case approach to be able to conduct an investigation that generates deep insight to the issue. In addition, a single research study is a thorough description and examination of a distinctive situation of the problems.

3. 2 Data Collection Method: The information collect for this research was compiled the info using multiple sources such such as printed sources like company total annual accounts, retail journal, magazines, and internet options such as the company's website.

3. 3 Research Hypothesis: This research proved what the necessary step or method should take the company in recession overall economy which is very helpful. The previous research confirmed about competitive strategy but they didn't think about marketing combine and shrinkage which is very important.

Chapter -4

Research Findings

4. 1 How exactly to minimize the loss and make profit in downturn overall economy: This research showed how company may survive by applying competitive online marketing strategy. Firm taking new campaign and new product in existing market and also decrease their expenditures, control their losses and make gain using competitive marketing strategy and control the shrinkage. large firms pursuing a technique of low-cost production of a complete line of standardized products through mass-market retailers, Another group of companies whose strategy emphasized high-quality, differentiated and products sold through speciality outlets and small firms which have gained strategic gain by focusing on portion either specific customer group or creating a very narrow selection of products

4. 2 Company strategy: To take into account consumer patterns company try to attract the consumer by high-light the initial product, price down, advertising, discount, and increase the service or product in recession economy under competitive strategy. Nguyen and Nhu (2009) in economical turmoil company use low priced strategy, increase success of employees and reduce the wastes. Company also withdraws the slow product from market and uses the narrow line product for high light. As well as company follow the normal strategy but they have to take into account shrinkage which reduces the company liquidity.

4. 3 Consumer Behavior: In tough economy economy consumers make an effort to control their bills. Consumer tendency is merely bye the necessary product or service. They send more time to get the cheaper product from the marketplace. That means they look for the similar product which is cheaper and also searches for the promotion and discount. Shama (1981) noticed that in recession market time consumer spend more time because of their shopping. To change this tendencies company should use new marketing strategy like firm can provide promotional product to the client its includes buy-one get one free, buy one get half price, buy one get two free, buy one product the cheapest one is free or fifty percent price.

Chapter -5

Conclusion and Recommendation

5. 1 Finish: Marketing strategy aims at developing a sustainable competitive advantages to the organization or the brand. Therefore, an essential requirement of online marketing strategy research should get worried with the long-run impact of marketing activities on business performance.

Persistence modeling provides one such approach; based on the important theory that marketing success depends upon the combined effect of customers, competition and the patterns of the company itself. By carefully calculating the chain reactions that unfold over time as the result of a marketing action, persistence modeling quantifies both the magnitude and the period of marketing's effect on business performance. As longitudinal marketing directories continue steadily to improve in range and in quality, we expect that these techniques will find increased use among academics scholars as well as advanced professionals of marketing strategy.

Purpose of the study is to investigate how a firm reacts with downturn economic condition and asses the consequences of competitive marketing strategies including low cost strategy and emphasis strategy in such condition; and also to identify the ones that can help companies to maintain successful performance in downturn current economic climate. Result of this study found that appropriate competitive marketing strategy can improve the firm's performance in crisis time.

In recession current economic climate firms need to exercise the blend of competitive strategy such as low priced focus, differentiation concentrate strategy, and low priced strategy companies need to increase success of worker and reduce wastes and use FIFO (first in first out) method for the product screen and order as the can sale. For target strategy organizations need to eliminate the unprofitable product from the do it yourself. Different strategy companies need to be more selective in product offers and campaign. So we can survey that competitive marketing strategy is very useful for the company in recession market.

In economic turmoil firm need to change their marketing plan to makes the income. Marketing combination strategy, product strategy, charges strategy, campaign strategy and syndication strategy can make successful in monetary problems. In marketing mix strategy organizations withdraw their product and service from the vulnerable market. Avoid launching new product in product strategy. Costing strategy firm enhance the service or product quality and promotion strategy they maintain their advertising budget and wide open new wholesale centers under distribution strategy. By changing their marketing strategy firm can achieve success in the downturn economy.

Firms need to regulate the shrinkage of the company to save them in downturn economy. Recession economy, so company have to arrange routine cheek to prevent the employee robbery, use CCTV, security label to safeguard the employee fraud and shoplifting, coach employee to protect the administrative mistake and cheek the delivery to prevent the vendor scam.

The objective of this research to provide decision manufacturer and strategic organizers some effective online marketing strategy which may be implement to make it through and also make revenue during the economical crisis or downturn monetary condition.

At previous we can easily see a good example of competitive marketing strategy gain. Merged mobile operator to provide users improved sign, (THE DAYS). T-Mobile and Orange Mobile Company merged their network to do better business than any mobile network provider company.

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