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Marketing strategy is the process that allows a business to analyze and focus on the limited resources to increase the sales and achieve leading competition. It operates as an important or principal key for the organizational goals.

Marketing strategy of Apple. Inc:-

Product is the main or an important things about Apple's online marketing strategy. Its product assist in gaining market talk about, brand understanding and brand commitment. Apple has prevailed lately for their imaginative way to do their business. They are known for their unique style and design, great strategy, impressive marketing and for superiority in communication. Apple has achieved overwhelming success in recent years with the products such as iPad, iPhone, iPod and Macintosh etc. A blend of new hardware with great styles, performance and user-friendly captures the customers in instant. Apple. Inc runs on the great online marketing strategy. They choose same technique for almost all their products.

At first the Apple will sell their products only in america for 3-4 a few months. Later they will launch in foreign countries too. Half a year later the business will rebate the costs. At the first the essential 16GB iPad will be released without the 3G connection at $499. The high class iPad that is 64GB will have 3G connection and it will be priced $829. After six months the Apple will sell the 64GB iPad with 3G connection for $499. This is discount of $330. They sell their 32GB with 3G interconnection at the price tag on $339 that is again a discount of $330. Apple's online marketing strategy helped them to top on the market shares.

Product Lines

The product line means group of related goods sold by way of a company.

The product line of Apple is plainly specified. It is not hard to understand. The product line of Apple are
  • iPod
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iMac
  • Apple Television set.

iPods will be the actual MP3 players produced by the Apple mackintosh.

iPhones are the smart phones made by Apple company.

iPad is the first capsule, it was launched by Apple mackintosh.

iMac will be the computer product of Apple company.

Apple Television set is a set up box for tv set connection. This is a latest product unveiled by Apple mackintosh.

Product Mix:

Product Mixture means selling a set of related products which will make greater earnings when they are sold together than if they are sold individually. It means that a range of product make more profit when they are sold together. They don't make much profit when sold separately.

Like the same way Apple markets their desktops using their accessories like key pad, mouse, audio speakers etc.

Once Apple provided an offer for the students like if they buy iMac they would get one iPod touch 8GB for less cost. This is the Apple will their product combine.

One of the interesting techniques of Apple is they give more priority for the look of the merchandise and

Pricing strategy:

Pricing is one of the most crucial in business strategy. The success of business depends on the charges strategy of the company. Pricing should be always advantageous for the consumers to increase volume of sales. The tablet launched by Apple Inc. is $499. Whereas companies such as Dell and Android os gives it cheap. Opponents are providing more functionality for a huge selection of dollars less.

Apple uses different pricing strategy that other companies don't. The Apple will discount the prices at one level. First the products will be released in US. After six months the products will be released outside US. For example, 16GB iPad will be released at the price tag on $499. The high end model will be priced at $829. Soon after six months the costs will fall and the high end model will cost $499 which means $330 discount in the purchase price. This shows that first buyers will be the big contributors for Apple. By lowering the price Apple will get double of their original customers.

Distribution Channels

Apple distribution channel includes
  • On-line store
  • Retail store
  • Direct sales force
  • Third party wholesaler

On-line store: is a digital shop. Where customers can buy the merchandise on-line. This is not hard and simple. Apple products can be officially bought from apple. com, there are many other online shopping websites but apple. com is known as official. We can certainly buy by paying through credit cards/ paypal/ debit credit cards. The customers must give the address effectively.

Retail store: is only the retail shop by Apple. inc. The state Apple retail shop is iStore. iStore is situated on major metropolitan areas of the countries. We can purchase all the Apple products in iStore. This can be easy for many who need it from their same locality.

Direct sales force: is done to retailers. The Apple markets the product to its vendors. Then the sellers sell it to the final customers. The stores may charge additional for their work. This is useful where there is no iStore.

Third get together wholesaler: is more than two wholesalers. They choose the product and sell it to another wholesaler which again sold to retailer or directly to the ultimate consumer.

Target Section.

The Apple offers captures everyone in their market. They get the youngsters, business people, ladies, sound engineers etc. The Apple targets the marketplace and catches them as well.


Apple has its unique brand name in the minds of the customers. They are well known company to all. The Apple expression is noticed it reminds me about their ipod touch. They are the conquerors of MP3 and MP4 players. Little or nothing can replace Apple when it comes to technology. They have good brand name among the list of consumers. Their creativity enables them lead the entire world. Every product that they release established fact. Allowing the consumers buy Apple products. Apple products are believed as the best in the earth. Customers will always choose Apple rather than any business. Some will not be able to find the money for for Apple products which leads these to choose other companies.

Marketing communication combine:-

Apple communicates through web advertisings and iStore. The Apple has launched iAds which is about advertisements. Any company can put their company ad onto it. Apple also advertises their products in it. Company also produces ads on Yahoo and other well known sites that may create good brand name among then consumers. They communicate to the clients through their advertisements. They also advise about the product in their iStore. So that local people can know about the merchandise.


World keeps growing in technology. I think that market leaders of technology are Apple. inc. Their new technology will still make them lead the world of technology. Their desire and design will lead visitors to join them. Still new technology should be earned, this may happen only when the Apple. inc is alive. It is alive. So we will await their new product which will have new technology.

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