Apples Ipad Promotional Strategy Marketing Essay

To make it through in the global and competitive business environment, it is vital for a companys to perform extensive research so that they can create a strong brand image from the initial stage as it brings about greater financial benefits for the company. The marketing plan of Apple's iPad is the topic where an efficient marketing strategy is developed to ensure its success in the global competitive market where major plays such as Sony, Compaq and Dell have a substantial impact after Apple's strategies. Apple's latest apple ipad tablet is the revolutionary product which is a portable minuscule device used as a laptop or computer anywhere using its wide selection of options and innovative design.

Apple's marketing strategy will be concentrating upon the product design, brand placement, price and advertising of iPad in the global market. This will be from the research and evaluation of environmentally friendly forces and SWOT examination to understand the business's position. Apple's market strategy will be incorporated with the common business strategy which is towards development and maintaining a strong position on the market through its impressive products. Apple will use competitive marketing strategy for its iPad where two such strategies can be developed which can be differentiation and Concentration to make iPad successful in the global market. Marketing planning and strategies can become highly effective if Apple focuses upon its tactical human source of information management and make ongoing work to redesign its marketing intend to survive effectively.

Company Description

Apple Organization is an extremely successful company that aspires to boost in the technology field through its high quality and ground breaking products. The success of Apple is primarily based after its creativity and dynamic scientific advancement it requires to give its customers the simplicity and luxury to use its products. Apple's latest product iPad is launched to contend with existing computers and tablet technology, as it is a lightweight hi-tech device for the usage of most needs of an individual whether personal or business use.

Environmental Examination/PEST Analysis

This analysis will help in figuring out the factors that impact the organization's capability to perform proficiently in the global marketplaces.

Political Makes

The politics factors impact the organization's capability to operate successfully in foreign markets. Therefore, Apple's businesses are influenced by politics conditions of expanding countries in Asia where it struggles to meet its organizational focuses on successfully. The increasing suicide bomb rate and terrorism is another reason that restricts the power of Nestle to use in some countries. In addition, the changing legal requirements about the sales tax, import and export tasks also have an impact on Apple in terms of its growing costs and restriction to get access to a larger market.

Economical Causes

Economical factors have an impact on organization's capability to develop its business and achieve organizational purpose of expansion. The recent recession has slowed down economical activity and led to increase of prices of legislations materials, which have raise the costs and finally the costs of products. Apple faces low demand due to the big economies collapsing and heading under stabilization phase, which has forced countries to improve their overall economy by discouraging imports and motivating exports (Ball, McCulloch, Frantz & Small, 2006).

Socio-Cultural Pushes

In today's business enjoinment, people owned by different backgrounds, experience, values and ethnicities work together in multinational organizations with common objectives of gaining success in competitive global markets. Therefore, this creates a critical task for organizations to help employees develop positive and interpersonal relationships so that all people can work productively while respecting other's culture and backgrounds. Apple has concentrated upon the cultural values of its employees as well as customers to accomplish positive long-term relationships through keeping an organizational culture which is highly adaptable and culturally diverse.

Technological Forces

Apple specializes in the technological improvements of its work functions. The highly competitive and global business environment has required organizations like Apple to become highly efficient through technology and internet trend. Apple focuses upon innovation which may be achieved by getting together with the new scientific advancements and by being effective in providing better quality and ground breaking products to its customers through advanced technology (Turban, 2004).

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT examination assists organizations to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an organization which are inner and opportunities and dangers which are exterior. This can help in focusing on how Apple can utilize its advantages and opportunities and get over its risks and weaknesses to endure in the global competitive market.


Apple is an effective organization and its iPod has a high market show in the global market due to its brand conception and image as s high quality impressive brand. Furthermore, in the I. T industry, Apple supports a solid position by providing to the needs of the dynamic market using its extensive research and developments that permits it to satisfy its customers with highly impressive products. Apple has looked after its brand in the global market and the client loyalty is increasing at a high rate (Barnet & Cavanagh, 2006).


Apple provides highly innovative products in the market but it is having problems with the quality of its products as lately the Ipad was reported to truly have a faulty display and it possessed replace those products. That is one major weakness of Apple's products. Moreover, the business has a comparatively weaker research and development system as compared to other major opponents and needs to put more emphasis on building strong reliable products as its brand portrays (Borrington & Stimpson, 2004).


Apple has many opportunities for growth and expanding its selection of products and services. It can develop iTunes and music player technology into mobile phones and iPad devices. It could focus upon growing Podcasts for radio shows through internet and can boost its iPad into more sophisticated and reliable device to be used by every individual. The I. T industry is packed with rapid and strong changes and there keeps growing demand for innovative and technologically advanced products so for Apple, there are infinite opportunities to avail for development.


The major risk for Apple and its own products is the extreme rivalry among competition in the technology industry. The competitive global environment has taken critical obstacles for Apple to keep a competitive and strong position in the global market. Moreover, Apple's ipod touch and iPad are put through demand which can go down anytime credited to saturation and substitutes on the market. Hence, to meet with changing styles and globalization, Apple requires considerable research and development to create a diversified range of products to reach your goals.

Marketing Objectives

The objective of Apple's iPad device is to fully capture the market by creating understanding and persuading customers to utilize this device. Its emphasis will be completely upon positioning iPad in the global market as an extremely reliable device which really is a need for each and every individual in today's busy busy life.

The marketing plan of Apple's iPad should contain two major targets that help to achieve organizational success in today's global business environment. To begin with, Apple focuses after its customers through in depth general market trends and planning then your second step starts by integrating all organization's functions that happen to be related to the marketing plan of the business. After this, Apple becomes skilled in planning and implementing its organizational core objectives to achieve positive results (Barnet & Cavanagh, 2006).

Marketing Strategy

The marketing plan of Apple iPad is based upon comprehensive research and planning such that it can expand its procedures worldwide where in fact the marketing strategy targeted to promote the subsequent important elements to reinforce its brand image. The major brand elements are the superior quality, friendly usability, design and dependability of the product. It can be promoted as a product that not only provides an ease to a person's life but a trusted cost effective solution to all or any computer related problems. Listed below are the major components of the marketing combine that will help in understanding the product and exactly how it is usually to be promoted in the global market.

The marketing growth strategy of Apple mainly aspires to provide superior quality and ground breaking products and services. This strategy helps in increasing customer loyalty and building a stronger position in the global competitive markets. Technology is the success key of Apple. In the current highly competitive environment, expanding ground breaking products is a major key towards obtaining success. This involves intensive research and development by the firms to reach your goals. Although, innovation has turned into a key towards success but it offers high financial risk because the customers can dislike the new invention and it can get into waste materials (Gannon, 2009).

Product Design

IPad is the new technology of Apple with intensive Research and Development. It's the latest scientific device which is little pc device equipped with high compatibility mode and simple use for users. It is a fully outfitted device where a user can take pictures, watch videos, download large amount of data and send/receive e-mail, attachments and documents. It is created for personal and business consumption where a customer can be highly digitized and linked to the world within seconds without inconvenience. Ipad is the new trend released by Apple to provide ultimate user friendliness and access to all technological advancements together in one minuscule device (Hall & Jones, 2000).

Brand Positioning

Initially, Apple's iPad marketplace could possibly be the professionals and entrepreneurs who require lightweight easy accessible devise because of their usage. And, young customers comprising of students will be targeted through emphasizing upon its ground breaking and trendy design that delivers unlimited options begins gathering popularity and acceptance in the global market then it can extend and broaden its market sections by satisfying a more substantial market section by setting iPad as a need for each and every individual.


Apple's iPad promotional strategy will mainly target upon person to person advertising and point of purchase strategy where consumers will be inspired to discover and try out the merchandise themselves. Apple's latest iPad requires extensive marketing through television set and other press sources to achieve high customer response. Television is an efficient medium of ad ad Apple's ad has trained with more importance which industry is flourishing through these ground breaking ads.


Apple's iPad will be incurred at reduced price from the begin to show and demonstrate that it's a top quality and innovative device than any available in the market. As it can be an innovative product, it'll be promoted on the market as a premium charged device that has value for the huge benefits it provides. In this manner the consumers will consider Apple's iPad as an extremely reliable and lightweight personal computer device that can make their life faster and efficient in conditions of both work and entertainment that may lead to its brand image conditioning through this marketing strategy (Borrington & Stimpson, 2004).


Apple has to focus upon building permanent relationships with its suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers worldwide because this way its supply chain management can become highly effective. As the financial activity has slowed up, it resulted in increase in the costs of oil, which includes ultimately increased the costs of development for Apple and reducing its cost success. Also, the idea of E-commerce has greatly helped Nestle to automate its systems through E-shopping and E-supply string management.

Implementation Plan

Now, we can develop a highly effective competitive marketing strategy where two such strategies can be developed that happen to be differentiation and Concentration to make iPad a success in the global market.


Apple's strategy of differentiation has its target after producing unique and impressive products for its customers that are not provided by other opponents in the global marketplaces. The major success key of Apple is that it offers superior quality and ground breaking products and services to its users with perfect emphasis upon creativity and design. Therefore, marketers must concentrate upon their adverts that promote these five stars to effect consumer buying decisions. This will create a buzz in the market and little by little the image as a premium high tech laptop or computer device will enhance worldwide which will contribute towards its brand equity. The spread of this invention will be inspired mainly by its appeal, quality, price, promotion and durability. Customers make high participation purchase decision for progressive products as it requires high risks. Furthermore, Apple being the first someone to enter the market with a highly impressive device will lead to its strong brand image building in the competitive global market (Barnet & Cavanagh, 2006).


Apple can focus on several segments of the market and develop its brand image in these market sections for its latest iPad. The prospective section for iPad will be the higher and higher middle income who want to enhance their lifestyle with ground-breaking gadgets. Through this strategy, Apple will be able to give attention to its resources and plan towards a selected target section for taking care of it effectively. To endure in global business environment is very challenging for iPad, therefore performing thorough market research will help in obtaining the main organizational targets (Barnet & Cavanagh, 2006).

Evaluation and Control

To meet with the intensified global competition, Apple requires comprehensive research and planning its success in the future. The highly vibrant and uncertain global market brings serious difficulties for Apple's iPad to make it through successfully. The major opponents of Apple such as Compaq, Sony and Dell Co have forced Apple to focus after its brand equity in order to maintain its brand image worldwide. Apple can meet and control the troubles and road blocks arising in its way of growth through its long-term business strategy where effective marketing plan emphasizes upon creativity and building customer commitment (Gannon, 2009).

Firstly, focusing upon the Strategic human tool management, Apple can create a competitive advantages that is not imitable by its competitors. As Apple is well known because of its quality and technology as the first energy drank, they have captured an extremely large customer foundation when compared with its rivals but to maintain this customer foundation or raise the quantity, it must focus upon developing sustainable competitive edge through its human resource which in the end contributes to excellent customer relationships.

Secondly, the 4 Ps of marketing additionally require changes and constant improvements to make it through in the current highly global business environment. The marketing campaigns can emphasis after the design and trustworthiness of the iPad in future to make the most reliable performing device in the market. This will fortify the brand equity as well as assist in surviving successfully in the competitive global market. The placement of Apple can be changed in line with the market trends, the kids and teenagers can be the concentrate on for iPad in future (Sana & Shah, 2008).

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