Asda Stores Ltd IS ACTUALLY A British Supermarket Marketing Essay

In the year 1999 ASDA became a subsidiary of the American retail large Wal-Mark the world's most significant retailer, and is currently regarded as the second greatest chain in the UK. A survey done in December 2010 demonstrated that 16. 5% of UK grocery buyers used ASDA because of their main shopping needs, as these were drawn to ASDA's special offers.

ASDA's marketing offers have most of the time been on its price. They are known as Britain's cheapest supermarket for days gone by thirteen years. Since ASDA is a fully had part of Wal-Mart, it generally does not necessary to declare quarterly or half-yearly revenue, and submits full accounts to Companies House each Oct.

Organizational Structure and Culture

Organizational Structure

ASDA's organizational structure is a hierarchical composition. It is because it has a whole lot of employees working in various departments of the business. Therefore there information must go through many people before it can reach the store administrator. For an example, a co staff member has to are accountable to the supervisor, the supervisor has to are accountable to the assistant administrator/manager, the assistant manager/manager information to the store manager. A hierarchical framework has many levels. Each level is handled by one individual. A hierarchical company is commonly an extremely big company exactly like ASDA.

ASDA culture

ASDA's culture is exclusive from other organizations in many ways. ASDA has a team of over a hundred and seventy thousand working across the business. All employees wear a name badge, and also have daily huddles to keep up to date on the performance. They totally follow three beliefs that are, "service to your customers, value for the individual, strive for excellence".

ASDA thinks that their customers are at the center of everything they are doing which their goal is to make sure that all their goods and services to be as affordable as possible. They strongly think that this can be a culture to are one team to support their stores, attracting on the strengths and experiences of individuals and writing them with each other.

When it comes to ASDA's attitude, they have confidence in determination, where great ideas can be placed into action. They like to find out ways to do things, somewhat than looking for reasons not to do them.

ASDA is convinced in huddles, and uses it to keep everyone informed about the business enterprise performance. They use huddles to connect their key activities for the day and help them continue to be focused and achieve the set goal for your day. Huddles also provide them with the possibility to acknowledge and enjoy team and specific success.

Every worker working at ASDA group Ltd wears a name badge. They assume that it makes it better to be contacted when wearing a name badge.

ASDA retains "THE BEST Bruch" which is their quarterly huddle that is kept at the ASDA House in Leeds. This gives the employees the possibility to share important information in a fun and laid back way. Normally the top Bruch starts off with a performance in the ASDA House's atrium.

Staffs working at ASDA are not pressurized to wear a jacket, as they assume that spencer are a hurdle to be contacted.

ASDA feels in something called the 'ten foot rule', where if someone is at ten feet from an employee, it could be anyone, either another employee or a customer or a supplier, they should always say "hello". They believe that it can help build an atmosphere of friendliness and admiration, and in the end it only takes a second.

Business Model

ASDA's business model is quite much like some other big organization's business design, although the web business can be considered a little more sophisticated. ASDA's e-commerce systems support online searching for both general merchandise (George clothing) and as well as groceries. The food business is works out of 1 hundred and seventy five stores, and provides to the neighborhood areas within each store, where they use nine-hundred delivery vehicles to cover up to 95% of all UK postcodes.

The ASDA Direct business deals around seven hundred and fifty thousand stocked and stockless products in partnership with other alternative party and carrier specialists. Currently they certainly home deliveries, but have programs for the future, where in fact the customer will likewise have the option to put the order online and opt for it up from any ASDA store. They launched their first ASDA Direct catalogue in October 2010 and plan to use this to market the proposition ongoing.

Global Visibility

ASDA Stored Ltd is an enormous scale business, but might not be as large as the new "Super Stores", to purchase other additional facilities like launderettes etc.

But ASDA is known to be considered a huge scale business as they provide services in a variety of sectors. While retailing in groceries and general merchandise, they also have a travel and insurance section, pharmacy section, opticians section and also their own mobile network service provider.

ASDA has 2 hundred and ninety three stores functioning in the UK and has over one hundred and seventeen thousand employees. They also have many stores overseas in several countries but operate under different brands, but sell the same products.

Business Alliances

Major business alliance of ASDA is George Davies partnership. All the clothing section of ASDA is George's. The relationship was started in 65 stores in Feb 1989. ASDA became a part of wal-mart group in the entire year 1999.

Business Process

ASDA's business process is organized of four types


Operating Model



(i) Customers

When it comes to their customers, ASDA feels in

Treating the clients happily.

Keeping the products available to the customers anytime.

Providing best value of goods.

Providing the merchandise cheaply.

(ii) Operational Model

Maintain prices lower when compared to other rivals.

Maintaining lower prices at any circumstances.

(iii) Colleagues

Providing good environment at the task place.

Willing to utilize others in a professional way.

(iv) Shareholders

Maintaining new formats

Enriching come back on investment

Step 02

SWOT Analysis for ASDA










Cost gain - Are able to lessen prices to appeal to new customers.


Online expansion - Online shopping becoming much more popular and ASDA has a good secure website.

Loyal customers - Faithful customers returning over and over purchasing from the business

Strong brand equity

Strong financial position

Supply chain


Affiliation to Wal-Mart

Mini Cafes (Restaurants)


Quality of food substandard

Not having petrol stations(Tesco etc has)

No Exhibit stores (Tesco etc has)

No stores overseas with same name










Product and services expansion


Diversity to Petrol stations

Opening Exhibit Stores

Expansion overseas by beginning stores in another country with same name



Economic slowdown

External changes (authorities, politics, fees, etc)

Exchange rate fluctuations

Price wars

Product substitution

Porter's Five Pushes Model


(Treat of Mobility)


(Supplier Electricity)


(Buyer Electricity)


(Treat of Substitutes)


Current Competitors: Tesco, Sainsbury, Markings and Spenser

Growing industry - likelihood of new competitors

Customers have low switching costs

Fixed cost are high resulting huge development and reduction in prices

Exit obstacles are high and rivals stay and compete

Possible Solution for ASDA to avoid competitive rivalry between their competitors (Tesco etc):

They should avoid price competition

ASDA should differentiate their products

By reducing industry over-capacity

They should concentrate on different segments

Also they need to communicate with their competitors

New Entrants

Potential opponents with capital requirements to begin a company is less

Selling of same/similar products or services

Customers may easily switch (low turning costs)

Price competition

Possible ways that ASDA may reduce the risk of new entrants

By increasing sales efficiency

Have alliances with other products and services

Create a brandname image (they actually own it)

By tying up with their suppliers

By typing up with their distributers

End users/buyers

Buyers purchasing in bulk quantity

No differentiation in products

Buyers can certainly switch to competition' product

Price sensitive buyers

Very low priced (would think)

Possible ways for ASDA to lessen the bargaining power of their customers

ASDA should increase their customer loyalty

Use of customer romance management

By increasing incentives and value added services for his or her customers


Suppliers being strong and well organized

Suppliers can demand when not many suppliers of this particular product is available

Suppliers can demand when they supply a powerful or unique product

When the turning cost of company is high

When the distributor has captured the market

Possible ways for ASDA to reduce the bargaining vitality of their suppliers

ADSA should create partnerships with the suppliers

ASDA should use a resource chain management

Providing supply string training

By increasing dependency of dealer on them

By building understanding of their supplier costs and methods

By taking of a supplier


Customers can move whenever there are many substitute products available in the market

When customers find the same service or product for a cheaper price elsewhere

Better quality products found at a competitor

Competitor making high earnings can reduce price of the alternative product to the cheapest level

Possible ways for ASDA to lessen the threats with their substitutes

By increasing switching costs

Having customer studies to learn customer preferences

Emphasize on differences

Alliances with other companies

Step 03

Bringing competitive benefit through cloud computing

What is cloud processing?

Cloud computing can be an online form of computing and is strongly associated with Blogging platforms 2. 0. It permits users to gain access to applications using a browser, while the request is installed and stored combined with the data over a server. This can help companies to reduce their capital costs, by not having the need to acquire software and hardware. Cloud processing has turned into a totally new form of computing where it allows a large number of users from all parts of the world to access something without the need of having to download and set up them on their computers.

Advantages of cloud computing

Reduced cost. It would help ASDA Stores Ltd to get secure, been able hosting at a very low cost. Also they are able to get access to it from any computer but still have the file they might need. This also makes it easier for the company as they do not have to reproduce the software and ship out to all or any its branches. By using cloud computing it would help ASDA to reduce it cost in support of pays a lease to the server space required.

When ASDA's requirements develop they don't have to acquire any additional hardware to be able to upgrade their servers, which may also help them keep the cost down.

Cloud processing automatically posts the servers for the owners. Therefore owners no longer have to employ specialists to update their servers.

Cloud processing is mobile. It enables its users at ASDA hook up with any device, which means they can do their work from any part of the world so far as they have access to the internet. This could save time and also information to be up to date.

ASDA users can log onto the network and never have to download anything. This helps you to save them time and hard drive space.

An important feature of cloud processing is the fact companies reveal recourses. Which means that they may be allowed access to the resources via cloud processing. This also helps ASDA save money and time by placing all their resources in a single place rendering it possible for its employees to gain access to.

It benefits ASDA to keep their data files safe on their servers and less likely to be lost or stolen on a difficult drive.

The server will own an offsite backup in the event something goes incorrect. Therefore ASDA does not have to worry about dropping any information.

Disadvantages of cloud computing

Additional cost of data copy fees

Another disadvantage about cloud processing is that you don't have control over the remote control servers, their software, or their security

The company's data has been a third-party company

It may be hard to copy huge amounts of data from the provider.

Transforming competitive benefits with cultural media

What is public media?

Social media combines the online technology and methods through which people can share content, give their personal opinions and swap different perspectives.

Social press website can consist of several ways. They may include

Text - often used to talk about viewpoints or post on blogs

Images - to talk about images and photos

Audio - allows you to create podcasts which users may download

Video - you might record a video tutorial and talk about it with everyone

Nowadays some of the most popular types of communal advertising websites are of

Social networking - such websites enable you to make a profile of yourself and talk, discuss and also promote information with others. A number of examples of popular interpersonal networking sites are FaceBook, MySpace, Bebo.

Wikis - they are websites that lets you create, edit and talk about information on a particular subject or topic. An example of wikis is Wikipedia.

Video Showing - you might upload and share videos with the web community. A good example of such website is YouTube.

Photo Posting - Users may upload pictures and images from other account and can show them with other users surrounding the world. A good example of such website is Flickr.

News aggregation - Provides a set of the latest media that is published by users from a range of different websites. A good example of a reports aggregation website is Digg.

Social Bookmarking - users of such sites are permitted to publicly bookmark webpages that they may find valuable or interesting and talk about them with other users.

Online game playing - Lets users do play games online. A good example of online video games is World of Warcraft.

Presence apps - Such websites lets users to create micro blog-like content and notify others what they are doing. An example of such website is Twitter.

Advantages of Sociable Media

It is said that Asda. com home shopping service functions 97% in the united states. ASDA launched financial services such as providing unsecured loans, general insurance, life insurance coverage and bank cards. Its target is to use trouble out of financial planning and insurance and also to offer cheap prices.

ASDA's considering social multimedia

Issues get alerted in a brilliant way.

Informing things to head office and as well as store level.

Strategy will do for digital world, no need of digital strategy.

Be ready to face good or bad.

Some future means of ASDA Communication

ASDA may create personal blogs, to be able to get reviews from customers etc.

They may promote themselves through internet sites such as facebook etc.

They also might use multimedia or photography in order to market their company. And also could allow their customers to touch upon their products. This way they might be in a position to see what their customers think about their products and services and may change it regarding to customer requirements.

Can flexibility bring competitive advantage?

What is Flexibility?

Mobility solutions gives people the opportunity to access the business's information from anywhere in the world at anytime in a flawless and secure manner. By causing information accessible from anywhere in the world, it can be guaranteed that employees wouldn't normally have to hold back for the data to reach them in other means when making an important decision. Another use of flexibility applications is the fact it can be used to capture delayed or lost information.

In the past ability to move once used to refer to notebooks. Although notebooks have an optimistic side, they may have several limitations from what they can do. They can be bulky to transport around, expensive, they require a data interconnection in order to connect to the internet and also the majority of the time have a low power supply life. Nowadays almost all of us have substituted the use of notebooks with powerful, with a a lot longer battery life handheld devices such as PDAs and Smartphone's. Users can hook up to the internet of their cellular networks transmission or may also have the option of linking via Wi-Fi.

In most companies Email is the most important application when it comes to flexibility. Therefore in most companies' the older management have been outfitted with Blackberry and other similar devices with thrust email technology, which helps quick access to their messages. Even the middle and junior level management can only just benefit in mobility alternatives in order to guarantee higher degrees of output and efficiency.

Mobility applications can contain various functionalities such as 'Sales pressure autonation, customer marriage management, logistics monitoring and planning, performance tracking, push alerts' plus much more. Using these types of applications can be as easy as typing SMS or as powerful as hi-tech applications working on Smartphone's.

Before a business can just do it with the use of mobility alternatives, it first must consider several limitations. The company must first evaluate which of its business processes require the access to information (PCs). For a good example the sales function where in fact the staff requires the latest and correct information, whilst having limited usage of the company's IT network.

After analyzing what business procedures require usage of information (PCs), the business then has to make a decision what form of applications they will consider. For some business procedures of the company, basic SMS-based querying might be enough. This means the application form may be installed on the prevailing cellular phone that the majority of the company's staff are having. But if the mobile phones don't need to complexity to hold such softwares, the business might have to provide intricate machines such as PDA's or smartphones in order to be in a position to use such softwares. But for other business process in the company might need of much hi-tech equipment when compared to a PDA or smartphone.

But flexibility can also sometimes have a negative area to it. Some employees would have a long time to get accustomed to using such mobile devices, and some employees might not like using such devices, this may have a poor effect on the business.

Since the devices are mobile, there are likelihood of thefts or shedding the devices. And since it could contain valuable company information, it could be a huge concern to the company of getting rid of such equipment. But to triumph over such incidents also to protect their data, companies may install a password based gain access to into the devices, and possess firewalls to avoid hacking. These are some possible ways of protecting the company's data.

Step 04

Our business technique for ASDA consists of three steps




(i) Anaysis

In the analysis part, in order to develop an enterprise technique for ASDA, we are going to use the SWOT examination we have in 'step 2'. While using the SWOT analysis, it will help us gather, evaluate and assess information and identify tactical options that ASDA is facing. We selected SWOT research to help create a business strategy for ASDA because we believe SWOT analysis is a very effective way of figuring out the talents and weaknesses, as well as evaluating the opportunities and goodies that ASDA may face.

Using the SWOT analysis framework, we have set up what we imagine will be the 'Talents, weaknesses, opportunities and threats' of ASDA. Strengths and weaknesses are known to be inner while opportunities and hazards are external.










Cost benefit - Can afford to lower prices to draw in clients.


Online expansion - Online shopping becoming much more popular and ASDA has a good secure website.

Loyal customers - Dedicated customers returning again and again purchasing from the business

Strong brand equity

Strong financial position

Supply chain


Affiliation to Wal-Mart

Mini Cafes (Restaurants)


Quality of food substandard

Not having petrol stations(Tesco etc has)

No Exhibit stores (Tesco etc has)

No stores in another country with same name










Product and services expansion


Diversity to Petrol stations

Opening Exhibit Stores

Expansion abroad by opening stores overseas with same name



Economic slowdown

External changes (federal government, politics, fees, etc)

Exchange rate fluctuations

Price wars

Product substitution

(ii) Intergration

Using this knowledge, we can now develop a plan of action by first matching the advantages and weaknesses with the opportunities in the exterior environment, and also oppose any possible threats that might develop a danger to programs.

A weakness observed in ASDA is that they don't have any petrol channels or any associated petrol channels. Their rivals like Tesco has their petrol stations and various competitors have associated petrol channels where they can use discount coupons to get savings on petrol. ASDA can use change this weakness into a chance. Since they are in a strong financial position, they can begin their own petrol stations, or get together with a petrol train station and hint a contract with them, where their customers can get discounts on petrol when they shop with ASDA.

Another weakness ASDA encounters is that they do not have any express stores like their competitor Tesco will. Taking into notice that these are in a solid financial position, possessing a good supply string, low priced prices, and also being affiliated to wal-mart, they may use this weakness and change it out into a chance by beginning express stores. This may be a huge gain for ASDA. But in so doing, they also needs to consider the threats they could face. Since when Tesco started their express stores they encountered many problems with other shop owners and the government. Therefore ASDA first check out the external changes (federal, politics, taxes etc).

Although ASDA has stores in foreign countries with other names with different spellings, that sell the exact same products. A lot of people wouldn't normally know that it is a part of ASDA. If you take a look at ASDAs competitor Tesco, they may have many stores in a great many other countries with the same company name. This can help them build up their company name and brand. Therefore ASDA can also do the same and wide open stores abroad using its name they can build a better name identification. And since they are affiliated to Wal-mart, and also currently having stores abroad with different spellings, they already have a good supply string and structure dynamic already. So it would be possible for ASDA to start out its branches in another country with the same name. Given that they already have stores abroad with different spellings that happen to be active, the hazards of starting business overseas are to the very least. The possible risks they would have encountered is the exchange rate fluctuations, price wars as other countries would have other local rivals etc. But given that they already have stores operating abroad, it would be simpler to start stores using their own ASDA name.

Another possible opportunity that ASDA may consider is enlargement with their products and services. Being that they are an affiliation to wal-mart, which is known as to be the world's most significant retail company, this is often a positive thing for ASDA. And since they have much other durability like being in a strong budget, affordable low priced prices, good resource chain, strong brand collateral and devoted customers, it might be a good notion to allow them to expand the number of stores, and also add more services. For an example: a launderette. This might help the customers profit more, as they can put their clothes to clean while they shop. In so doing, they might first have to consider any possible dangers. For an example: Competition. They would have to first see when there is another company focusing on this type of business, who are offering low cost laundry services near to their stores and if they would be any menace to ASDA.

Another chance for ASDA could be takeovers. Being that they are in a strong budget, and a proper reputable company, they need to see if indeed they can purchase over any possible companies that they see could be a possible threat in the foreseeable future.

(iii ) Implementation

After matching up the advantages and weaknesses with the opportunities while considering the possible threats that can affect the plan, we now move onto the implementation part.

In this section, ASDA will have specific clubs that will have respected roles in taking the technique to succeed, by applying specific practices that is developed to be able to aid the strategy. So by appointing different teams to work on different subsections of the business strategy, this could help the implementation stage to be a success.

Since ASDA is not sure how the results would grow to be, it isn't sensible for ASDA to spend a lot of money and time at once into starting something new. Therefore, as a trial, they should begin it on a little scale, and matching to its improvement they have to then decide whether it is going to advantage the business or not.

In order to see the improvement of the execution of the new strategies, ASDA will include a measurement component. This is created from the overall goals established to accomplish the business objective. The goals are divided, by the new business and the time estimated to perform them.

The business strategy will include a module to periodically measure the current progress against goals. Founded according how well the business enterprise strategy has resulted in goal success, the strategic analysis process is repeated to adjust the strategy as required.

Theme we selected

In order for ASDA to accomplish their goals, we assume that social media will bring the best advantage from the three themes. This is because; ASDA is already a well established company and has a well balanced infrastructure with all the necessary technology and people to use them.

Although cloud computing and mobility also have their positive factors, for an example, in cloud processing, a company does not have keep buying new machines as their business expands, , nor have to invest a lot of money in updating the program and putting in new servers etc, and with the use of mobility, in line with the business process they can offer their employees with various mobile devices to handle their responsibilities to lessen time etc. But as stated before ASDA is not really a new company and has been around operation for quite some time. Therefore they have invested in all the required technology and people they need. If ASDA was a new company it could have been a good option to consider either cloud computing or ability to move as they would not have to spend big money on machines etc and pay for only what they require.

Since ASDA already has the necessary technology and people, they need to give attention to ways to improve their business. This includes what options is there to improve their business, what their customers think about their current products and services, their opponents etc.

So by using social media, they are able to achieve this. They could advertise their products in many various ways and also get good feedback from their customers, which can only help them to learn whether their customers are content with their products and services and change it out according to the customer requirements.

Some ways they might use social press is by having weblogs where customers can write on. That is a good way to really know what their customers think about their products. In this manner issues get alerted in a brilliant way, and they are able to accommodate according to the customer needs. In addition they may promote themselves through public networking, which also is a good and effective way. These are a few of the ways they can use social media to boost on their business.

Then according to their customer feedback, they can start applying the opportunities which they obtained in the SWOT analysis by transforming the weaknesses into opportunities with the help of their talents while considering the possible hazards they could face.

Then they may possibly also move onto using a communal network within the business, where they can have a blog where employees within the company can show their thoughts and ideas how to boost their products and services to meet customer requirements.

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