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9.3. Attributes of business communication

Clothes - this is the basis of our success, no matter how paradoxical it may sound. Recall, meet on the clothes, and only escorted through the mind. Why is clothing so important?

Your image is a multifaceted and holistic picture of how you present yourself to your partners and the outside world. Image, your style and image is determined both by the way you dress, and by the way you look, how you talk, how you behave, how to hold yourself. From this everything depends and how you perceive others. If you are applying for a serious post, and come to negotiate with a shabby bag, you just will not be taken seriously.

Throughout life we ​​play many different roles: for the subordinates you are the leader, for the mother - her unreasonable child, for the child - the parent, the husband, the wife, the buyer, etc. etc. This list can go on and on. And all this we. You can not be the same at work, and with close people. It is because of our many-sidedness and it is necessary to determine precisely how people perceive you or other groups of people, and also to determine what image you want to create. On whom and what would you like to impress?

Let's do a little test exercise.

- Write down who you want to impress.

- Why do you want to impress these people?

- Write down the traits of your character that will make a positive impression on the people you select.

- Write down the characteristics of your appearance, behavior and character, which can make a negative impression on the people you have chosen.

Now, thoughtfully and leisurely analyze the results. Do not you think something deserves your attention? Do not scrape Does any statement or interpretation of its unusual or unexpected? With this analysis, try to be as objective as possible in your assessment.

Another important component of business etiquette is the design of appearance. One of the main indicators is the style of clothing. Let's remember the United States proverbs: "They meet me by the clothes, they follow me on the mind", "The leaf is beautiful tree, and the clothing body", "According to Ivashka and the shirt", "Not for the work is paid, but for the style". The style of clothing in a certain way characterizes the person himself, shows how he represents the image of his own "I". In this important role played by social standards, formed with the course of life in our minds.

So, artists and people of creative professions are distinguished by their particular style of clothing. Demonstration emancipation, deliberate negligence, freedom of form, non-standard, bright individuality, disregard for generally established standards, sometimes on the brink of shocking - that's far from an incomplete list of the qualities of the style of people in creative professions. A musician, a singer, a poet, an artist can be identified almost immediately from the crowd by the special design of his appearance.

Especially it is necessary to note certain patterns, which pay attention first of all when perceiving a style of clothing as a personality:

- How much clothing corresponds to the occasion. For example, to come to a business meeting in a serious institution dressed as a rock or pop star will probably be ridiculous, just like coming to the theater in a sports suit.

- How much clothing corresponds to the age and status of a person. Some of the same things look different in people of different ages. It is necessary to take into account generally accepted rules of style.

- Particular attention is paid to the neatness of clothes. If a person is dressed dearly, but slovenly, this will rather repel, rather than make a positive impression. Most likely, business partners will perceive you as a person of a narrow-minded, uneducated, not respecting self and others.

- In the perception of the style of clothing there are certain stereotypes that need to be taken into account. This, for example, is the conservative style of high-ranking officials, or the individual style of clothing of representatives of creative professions.

Clothing is often used as a kind of password - belonging to one or another social group. This should be taken into account when negotiating with partners in the relevant social environment. If your own style does not quite correspond to the generally accepted etiquette of the social environment of your potential partners, but you need to make a pleasant impression, you will have to try to reincarnate and rebuild your appearance. The word rebuild we used it for a reason. The point is that if you want to succeed, then you will have to change a lot in yourself. Now it will be necessary differently: to think, feel, perceive the world around, see, read, hear, talk, eat, walk, prefer, love, etc. That is - completely reincarnated. That's roughly what we meant by the rebuild .

However, if you are not a trained professional of reincarnation, do not try to change your image immediately and suddenly. Do this gradually. You yourself, in the first place, should get used to your new appearance, get used to it. If, however, some falsehood is observed in your behavior, your counterparties will immediately notice this intuitively and you will hardly be able to successfully pass the test "your - someone else's". Try to make your new image harmoniously merge with your personality, so that it is not an internal dissonance. You already know that you use a set of different roles. Choose clothes according to the occasion and the intended role.

Once you have decided that it's time to change your wardrobe, do not rush, first walk through the appropriate shops and measure everything that you like. Analyze to what extent the things selected by you will correspond to that role and the image that you are trying to create. Look at the fashion magazines. The better it is to "sit" and look at you clothes, the more confident you will feel in it. We will not go deep into the topic of selecting and selecting clothes, supplements, and shoes. About this already written whole volumes. We note only the main regularities.

Suit. This is the most practical part of the toilet. Strict classical style is considered "standard" clothing for the office. Calm and free cut, discreet colors, the minimum limit or total absence of unnecessary decorations - this is an approximate list of qualities for a suit in terms of business etiquette. You can buy a whole ensemble, and separately buy jackets and trousers or a jacket and a skirt for women, combined with each other in color. By this you will greatly expand the possibilities of your wardrobe. Preference is best given to business style. Etiquette of the negotiation process allows in the outer clothing a sporting, evening or deliberately vulgar style only in individual specific cases, where it is permissible. For example, on a tennis court, a marine yacht or during a music folklore festival or a national carnival, a classic business suit, you will agree, will be inappropriate. Now a few small tips especially for ladies. Despite the emancipation and the seven-league steps of the feminist movement, in the modern business world there is a persistent stereotype that says beautiful women are stupid as plugs and "unsubstantiated." Therefore, if you want to refute this misleading judgment of your business partners about you, then it is better to stick to a restrained classical style. It's better to allow yourself a "hint", rather than a vociferous "scream". Sex appeal is good, but not at work. In addition, an intelligent and self-confident woman will always find a way to achieve her, without resorting to purely female tricks. All in good time.

Shoes. Comfort, elegance and convenience, and also conformity to your general style - here the short list of necessary qualities of footwear. Of course, preference is best given to good and quality leather products. It is much more important that your shoes under all circumstances be clean and well-groomed even in the worst weather. You can always find a place where you can put yourself in order.

Accessories. These supplements are very important for both men, and especially for women. The point is that historically, people have become accustomed to judge other people because they have certain status signs that distinguish them from their fellow tribesmen. Belonging to the elite or higher caste was confirmed by the presence of such signs. For example, a laurel wreath on the head of a Roman patrician spoke of his triumph. Although in itself nothing is represented, except for a few woven with one another laurel branches. It is necessary to understand and remember that accessories do not necessarily have to be an ornament and decoration is not always seen by others as a necessary accessory. This is primarily your status symbol, it must match your level and the level of issues under consideration. It should be remembered that the high cost of the product is not always a guarantee of high taste and quality, but also try not to buy cheap things, even if they are convenient and affordable. We do not talk about "gold-diamonds for every day", but also a cheap purse, plastic disposable pen and watch in any way you will not decorate. It is to the word accessories that the definition of qualitative These are the little things that an experienced look determines the true position of their owners.

Points. This is an accessory that you need to talk about separately. Have you ever wondered why, in ancient times known to us from books, pictures and movies, all the robbers and pirates are obligatory, if they wanted to hide their face or change it beyond recognition, always resorted to the help of a mask or half-mask? The fact is that the statement about the eyes of man as a mirror of the soul is not just a beautiful metaphor. Any change in the face in the eye area of ​​a person can dramatically change the imagery of others around this person. At the subconscious non-verbal level of perception, the setting of your glasses can set others around for a different attitude towards you. Choose the frame that most of you go, most emphasizes your image. A beautiful frame is half the face. Glasses can help change appearance, give solidity. The main thing is that they are well chosen. Or maybe you will get more contact lenses?

Hairstyle. A great role in the design of the exterior is played by the hairstyle. It also serves the purposes of self-presentation. If the hairstyle is not in order, then the same can be safely said about the owner. In any case, the hairstyle should be neat. Probably, it is superfluous to remind, that fat, not groomed hair, an untidy hairdress and business etiquette - things incompatible.

Business cards. The very presence of business cards from the negotiating partners speaks of observing the elementary rules of business etiquette. Among other things (convenience in the process of communication and fixing the specific conditions of a business meeting as a "nodule for memory"), the exchange of business cards is an informal acknowledgment of the recognition of the status equality of the parties to the negotiation process at the non-verbal level, which is a very important aspect of the positive dynamics of the course of the whole meeting. Separately, we should dwell on the cards themselves. Remember, this is also part of our image. The business card should not be too pretentious. It should be easy to read and be understandable for your counterparty (at the very least - it must be done in a clear language). If you choose an exotic font, then there is a danger that your business card simply will not be able to read (for sure many of you have faced a similar problem when you can hardly understand what was written on the business card - believe that this is not a pleasant problem ). It is not necessary to choose too large font and allocate literally every word. Better if the business card style comes up with a professional designer. Do not regret money on the business card & quot ;. Crumpled and dirty business cards, which are lying on all pockets and which a person can not find at the right time - quite an unattractive sight. In the design of your appearance everything should work for you - and this is important. There are not and can not be trifles here.

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