Background Of Volkswagen

The Volkswagen is the globe leading automobile manufacturers and it is the greatest carmaker in European countries. Volkswagen was located in Wolfburg, Germany plus they have over 342, 000 employees that in a position to build-up over 21, 500 vehicles each day. Volkswagen production site are found in European countries, America, Africa and Asia.

They divided they car business in to two group is Volkswagen and Audi since 2002. The first brand group of Volkswagen contain Volkswagen, Å koda, Bentley and Bugatti. And the second brand group Audi consists of Audi, Lamborghini and Chair.

Volkswagen aspires to improve its center point on basis business, decrease creation costs, and improve profitability. To guarantee the company can achieve these goals, the business is look at a variety of prepared and business progress inventiveness such as divesture of the non key business sections, and preface of new models.

The Product Data Management (PDM) at Volkswagen company will chains anatomist teams functioning at numerous locations enlarge across four continents. From an information technology perspective, this high size of geographic section is totally obvious with regard to information contact, management, and high ease of access.

The Volkswagen Company observes well-built revenue growth over the past five years. With new slogan "Think Blue" will ensure that Volkswagen will produce more eco-friendly product, not money and make the world go round. This means that the Volkswagen will think smarter about the sustainability and efficiency toward the business enterprise and the product.


The issues happen in Volkswagen:-

2. 1Project failure: Volkswagens in the crisis to recall all 2012 Volkswagen Beetle

In the entire year 2012, Volkswagen was recalled again 2, 471 vehicle of Volkswagen Beetle model because of the over faulty inhabitant control modules in the front passenger seat. That is related to air bag and sensor control in the front passenger chair. This vehicle was made from February 2012 through August 2012 and functional with the leather sport chairs.

Refer to the National Highway Traffic protection Supervision, if the couch of the front passenger get damp, the inhabitant control module might not exactly be efficient and would not identify the occurrence of a child command word installed in the couch. (www. vmproblems. com)

2. 2 Strategy/Initiatives: The Volkswagen R&D strategy

In this new period of new hundred years, Volkswagen breaking snow of using hybrid technology in automotive industry. Volkswagen was made their first Volkswagen Golf TDi Hybrid release at Geneva Motor unit Show in 2008 and dazzle and there planning Volkswagen new hybrid model by 2013.

2. 3 Global MIS/Risks: Volkswagen recalled all the Volkswagen Passat due to the gas system, Diesel

In the year 2011, Volkswagen was recalled all Volkswagen Passat vehicles, which have been produced from January 2011 to June 2011. Through the legislative body of the models were built with a diesel gas filtration aspect that might not seal appropriately. Hence, it could cause to flame during the automobile accident.

2. 4 Security/Snacks: The security upgrade

According to the news headlines the Volkswagen vehicles are one of the ten famous stolen vehicles. In order to prevent the any stolen case Volkswagen getting excited about develop two new security system:-

Anti-theft alarm

Anti-Lock Braking System (Washboard abs)

In this security system it in a position to protect the doors, boots and car interior against illegal access.

Besides that, the Anti-lock Braking System (Abdominal muscles) is whenever you coaster brake hard on a oily highway surface, this ABS system will inhibits the rims from locking, and still guide your car safely.

2. 5 New Technology: Cylinder Shutoff System in Four-cylinder TSI by Volkswagen

Volkswagen Company was reveals the latest efficiency technology in making their vehicles. This is called as the world's first cylinder shutoff system in four-cylinder TSI.

This new technology is to decrease the fuel expenses by for a while shutting off two of the four cylinders during low to mid loads.


The Volkswagen treated each of the issues as a serious case and now they was find a solutions to solve the issues to ensure their operation in the business continued successfully.

3. 0 Solution for the Volkswagen

3. 10 Project failing: Volkswagens in the turmoil to remember all 2012 Volkswagen Beetle

As a treatment towards the problem of the turmoil, Volkswagen performed created a site which is provided a twenty seven services and monitoring that connected online with the customers when customers possessed any trouble or problem on their vehicles. In cases like this Volkswagen will be able to keep record and update if they have any related concern on the vehicles manufacture.

3. 20 Strategy/Initiatives: The Volkswagen R&D strategy

As the green environment Volkswagen was planning and creating a few resolution for their hybrid vehicles system which is categories as micro-Hybrib, Full- Cross types and mild-Hybrid. The business performed research, planning and development (R&D) to increase the scale to ensure they produce the most excellent cross model.

Normally they segregate the definition of the cross model by two distinct approach to propulsion, one technique of propulsion but with two types of fuels and the vehicle that use electric motors to drive the wheels however the electric battery can be chargeable by external or from the generator influenced.

3. 30 Global MIS/Risks: Volkswagen recalled all the Volkswagen Passat due to the energy system, Diesel

Due the issue Volkswagen Company have included BlueMotion Technology in Volkswagen Passat model. This may ensure that the customer will experience an eco-friendly toward the ability to move and efficiency of the large luxury vehicles. The BlueMotion Technology means which able to decrease the carbon footprint of the automobile and increase fuel-efficiency while driving.

Volkswagen also supplies the optimized products ration to boost the efficiency of the vehicles energy.

Beside that for short-term fix, Volkswagen will ensure that the recalled car will replace by the diesel fuel filter factor that recognize and approved by the Volkswagen standard.

However for long-term they have to make certain that the processing produce the standard specs in term to set up the vehicles.

3. 40 Security/Goodies: The security upgrade

Beside both systems, Volkswagen also provided the improvement of the vehicles security system. The three other system they are implement are security alarm, anti-roll club and anti-theft alarm system *plus.

This anti-theft alarm system will provide the most safeguard and secure deposit against vehicles theft with digital immobiliser. The visible and audible caution signal that show up when the vehicles discovered the thieves and it will activated any contact of the vehicles parts. Beside that the ultrasonic system can identify if anyone looking to get into the car by having a broken windows.

The latest generation of anti-theft alarms has a counsel horn that function in parallel of the car's own electronic system and a time-controlled alarm that appears in reaction to the unsanctioned opening of the door.

3. 50 New Technology: Cylinder Shutoff System in Four-cylinder TSI by Volkswagen

The new technology in term of the engine unit of cylinder shut-off will presentation in the new 1. 4 TSI engine motor. This is the latest technology to ensure the vehicles can save the petrol.

With this implementation of cylinder shut-off on four-cylinder TSI engine motor in high size development made Volkswagen been the first maker that involve in this technology.

While driving at regular moderate speeds, its can identify the leading edge technology which is the greatest benefit to the technology.


For the statement for the Volkswagen issue, Arthur will brief what is their opinion and lesson learn from each of the issues.

4. 0 To Reinforce Solution

4. 10 Project failure: Volkswagens in the problems to remember all 2012 Volkswagen Beetle

Even although Volkswagen company experienced a concern related to their product, they still put the responsibility with the blunder. They will ensure that they solve the challenge open in public to ensure customers aware. This awareness show that their trustworthiness of the developing and their own brand.

From my view, it show the task inability cause is having less the creation and monitoring information given. So that it cause the lacking of the environment bag issue.

However, the team of Volkswagen in a position to solve and check out the problem before it been a big concern to the world of creation.

4. 20 Strategy/Initiatives: The Volkswagen R&D strategy

In order to ensure that they able to manufacture the eco-friendly vehicle they persuade the customers that was sell the cross model. They planning in future that they can produce more cross model since it is successful in new hundred years motor vehicle market.

My commentary it is the greatest impressive vehicles that can save the green environment in future which is most competitive vehicle in the market segments.

4. 30 Global MIS/Dangers: Volkswagen recalled all the Volkswagen Passat due to the gasoline system, Diesel

Even Volkswagen is the most famous brand internationally, but any issue happen it'll cause the reputation and view of the stakeholder in the market price.

My commentary, Volkswagen have to execute the standard plan and requirement before they product their new model to avoid any circumstance that lost interest of their costumes. Beside that they have to focus and ensure that their supply chain is employs their standard of requirement illegally. This will sustained the value and the trustworthiness of Volkswagen in customer's views.

4. 40 Security/Snacks: The security upgrade

From my perspective, the security implementation in the product performance and infrastructure will enhance the fascination of customers to buy the product. From this security technology it'll ensure that they fulfill the customer need.

Thus, customer will be secure to work with the merchandise in permanent period.

4. 50 New Technology: Cylinder Shutoff System in Four-cylinder TSI by Volkswagen

In overall customer want forward for this kind of technology that can save a lots of money and fuel. In fact with this technology the engines are ready with an modern energy management system that allow the seaside and braking phases to produce and accumulate electricity.

Its also the new era of start or stop system being put into practice that convince the standard of the vehicle by Volkswagen company.

The elements of this technology are ancillaries with most optimize energy essentials, a recently designed air-conditioning system and a gearbox preheating system to expand the competence of the conduction.


As realization, even though Volkswagen carries out the big brand in the production company they ought to pay attention toward their development to ensure the quality with their products.

In term of the monitoring the assistance and quality internationally, Volkswagen does uses Oracle bi-directional duplication to implement their hub and spoke architecture. This hub data source can provide three functions. It will be able to enhance anatomist data into an individual global depot. It'll be able to replicates key furniture to remote locations to ensure that their anatomist team have trustworthy and contact to anatomist data. Parts from that it'll provide isolated locations everlasting usage of data when their local spoke database are not available.

The hub data source is sheltered against failures and data corruptions with a Data Officer reserve repository. This database will be able to standby if indeed they have any failure of the hub.

This is show that Volkswagen really matter about their product and their quality of the product. Since this company is the largest and create company on the planet, they keep on updating the latest technology in their development to ensure that they are able to supply the consumer the product quality and keep maintaining as an effective manufacture company in the world.

Only with the nice team player and create company like Volkswagen will ensure the loyalty of the client to buy their product. With this success of problem dealing with toward their concern and implement the new improvement of each new product can ensure the Volkswagen can maintain their excellent condition of their product and services. I personally agreed even though the price of the product is too luxurious, but with the quality and the value the product it will probably be worth buying.

Lastly I can conclude that i acquired learn that the facts information of the Volkswagen company.

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