Ben And Jerrys SWOT Factors

Ben and Jerry's is the glaciers cream company which is getting the production facility in Vermont and marketing and offering the ice-cream almost all of the countries on the globe. Ben & Jerry's started out making enquires about the Japanese market to start out their operation on the globe second largest ice cream market where the gross annual sales is around 4. 5 billion USD.

Even although market is big which is one of the toughest marketplaces among the list of other. Here the language and the audience both appear unstable and understanding them without knowing their language is more challenging. But Haagen-Dazs have previously entered into the market before 10 years. Ben and jerry's is the late entrant among those six leading players. It's the market where the consumers where demand high quality products and also with the more number of kinds and styles. Probably this is the most affluent country on the planet.

Though Haagen-Dazs's financial numbers were not printed, market intelligence recommended the ice cream maker got Japanese sales around $300 million. Haagen-Dazs had managed to catch practically half the ultra superior market in Japan. On the main one hand, Haagen-Dazs will be a formidable competitor that would likely safeguard its market show. Alternatively, there would be no apparent dependence on Ben & Jerry's to instruct the local market about excellent premium glaciers cream. The market appeared to welcome the situation information presents a situation report of Ben and Jerry's strengths, weakness, opportunity and risks (SWOT) factor record.


Established successfully in the global market segments in conditions of USA and non - USA

Ben and Jerry's another part of these synonymous for public responsibility is Caring Capitalism. Ben and jerry's gave 7. 5 percent of pre-tax gains to social causes like Recovering Our Nature, which secured community participants from local health risks, and Centre for Better Living, which helped the homeless

Ben and Jerry's sell its ice cream with the chunky materials and catchy flavour titles like Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey


Ben and Jerry's undoubtedly held the second largest market share (at 34 percent compared to Haagen-Dazs' 44 percent) of the North american super high grade market, the business had began to lose market share.

Hired Perry Odak at the recommendation of one of its member at basics salary of $300, 000 with a start date in January 1997

Ben and Jerry's brand had the country's fifth highest show of the ice cream market in terms of value, it still accounted for only a tiny 3. 6 percent of the market


Seven- Eleven enthusiastic about having Ben and Jerry to Japan was that Seven-Eleven's combined USA and Japan operation would become so important to Ben and Jerry

Haagen-Dazs had been sold for 250 Yen per 120 ml and seven - Eleven wished to position Ben and Jerry's at a just a little cheap point

Yamada would expect to add picked flavours of Ben and Jerry's snow cream cups to the Domino's delivery menu

In today's health conscious societies the advantages of more fat-free and healthy choice glaciers cream and iced yogurt products


Ben and Jerry's was starting to lose market share in both total glaciers cream market and more importantly, the super superior market

As the merchandise would be exported from america, there would be a threat of negative exchange rate activity that could make exports to Japan no more feasible

Ice cream should be load up in personal mugs rather than in a 473 ml (one pint) size that Ben and Jerry's presently packed. The main simple truth is that small mugs were the snow cream is seldom consumed as a family group desert in Japan, but instead is used as a snack item. Customers usually like to have that as an individual serving.

Designing a small cups need the business to set up new machines on the existing plants. The expense is more than $2 million for new accessories.

Argument on Standard Terms

Ben & Jerry's began making inquiries about opportunities in Japan, the second largest snow cream market on the planet, with total annual sales of approximately $4. 5 billion. Although, the marketplace was big, it was also overwhelming. Japan was recognized to have an extremely complex distribution system, its barriers to overseas products were high and the length for transport a frozen product from America was enormous.

Ben & Jerry's will be a overdue entrant, more than a decade behind Haagen-Dazs in attaining a foothold in the market. In addition, there were at least six Japanese glaciers cream manufacturers selling a super premium product.

The company currently packing in a 473 ml (one pint) size however the market is for the personal cups. The primary simple truth is the ice is the favorite snacks for people in Japan. Therefore the personal cups will pull the marketplace to the brand. Ben and Jerry's have not having the machinery to help make the small cups. It could require around $2 million for new equipment and Ben and Jerry's are also prepared to set up the machineries in the existing herb itself.

But in this period of time invest of $2 million for this purpose will affect the deal further. Japanese clients basically expect the merchandise on the perfect standards that they need. JAPAN customers are having the capability to demand the company to own products on the specification.

Merits and Demerits of entrance modes:

Ben & Jerry's management was interested toward an access into Japan it was not a good business plan. Entering into such a complicated market where the dialect and the audience everything differs. The entry will happen with the nice financial history and the best management. The merchandise is exporting from the Vermont so there is certainly chance could be threat of negative exchange rate. It creates the company to face the unprofitable situation. That is the main risk factor on appearing the business in Japan for the Ben and Jerry's.

The negative and positive factors will be more in the admittance of Japanese market for the company. There are lots of chances to find the distribution inside the united states. On that getting into by using Seven-Eleven is the safest way to the ban and jerry's. It reserves the fridge comaprtment for his or her product in the 7000 conventional immediately across the country.

On the parallel aspect there is also a chance to reduce the popularity one of the audience. The Seven-Eleven prepared to place the merchandise within the traditional stores. Where the its likely that like putting its product on the list of other existing market leaders. It will decrease the chance to be discovering the marketplace like the Haagen-Dazs did. Chances to become store brands is too low. The deal between the Ben and Jerry's and Seven-Eleven won't affect the any existing product in the market.

On the whole of business contract there's a major disadvantage in putting your signature on the agreement which is the ice cream offer size. Ben and jerry's deal size is 473 ml but the Seven-Eleven insisted Ben and Jerry are to be packaged only in 120 ml personal cups. The primary factor is that Japanese market is mainly for the non-public cups. They often consume ice cream in another of their snack instead of family desert.

Yamada the business suggested to Ben and Jerry's to really have the full control on the sales and marketing in Japan. By giving the entire sales and marketing control to Yamada will helps the Ban and Jerry's in the positive way. Because dealing in an new market like Japan will sure problematic for the company to operate. It also cares for the business to get the instant experience in the unfamiliar market.

Yamada is already known to the market in the frozen foods and building a chain for Dominos in Japanese market. By putting your signature on a legal agreement will make the Yamada to start out the marketing process. It makes the Ben and Jerry's to be the leading brand on the market. And Yamada have previously expected to add the several flavours to Ben and Jerry's snow products and also planned to add a few of its flavour to the domino's delivery menu. But up to now no agreement has signed which makes there is absolutely no any specific plan.

Seven - Eleven can make the company to start the instant procedure in Japan. But apart from that it can't make any more development in the branding. Because as Seven-Eleven determined it will markets six cups each day will never create more level of popularity and earnings to the business. Ben & Jerry's was the new product to the Japanese market which is devoid of an enough budget to run a advertising campaign in japan market. Seven-Eleven is the only hope for the corporation to handle the promotional attempts. But it never committed any specific plan with the company.


Ben & Jerry's had long been shipping snow cream to the Western Coast and Europe in freezer containers. Shipments to Japan were possible in delivery stability especially key, and, of course, costs would have to be minimised. Logistics research mentioned it would likely take at least three weeks transport time from the seed in Vermont to the warehouse in Japan. The merchandise could not be shifted to some other customer nor could another customer's product be shifted to Japan.

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