Benefits And Drawbacks Of SOCIAL MEDIA Essay

This case presents Blogging platforms 2. 0 cultural media in electronic worlds, marketing sites, and training video sharing sites, and entices students to explore the opportunities and risks they can be confronted for brands. The truth allows students to struggle with the strategic and tactical decisions that accompany marketing and sales communications strategy and to merge information on consumer behaviour with a knowledge of brand aims, to be able to evaluate and examine new social mass media options. Foley, brand administrator, is facing a more and more technical media environment where her conventional media plan which is focused on television, print, and radio advertising, is becoming less popular scheduled typically to declining viewers and a surge in advertising clutter, plus consumers tuning out. She is exploring emerging Blogging platforms 2. 0 sociable media options to find out if they can better achieve her branding and advertising goals. Her task is to curtail the entire buzz surrounding Web 2 2. 0 and analyze the public media's possible for her brand by delving into the consumer dire needs and behaviours support Web 2 2. 0 technologies

Case issue:

I think UnMe Denim jeans is the right brand for social media and the net 2. 0. Their target market is women between 12-24 yrs. old, which segment is eating less traditional media, and increasing their consumption in the net 2. 0. With new systems and programs they can regulate the ads or somehow avoid them and still enjoy their favorite TV shows or any type of entertainment. I think it's evident Blogging platforms 2. 0 is the correct path for UnMe Denims, the question is how to do it.

The benefits sociable marketing offer to UnME Denims are:

The social press attracts more people than traditional media so they can reach more possible users as customers.

They can target their audience with more exactness and in a far more efficient way. The theory is to help make the costumers area of the social marketing community, to get them involved and get a deeper proposal with the brand.

The drawbacks public marketing offer to UnME Denim jeans are:

Lack of control of the content:

Foley, Brand Supervisor of UnME Denim jeans, is confronted with an issue as she reconsiders her advertising advertising plan because of the increase of public marketing options on the rising Web 2 2. 0. These options become even more intriguing with the steady price increases of television advertising regardless of the development of several unfavourable conditions. Working with her advertising agency, Foley must effectively use her brand management skills to choose which interpersonal media route, if any that she should incorporate into her current advertising multimedia plan. The advertising firm suggested three practical options, Zwinktopia, Facebook, and YouTube. Zwinktopia is a electronic world geared to girls' ages 13 to 24 with a focus on fashion and music, Facebook is a social networking, profile page site, and YouTube is a user-generated video-sharing website. I would recommend that Foley follow the Zwinktopia social media channel as a starting place to take benefit of the emerging Blogging platforms 2. 0 and also make a investment in the other available choices to build up their web 2 2. 0 presence.

Key problem of unme denims:

Looking forward Foley the brand administrator of unme denim jeans understand that the fads were driving a car the radical change in multimedia market that had potential to lessen the potency of her current multimedia plan.

The consumer press habit were quickly changing because the peoples are more fascinated towards the internet

Driven by the proliferation of new technology like the personal computer dvd players and ipods these all new electronic devices are significant reasons of changing consumer behaviour

Foley the brand supervisor of unme denim jeans was confuse in between advertise in television and advertise in internet which is better for marketing.

Foley advertising company experienced provided her with an idea to bring her plan to three social press shop. Zwinktopia, facebook, youtube. She recognized that she wanted to do less talking at plus more conversing with her consumer and she wished to use media store where consumer is more receptive offer brand history and which would foster the most constrictive dialogue about her brand

She also wished to use programme that would seamlessly incorporate with and support her exiting advertising plan. But almost all of all she wished to social media program to make on effect on her sell.

Swot examination:


Unme jeans was one of the most successful junior denim brand available in market

The unme brand report revolved around celebrating the personality of teenage young girls and encouraging young adults to speak out against peer pressure and conformity

Unme jeans can be purchased in upscale department store and especially store across the united state and sold at a slight top quality to comparable the brand


The changing of consumer media habit and proliferation of new technology just like a personal computer dvd and blu-ray player and ipods consumer were tuning out traditional marketing like television periodicals news newspaper and radio and tuning into new press options


The chance for the unme denim jeans is web 2 2. 0 applications are those that maximize intrinsic benefit of that platform

Delivering software article continually upgrade service that get better and more folks use it.

The web 2 2. 0 is also called consumer co-creation because that provided consumers the ability to direct donate to the online chat and contain that was available on the net.

Three blogging platforms 2. 0 advertise opportunity mainly are Zwinktopia facebook and you tube


Remember that new things always progress and advertise brand web 2 2. 0 the company need to get more on advertising which is not possible for each company.

Analysis of the case:

Just like any business problem, Foley is faced with several issues to make her decision to improve her advertising mass media plan. With a full knowledge of the issues, Foley can better examine her options in the process of making a justified decision.

Rapidly changing consumer fads - There's a clear indicator that consumers press habits have progressed due to the proliferation of new technology. You can find more stores available that led to the change of how their market uses media. Much of these changes were geared towards online shops, especially among the younger audience. To be able to remain successful, the company must be sure they can easily react to the rapidly changing.

Formulation and evaluation of substitute:

Benefits and Downsides of social mass media:



Promotes high involvement and participation

Large demographic availability, it allows marketers to focus on the audience appropriate for their product

Some forms of experiments have shown positive results have given marketers an option to choose design and position with their ads. For eg: participatory video tutorial advertisements, in-video advertising.

Proven successful when used as the right route and not just an alternative for Television advertisements.


High cost of marketing and extra cost on growing competently made videos.

Lack of control over the content Still in research and test stage and it may back flame if not combined well. For eg: pre-roll advertisings.

Language and location restriction



Promotes the ideals UnME means i. e enjoy individuality, non-confirming attitude. A new way of manifestation.

Have the right demographics for UnME i. e teenage females, the website are centered on fashion and music. Marketers can promote relevant advertising in the exclusive world.

Can be associated with other social marketing like facebook and Myspace.


May not influence real life sales for the company.

There are over 200, 000 electronic products which increase competition and attack for market talk about that may well not give come back for the business.



Highest demographic section among the target audience. Also has the highest average time allocated to the website and highest consistent return of the user to the web page.

Easy access to information on the users, hence the target market can be served with relevant advertisings based on their profile site.

Acts like a discussion message board where users interact with the brand and discuss their passions.

Videos can be marketed on the website as well.


Since users may view over 500 pages of content the recall value may drop significantly.

Lack of measurement tools to assess success.

High cluttering on the network may make the users indifferent to the ads.

May business lead to over advertising and hijack ab muscles purpose


Besides the actual fact that we now have more folks today than any website that visit Facebook, On Facebook it is all about the relationships and discussions that occur between its users. So experiencing the attractiveness of the program as stated above Facebook can be used for advertisements to attain a far more targeted audience in fewer costs.

Another great feature of Facebook is the "fan web page. " This feature allows an organization or a brand or something to create a Facebook page solely dedicated to it. There, users are enabled and encouraged to share viewpoints, information, criticism, or whatever else. When these kinds of conversations happen, it creates an atmosphere for free dialogue and a excitement about that fan page. Each one of these above mentioned features are are just some of the countless great tools on Facebook for marketers such as Foley to promote their brand.

Social mass media provide sales professionals with the chance to listen and effect through their participation". Not using Facebook would simply cause a significantly missed chance of Foley. Moreover, her brand will look inferior to the other brands that seize the chance of social advertising.

Overall, using Facebook provides more effects in conditions of reach, frequency, receptivity and presence. In addition, web page views, unique visitors and the time spent on the site in Facebook is larger than others. Therefore I recommend Facebook somewhat than Zwinktopia and YouTube. Obviously, if the budget allows, the company uses other press platforms and also have to make synergy result based on Blogging platforms 2. 0 concept. It requires additional initiatives, but it must be considered a good approach.

As mentioned before, I would recommend that Facebook is the best choice among three suggested plans. One of the reasons is the openness of Facebook. With the development of the information technology, Facebook has advanced. Currently Facebook isn't just a simple interpersonal website, but a huge platform. The business uploads and maintains various types of details, people can gain access to Facebook via many different ways, and the items of Facebook can move through the Web. Therefore, if the company has an appropriate plan, you'll be able to make big synergy results.

Implementation Plan

Implementation Component:

Managing Change

X Instructional Practices


An Assessment System

X Professional Learning

Communications & ResourcesPurpose: To create a brand valuegh of unme jeans and advertise using facebook as a sociable media.

Action Steps

What Will Be Done?


Who CAN DO It?


By When? (Day/Month)


Resources Available

Resources Needed (financial, individual, political & other)

Potential Barriers

What individuals or entities might avoid?

How do we talk about this resistance?

Communications Plan

Who is included?

What methods?

How often?

Step 1:

To use facebook to set-up advertisements related to the merchandise.

Advertising Agency

May 2013

A. Facebook

B. Human resource


Deploy more people to set-up and publish the ads


Step 2:

To create 'admirer webpage' on facebook because of this users are enabled and encouraged to share ideas, information, criticism, or whatever else.

Advertising Agency

June 2013

A. Page maker in facebook

B. Individuals resourse- creative team

The tool of earning pages might be difficult to use.

Training and producing creative team


Step 3:

Social should be use rather than neglected

Advertising Agency

N. A

A. Facebook

B. You Tube

C. Zwinktopia

A. insufficient technical savvy people.

B. create understanding about social marketing platform.


Step 4:

Advertising Agency

Begin in August and continue throughout 2012-2013

A. Current Textbooks

B. Internet

C. Parents

D. Time

E. Manipulatives

F. Training

A. Time

All teachers

Step 5: Put into action ELA Shifts 2, 3, and 5

All Teachers

Begin August 2013

A. Doc Cameras for Smartboards

B. 6-Characteristic Rubrics

C. Training

A. Time


All Teachers

Evidence Of Success (How do you want to know that you are making progress? What are your benchmarks?)

Evaluation Process (How do you want to determine that your goal has been reached? What exactly are your actions?)

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