Benefits And Opportunities For Business Using Internet Marketing

The website helps businesses to talk- for example customers can fill in questionnaires or studies about the website or store this can help the business to improve. Customers may easily go on website to make queries or enquiries, for example on the B&Q website when you click on 'Contact Us' and then go through the 'Enquiries' this shows you the another hyperlink which has a test of 'Basic Enquiry. ' While you select 'General Enquiry' the website offers you a webpage and customers can certainly fill in a quick Enquiry form- that gets the Subject, Name, Address, etc also a field that you can complete Enquiry details. When the customer is done filling in the Enquiry Form the customer can click on 'Submit. ' This is good for the B&Q because you get quick feedback credited to it being faster than customer writing a letter (Help- Add Value and Save- Save Costs).

Easier to promote their products- particularly when B&Q products are on Special Offers, Sales, for instance B&Q on the homepage has 'The One half Price Sale, ' '15% Off From 26th to 30th January 2010 to get only' '15% Off Selected Switches and Sockets, ' '50% of Selected Power Tools, ' '20% Off Selected Warming More Lines Added. ' This is an advantage for the business because it helps them to promote their customers and non-customers. Those who do not have the time to go to B &Q or those who are not aware about their products in store and the Sales (Save- Save Costs and Sizzle- Increase the brand online).

More recurrent individualised communications to develop relationship- When customers have a merchant account with B&Q, the business enterprise send e-mail of deals, promotions and products consumers may be thinking about. This is benefit to B&Q because it helps bring about their products to get one-to-one romance (Relationship deepening), increase their sales and avoids their customers heading to their competition.

Opportunities for Product Development

Use of Internet Information to Identify Product Development- this is a benefit to B&Q because they can also use the Internet to gather information about the customers' views and perceptions about their websites, their products and advancements the company will certainly make. This is an edge for B&Q given that it could help them to fulfill their customer and get new customers too plus it would be much cheaper and save time for B&Q to transport this online then to pay tons money with their staff who have to go to the traditional and have these same questions to people or the personnel goes in the B&Q store to ask their customers but most people may not desire to be stopped waiting for you, since they choose just to check around.

Ability to web page link traditional methods with online marketing ('bricks and clicks') - this is again great B&Q since it enables them to promote their products online and offline. And yes it helps to create sales due to the fact that customers could order something online that might not maintain stock (Sell- Grow Sales). This is an advantage since the business can promote to those who do not shop in stores (online customers).

Market Development- helps business to type in new market segments more cost- effectively. This is an edge for B&Q because they may use their website to go into new marketplaces without paying a higher cost especially to extensive geographic areas who might not have an area B&Q store not far from, plus the company would have a capacity to reach new export sales e. g. European Countries.

Use of Internet information to recognize product development opportunities- this will benefit the business since B&Q can look at their competitors' websites such as Homebase, Wickes, Argos (they sell DIY and Garden Products), etc. To improve their own website and also prices, this can be an advantage because it makes B&Q website more desirable and easy to use for customers.

Podcasts- this is employed to deliver marketing news or information this is an advantage for B&Q because it helps the business to show their online customers and new customers their latest products e. g. on the B&Q website customer can go through the Pod cast hyperlink and their recent pod cast is called 'Summertime'- this is a Summertime dcor collection which is shown with B&Q's new outdoor living products. That is an edge for the company for the reason that the pod cast since is up to date regularly, and this creates customer consciousness and sales.

Opportunities for Business Efficiency

Supply Chain- this is an advantage for B&Q because customers have the ability to order their products online, so therefore the customers need not go through a middle man (Disintermediation). Plus the customer can avoid heading to store purchasing goods and coming in couple days or week after to gather the goods, this benefits B&Q since customers who order their goods online helps the business produces sales quicker.

Use of Electronic Marketing communications to Reduce Personnel Costs- this can be an advantages for B&Q because the less sum of money they have to pay for personnel costs, the more income (revenue) B&Q will have that would be useful for the business enterprise such as bettering their websites, expanding services or purchasing vehicles that might be used to provide products with their customers.

Opportunities to Keep an eye on Competitor Activity- due to Price Transparency (when you can certainly view online products) B&Q could take a look at their competition websites such as Homebase, Wickes, etc this is an benefits for them because it will allow them to remain competitive due to the fact that B&Q can certainly can compare their prices with their competitors and if their prices are too much they can reduce it (Powerful Pricing) to get customers. And B&Q would avoid losing their customers credited to them always looking at their competition websites on the products, new deals and promotion this will then help them to improve their own website.

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