Benefits And Troubles Of Office Stores

Department stores represent a huge retail organization that provides to consumers a sizable choice of goods and services. Consumers possess the chance to compare price, quality, and service at different stores at exactly the same time and in a limited place. So the company can profit from specific benefits other industries. The strategy of F4U is not only to market quality goods at a reasonable price, but also to give a unique service. Its prices are neither as cheap as the low end department store, nor as expensive as the high-end store.

F4U will try to bring the immediate attention of consumer through visual effects like structure, displays and colored posters and can place itself straight before the shoppers. The company wants, thereby, to lure different target groupings and gain those other brands based on the motto" good quality, fashion style, best price".

In addition F4U intend to sustain its consumer through a bonus program and acquire their personal data to make an aggregate account of individual consumers to target them with special offers and appropriate adverts.

Benefits and difficulties of Shops

Department stores offer to the customer the immediate experience to touch and feel the product and assess its quality as well as the probability of living the purchase as experience (Steinmann 2011:27). The client can try the clothes and take them immediately. Whereby the amount of results can be reduced. The face-to-face contact is crucial for most consumers especially for old people or people who dislike shopping on the internet. Another advantages is the longer starting hours compared to specialty retail stores especially on Friday and Saturday.

Department stores have also many disadvantages such as the existing of the concrete and inflexible location. As a result, the location is a crucial factor for the shopping place. Within this context, many consumers opine that, the fixed opening hours and car parking fees are unfavorable. In addition, the time publicity, because of the visiting time, could be a problem for a few consumers (Heinemann 2008:19) Furthermore, shops emerge several charges for the company such as lease costs and personnel costs.

Catalog selling

Catalog selling as a channel for F4U

Catalog selling is one of the most popular strategies used in Fashion game. The procedure includes the creation of an printed catalog with a listing of products for sale.

Every product is explicitly described and plainly illustrated with a picture to make the shopping experience as real as possible for the buyer. The catalog contains also a size chart to help consumer choosing the appropriate size. F4U will try, across catalog selling, to expand its clientele and most importantly to attain consumers, who are not familiar with using the internet or who dislike to walk around the stores for buying clothes. The catalog will consist of different ordering informations. The consumer can choose between ordering by telephone and getting into the order at the online site. F4u will also offer its consumers various delivery options. They range from shipment right to the consumer's address, to providing the products to a F4u retail store or simply to a Packstation.

Benefits and troubles of catalog selling

The catalog shopping strategy allows customers to look comfortable without time pressure. It gives the company the likelihood to reach various consumer categories. That may also increase the coverage of suppliers to potential clients. The catalog presents basically the showroom. Matching to Geller (2002, 148) Response: The Complete Guide to Profitable Direct Marketing "if the catalog is the store, the written duplicate is the salesperson. " Rather than waiting for the consumer, the company takes the initiative in showing its products.

Because repayment is received in advance, retailers might not exactly need to stock the item and tie up their cashflow.

The main disadvantage of catalog order is the difficulty to create trust and customer devotion. In addition consumer must hang on a period of time to get their order. An additional vulnerability is the long business lead times.

Selling via catalogs could be very expensive just because a catalog must be very well written and made to move the shopping desire by consumers. Low response rates and high postal costs could make catalog offering to an unfavorable channel.

Electronic commerce

Electronic business as a channel for F4U

Electronic business or online shopping" is the simplest way to brand your products or services and increase your awareness online. It follows that a properly promoted and visible web business will experience a rise of customers and an increased alteration rate" (Inci, 2010). By having a user-friendly and smartly designed website F4U can be a global occurrence. The business will also use several tools to improve the presence of the website and the amount of its site visitors.

This allows the company to reach new target teams and marketplaces. Like by the catalog offering, the consumer will have to choose between different repayment and delivery options. Your client can check something in-store or online, see which stores now have something in stock, or validate its availableness at a specific store.

The Online shop will make it easy for consumers to shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Benefits and problems of electronic commerce

Electronic commerce combines a number of benefits. It allows achieving consumers without a geographic limitation. By these means how big is the marketplace will increase from regional area to the nationwide one or peradventure from nationwide to international. Furthermore the company can always change the detailed charges for several or edit the website in only a few clicks. Using the online offering can reduce many costs like logistical problems, the expenses of distribution, of control or of storing informations. In comparison, the company can raise the quality of services. Furthermore e-commerce makes it possible to create consumer data and to evolve an individualized consumer profile

Electronic commerce has many advantages but also down sides. According to Rajarman (2010:11) an important downside is that "Many persons go shopping for social connections, touch and feel and bargaining before buying items. E-commerce will de-personalize deals. ". Other individuals fear so much hackers and avoid giving their mastercard numbers. Sometimes the item description is insufficient for a decision to buy them because many items have to be felt and touched. Rajarman (2010:12) mentions also that "online-business expose the catalogues and prices to challengers. The benefit of secrecy of traditional method to do business is lost"


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