Betty Crocker Delicious chocolate Fudge Cake Mixture Marketing Essay

A product is seen as what is wanted to consumers as a finish result after the manufacturing process to gratify a want or need. Something isn't only tangible but may be considered a service. The consumer product Betty Crocker Chocolates Fudge cake Mixture can be seen as a shopping product and is purchased when needed for example a party. This product sometimes appears as an easily made because it allows consumers to buy the cake combination already made and only requires four simple steps to complete the wedding cake. This cake combination is 543 grams which functions 12 people so it might be convenient for small occasions. Betty Crocker cake mix is an Australian product made by Australian and brought in ingredients and is distributed by Basic Mills. The ingredients that are used to get this to cake mix is Sugar, wheat flour, vegetable oil, cocoa, raising realtors, dextrose, thickeners, whole wheat, starch, emulsifier, whey powder, salt and it includes whole wheat, soy and dairy. There are many variety of flavours that are available that include chocolate fudge vanilla, delicious chocolate mud, devil food, chocolates swirl, vanilla, dairy chocolate chunk and low fat chocolate fudge. The primary packaging which has this product is a cardboard box that is 95% percent recycled and the colours applied to it are mainly red and yellow which stood out from almost all of the other brands on the shelf. The wedding cake mix before opened up may be maintained until annually and after making the cake can be stored up to three times or can held in a refrigerator for three weeks. Betty Crocker offers other products within its products such as cupcakes, brownies, cookies, shakers and muffins. Betty Crocker has a great many other products within its product mix as well such as super fruit appetizers, potatoes, salads, gold medal flour, cereal products and yogurt. The branding of Betty Crocker carries a symbol which is a red spoon that has the brand name Betty Crocker written in it. The red spoon is Betty Crocker's promise of quality, great flavour and convenience. This brand is trademarked due to the shown following the brand Betty Crocker. The labeling of the product includes usually everything that's needed is such as the registered trade mark, how big is the package, nutritional features, number of servings, instructions how to help make the wedding cake, the expire date, and the name, address the telephone volume of the distributor.

Price is known as the exchange value a consumer gives for a product. Betty Crocker uses promotional pricing such as price leaders to market their product for example in Coles Betty Crocker cake combination original price is $4. 99 and it is low priced to $4. 87, this charges method sometimes appears as an odd-even costing method, were customers understand this price and think $4. 99 the product is available and do not look at it as $5. 00. Betty Crocker also uses other dressing up event pricing which they place their prices low when there's a special event for example on Mother's Day. Betty Crocker uses non-price competition even though there prices are reduced they are still higher than competing products around them such as White Wings who sell their products at first for $4. 73 and discount it to $4 and Greens Who sell their products for $2. This can be regarded as a profit for Betty Crocker as they might be able to have more customer devotion. Betty Crocker wedding cake mixture and similar companies that produce wedding cake mixes is seen as an oligopolistic market due to all of those cutting down prices to gain a competitive edge. For example the Betty Crocker cake mixture at Coles is been shown to be discounted along with all the other competing companies next to it such as White Wings. Demand Curve e. g. For some products, the number demanded rises as the price falls and falls as the purchase price goes up. Thus, there is an inverse relationship between price and number demanded.

Place is merely the positioning of in which a customer can find something that they need. Marketers need to ensure that they offer the merchandise they are selling to the right marketplace in the right location. Betty Crocker wedding cake mix can be found in general goods stores such as Coles, Woolworths and franklins. Betty Crocker wedding cake mix in Coles is put in the aisle were the cake mixes are and is available next to the flour and similar products such as White Wings. It is placed in the centre, top and bottom level of the shelf; this makes it easier for customers to find which kind of cake mix they need without upgrading and down the aisle.

Promotion sometimes appears as the way something is marketed to its target market. Betty Crocker encourages its product on the website. They offer sales campaign such as coupons that you can print out if you become a member of their website which you can save $1. 00 of any Betty Crocker purchase. If an order is positioned online they also offer 10% discount for a celebration order. Their website also offers discounted items that are on special each week if anything is purchased online. The majority of Betty Crocker's cake mixes provide home elevators cupcakes on the container in order to market their cupcakes. Their website offers information on what to make utilizing their products on special situations such as ROMANTIC DAYS CELEBRATION, Birthdays and Father's Day. They also use stickers on their products that say "Prices are down" to grab attention the consumers attention. Competitive product advertising is also done for Betty Crocker though advertising their product on tv set. The newest add for Betty Crocker was in 2009 2009 on a chocolate cake combination, and was aimed towards moms and children. They confirmed that their product is manufactured easily and even children can help their mothers into baking the cake.



Company Custom logo- The red spoon established fact and popular

Marketed through a favorite food handling company (Basic Mills).

Many different products to choose from, they actually not simply specialise in a single area

Offer food range for all target marketplaces such as children, parents and older and also offer a healthy range such as fruits and salads.

Gluten free products for people who are health conscious


Lowered prices

Poor packaging for example the cake mix box cannot be covered once opened

Dependant on the US market


Competitors decreased prices

Cake shops such as Michael's Patisserie who sell already made cakes



Ice-cream cakes

Provide already made cakes than just cake mixes


General Mills in a food processing industry. It creates products such as Baking Mixes, yogurts, snacks, ice cream and cereals. They may be known to market many well known brands, one of these including Betty Crocker.

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