Boutique Hotel Aim for Market

Boutique hotels are thought to have come to exist in the early 1980s. (Anhar, L, 2001) There is no single definition of a boutique hotel but the majority of the boutique hotels do share some typically common characteristics. The first, boutique hotels put more focus on design and architecture than traditional string hotels. (Anhar. L. 2001) Creating unique design with additional lifestyle amenities in order make hotel visitor feel 'something special' than others. For example each visitor room in Blakes Hotel in South Kensington, London was created by super star stylist Anouska Hempel. This sort of hotel is very individual and targets their 'look'. (Jones. P, 2002) The aim is to create a host with sense of style, warmness and distinction which they are willing to pay prime room rates. Second, the common feature of boutique hotel is superior personal service. (Drayton. P & Rodwell. K, 2001) Providing personal service guide to hotel friends is importance to enhance guest experience alternatively than efficiency, to seriously be in touch with hotel guests somewhat than ignorance them when they experienced to problem, to makes visitor with unforgettable recollections will come again on next time rather than bad service that not give back again. Furthermore, boutique hotel tend to provide a higher quality and wider range of visitor amenities; such as cushion menu, complimentary candies and nut products. (Reich. M &Ho Jung Kim) The 3rd feature is the amount of rooms. The number of room shouldn't surpass 150 rooms to keep up the intimacy between the guests and the hotel personnel, and the individualized attention by the personnel. (Anthar. L, 2001) However, there seems to be not higher limit on the utmost range of room; for example among properties managed by Ian Schrager, Pramount Hotel has 594 rooms and Hudson Hotel has 821 rooms. (Ibid) The final common feature of boutique hotel is the prospective market. The middle to top income group of individuals have a tendency to be target market of boutique hotel. In addition, the image of boutique hotel is major aspect for promoting through press, fashion, entertainment and advertising companies that are drawn to the trendy design and lively atmosphere. (Jones Lang Lasalle survey)

Location of the boutique hotel can be categorized into two types. The foremost is the city vacation spot hotels. Appropriately, most existing city boutique hotels are located in metropolitan edgy and fashionable neighbourhoods in major locations like NY, London, San Francisco, and Miami. (Anthar) Nevertheless, more companies are targeting less cosmopolitan towns. Location of traditional hotels often seeks for convenience with their customer but for boutique hotel, they are often located in locations with big fashion capitals to best entice their target market. The second type of boutique hotel is found in generally well-hidden, tucked always in deserted edges of the island or the mountains. Each boutique holiday resort hotels promote the non-existence of consumer electronics and communication devices in guestrooms as a competitive advantage.

Q1 Every company will face problems and challenges

Boutique hotels tend to serve their guest with high degree of service quality which means increased of customer contact, the greater degree of connection between your service system and the customer. (Jacobs. R, Run after. R, 2008) Service systems with high amount of customer contact are more challenging to control and rationalize somewhat than low degree of customer contact. In high-contact systems, the client can affect the time of demand, the precise character of the service, and the quality, or identified quality of service because the hotel friends are involved in the procedure. (Jacobs. R, Run after. R, 2008) That is reason boutique hotel administrator should take into account on this particular portion of service design process. This isn't easy as all customers will vary and also have different objectives of the particular service will provide.

Perhaps a boutique hotel visitor tend to await too long to check-in at resulted she or he may not come again credited with the expectation on the speed of their service provided was disappointment. Hence, boutique hotel can offers several counters with different kind of function such as subscription check-in, check-out counter, and complaint counter-top to shorten the time of waiting by other friends. Flexibility approach take part on this difficulties, Service process must be short and accurate in order to SOA(219) Service Blueprinting 211

As mentioned above, for boutique hotel the client indeed is greater extent involved in the genuine delivery of the service. The service employees by boutique hotel have frequently work together with the customer thus the behavior if employees is likely to have a significant influence on the customer's identified level of service quality. (Greasley. A, 2009) Unlike tangible products, technology can be changed the workforce on certain jobs but in services, it is difficult to displace the element of human relationship completely. (Greasley. A, 2009) For service industry, the service operation for boutique hotel greater 'entrance office' tasks by adding value to their customer both type and outcome of the operation while 'back office' task is less. (Amount 1. 1)(Greasley. A, 2009) Boutique hotel as a mass customization operate at high amount and high variety because the client require high levels of contact with the service provider and a personalized service. Human resource development: Some of the services required in the travel and leisure and hotel sectors are highly tailored, no amount of automation can substitute for personal service providers. India is focusing more on white collar careers than blue collar careers. The shortage of blue collar employees will cause various hazards to the industry Lack of skilled hotel employees can become an issue for boutique hotel that have a tendency to provide superior personal service. STANDARD

The hotel boutique employees are expected to know their friends needs perfectly with caring, polite, friendly, and etc. Hence, the manager of Boutique hotel must invest on a series of training program to be able to maintain the quality of the service provided by their worker especially front-line employees which interact with customer most of the time. Suppose a boutique hotel employees will not know well in regards to a possible client whose is vegetarians, but sending meal with rooster to the customer. This in the result, the possible client will feel very disappointed on the careless of service provider by particular boutique hotel. The customer definitely switches to other brand of boutique hotel and not to come back again when there is no a good service recover to resolve the challenge. Service is unlike product that can be easier to argue back but in service industry especially with high service quality provided by boutique hotel, customers tend to be correct most of the time.

Quality is a specific task for boutique hotel in both tangible and intangible aspects, including the quality of the meals served, the grade of the bed in the room and service of the staff must meet quality expectations to be able to retain customer. However, intangible service may be difficult to evaluate and often will depend on an unpredictable connections between the company and customer. (Greasley. A, 2009) The boutique employees cannot predict what another will be happen thus they have to get ready to solve problem at anytime. However, there are three creators; Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry (1985) determine the quality in service with five primary dimensions that customers use to judge service quality which is Stability, Responsiveness, Confidence, Empathy and Tangible based on an evaluation between anticipations and perceptions of the service quality.

Marketing strategy: For the medial side of marketing view of point on boutique hotel, the image is vital to enhance the quality of the 'hotel' itself to their target market. What are so special about boutique hotel compare to other hotel string without paying high price of room rate? This is why Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) gets included to work together to promote the brand and image of boutique hotel. An excellent service cannot be successful with no demand in a market. To open a new boutique hotel in a market place definitely is very fresh on the particular 'brand'. Hence, branding can become one of the problems to a fresh boutique hotel. At that time, the new brands which were ill-conceived and missing clear meaning and marketability finally become the weaker performers that happen to be then often "absorbed" by the more robust ones. ( ISHC Total annual Conference, 2007)Investing on brand proliferation to get consumer interest toward the new boutique hotel. Marketing research effort shouldn't be neglected by collecting home elevators favourable design of accommodation, service face and etc. By doing marketing research better performance results in order to meet customer needs.

Virtual advertising can be handy to let customer know more information about the boutique hotel. An addition, online reserving hotel becomes more convenience to customer in the purchase procedures. A system that can let customer choose the theme or design of the room that they favor including the menu of pillow, kind of food to serve and etc. Community relation is also a robust tool to get useful public opinion from the public.

Distribution channel reconstruction : In 2006, it is estimated that $24 billion well worth of resort rooms in america by itself will be booked through internet sites representing 27% folks hotel industry room profits --- up from $15. 5 billion just two years before. (INSH, 2007) On the other hand, this is current task of distribution management, manage and market to the consumer in the internet. Without understanding online consumer's buying behaviour, the possible investment on marketing will be misused. Buying process change rapidly nowadays with advancement of technology device support. Brick and Motor unit Directors of Sales & Marketing and Directors of Revenue Management must understand at least the basics of search engine marketing, pay-per-click marketing, link attractiveness strategies and web traffic evaluation. (INSH, 2007) Interconnection between the service provider and their potential customer is linked. Growing 'distribution revolution' preserves the relationship using their customer. (INSH, 2007) Click and Mortar strategy can be applied on boutique hotel strategy in order to serve the best quality by using online or offline form of service provided.

Construction cost: To build up a new boutique hotel, cost definitely must take into account because it engaged plenty of money on constructing, furniture, machines and labour cost. The expense of recycleables for engineering such as wood, steel, sand etc is categorized as drastically changes according the demand of the world. For example metal prices experienced a 48. 8-percent increase in 2004, which was preceded by significant raises in scrap iron and metallic prices in 2002 and 2003. (INSH, 2007) By constantly monitoring changes in the marketplaces for both construction materials and labor costs, a designer has to ensure a project has a much better than even chance of being completed promptly and on budget. (INSH, 2007)

Adoptability and Knowledgeable on new technology system: In this 21th century with all digital-based of world with high-technology advancement that can increasing the effectively and proficiently to do things.

The research and development (R&D) department have to gone through emphasis on the design of the room in boutique hotel.

Supply and demand service capacity : skilled employees or unskilled employees Training

Demand of the market : middle to upper category. Fashion, media



Mass operations that produce high-volume and low variety products are termed line or mass processes. Because of the high amounts of product it is cost-effective to utilize special labour and equipment. Due to the reduced variety, establishing of equipment is minimized and utilization of equipment is high. Types of mass process included vehicle plant, television stock, vehicle manufacturing, Dvd movie production and food techniques. (pg78)

Customization operations is special custom-made to the need of the client. High variety of product but low volume. This customization processes can be applied on goods such as big size shoes, special design for wedding wedding cake and while service on or services like cosmetic treatment, plastic, and hair style that can meet individual needs. The mark market is niche market with a small group of individuals with the similar needs. High degree of customization, to be able to meet individual customer needs. For exampleBecause the need of particular, time-consuming to finish on certain quantity (usually with low number)

However, the variety is very low for mass procedures, customer could not have much selections. On the other hand, with the customization goods and services the purchase price is style to expensive. It really is difficult to meet individual needs with low cost. It can be either want to pay higher price to meet individual price or low price but no choice.

Based on the assertion above, the tendency of the design process changed to Mass customization. What is mass customization? Mass customization is techniques that combine the Mass and Customization feature in a single which indicate high level and high variety at a relatively. (Amount 1. 2) An attempt to combine high-variety and hiagh-volume end result to provide the customer with custom-made products at a relatively good deal. ( Greasley. A, 2009)was typothie si s

For example, Dell is the world's largest volume developer of personal computers yet allows each customer to 'design' (albeit in a limited sense) their own configuration. (Slack et al, 2007, pg47) Customer can select the feature of standards of the computer that they wished from then on make an order. Once Dell received the order, they'll make customized computer necessity by the client and delivery to them inside a fortnight. Another example on Land.

Feel different from others. Repeat buyer. Shoot their interest and follow up by mailing greeting cards to welcome back to the boutique hotel interested like music. Event performing competition.

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