Brand Audit Review Of Geo Reports Marketing Essay

The 21st century is filled with many successful brands. Brand examination, however, cannot make the same question. Its tendency to give attention to lagging indicators often means that companies identify problems brand once they have already taken main in the heads of consumers. This is often too late. In the end, driving is difficult when you only look at the mirror. Symbol problems are all significant and marketing are constantly faced with new issues. They may be small, "The type of food brands must serve an airline up to speed its plane" or large, "What country should stretch this marks the next step?", or positively critical, "what are the strategic partnerships allow us to raised brand value, somewhat than diluting it?'

This Job will review the Geo Media as a brand against the whole category. I will find out that is Geo Reports is most watched media channel in Pakistan? And exactly how viewers perceive Geo Media as a brand? I will apply Young and Rubicam's Brand Asset valuator model. It's important to assess the existing achievements of an brand and stature. This enhances the procedure of marketing decisions in many ways to bottom. Asset valuator can help brand professionals to comprehend market opportunities and the types of hazards that go along with it. It can offer a better understanding of consumer habit.



A resounding success!

Geo Television set or GEO Tv set is a Pakistani tv set network founded by Mir Shakil Ur Rehman in May 2002. GEO TV belongs to Independent Media Company, owner of the Jang group of newspapers. The transmission channel has started out his trial August 14, 2002, as the regular transmission started out from 1 October 2002. GEO TV works together with Mr. Shakil Ur Rehman J & S Businesses (Private) Small. Urdu, the countrywide dialect of Pakistan, geo live phrase translated in English.

GEO Television was established in May 2002 Test transmission began 14 August 2002 on the PAS 10 digital satellite tv Regular commenced on 1 October 2002 Geo Television is the first route in South Asian words Urdu to provide content similar with tv set broadcasters world-class Geo is the fastest growing TV route in Pakistan with a credit score above all satellite television channels delivered on the market Geo has the widest distribution wire systems in Pakistan with 100% carriage within 3 months after unveiling.

Geo is the only real channel 3rd party and liberal unique honor of constantly the latest reports. The journal of mass communication, quotes he was the first to come with the election results, even conquering the state route, while his interviews and evaluation the best scores among viewers. He also mentioned that Geo proposed new and innovative ideas never seen before on television set.


"GEO will be the voice of independence from the Asian subcontinent. It will highlight the issues of concern and the social richness of its people through information, conversation and entertainment. GEO will propagate transparency of responsibility that will ensure its position as the utmost credible and meaningful source of information, through quality encoding based on issues. GEO provides entertainment audiences can relate with, thereby creating audience commitment and response. GEO will forge an alliance amidst its three stakeholders - audiences, marketers and shareholders to maximize viewer possession. GEO will invest in recruiting as it identifies it to be the foundation upon that your GEO future will be built. It is this very groundwork that will allow GEO to attain and preserve a authority position, thus satisfying the offer associated using its creation. "


GEO informs and entertains while celebrating civilizations and prompting dialogue in the nature of "live and let live".


Geo positions itself around its ideology of tolerance "Live and let live" or "Geo aur jeenay do" gives us the message of recognizing our differences and working collectively towards nation's development. Unlike other stations which just focus on bringing information (or entertainment) to the visitors, Geo's ideology is very huge, very grand and incredibly macro. Not only focused on provide media, entertainment and information to the visitors, we at Geo are focused on invoke the thinking about tolerance and progress in the nation. As it gives a communication "loud and clear"


LG World Glass was a particular promotion that LG has launched IVR which allowed them to obtain a wider coverage. GEO Eidi was also an identical exemplory case of how clients such as LG and Montessori IVR can use a base to generate interest within an interactive environment which includes a good game show. For your week-long marketing campaign IVR GEO Eidi was officially the most successful IVR program based on the phone call type in the data. Coverage plan campaign Instaphone was a marketing campaign in which the IVR IVR concern was related to his business was operating on GEO. Instaphone was giving away 12 phones each day for GEO viewers who correctly imagine the amount of cities Instaphone manages in. This was the first stage of GEO to enter into the picture as a market leader. Since then, GEO was the first string promotion programs leading brand in the united states.

GEO just lately conducted an enormous campaign titled "Aman Ki Asha". Aman ki Asha is a joint campaign launched by the two companies leading marketing Jang Group Pakistan and THE CHANGING TIMES of India, India. Advertising campaign aimed at calmness common development of diplomatic relations and cultural relationships between the two countries in Southeast Asia Has began on January 1st 2010. Advertising campaign has received a warm response from India and Pakistan. Nevertheless, Bennet & Coleman, culture holding of that time period Group has tried valiantly to keep afloat the advertising campaign through high decibel press campaign.

GEO has also lately the exclusive privileges of the press companions of the film "BOL", released lately in Pakistan. Bol is a 2011 Lollywood Urdu film written, directed and made by Shoaib Mansoor.


Another first in Hum Hain sb Umeed se Hain viewers review was conducted to determine whether Pakistan was ready for politics satire programs like HSUSH. Live results were offered on the screen to echo the vote. The ultimate results were 92% and 8% yes no. Interactivity can be put into similar brand sponsors programs through polls and studies sponsored by or even live classifieds.

GEO Dost Geo Media program shows how highly the general public and the people of Pakistan are getting together with GEO. That is a show predicated on the link citizen journalism; it includes all the Pakistanis an opportunity to be a journalist. Geo Dost brings youngsters of Pakistan to honor journalism without professional journalism, which is also at their own convenience and basic accessories, such as cell phones and the web.

GEO dropped again to the next degree of activity among ublic down through his "AWAAM HUM" program! The team travels to different metropolitan areas, neighborhoods, villages, towns and spy ware, etc. on current issues in this area with all interest. Be the condition is ignorable category or obnoxious, they divulge the secrets and motives behind dark-colored criminals.


Election results were released immediately using a 0900 by GEO. However, similar data is time-sensitive, hard to find and entertaining can also be made available with a sponsor free of charge using GEO IVR. Data such as trip schedules, children's experiences, show prices, rates of new bars and among other information can be marketed using printing and television promotions as well as details of the sponsor.

Geo also a massive campaign to gather funds for the flood subjects in collaboraton with Imran Khan "Pukaar". On 26 Dec 2004, an enormous earthquake converted into a wall structure of normal water waves called tsunami created chaos and devastation beyond imagination countries in Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh. Full coastal population wiped out in minutes with a death toll estimated at over

200, 000 hundreds missing, more than 5 million homeless, a huge number vulnerable to disease. With survivors left to fight a battle of life or loss of life for each thing that that they had been lost in the devastation.

Pukar MKRF responded immediately and launched an enormous marketing campaign called Pukar through its subsidiaries Jang Media Group and GEO Television to save also to provide assistance to countries affected by disasters and disappointed people. Basis to launch a series of fundraising promotions including broadcast four hours of transmission time on GEO Television telethon arranged Walkathon, exposed its resources to benefit alleviation materials and different ways to encourage visitors to make a donation to the subjects. By the Perfect Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Aziz Shukat MKRF donated 40 million rupees gathered from the general public to the federal government of Sri Lanka whose country was the most damaged.


In a period of a few months Geo became a household name. Credibility mounted on his name has generated itself as a strong brand in the brains of individuals. But moreover, he was received as a brand that represents the true tone of voice of a land. It includes take great pride in as the route of any people without scruples or inhibitions.

It is because of this that the Geo brand has become so favored by the common people. The necessity to associate the brand is so strong that we see the symbol Geo support the local scene. From the labels of stores retail clothing and shoes food to people reliefs on coins Geo brand appears to have taken world by storm.

Gold cash with geo logo

Retail store with the name of Geo

Geo Supari

Fast food outlet

Geo Paaper

Retail store for shoes

Health club


MARKET Conclusion:


Market is going towards more and more advancements in technology, foreign collaborations and fierce competition. There are numerous channels coming up and the good thing is that, besides News genre, other new genres are also being tapped.

The Brand Asset Evaluator (BAV)

A good way to analyze how a brand performs specifically in terms of consumer perceptions of the brand is to investigate using the Brand Advantage Evaluator.

The Brand Property Evaluator is a tool for advertising organization Young & Rubicam created to help businesses enhance their marketing initiatives and planning (www. encyclo. co. uk, 2011). It is basically a data source of different brands and perceptions of consumers have about them (ibid. ).

The evaluator Brand Asset uses four factors that can be grouped in pairs. The four factors are: (1) differentiation, (2) relevance, (3) self-esteem and (4) knowledge

Figure 5 The Brand Asset Valuator created by Young and Rubicam (source: http://www. valuebasedmanagement. net/methods_brand_asset_valuator. html)

Brand Stature is like a report card of the brand, whereas Brand Power talks about the future value of the brand.


Followings are restriction in my research study

Legal and moral constraints (Data Safeguard Act (1998). Relating to this function companies and person will keep personal data of individual to themselves.

Pressure of your time because I have to have complete his job within semester

Accurate or more thus far information obtained by marketing research for example; Whenever you 'rate' someone, like from 1-10, it's hard to state what one person's rating 3 means as opposed to another person's score of 3

Budget and resources constraints while conducting research

Reliability of data because some times respondents don't provide genuine information

Instruments of Data Collection

We have used a Questionnaire as the research device for collecting data which has been found in the BAV Model. That is to give the study a path and make sure that the outcome does not walk out the framework. Each question is designed keeping in mind the four proportions of the BAV model and the overall attributes suitable to designer watches. Each question, therefore, studies a number of aspect (Differentiation, Relevance, Esteem and Knowledge). For the study, we have used a sample size of 100. The test fell in this bracket of 20 - 40+.


Sample Size: 40

Age Bracket: 20-40+ years old

Procedure of tests hypothesis / Answering research question

Corresponding Analysis


It really helps to

Evaluation of any mark in the world of brands, not only in its category

Providing a better understanding of consumer behavior

Identify market opportunities and types of risk

Predict results predicated on leading indicators, alternatively than delay, and

Anticipate future performance and working margins

The four pillars give a platform for understanding the brands. Relationships between these measurements disclose the real face of the brand health: its intrinsic value, its capability to carry a higher price and its own potential to repel rivals. While markings can be assessed against others in a category, it is capable of brands in all categories than their true strengths and weaknesses are revealed.

Research design

Take sample from informed class

Social course: middle-middle to upper-middle

Take extra data from recent years

Asking questions, when respondents aren't in hurry

Following the suitable criteria from previous researches


Literature review and Hypothesis development

The idea of brand collateral has emerged before 20 years as a primary idea of marketing (Rust 2004). Brand equity has been considered in many contexts (Kim 2003); in an over-all sense, brand equity is defined in terms of the marketing effects uniquely due to the brand (Keller 1993). One of the most common explanations of brand collateral is that it is a couple of brand resources and liabilities, linked to the brand's name and sign, which can subtract from as well as add to the value provided by something or service, and which gives value to customers as well as to a firm (Aaker 1991, 1992).

Five brand collateral assets are the source of the worthiness created: these possessions include brand commitment, brand consciousness, brand associations, perceived quality, and other proprietary brand property (eg. Patents, trademarks, channel human relationships) 1. Brand loyalty is a key consideration when inserting value over a brand because commitment translates into a profit stream. A dedicated customer basic, for example, should be expected to create predictable sales and revenue stream. In addition, focusing on brand commitment is often a powerful way to manage equity. Customer satisfaction and do it again buying patterns tend to be indicators of a wholesome brand, and programs to enhance them will build brand durability. Brand awareness identifies the reputation of the brand and provides the brand with a sense of familiarity and a sign of material and determination; customers apparently find it reassuring to buy the well-known alternate. Brand associations or brand image could very well be the most accepted facet of brand equity; it includes product attributes, customer benefits, uses, users, life-styles, product classes, competition, and countries. Organizations can help customers process or get information, be the basis for differentiation and extensions, give a reason to buy, and create positive emotions. Perceived quality is distinctive from brand associations; it provides value giving a reason to buy, differentiating the brand, bringing in channel member interest, being the foundation for brand extensions, and encouraging an increased price. The price prime can increase earnings or provide resources to reinvest in the brand. Finally, other proprietary brand property are included for completeness and are usually of minimal importance. The brand collateral model (Aaker 1992) assumes that assets attribute similarly to customer value, as well concerning stable value.

Consult Brand Strategy, part of Young & Rubicam (Y&R), has developed a brand equity strategy called the Brand Property TM Valuator (BAV). Y&R's BAV is a world-wide analysis of over 500. 000 consumers' behaviour to about 35. 000 brands across the same set of 55 guidelines in 44 countries, conducted at regular intervals over 12 years (Keller 2003a;

Consult Brand Strategy 2005; Aaker 1996). It really is one of the very most complete research programs on branding undertaken globally; its databases of consumer-derived home elevators brands has been expending since its inception in 1993. BAV measures brands on four important methods of brand collateral value and in terms of a wide selection of perceptual sizes3. BAV provides comparative actions of the collateral value of a large number of brands across hundreds of different categories, as well as a set of proper brand management tools for planning brand extensions, joint branding ventures, and other strategies made to maintain and grow brand value. BAV presents a distinctive brand equity research tool. Unlike most typical brand image surveys, respondents assess brands from a variety of categories rather than just those inside a narrowly identified category. BAV is thus able to follow truly global brand trends (as well as local brand fads) also to attract the broadest possible conclusions about how consumer-level brand collateral is established and built - or lost. In holland, data are now collected in tri-and biannual waves (1993, 1995, 1997, 2000, 2003 and 2005).

In addition to the original options, recent BAV surveys have included greater focus on brand usage and future consumption intent. In such a research project, we use the 'original actions' provided by Consult Brand Strategy, the Dutch part of Y&R.

In this research we started out with linking brand collateral to financial performance. You can find four key components of brand health in BAV - the four pillars. Each pillar comes from various procedures that relate with different facets of consumers' brand perceptions and that together trace the progression of your brand's development

Differentiation measures the amount to which a brand is seen as different from others. That is a necessary condition for profitable brand building;

Relevance measures the breadth of your brand's appeal (the entire size of a brand's franchise) however, not necessarily success.

Esteem steps how well the brand is looked upon and reputed - in short, how well it's liked.

Knowledge measures how familiar and personal consumers are with the brand. Interestingly, high knowledge is inversely related to a brand's probable.

Differentiation (the amount to which a brandname has a unique meaning for the consumer and can gain consumer choice, desire and loyalty) and relevance (which correlates with home penetration) combine to find out Brand Vitality. The Brand Vitality pillar items to the brand's future value, alternatively than simply reflecting its recent.

Esteem and knowledge together create brand stature, which is a 'report credit card' on a brand's past performance. Further diagnostic information can be obtained from a Stature-by-Vitality diagnostic framework termed a ability grid (Aaker, 1996, p. 309). Brands that are on top of both dimensions (the upper right quadrant, people that have high brand stature and brand vitality) have the best equity to protect and exploit.

Several advancements have increased the importance of brand collateral in the last generations (Brand Economics 2002). First, the transition to the knowledge economy has made innovation and human capital rather than physical belongings the key sources of financial performance. The second reason is the existence of overcapacity and sourcing diversity in nearly every industry. An environment in which you can find abundant (cheap) way to obtain all sorts of commodities puts a premium on companies with the ability to conceive and deliver their products in ways that customers favor (and are willing to pay a premium for). A brand's value derives from its capability to augment an actual product or service in a manner that creates a perceived relationship with the buyer. This emotional enhancement de-commoditize the root service or product and provides the foundation for a lasting price superior, the concentrate for ongoing customer liability and customer satisfaction (Brand Economics 2002). Regardless of the discussion about the entrance of brands in financial reviews (Barth 1998) and management accounts (Kaplan 2004), there is absolutely no question that brand collateral can be an intangible asset of a company (Lev 2001; Australian Marketing Institute 2004) and that it has become more important during the last generations. However, its contribution to the financial performance of the company is a comparatively unexplored area (Lehmann 2004; Rust 2004).




(Predicated on Survey)

What generation do you get caught in?

From what source do you really frequently get Latest media?

What are your conditions for selecting a News route?

How much time do you may spend on watching Information programme?

Today News stations are making News which is more superficial in Aspect?

You prefer viewing News channels where of the next Timings?

You prefer seeing News where of the following language?

What matters are you most enthusiastic about when you watch Reports channels?

What will be the Current Affairs program do you like best on Reports channels?

What will be the Infotainment program do you prefer best on Media channels?

What will be the Entertainment program do you like best on Reports channels?

Which news route you can connect with pursuing slogans?

Which news channel has best coverage of reports in Pakistan?

Which news channel has best coverage of fast-breaking media -- testimonies of suddenly-developing happenings in Pakistan and around the world?

Which news route has best coverage of world news?

Are you satisfied with the web web services of reports Channels?

Rate the consistency of news reports by following Reports channels?

Are you satisfied with the Image of Pakistan being presented to the earth by news stations?

How would you rate the News anchors - people who deliver the news?

Which News Channel You want to continually receive on your cable television system?



According to the conducted survey, I got eventually to know assorted information from folks of different lifestyles, likes and choices. The first and the most important thing that I got to know was that TV is undoubtedly trusted and relied on way to obtain news for everybody.

Which TV channel supplies the most authentic media and who provides it before others, is also of primary importance to the audiences. Though these developments suggest extremely positive viewership on their behalf but, there are negative sides to it as well. Around 55% of the folks interviewed agree that the news reported now-a-days is more superficial when compared with what the truth is.

There are mixed opinions about what people perceive about the news being reported to them. The survey though clearly implies that GEO News is the most popular channel, the most trusted channel and really the only route that is seen most of enough time incase of crisis situations or for observing "breaking news".

The people on the other palm is not satisfied and happy with the image of Pakistan that is being portrayed to the globe by our own news channels, that includes GEO Information too. This comes as you of the most important what to the folks of Pakistan that their fair image should be shown to the earth.

People total relate very well to the GEO News and appreciate its initiative like communal service campaigns (Pukar etc. ) and implies that show relationship with the neighborhood man so that their voices can be observed at the top discussion board too.

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