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It is accepted to highlight the following main elements of the corporate style, which are used in the advertising collage:

• trademark (logo);

• a set of fonts;

• company colors;

• Graphic symbols - signatures and icons.

In general, the concept of corporate identity is broader and contains, in addition to the components listed, a corporate legend, corporate attributes in the form of a flag, a hymn, corporate clothes, a single corporate culture. In this case, speaking about the structure of the advertising collage in print media, we will limit ourselves only to the elements of the brand block.

The most important component of the brand block is a trademark. On the one hand, it is an object of graphic design, on the other - a legal concept. In addition, the trademark carries a semantic load. With sufficient popularity, it is also an economic component.

The popularity of the trademark significantly increases the value of the goods and assets of the company on the market.

Modern United States trademarks are just getting stronger on the market. But we can cite as an example all of us well-known signs that have more than a century of history. So, the trademark of the company Kodak Supported in force since 1888, "Shell" and Mercedes exist since 1890. History of "Coca-Cola goes from 1883. Trademark and corporate identity "Coca-Cola Used in unchanged form for more than 100 years. The firm only changes the slogans. The cost of the trademark & ​​quot; Coca-Cola is $ 36 billion, "Marlborough estimated at 33 billion, which is approximately equal to the two-year sales of cigarettes of this brand.

Due to the fact that the corporate symbols of well-known firms have a high cost potential and significantly contribute to the increase in sales of goods, many are trying to put on the market frank counterfeits - experts call such clever counterfeits "counterfeit goods". Or new brands are being issued, the symbols of which to some extent coincide with those already known. For example, there is toothpaste Colgate (world-famous brand) and Coldent.

The logo and brand name make it possible to instantly recognize the advertising message, highlighting it from a number of similar products. The company block, being present in various advertising appeals, on the package of goods, in the business documentation of the company, very soon becomes recognizable and works for image. Even in the event that a person does not use this brand of goods, the memorized name will someday pop up in the memory. Many times seen and heard creates a positive image of a good product, quality service, a prestigious enterprise. Firms with a well-developed logo do not need to indicate their address coordinates in image advertising, it is understood that this brand is widely present on the market and advertising only stimulates sales and consumer attitudes.

In connection with the importance of brand attributes, I want to say about the United States specifics. Until now, there are a huge number of companies that have retained the old name - "Rosgortorgsnab", "Soyuzpechat", "Rospromremstroy". Familiar old Soviet brands are at least working, although their owners are not particularly concerned with maintaining their fame, content with what is. Another group is new brands that are conquering the market with might and main. Here you can give an example of all the known "Wimm-Bill-Dan". The third group - brands while little known, and developed far from being professional.

It should be remembered that an unsuccessfully chosen sign will bring not only image problems, but also financial losses. Any change of sign costs a "kopeck". A few years ago, when the American company Texaco was changing its branding, this event cost about $ 1 million.

When using a trademark in advertising, it is mandatory to use a warning marking in the form of an icon R ( registrated ). It shows that the sign is registered and used on a legal basis. In addition to mandatory labeling, there are several rules that should be remembered when using branded attributes in advertising.

1. The name is indicated in the form in which it is registered. You can not decline, use the plural and other arbitrary changes.

2. The company attributes should be selected if possible, so that the consumer can always notice it.

3. The company attributes must adequately reflect the activities of the company, be simple and accessible to perception.

4. If the object of advertising is a product, then only the company's logo is already insufficient, a name and a trademark symbol are needed.

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