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In translation from English image image, image. It can be said that this is a directly or intentionally created visual impression of a person or a social structure. It is the impression, not the evaluation, that is the rational fact of the activity of consciousness. Image often ends with such a preliminary operation of our knowledge, which is recognized representation. Image, as a rule, is " in the lower levels of our psyche - in its subconscious sphere or in the layers of ordinary consciousness, which is its extraordinary accessibility for people's perception and tenacity of presence in their minds. If you talk about the image as a specific psychological product, it acts as a social setting, a value stereotype, a fashionable symbol. The possibility of its simultaneous manifestation in all these spheres of the human psyche is not excluded.

Thus, the image is a polymetric phenomenon, the functional of which is diverse. Its main purpose is to achieve the effect of personal attraction. Who fully knows the functions of the image, that is inherent in the state, called the magic of location. The emphasis on the practical significance of the image distinguishes our understanding of its content and destination from the foreign.

The brand concept or image is developed using a special technology that is intellectual and includes several stages. The technology is based on the analysis of the interaction between the brand and consumers, the relationship between the brand and its social environment. For the society, the brand is inseparable from the product, firm, designer, service.

Brand image - the term proposed in the 1950s. the classic of the advertising genre by David Ogilvy. The work to create a brand image, as a rule, focuses on a specific market situation. For example, researchers announced the emergence of a new, actively developing segment of the market - consumers who are fond of tourism. Then a certain car manufacturer creates an image for his car of an "off-road tourist" oriented to this segment. However, if the consumer's enthusiasm passes, the company can change the image of the car, for example, on "summer resident", leaving the main characteristics of the brand (economy and reliability) unchanged. Image - a momentary impression of the brand, which, when properly used, can turn into its essence. So, for example, behind cars Volvo the image of the safe car was fixed, BMW - "the car for the driver", VW - "the national car".

The image of a company or brand represents a certain image in the eyes of consumers and their reaction to this image, i.e. that consumers know and think about the company and are they ready to pay money for its goods (services).

The image of the company or brand is formed by several components:

• the quality of the products and services offered;

• the level of staff training;

• the quality of the proposed service; the company's interaction with customers;

• Brand awareness;

• experience in the market of services offered; complex of advertising and PR -actions;

• corporate identity (logo, website, company attributes, etc.).

Image - a visual image of the brand, formed by means of advertising. Create it is no less difficult than the name itself. What a huge amount of work needed to be done so that everyone knew that Parker - are pens, not umbrellas, and Levi's are jeans, not hats. Unfortunately, in the United States market there are only a few examples of registering a brand image as an iconic trademark, since advertising images must be developed from the outset, based on the possibility of their legal protection.

World cosmetic companies prefer to use as a brand image the faces of actresses, top models and show business stars. The expression company face became almost a phraseology. Face long seek and rarely change.

In the promotion of brands of the company L'Oreal participate at the same time 17 top models and movie actresses. This is due to the concept of the advertising campaign: "The width of the palette of colors." The Japanese company KANEBO prefers to personalize its trademarks with the help of rising and promising stars of theater and cinema. Moreover, the more successful the personal career of a star, the more brightly the future of a cosmetic novelty. The concept is simple: Parallel growth.

Technologies for creating a brand image are not exhausted by the promotion of the brand's face in the literal sense of the word. Visual images can be visual works, graphics, fictional or real characters.

Developing an original character for brand promotion is one of the most effective ways to create a brand image.

Many Yekaterinburg furniture manufacturers promote their brands ("Tomek", "Sandra", "Sphere", etc.) with the help of advertising campaigns, but they are not suitable for positioning in the market, since they do not have an original concept and are similar one to another. The Spheres has its own corporate character (dwarf), but its weak association with furniture prevents it from becoming a full-fledged element of the brand image.

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