Branding in the hotel industry

Now day, Branding is a hot theme on the globe. In the human being life, anything must speak about the brand. Small part from staff, big part like hotel or Structure Company. Strong Brand will bring a strong profit to the company. Customer choice brand goods, because this brand will give them good price, good quality or good after-sale service. For example, like a none make of air-conditioning sales in shopping mall, only 200SGD, other side, Panasonic also sales, however the price greater than none brand. In fact, nothing brand air-conditioning much better than Panasonic's. but the majority of customer like to choice Panasonic. The reason is brand.

In days gone by 20 season, the hotel industry has find out the proliferation of new brands. In 2006, hotel branding totaling around 285 new brands on earth. Many hotels of friends are confuse with an similar explosion in the number of brands.

Define Branding

The North american Marketing Relationship (AMA) defines a brandname as a "name, term, indication, image or design, or a combination of them designed to identify the goods and services of one seller or band of sellers and to distinguish them from those of other sellers. (Belinda 2000)

A brand is the indentify of a particular product, service, or business. ( David 1991)

Branding is an idea or image in marketed and that it is recognizable by increasing numbers of people, indentified with a certain goods and services whenever there are a great many other companies offering the same goods and services. Branding is an important part in company, as branding can allows companies to create their reputations and broaden product and service.

Trademark is ways to protected brand. The term brand has extended to impacts the personality of something, company or service

Branding in Hospitality and Tourism industry

Brands are important to Hospitality and Travel and leisure industry.

In the exterior of increased market development and diversification of products, brands save effort, time, and help friends' decision making. Brands also include an emotional, since it may help friends to job a sociable image and attitude (Anholt 2003). Brands are available in virtually all types of travel and leisure goods (Cai 2002).

Brand by producing more and more market talk about, providing a higher profits on return, and the importance of building customer commitment, especially in hospitality and tourism industry (Michael 2008).

Hotel selling the products can only be enjoying the products or services. It's unique of other products; visitors are no able to test the products before purchase. They are also destined geographically to a location and the culture and environment of the destination are the intangibility and perish ability of visitors' experience. The hotel product which intake is also a characteristic in the decision of a vacation spot. But this depends on how many of guests know about the hotel branding.

Government use personalities to classification the levels of hotel. Higher celebrity ratings indicate more luxury. Standards of hotel classification is F&B, view, entertainment, room variations, spas and fitness gyms, ease of gain access to and location may be looked at in establishing a standard. The hotel stars maximum is 5 actors. So, the visitor can learn the number of hotel stars to learn the way the hotel facility and service and make a decision.

For example, Hilton hotel is 5 actors hotel and Hilton is a brand. Hilton hotel have good center and service. So Traveler bureau evaluation 5 stars level for Hilton hotel. After this, hotel has good reputation, a lot of tourist living there. Folks of the worldwide find out about this hotel is luxury hotel. Thinly, Hilton hotel open up increasingly more branch on the planet or assistance with other hotels. By the end, this hotel makes a good impression for guests. They are happy to stay and trust this hotel.

So the branding is vital for Hospitality a tourism industry. If visitor come to the destination initially, they can regarding to brand to choose which hotel will reside in, or Visitor Company.

Implementation of branding

Today, it's widely recognized the brands will be the key point for creating value generally in most companies. On earth have a lot of brands of companies, hotel, goods, restaurant, but haven't any each of brands all are have good reputation. Also have some brands are inability.

Built a good brand, the initial thing must have a good brand. The right name is an excellent way to start. Once the notion of a product or service turns into the actual service or product, the next major concern becomes deciding on the best name. Having the right name can be as important as getting the right product. (Joe Marconi 2000)A terrible name or sounds no good of name will bring bad earnings to the business. (Heinemann 2007)

The brand is an integral part of the brand consisting of what or letters you can use to identify the firm. Therefore the brand name is very import for company. Much company in this apart is feel difficult. A success brand have to have name easy to pronounce, discover, and remember. A corporation sale car then have name Country wide car Rental, easy to remember. At the other hand need to describes the advantage of the merchandise or service. It's a bonus to promote and promoting a brandname if the same describe the produce's advantage. Example is Holiday break Inn or Friendly's Restaurants.

Built a good brand have one important point is to help employees understand how their jobs impact the brand. (Dhar 2007) Especially in hospitality industry. The majority of guest need to handle to handle with guest. They are often the only human being contact with the brand-the brand ambassadors. Missing any connection between job performances and building the brand, this misses will lost million of opportunities to carefully turn a mundane visitor touch point into a good brand.

Holiday Inn is gain chain with over1500 hotel and resorts. Like Holiday break Inn family suit resort, this hotel is concentrate on at family, like its name. If staffs were no fully understand is brand's interpretation. They will do many flaws. For instance, Mr. Joy along with his family stay static in Vacation Inn family suit hotel and hotel, Joy's family will remain in a single room, but hotel only service provider 2 breakfast time voucher to him. So means, his two children have no voucher to get breakfast. Certainly the staffs no fully understand the hotel brand.

This is the kind of work, and even seems to be no and administrative support, such as customers, immediate contact with the greater real. But even indirect contact, the client experience and satisfaction are greatly advanced, if each staff can grasp the connection between their work and brand.

So staff must fully understand hotels branding are very important is immediate to results hotel's reputation. Every HR office ought to be the highest goal is to help employees understand the brand. Training is essential, but other changes also affect business. Should positively strengthen the mechanism for employees to learn the execution, customers have loved the work they do. Once, when my home phone lines were not working properly, have very helpful technical staff, and quickly appropriate the condition. I tried the telephone company's Internet site uploaded on the reward, only to find no place to type in such a go with - only grievances. Should be carried out to let worker know when a customer has appreciated the work they do.

In promoting the business brand, many companies ignore the product or service. Let customer feel disappointed and leading the branding failure. Cost of building a good brand equivalent to customer's expanse. ( Kapferer 1997) Have a good brand image and bad service, this is a failure company will reduce the revenue. (Cathy 2002)

A success brand or company, the branding and quality of service and product must stand a same level. For instance, Four season hotel, the marketing division do many advertisements at publication or magazine, People take a look at advertising find out about this hotel's service and service is better than other hotel and choose this hotel because of their holiday. If they appeared, hotel no have door man, hotel only have one mini pool no same will advisement. Gust will feel disappoint and notify the friend this hotel no good. Finally the revenue of hotel turndown. Company climb a reputation, at the same time need to improve the product quality and service. Supply the same things with advertisement, this is can bring the power from the branding.


Branding is a very important business tool. Such assumptions will end up being wrong many brand names on the market. Vacation Inn, Marriot, Hyatt, Intercontinental and Four periods are well-known brands in the hotel industry. Even established meanings of term "brand" include manufactured goods as well as services.

Brand can help facilities to tell apart it from competitive point out, so as to create their own customer inclination. Because of ease of imitating services as opposed to made goods, it becomes an even more important tool in the hotel industry. Indeed, branding is a classical approach to following the choice strategy. (Fassnacht 2004) Branding Services is a hotel company to respond, and reap the benefits of this development. Customers are likely to like well-known brands over common products in order to minimize their search cost and risk.

When traveling to another city and city and being in need of accommodation, customers have to face the above mentioned threat of being disappointed with the selection of lodging facility. Due to the face that a hotel brand consists of at least two properties, it is likely to gain repetitive profit from the risk reducing function of branded services. Brands, on the other hand, serve their visitor at several places, and the hotel may take good thing about positive image transfer between properties belongs to the brand. This way can leverage the results of branding.

No brand development priorities, there is absolutely no potential to increase sales. Strong brand can result in financial advantages through the idea of brand collateral that the brand itself becomes valuable. In hospitality industry, Brand have good reputation will bring a lot of benefit to the hotel, like increase income, quickly to open up other chain hotel. With the other palm, the brand has its value different hotel value. Hotel will have devotion customer and to expand the market.


The market today are so hyper-competitive, branding is a high main concern for companies of all sizes. Branding is to establish a important, differentiated occurrence that will increase an organization's capability to entice and retain devoted customers and improve their market place maneuverability. Within the other words, the primary goal is make an organization stand out in a crowded market. APQC found that the brand frequently mentioned advantage is built on common hobbies to improve the customer loyalty and different the merchandise and service in the sight of the clients. Other common benefits are building price payments, creating awareness, appealing to customers, and improving the long-term value of brand possessions.

At hospitality and tourism industry, the brand will help guest to decision and selected what they need. Based on the brand interpretation or information to learn about the hotel service and center. The brands also bring a lot of benefit to the hotel.

Branding is very import for marketing. If people want to build a good company they must know how to set up a good brand that is very first thing should do. Have a good branding will easy to achieve the goal. The branding is a action to help finish the strategy. If failed to manage branding, this company will failed. The brand has good reputation will easy to marketing department to build up new campaign and wide open new string hotel. Branding will supplies the information clearly. Very few business owners know a good brand is truly a good way to communicate. In case the brand design is appropriate, it provides information to customers, even without expensive advertising assistance. That is why it's important on the customer must do to create a brand not limited to their own needs considerable research, but can also provide a message to them. When the connection developed, the client is no more just customers, but clients. Therefore the branding is important in marketing

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