Burger Ruler Company Report and Summary

This report is approximately the Burger ruler, a leading chain of fast food industry. This article is approximately its all strategies which they have used to carry out their business in Midsection East. Burger ruler is considered as one of the major fast food chain on earth. Among its top rivals are McDonald¿½s and Wendy¿½s. Burger king as a multinational company widening its business in the Middle East. The main goal of this statement is to analyse its current strategies in the Middle East.


The Burger Ruler and the Olayan group got joined hands jointly to open a fresh fast food industry in the Saudi Arabia and the Arab Middle East since early 1990¿½s.

The olayan financing company is the owner of and operates the following establishments:-

? HANA international Co Ltd. (HANA), the get good at franchisee of the Burger king in the gulf countries such as Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Jordan and also operates the Burger king Midsection East service for the restaurants of Arab countries.

? Olayan Food COMPANY (OFS), the Burger king franchisee for Saudi Arabia.

? First Food Service Company (FFS), the Burger Ruler Franchisee for United Arab Emirates.

Olayan opened its first restaurant in Riyadh in 1992. By the end of 2003, they opened up more than 120 restaurants in Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE. They may have made a commitment to Middle Eastern consumers to provide superior quality products, choice, value for money, service and convenience.

PESTEL Analysis

Political factors

In the center east of the world, all muslim countries are present. So, burger ruler has special issues in the these countries regarding food etc. As burger king is extremely popular in these countries, however they need to pay corporation taxes as a foreign corporation. Besides this, federal government has made a qouta of country natinals as employees in the burger king. According to federal policy, they have to provide 100% halal meat and fresh products of vegetarian foods. So burger king is considering all these major issues and doing well.

Economical Factors

As slowdown hits all the earth and inflation rate is saturated in all over world, burger king is trying to control its prices and focusing on packaging meals. Burger king has good oppurtunities to get good earnings in middle east as junk food service gets popular among these countries. For instance, dubai is a hub is business and the majority of the folks are busy and that's the reason they look for fast food services or we can say quick service restaurants.

Social Factors

Burger king is basically targetting at children and business course people. In U. A. E, they have got opened all their restaurants in the department stores and near to business centres. For kids, they have specially made kids areas. Now they have unveiled Back-to ¿½Institution promotional plan in order to get more children an also they are giving some toys and games along with certain meals.

Burger king is also considering healthy food for people.

Another thing, they are also considering muslim festivals and starting their restaurants regarding with their timings. In addition they use halal beef and do not use any pork meats and extra fat as muslim people do not eat pork.

Technological Factors

As scientific changes are increasing, burger king is also following new technologies. Retail tills and micros are used for billing. They have got introduced their website www. burgerking-me. com/uae which can be managed in engleish as well as arabi or other languages of middle east. Through this web site, people can review the menu and plans etc. Home delivery services are also provided in these countries.

Environmental Factors

Burger king has special waste material management programmes for these countries as these countries point out on cleaning. Rather than that they have their own recycling methods.

Legal Factors

As muslim country follow sheria laws and regulations, so they did not enforce any fees on the properties. Healthy food choices is a primary legal concern here. 100% Halal meat is actually considered in the food


Quadrant:-1) Market Penetration:-

Existing Product in the prevailing Market

? Burger Ruler is second after McDonald¿½s in competition. Burger Ruler has 50 years experience in this field. Burger Ruler needs to entice existing customers because it is very cheaper than getting new ones.

? Burger Ruler needs to promote their burgers by using advertisements in rural area. Because in Midsection East people¿½s are not very conscious about eating habits of EUROPE.

? Burger King must use more intensive circulation most areas like:- Egypt, Oman etc. To market their burgers and prices should be low.

? Because of using large level advertisement Burger Ruler also appeal to non-users to consume burgers.

? Give free home delivery to their customers. As a result of this sales should be increased.

Quadrant:-2) Product Development:-

New Products in the prevailing Markets

? Burger King needs to utilize of unwanted production capacity to give new style burgers.

? Burger Ruler wants to launch new burgers like:- Fowl- grilled burgers, Flame-grilled burgers in Middle East because in this modern culture people eat that sorts of products.

? Menu should be improved to unveiling Kebab burgers, Sheep burgers and variety of Halal burgers.

? Burger King protect overall market share giving variety of burgers with their consumers.

Quadrant:-3) Market Development:-

Existing Products in the New Markets

? Burger King launches a couple of restaurants in every month in several locations to develop business.

? Burger King¿½s main matto is ¿½HAVE IT YOUR WAY¿½. Burger King launches in Dubai Shopping center which is greatest shopping mall on earth. Like this new restaurants should be opened in different stores customers will be purchased burgers during their shopping hours.

? In United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Egypt etc. Burger King should be opened in Airports. Holidaymakers will be buy burgers.

Quadrant:-4) Diversification:-

New Products in the brand new Markets

? People are now more health mindful so give higher quality burgers with their customers. So give ground breaking products and spend more on Research and Development.

? Launched light foods, Whopper products served in oats bun to health conscious customers.

? Fresh and full collection of delightful salads like:- Garden salad, Grilled chicken salad with variety of dressings.

? Also launched variety of sea food like:- Shrimp Sandwich Value meals, big seafood value meal etc. Because of their Islamic Customers in Capitals of every country of Midsection East.

SWOT Analysis


? Wide selection of products

? Fast and useful service as they may have order presenting and order picking stations separately

? Impressive products like whopper a charbroiled burger, placed items from breakfast menu as well.


? Fragile marketing campaigns

? Inconsistency in quality food expectations and poor maintenance of some burger ruler stores.


Expansion in other countries or starting new restaurants in the same countries is the greatest chance of the burger king. The opportunity to expand is very encouraging and company is also getting advantages from expansion (Burger King annual statement-2007).


? Intense competition in sense of charges, product advancement and expansion strategies

? Consumer health prospects as burger king¿½s food are not considered as healthy or diet food.


In order to grow more customers and also to expand the business of the burger king, the business should explore further new market segments in the Middle East. By exploring new marketplaces, burger king can compete with McDonald¿½s and Wendy¿½s. The company must also spend money on research and development. One major way to obtain differentiation is the company¿½s innovative products. In order to remain competitive also to attract clients, burger king must focus on developing new products.

Critical Success Factors

One critical success factor for burger ruler is its potential to stay competitive and company should use all its resources to remain competitive and should have the ability to gain competitive edge. Differentiation is the key strategy in the restaurant industry as products and services can be copied easily.

Another factor is to extend it branches far away. The advertising and marketing programmes should be launched to be able to attract clients.


Burger king runs in an extremely competitive environment in the Middle East. The amount of competitors to burger king is high and there are other factors that have an effect on the business. While its opponents are utilizing almost the same strategies that burger ruler is employing, it's important to build a point of difference that will establish burger king aside from them. Burger king is known for its innovative and quality products, high standard service and functional excellence. In order to remain competitive, burger ruler must differentiate itself from its competitors. This is done through differentiation of products. It must explore new market segments and take good thing about new opportunities. Burger king must maintain its global point of view and continue using its market expansion strategies. The changing consumer preferences and demands to be satisfied. To carry out that, burger king must develop a diverse product line.

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