Burts Bees: A financial analysis

In the Burt's Bee's circumstance, there's a whole set of opportunities that can be identified. Included in these are being eco-friendly, providing all natural basic products and sticking to that concept, catering to the specific niche market health mindful customer market, increasing their brand occurrence in the growing trend of skin area and bath products, expanding globally and concentrating on women who do not usually purchase mainstream personal maintenance systems in the various departmental stores. These opportunities are valid and vital for Burt's bees to exploit to be able to survive and be able to create a good presence on the market.

Under a brief SWOT Analysis, from the truth, it appeared noticeable that Burt's Bees has a solid and dedicated customer foundation for the kind of products that they were selling. This was due to the fact that these were all pure, organic. Additionally the owners were also rather proficient when it came up to brand image and sales and were aiming to expand the business functions. These can be evidently seen from the range of products that they had created from just a simple learning resource.

However they had made use of so many different brandings for their products that it could have dampened their fuelling need for unity to encourage development into other markets. This could impede circulation as customers would not be able to identify with the brand if there were so many subdivisions. This was something which they could look into to improve their competitive advantages and gain further market share

Some threats which were bordering Burt's bees were the purchase price awareness issues. Though these were focused on selling natural basic products, other competitors who sold artificial products like body shop and others who charged their items significantly lower could impede a certain amount of sales as consumers would prefer the less costly option.

Going forwards, we will now critically measure the opportunities and deduce the practical ones. As Burt's bee experienced achieved high client satisfaction and create positive person to person through their products that they had grown to provide a particularly market with the dedicated customer base. Furthermore they have got continued to make an effort to provide customers with 100% natural basic products only no synthetics put on them. This differentiates them of their competitors and gives them the advantage over them by giving superior customer value. They have to keep on this road to be eco-friendly catering to a niche market and ensuring that the health conscious individuals are well looked after.

Expansion plans to gain market share is always to partner with vendors to increase the recommendations with their products and reduce or withdraw trade terms with mass suppliers who just motivate the product without giving value add because of their products. They must even consider partnering with spa chains which may seem just like a blue sea strategy taking into account they are available of manufacturing health care products rather than a service focused industry. The rationale behind doing so would be that consumers would have the first-hand connection with their products and would boost long term consumption of them. Also it increases brand consciousness as more folks are targeted.

Another way to develop the business would be to establish joint endeavors. They could achieve this with other brands such as Organic Essence who has a presence on the market already or Dove who may be their rivals to force the brand and offer more choice and develop the existing product range for the kids with the ingredients.

Apart from those opportunities, wedding caterers and rebranding their products to adopt an individual brand across all products would be possible as women to are inclined to purchase these products would then be able to identify with the brand plainly and would supercharge sales understanding that what they are getting is a quality product. As stated earlier, mass marketing might not have functioned well with so many various brands as it could only confuse the buyer but with a standard brand, there may be a choice of mass marketing.

Also Burt's Bees could slim on segmentation of high earnings gearing products and focus more resources in it. Remove those that might impair the value of the brand and focus on their continued innovation to add new profitable products. They have the resources relevant experience, skills and motivation to more forward and thus incorporating every one of the opportunities mentioned previously. Burt's bee does have the actual to grow and be large range.

Likely Issues that Roxanne would face

The likely issues that Roxanne's company would face would be confirming requirements, infrastructure, circulation capabilities, manpower and global experience. When expanding a company, specially when going global, the culture and market environment in those areas is probably not exactly like how she might be experiencing in the home country and so she has to observe those dissimilarities or the business would are unsuccessful miserably when it begins to broaden. Some issues such as demographic, psychographic, political, legal, historical data have to be investigated.


Infrastructure to mass produce the products as well as broadening the current syndication programs may be difficult as well as during the period of the 1990s the source chain would not be so considerable and it would be really costly to transport the products internationally let alone domestic transport. It would cost a great deal of money to start an extensive resource chain to transport the products and even though she has the funds to invest in them, it might be considerable. Also other issues like delivery punctuality and ensuring that goods are properly accounted for would be other issues that will probably stem from the logistics.

Distribution Capabilities

Distribution functions would make reference to the method of distribution whether it's by a sophisticated method using suppliers or distributing them directly. Moreover the decision of the route that is employed is very important to the brand image as well as the utilization of middlemen might not continually be the best solution as they might not value add the merchandise up to you want them to take action. They might be cheaper and help to save costs though


Manpower is another area to be targeted upon. With development, there needs to be more people to aid in the procedure and deal with the surge in workload. Owning a global venture with only a few people would be disastrous and thus correct talent and expertise is essential in delaing with international markets. Recruiting people of different cultures would be essential so that these employees could assess the situation and present a wholesome insight on the positioning before everything begins

Political/Legal Requirements

Lastly, in increasing globally, politics and legal requirements would be have to be honored in the various countries. Some countries may impose embargoes on certain products and Roxanne is probably not able to sell certain types of the collection in those countries because of the regulations set in those regions. This is crucial information to analyze before the enterprise of expanding in that region be made as a huge investment is often necessary.

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