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Business has a social role

The modern interpretation of a successful business is based on the premise that it does not need to be limited to making money, and the growth of financial income is not a sufficient indicator of the company's economic success. Modern business, which is being built in the conditions of political globalization, social and economic integration and cooperation, interpenetration of financial flows, etc., is entrusted with moral and material responsibility for improving the life of society. To understand the validity of this statement, let us cite an analogy with some criminal organization for the trade in arms or drugs, whose activities bring them huge profits, but fortunately we do not refer them to successful enterprises. The future of any company, its durability and success entirely depends on the social orientation of the business. Based on this, it is required to assess the future impact of the business, not limited to its analysis beyond the next quarter.

Companies should find a way to help ensure that the lives of their employees are acceptable, that they are good parents, spouses, friends and just people. Otherwise, according to Payne, you can increase quarterly profits, but in the long run this will lead to the degradation and decay of the business, and then the society as a whole.

Intra-corporate communication links aimed at a positive image of the company as a way of financial and time savings

The highest discredit of the success and prosperity of the organization is due to poor management and lack of developing business dynamics. All good intentions of the organization's management in terms of establishing productive communication links, declared in any best-prepared documents, and not confirmed by real steps, quickly die in the presence of inefficiency, losses, conflicts and all that accompanies a poorly managed organization. It is necessary to make efforts to find a way to become an effective production, then constantly improve it, provide high-quality services to customers and a healthy working atmosphere for employees. It should be an environment that inspires them to remain in the organization, demonstrate loyalty, growth and advancement. Payne suggests thinking about what a similar workplace should be like, how it should bring pleasure from work, because if it succeeds, it promises terrific results.

Judy Wallace, a well-known specialist in corporate and marketing communications, believes that it is necessary to develop a positive attitude to employees in their employees. In her opinion, this is of decisive importance for the formation of a positive image of the company, since the total number of employees clearly outweighs the number of those who, due to their professional duties, are engaged in public relations with the firm. Therefore, by skillfully arranging and establishing correct communication links in the company, it is possible to regulate the relationships between colleagues, to level out confrontation and contradictions between the management and ordinary employees in case of discontent with the conditions prevailing at work. After all, in the mass media, the most qualified and realistic negative comments about your company's activities can be obtained only from people who are most closely aware of what is really happening inside the organization. Journalists will gladly pick up the news from the "primary source", and it will take a huge amount of effort to correct the situation. Proceeding from this, caring for employees is a guarantee of company stability plus saving of effort and money on professional PR communications.

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