Business plan for new clothing company

The product we are going to distribute is trendy clothing. Clothing must be elegant such that it can influence on people which is one of the most important things for people.

Particularly, there are two types of clothing: formal and casual. However, the clothing we will develop is formal clothing.

Nowadays, there are a great number of brands, like as ELLE, DAPPER, ARROW and other brands, plus they have already got their own customers and they're positioning some part in our Myanmar market.

We ensure that our product is obviously produced with high quality and fashionably designed. Customers won't have to be doubtful and unfulfilled once they bought our product.

The target market for our product is targeted on gender. Besides, we will send out the other special accessories, such as, sun glasses, purses and wallets, and expensive.


We have investigated the cloth quality and elegant design in our manufacturing plant in Singapore. We use cotton, which can be changeable with Myanmar weather, inside our clothing. Furthermore, we build the manufacturing plant and some warehouses in china and the products are sectioned off into many categories _ tops, pants, jackets and jackets among others. First, we centered on ladies outfits and accessories such as shoes, hand bags, belts, scarves and hats. Then, we decided to broaden into men wears. We are now starting to bring in our products to market in Myanmar. New developments are always available at our company for the individuals who are really into fashion.


We know that all people want the excellent brand hallmark and the best standard with the perfect price. We've usually coordinated in price and quality effectively that may bring satisfaction to the customers. You can view our new collection for summertime, rainy, and winter conditions. We have prepared to retail and available stores in a few urban areas so that consumers can certainly get our goods using their company surrounding retail center and markets. We are offering diverse categories for both male and feminine, so both of these customers can obtain their needs from one place "our brand. " And a whole lot of people will be delighted with this products. People who purchase our brand are certain to get the sensation of self-confident, stylish, and smart.

Target market

We orientate the customers who wish to be fabulous and gorgeous. We portion and classify the market segments into demographics, geographic, psychographic and habit.

We aim at the adults and youths market _ Era Y, Era X and later teens. And they are our core market segments. Every religious beliefs and ethnic backgrounds can wear our clothing. Our brand will suit with people who are interested in recently fashion designed clothing because we made our products magnificently. And, we've option for clothing expenditures that how much cash the clients will devote to the branding product, normally.

If you would choose this brand, you may never feel unsatisfied and insecure. You could have a wonderful lifestyle. Everyone won't look down upon you if you are wearing them. You may feel just like very secure. They are able to bring pleasure for you.

In addition, we've been chosen the most suitable clothing style for Myanmar culture that are simple, but interesting and drawn to people. The chosen selections will be right with Myanmar customs tastes.

To consider about the geographic, we do research some inner-urban areas and higher socio-economics areas. Then, we explain not only the metropolitan areas of Yangon and Mandalay but also the number of some well-known supermarkets and shopping mall. We also make a certain decision for the weather conditions of Myanmar and our selective areas. Generally, were sure that Myanmar gets the finest weather and the climate is not so cold weighed against other countries. That's why we work out and decide that we'll promote the easiest and attractive clothes with this Myanmar customers.

Head Office location

Address : Mortin shopping mall

Contact no. : +951501509

Contact mail : ,

Customer buying behavior

Customers can shop around many brands. They'll have many choices, however when they compare with our brand, they'll be persuaded and motivated to buy our products. Although the consumers are enthusiasm about it, they may see the quality, color, design and prices. And, it is also crucial that we receive the right place. All of the people might believe that the items at the shopping malls have security in order that they are more eager to buy it. Therefore, we sell our products in better supermarket to get customer habit. Consumers decide at the shopping centre but it will take some efforts and time to choose carefully.

Customer might use and look into the Yellowish pages, internet, journals or publications. So, the data and information put into these papers, but not in details.

They can also have a look through our own web page. www. precious. com. sg

Our staff will be always on line and we revise the data all the changing times, so you need not worry about the style is not up-to-date.

Product Strategies

Product classification

Our product can be accepted as shopping goods because people usually compare price, quality and style when they choose the clothes. Distribution stations and promotional strategies molded on our products and on the clients. We appointed with stores to sale large volumes.

Product life routine stage

The PCL level is also influenced on our products. We will think about the income and we always need to aware that our price is affordable or not, and we want to get understanding of our opponents' fashion development and the situation of the other marketplaces.

Product mix or Product line

We have some types of sizes for male and feminine individually. They may be small, medium and large for feminine and S, M, L, XL, and XXL for men.

There are several colors for both male and female. Many types of types can be acquired.

We are presenting services, like online shopping and delivery.

These are all the items for female

Tops- fashion tops, t-shirts and tees

Jackets and coats- coats and coats, vests





Shoes-flats and scandal, heals and wedges, boots

Other accessories

The following items are for male customers


Jackets and coats




Shoes- shoes and socks


The name "PRECIOUS "indicates to your product.

" "This logo design will stand for our brand.

We give the slogan as "if you want to be stylish, wear "PRECIOUS".

Branding strategy

We establish the producer's own brands as branding strategy due to our product's field, the financial background, and the management. Our product field is large, we are well financed, and well supervised for our products.


We don't have special presentation styles or methods. We just deal well to look good and perfect.

Distribution Strategies

Channel Choice

We will use both Direct and Indirect Distribution Channels.

In direct distribution channel, we will distribute our product right to ultimate consumers. We just use our very own sales or simply telemarketing or online advertising right to consumers. We will perform as manufacturers.

In indirect distribution channel, we will distribute our products through merchants such as supermarkets and stores to consumers. And we also use middlemen. Middlemen are important since it is usually not functional for a manufacturer to deal directly with ultimate consumers. We are in need of intermediaries mainly for performing as transport and items agent when we export our products to other areas such as Nay Pyee Daw, Mandalay and on.

Pricing Strategies

Pricing Objectives

As were starting our business, we would rather have Sales Oriented Goals. We might not look to maximize profit but instead to set a price targeted at increasing sale amount.

Price Elasticity

As clothing is not only shopping good but also psychogenic need, consumers will most likely compare price, quality and style and also buying behaviors affect distribution and promotion, However the price will be flexible. The price will be change when increasing demand.

Market Entry Strategies

We will get into the marketplace with by using Market Skimming Charges Strategy. Because our product is arranging a comparatively high preliminary price as our target market is for top notch customers.

By using this plan it can benefit to determine a high-quality image for our new product and the company with pricing flexibility.

Another point of view why our product is suitable for that strategy the reasons for that are our product is in the early periods of life pattern and our new product is distinctive.

Product cost

When we establishing the price. You will find two types of cost, changing and set.

Wages and incomes, tax and insurance, equipment costs and vehicles and equipments are set costs.

Raw material cost, electricity, delivery and advertising are variable costs.

Price Setting up Methods

We use Cost-plus costing method. (Total cost +desire profit) is also call tag up prices.

Evaluation of cost-plus prices (Budgeted) Planned=10

Cost, Selling price, Profit Budgeted

Labour and material costs per fabric $20

Overhead (fixed cost) $25

Total cost per product = $45

According to the computation budgeted value per unit = $45+$4. 5

= $49. 5 per unit

Break-even analysis

It is important to meet break-even point for our company normally we can't make revenue and also can't consider for the nice will of our company.

We wish to discover how many models must be sold to cover all cost.

So we used Break-even research.

The equations for Break-even point is

Break-even point, in systems= Total set cost

Selling price per unit - average changing cost per unit ($)

Promotion strategies

We will always inform and remind about our ultimate goods to our typical customers and the other new customers. We'll apply the advertising method and sale promotion solution to publicize.

We'll use 10% of total annual revenue for our product's promotion.


We'll not use the broadcasting through Tv set channels. At first, we'll printing in the famous periodicals and journals to recognize by the general public easily. Then, we'll highlight on the outdoors advertisements _ billboards and bus factors so that many of folks will notice our product now and then.

Sale promotion

We have well prepared some contests to become familiar with some people and consumers. We'll put more stress on industry events and in-store exhibits. We have appointed the ball room in Professionals hotel (Yangon) and Sedona hotel (Mandalay) to make our first trade show in Myanmar. And, we've well organized to start out our trade show. From then on, we are going to screen our latest fashion designed clothes in a few big department stores. We also get ready to allow for the member cards if you feel our loyalty customer. We've gold, sterling silver and platinum credit cards for our customers. You will see amazing rewards when you come to your " ". You are able to do people at our " " website. If you got a account inside our websites, you can view and shop our recent items on line. We make the offering 10% off. You will see our astonished plus offers and rewards.

SWOT Analysis


Well design, best quality and we also use limited quality control strategies. Therefore, our products have better quality than any other competitors.

Legally import from china.

Well packing to avoid damage by transportations.

Only sell qualified products there is no damage items.


Selling price may b a bit problem for typical course customers because in our product's marketplace is for top notch customers.

Distribution direct from manufacturers to the dealer so we aren't sure the retailers do their work perfect or not.

Our company is recently established. Once we are in launch stage, the consciousness of folks about our brand may be smaller even though our product is nice.

We need lots of promotional strategies than other existing competitors to penetrate the marketplace.


We allow some opportunities for our customers and also authorized agent too. If a customer will buy goods for 200, 000ks within a month we give him/her 5%discount greeting card up to two years.

For official agent if their revenues touch the concentrate target we permit them to get reviews 5% of the revenues as bonus items for the kids and also free travels to China.


One biggest threat for our product is that we now have plenty of famous competition.

Delay transportation, for example, whenever we import out products from China by dispatch if the elements is dreadful our stocks will be wait. We have to sell our products in line with the weather if our securities are delayed we can't sell these hold off product on that time. If we are going to sell those products in arriving season it is sure that our products aren't up to date.

Another the first is inflation because of that the value of Myanmar Kyat became low so when exchanging money fluctuation is threat for all of us.

Action Plan

We provides our customers with the best quality products.

By supplying opportunities helps our firm to boost the level of sales.

Make our product well-know and fulfilling consumer desires by expanding goods and special service.

We combat our main competition by making top priority of consumer would like on the other hand their weakness is they only concentrate on making money by advertising men wears whereas we make fulfill our consumers by retailing both genders and also accessories for both of them and also discount systems. We will build trust with this consumers and let them know our product is reliable and trained in these ways we desire to build strengths also to defeat our weakness.


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