Business Strategy Of Louis Philippe Marketing Essay

Art for arts sake makes no more sense than gin for gins sake said by Somerset Maugham. Finis Coronat Opus or, simply, The finish crowns the work. Every garment in this range is a suggestive exemplory case of this philosophy. The range has refined design distinctions that will glee the wearer and invite him to discover something new every day. Shirts with fine sewing on interior sleeve plackets, trousers with a special tape on the interior waistband tucked under the cut cloth, suits and overcoats with the centre cover button stitched with thread of the brand color to make a refined design.

About Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe (extracted from Franco-Italian culture) lures its name and its stimulus from King Louis Philippe of France Louis Philippe. It really is an international men's fashion brand which symbolizes status or rank and lifestyle. Louis Philippe tantamount with premium was launched in India in 1989 with the concept that the person, who wears it, is a guy of infallible tastes preference and various course. Louis Philippe always targets global fashion that gives it indisputable high grade and a special image. Louis Philippe is a respected brand in formal as well as quasi-formal wear. From its commencement, Louis Philippe has been viewed as the supplier of fine clothing for the discriminating Western gentleman. This international very brand offers stylish ensembles for the elegant Indian man also. Clothes under such label mixed the finest materials with designs influenced by the latest global tendency of fashion and dealing with the needs of the style-conscious classy male.

In India, Louis Philippe apparel are available at 119 stores in 50 cities in 21 state governments, with the exclusive LP stores created by famous Western architect John Marsala. The brand is still the first choice in retail sales in all leading menswear and shops. Its retail experience is further amplified by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle's retail chain - Planet Fashion.

Louis Philippe Products

Louis Philippe has launched its sub-brands (LP and Luxure) in November 2007. LP by Louis Philippe aims at young achievers and classy urbanites, who demand clothing flexibility. It establishes the style mantra for young generation. LP is the brand for those who are in a flurry to make a mark nowadays, but will not compromise on either their values. With two trendy fits in tee shirts and denims, four styles in trousers and three in suits and spencer, the LP range provides ample options for customizing a clothing to individual personal preferences. Its product categories are t shirts, trousers, suits, jeans, blazers, shoes, T-shirts and accessories.

Louis Philippe launched the Luxure brand in select stores across India in November 2008. Intended to deliver tailored beauty for the processed aficionado, the masterpiece collection strengthens brand Louis Philippe's promises to deliver excellence to customers who have an gratitude of the finer things in life. With Luxure, consumers get access to exquisite attire, consummate design, luxurious materials and fragile aesthetics, all cores to the prices and traditions of Louis Philippe.

Business Strategy of Louis Philippe

Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a department of Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd, is one of India's quickest growing branded clothing companies and reduced lifestyle player in the retail sector recording a blazing growth rate of over 25 % year-on-year. After consolidating its market management using its own brands, it presented premier international labels, permitting Indian consumers to buy the most renowned global fashion wear and accessories within the united states. The business's brand portfolio includes products that range between affordable and mass-market to luxurious, high-end style and cater to every generation, from children and young ones to men and women. Madura Fashion & Lifestyle is identified by its brands - Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Peter England and People that personify style, frame of mind, luxury and comfort.

Madura Fashion & Lifestyle grows to its discerning customers via an extensive network comprising more than 1, 000 exclusive and franchise stores, and over 2, 000 superior multi-brand trade stores, both within and outside India. Madura Fashion & Lifestyle options only from factories that are compliant with the Manufacturing plant work and each factory is individually audited by the International Textile Services (It has the) and Socit Gnrale de Surveillance (SGS) for international clients such as Louis Philippe, Grades & Spencer and Vehicle Heusen.

As an integral part of it retail development programs and branding initiatives, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle's top quality menswear brand Louis Philippe is planning large format flagship stores, almost four times bigger than the prevailing ones in metros over the county. A department of Aditya Birla Nuvo, the company has already come up with a new 10, 000 sq. feet. store in Chennai. "We live beginning large format flagship stores at crucial locations such as metro locations that will boost look and feel of the brand for customers. In the next fiscal, we will open 6-8 such stores, " said, Louis Philippe Brand Mind Mr Jacob John. By the end of the existing fiscal, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle could have 120 stores and close with revenues (at retail prices) of Rs 900 crore. Louis Philippe the key brand of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle is likely to contribute over 60 % of the company's turnover at Rs 570 crores in 2011-12 followed by 33 per cent from LP sub-brand at an estimated Rs 300 crores while the high-end Luxure sub-brand is likely to fetch Rs 25 crores this year (2012). The top format store at about 5, 000 sq ft would house the mother brand Louis Philippe, sub-brands LP and Luxure and all accessories of the brands like ties, belts, socks and sneakers. The company plans to open up about 15 large stores across the country next fiscal.

Louis Philippe has been undertaking new branding initiatives and has recently associated itself with golfing. Encouraged by the success of little league based tournaments presenting city centric teams, the brand has launched Louis Philippe Glass for golf in partnership with Professional Golf Head to of India (PGTI) and Rishi Narain Golf Management.

Besides the top format stores, the business that currently has over 100 stores across India, plans to add 40 new stores every year. The embellished 'Crest' is a sign that the wearer of a Louis Philippe clothing has truly 'showed up'. Today, the 'Crest' is valued even more for its focus on luxury, exquisite design and focus on detail, building that its wearer is truly a member of 'The Upper Crest'. The comfort and perfection of the clothing is also obvious in their line of elegant shoes, crafted from the best possible leather, and their range of innerwear, sourced from the softest organic cotton.

Menswear brand Louis Philippe is planning to grow aggressively through large format stores through the next fiscal.

The logic behind this is to improve Louis Philippe as a lifestyle brand rather than just an outfits brand, said Mr Jacob John, Brand Head, Louis Philippe, Madura Fashion and Lifestyle. "Our business expansion should come from lifestyle requirements of consumers and not merely from attire requirements, " he also added.


Explain the strategy implemented by Louis Philippe in opening up of large Format Stores?

Explain the role of Madura Fashion in brand expansion of Louis Philippe?

Elaborate the term "new branding initiatives"?

Why did the business choose the name "Louis Philippe"?

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