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Relationship marketing is a fresh phenomenon which really is a step before traditional marketing. The emphasis here sits on 'Romantic relationship' between a person and something, a person and an company (b2c), an organisation with the other company (b2b).

According to Zeithaml and Bitner(2000) Romantic relationship marketing is a beliefs of doing business, it's a strategic device that focuses on keeping and increasing current customers rather than acquiring new customers. In Coviello's(1997) words RM can be an 'integrative activity concerning functions over the organisation, with focus on facilitating, building and keeping relationships above the time'.

The overall purpose of Marriage Marketing is to help and keep maintaining customer interactions, which brings about changed things and changes of marketing management process. RM will provide a superior relationship between a customer and an company which in exchange gives an company competitive edge.

This report would deal with the main element characteristics of RM in two different organisations. For B2B interactions, the chosen you are 'Primark'- an inexpensive high street fashion store, which handles multiple suppliers from all around the globe. For B2C connections, the award earning pure online finance institutions- EGG. The statement will critically measure the RM ideas and other factual statements about these companies and how they deal with their partners to accomplish their business goals.

B2B human relationships at PRIMARK

'No Business can be an island' (Hakansson and Snehota. 1989 p. 187)

In the current economic weather, organisations prefer employed in collaborations. Many big brands greatly rely on their suppliers to give their customers the required quality and service. To answer the needs of the clients these brands believe in building good relations with the suppliers and vendors. Relationship marketing theory suggests that interdependence reduces transfer costs and creates better quality while keeping management cost lower (Sheth and Parvatiyar, 2000 p. 123). Connections become resources because they donate to the organisation's capacity to efficiently and effectively produce market offerings which may have value (Hunt et al. , 2006 p. 77).

Company profile: Primark

Primark is a least expensive high street fashion mart, their business idea is: on top of style, low on price. The best garment showrooms are found in all the major places of United Kingdom. The store is popular only because than it affordable pricing and up currently fashion clothing. Primark offers everything from boots to accessories, from childrenswear to sportswear. Primark is operated as Penneys in Ireland and has 38 stores with head office located in Republic of Ireland. After attaining good market in UK, Primark has transferred to various areas of Europe. It is now accepted in many countries like Spain, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, and HOLLAND with total of 198 stores by May 18'2010. With procedures in so many countries it is palpable that Primark must be interacting with large number of suppliers. Suppliers from India, Korea, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh and most suppliers from China suffice the needs of Primark. These suppliers provide completed and non finished bulk goods to Primark, that happen to be jam-packed and tagged in their warehouses.

With so many competitors like Matalan, Asda and Tesco, Primark has still recorded 8% of sales expansion. Procedures in Spain have been very successful to the company. Using their B2B connections and huge dealer list Primark is often called 'Fast Fashion' stores, this means mixture of quick turnover and extremely low prices.

RM at Primark

The product kept on the aisles in Primark doesn't reach automatically. It is a massive and complicated value chain process. This process begins immediately, by picking up the right maker for the uncooked material, finalizing the raw material to obtain a last product and then finally product packaging and distributing it to the Primark's stores. During all of this process Primark has to rely on the associates (suppliers) to ensure constant quality, service, deliveries on time, and other inward and outward logistics.

In the retail industry, all the suppliers maintain external romantic relationships, which generally have horizontal and vertical measurements (Palmer, 2000 p. 68). In case there is Primark it could be referred to as

Vertical interactions representing the ones that combine all or part of the supply string through component suppliers, manufacturers, and intermediaries.


The above amount shows the vertical marriage (Partnering) of Primark with its suppliers and its own customers.

Horizontal relationships represented by organisations that are in the same point in the channel of distribution (including opponents) who seek to cooperate and collaborate for shared benefit.

As such Primark does not have any collaborations on horizontal level; it is a hardcore competition with major market share in low priced garment retail industry.

ARA model and Primark

Primark works on both B2C and B2B romance model, B2C with the an incredible number of customers who buy Primark products online and in stores and B2B to garment suppliers and other logistics suppliers. Here we will evaluate Primark's B2B relationships under the zoom lens ARA model (Hakansson and Johnson, 1992), this model implies the results of the discussion process can be detailed in three layers: Actor bonds, Activity links and Learning resource ties. All of these levels are inter-connected and have impact on good connection building.

ARA Model with garment suppliers

Actor connection

This layer relates to interpersonal skills developed between the individuals developed through relationship. Trust, belief, and determination play an important role as it builds bond between the two get-togethers. At Primark, moral trade managers visit their dealer countries; primarily India, China and Bangladesh (Primark, 2009) to talk to them and build trust so that they keep offering Primark the product quality product with same determination.

Activity Links

This layer pertains to the co-ordination which may develop between your actors. In case of Primark, they use the skill with their associates (suppliers) to transform raw material into the best value fashion garment.

Resource covering

The final part relates to how the two stars' resources could become pretty much adapted or more or less mutually attached together as their connection builds up. The resources can be tangible and intangible too; in case there is Primark they help their suppliers with intangible resources i. e. by granting knowledge and technological know-how. The honest trade professionals support all the suppliers to meet up with the development requirements.

These three tiers of buyer-seller romance are not independent and there is important interplay between them.

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