California Dairy Advisory Panel Real California Mozzarella cheese Campaign

The "happy cows" plan and the Real California Cheese seal were developed for the California Dairy Advisory Board to promote real California mozzarella cheese. It implemented a note using multiple channels and promotional techniques. These techniques were used in multiple ways to aid and build a strong brand image. CMAB used an integrated marketing communications perspective to accomplish its goals. Through analysis and adjustment of its strategy, CMAB created a solid brand for the California parmesan cheese producers. The plan was innovative and vastly successful.

The real California cheese marketing campaign uses many tools to make a full-range of advertising. Advertising was the initial method CMAB used to promote its products and image. The advertising was located on television set, radio, newspaper, newspapers, and outdoor locations (Greenwald, 2009). This primary advertising centered on rational statements of superiority to market California cheese. This was successful, but the CMAB felt an emotional procedure would have more effect. From 1995 to 2000 CMAB used the expression "it is the cheese" in commercials to create the initial emotional connection for consumers (Greenwald, 2009). This advertising campaign was also successful, but was only used for a couple of years (Greenwald, 2009).

In 2000, CMAB used Deutsch LA advertising organization to come up with a fresh advertising procedure (Greenwald, 2009). They came up with the slogan "Great mozzarella cheese originates from happy cows. Happy cows come from California. " (Greenwald, 2009). This is the start of the existing day multi-faceted procedure. The slogan was paired with content, happy cow character types, which became very popular. They were highlighted in humorous advertisements, radio ads, and bill planks. They were later used in the webpage to connect real California parmesan cheese to the Real California Mozzarella cheese seal.

This plan was successful mainly because of the cow personas and the image they presented. The characters are lovable and funny. They symbolize a care-free happy lifestyle which most of us desire to. The cows are easy to relate to, and incredibly unique. These unique people make the California cheese slogan stick out in the heads of consumers.

The Real California Mozzarella cheese seal was made as the initial method of marketing a distinct identity for the California Parmesan cheese brand (Greenwald, 2009). This seal was used to recognize real California parmesan cheese products. This seal made an appearance on deals and in advertising, as well as on menus and other in-house promotional tools in stores and restaurants (Greenwald, 2009). This seal was instrumental in hooking up the image of real California parmesan cheese being portrayed in ads to the diverse lines of products being promoted. This seal was necessary to the success of the advertising campaign. It has turned into a well-known make of quality, which appeals to many consumers.

The Real California Mozzarella cheese seal was paired with the happy cow character types in advertisements to market Real California Parmesan cheese. These eye-catching, attention grabbing commercials were used to establish an individuality and personality for the Real California Cheese brand. The commercials portrayed a happy environment, where quality is produced. The advertising was successful in communicating this meaning to consumers. The CMAB got to promote all products uniformly and without bias. That was the primary challenge encountered in creating the advertising campaign. The marketing campaign was a successful approach to promoting all types of real California mozzarella cheese and their producers.

The paring of the true California Mozzarella cheese seal with the "happy cows" people is an ongoing success. The people are now well-known in the imagination of consumers. The advertisements continue to progress by presenting new explanations why the cows are happy. Each commercial has a fresh perspective. I believe the recognizable and the familiar cow individuals bring persisted success to the advertising campaign. This advertising campaign can be used indefinitely, as long as new humorous cases are put in place.

Advertising was a good choice due to its persuasive character, product differentiation abilities, and its potential to develop brands (Belch & Belch, 2009). The con to advertising is that there is potential for failure in connecting the intended concept to consumers. The "happy cows" advertising campaign was smartly designed, and for that reason communicated the value of the brand effectively.

To create brand consciousness, consumer campaign was implemented along with the advertising campaign. The buyer campaign techniques reinforce and product trade advertising, advertising, ad pr by creating a demand-pull effect. The initial plan marketed RCC in-store, to hook up the product to the marketing campaign. As consumer interest increased, cross-promotion coupons were put on complimentary foods in retail stores (Greenwald, 2009). The in-store promotional materials were then phased out. This is done because cross-promotion coupons are a more affordable and successful promotional strategy than POS campaign.

Public relations played a significant role in CMAB's included marketing and sales communications program. Its goal was to extend the brand image to consumers, pros, and important individuals in the meals industry (Greenwald, 2009). Various kinds of press targeted different sections. Recipes were positioned in newspapers, publications, and other magazines (Greenwald, 2009). Press reports about the farms and cheese stated in California were posted. These were the most successful in getting all market sections.

Another angle utilized by CMAB was the presence of real California Parmesan cheese representatives at industry events. Information and samples were distributed to all or any types of people. Targets come to by this method included consumers, fine restaurants, niche stores, gourmet cheese stores, chefs, and marketing pros (Greenwald, 2009).

To pull all of these marketing tools alongside one another and provide support and support, CMAB created the true California Mozzarella cheese website. This website is looked after by the Deutsch LA, the company responsible for creating the promotional initiatives for CMAB (Greenwald, 2009). The website has information about Real California Cheese. On the webpage, individuals can observe a multitude of "happy cows" commercials, see a map of real California parmesan cheese producers, and purchase "happy cow" & RCC products. A type of merchandise was created predicated on the "happy cow" marketing campaign, and the RCC seal. It includes discussing plush cows, T-shirts, images with the cow character types & their phrases, cookbooks, other apparel, and pieces with the RCC seal (Greenwald, 2009). The web site also showcases a few of the many cheeses the seal represents, that can be purchased through the website.

CMAB was successful since it evaluated and changed its IMC program. This evaluation was conducted using multiple marketing metrics. Internal and external assessments were used. CMAB used inner evaluations in that it looked at was the talents and weaknesses of the brand itself. One major weakness was having less presence of the Real California Cheese brand on the market and the heads of the consumers. CMAB examined its advertising strategy. As a result, CMAB shifted from a rational approach to an emotional way.

CMAB also used exterior evaluation tactics. The business looked at figures on consumers, market sections, and competitors. Through this research, it was found that the best avenue to treatment the dairy surplus situation was to apply a cheese-promoting program. The demographics with their consumers demonstrated that the mozzarella cheese ingestion was higher-than-average in California, which 80% of this cheese had been supplied by resources external from the state (Greenwald, 2009). In the metrics used by CMAB to judge their integrated marketing and sales communications, I believe the external analysis on consumers' dairy product consuming behaviors and the sources of those products was the most important and the key to the success of their plan. This was a very inclusive evaluation, and Personally i think that all relative areas were included in their research.

There are changes in trends occurring in California. The demographics of the populace are changing (Greenwald, 2009). The Hispanic population is growing, which is a subset of the populace that consumes a big amount of cheese (Greenwald, 2009). Demographics of the consumer population are an indicator of the merchandise consumers will purchase. There is a dietary change as well. Individuals are becoming more conscientious of the meals they ingest. Diets and natural food products are becoming popular (Greenwald, 2009). As a result of these shifts, the California parmesan cheese industry should follow an organic and natural and an all natural line of products. This would appeal to more consumers from inside and outside of the state of hawaii.

The "happy cows" marketing campaign and the true California Parmesan cheese seal were developed for the California Dairy Advisory Board to market real California cheese. It implemented an integrated communication using multiple stations and promotional techniques. These techniques were found in multiple ways to support and build a strong brand image. CMAB used an integrated marketing communications point of view to accomplish its goals. Through evaluation and changes of its strategy, CMAB created a strong brand for the California mozzarella cheese producers. The marketing campaign was cutting edge and significantly successful. It has ensured the success of the dairy and cheese providers in California for years to come. In addition, it made Real California Parmesan cheese an international brand able to be competitive in foreign marketplaces.

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