Capital and additional equipment: the concept and...

Capital and additional equipment: the concept and features of marketing

In the concept of marketing, the entire range of goods that are used by the enterprise in the production process for a long time, but do not become part of the finished product, are referred to the capital and additional equipment. Usually the equipment is divided into the main (heavy) and auxiliary (light). The main equipment is intended for the performance of basic technological operations (cutting of blanks, turning, stamping, etc.). As an example, forge-press equipment, metal-cutting machines, compressors, fans, electric motors, transformers, welding equipment, equipment for food, textile and shoe industry can be considered here.

When buying equipment, the consumer views it as an investment that becomes part of fixed capital, so technological and commercial risks are high, and the decision-making process for its purchase is longer. At the same time, the main equipment evaluation criteria can be the customer: its production capacity/performance, service life (wear and tear, moral and physical), reliability (trouble-free service), warranty service life, maintainability (the degree of complexity of the repair), the completeness of the delivery, etc. In addition, such important indicators of equipment quality as its ergonomic characteristics, safety, aesthetic design (design) are important.

The main equipment, in turn, can be universal and specialized. Universal equipment is suitable for carrying out not one, but several different operations and is able to manufacture products from completely different in terms of properties of raw materials and blanks. It can be used in many industries or many industry enterprises. Specialized equipment is designed to produce only one specific type of products from a specific raw material and blanks. Such equipment is usually simpler in design than universal, and, of course, cheaper, although it allows to produce specific products at a higher quality level.

The process of making a decision to buy universal equipment is less time-consuming and does not require such a detailed preliminary technical and economic analysis, there are a sufficient number of its suppliers, so the price plays an important role for the buyer. In turn, the equipment manufacturers themselves are trying to offer their customers various options for purchasing - credit, deferral, leasing, etc.

Based on the definition of specialized equipment, the demand for it is often limited and the number of sellers is minimal, so in this case, adaptation, taking into account specific customer requests and maintaining constant close contact with it is extremely important.

The lifetime of the universal equipment is much longer than the specialized one, since it can be used by various industries and enterprises, there is no need to conduct laborious studies of the production needs of their next generation, which is typical for specialized machines, and therefore the depreciation period is not reduced, as in case with a specialized one.

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The features of goods and marketing of additional equipment are:

• Cost and service life is less than capital equipment:

• participate in the production process:

• The decision to buy is taken at an average level;

• The purchase is carried out either directly or through large specialized wholesalers:

• Because the number of suppliers of this equipment is much larger, the price and brand, the service can play a big role:

• Although personal selling prevails, but advertising, exhibitions, fairs are of great practical importance.

Considering equipment, its characteristics and features of the process of its purchase, it is necessary to mention such a form of delivery as delivery of complete equipment. In this case, the buyer prefers not only to purchase equipment from the supplier, but also to conclude a contract with him for its installation, commissioning and commissioning and its subsequent maintenance during operation. Such a delivery of complete equipment involves the establishment of a long-term relationship between the seller and the buyer on the basis of a contract concluded between them, which is a one-time agreement with a long delivery period, and a certain part of the contract amount is paid by the buyer prior to the manufacture.

This group of production goods includes buildings and structures and they are considered as objects of capital construction.

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Capital equipment products are characterized by: high cost, long term use; high level of decision-making on procurement. They participate in the production of goods, but do not become part of the finished product. * •

The implementation of capital construction (ACS) is the sale of a complex product, or a technological complex as a whole, since construction is "turnkey"; and involves the implementation of basic works (foundation), the construction of the facility itself, the supply of all communications, wall insulation, cable wiring, etc. Consequently, the features of marketing capital equipment can be attributed:

• Direct purchasing channels;

• personal sale as the main element of promotion;

• price is not the most important element of marketing;

• the main thing in advancement - technical and economic characteristics, reliability of the supplier;

• Commitment to brands - weakly expressed

• Of great importance is after-sales support (for example, installation, installation, start-up, staff training, modernization, etc.).

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For the marketing of the product group, "capital and additional equipment" the following characteristics are of particular importance:

• supplier reliability;

• availability of warranty obligations;

• high level of service;

• providing spare parts.

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