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In this essay I'd like to consider personal and organizational ethics and offer my own patterns concerning this issue. To begin with it should be known that personal ethics and morality are the actual central of human tendencies. It could be said that installation of our personal ethics will be the guiding for our further actions. In this framework, it's important to comprehend two principally different systems of personal ethical behavior. It could be said that one of the systems can be known as as system of full personal responsibility. It includes only real human personal key points and ideals and, on its basis selects different options of human actions and thoughts. The opposite of the system - is a system of strong subordination basic principle. As a rule, these systems are allocated among such religions as Islam and Judaism. Both these systems are incredibly comfortable and have a number of advantages. I presume that for me, the closest is the Catholic ethical system. However, as a fact, I have my own principles and beliefs that form my very own ethics and determine my actions and words. Nevertheless, all my personal views are corrected by certain higher value system - something of principles №№of the Catholic religious beliefs.

According to Sayali Bedekar Patil (2010), it should be known that business ethics is one of the very most important, but at exactly the same time the least analyzed areas of modern business life. As a fact, opportunity of business ethics deals with issues how certain business practice is satisfactory. For example, does the vendor have the moral right at an structured presentation of products to hide information from the client about the reduced standards of something safety? Should the accountant record inaccuracies found in the audit, realizing that in cases like this, that the client will probably cease cooperation with the organization? Should car manufacturers use expensive new parts, providing security, understanding that because of this that car becomes too expensive for the client? Despite the legality of such situations, decisions and actions, the last mentioned should be evaluated in terms of various indicators, not merely in the level of "true-false". Business ethics is contradictory in aspect. Without any doubts, such questions relate to business ethics' sphere of activity.

As a matter of fact, business and ethics can't be considered individually from one another. In their daily work and activity, people (at any level) will inevitably face the necessity to make honest decisions. Generally, ethical issues happen in the field of management, marketing, developing, research, recruiting, financial management, business strategists, and many more. It can be said that moral and accountable activity plays a part in the creation of new competencies, since it draws its users within the entire organization and plays a part in the future-oriented/ all natural approach to leadership style and better prepares the business to both exterior and inner changes, crises. Hence, business ethics creates self confidence, boosts reputation, and helps to maintain good relations with various teams, including, customers, associates, owners, shareholders and organizations, as well as lenders and the multimedia. I am convinced that ethical and sensible activity really helps to improve the appeal of the business in finding good employees, to maintain the goodwill of people and enhance the value and stability of an organization, to provide a consistent and continuous development of the venture. As a fact, ethical and liable activity impacts not only individuals and interest groups, but also the hobbies and profitability of the organization. Thus, in other words, business ethics is a way to better manage the organization.

Many experts have different meanings of what ethics is. To discover a common ground I'd like to provide some of them, which for me, characterize this idea the most accurately. Matching to Chris MacDonald (2002), ethics - is a way of measuring of individuals thought and tendencies that hails from the principles of goodness and correctness. Ethics - is an attempt to identify the rules which should guide human being activities and life worth. Ethics defines how people should treat each other. Ethics - is a set of worth №№that are positive and appropriate. Personally I feel that all these explanations endure in themselves the answer for the question what is ethic. For me, ethics is a set of behavior rules of a person or organization that create its image and attitude to the individual or group by customers, partners, investors, media, specialists and so forth.

According to Chris MacDonald (2002), there are following ethical worth: "Honesty, integrity, promise-keeping, fidelity, fairness, caring for others, esteem for others, sensible citizenship, pursuit for superiority and accountability".

However, business ethics also include such idea like ethic dilemma. It should be mentioned that ethic dilemma - is a issue of difficult choice between this or that way of action. Situations and issues that every once in awhile require making the decision in real life, often boosts the ethical issue. As an undeniable fact, both possible solutions of the ethical dilemma may require patterns, which is not acceptable from the standpoint of morality. Moral conflicts might occur in following conditions

There is a significant turmoil between different passions;

Alternative alternatives can be justified evenly;

The consequences are extremely very important to those, who are worried.

I wish to provide two types of business ethical dilemma, that in my own thoughts and opinions are of special interest. The first one: a customer wishes to receive from a company any product or service, but when he heard the purchase price, the client claims that this price is unacceptable to him. An employee of firm is aware of that the client can get the same service at competitor's store. Should the employee of the organization notify customer about the competition or not? The next business ethical issue is pursuing: my colleague informs me that he is going to leave the business and begin focus on a fresh site, which is guaranteed to him. At exactly the same time my boss provides me to comprehend that he'll not give me a campaign, because he's going to give it to my colleague. MUST I notify my colleague about it? Without any doubts it is hard to answer these dilemmas unequivocally. In my opinion, business ethical issue is definitely a compromise with yourself. On the one hand, everyone has own pursuits or passions of the company. On the other hand, people should behave themselves towards others, as well as they want people to react towards them. I think that a person should choose for himself what is more important to him - long-term image and honor or short-term benefit.

In this area of the essay I would like to offer an analysis of my own work experience at Starbucks Corporation, where I used to work as barista. It ought to be mentioned that Starbucks is convinced and does indeed business ethically and also strives to do the right things that are vital to the success of the business. I presume that business ethics facilitates the objective of Starbucks and helps to protect its culture and reputation by providing resources to help associates make moral decisions at the job.

According to Kate McClelland (2007), Starbucks has its program, which is aimed at thorough development of business ethics within the business and the as in touch with the external environment. The program produces and disseminates information materials, including business standards, promotes compliance and ethics training. Also Starbucks program explores very sensitive issues such as potential issues appealing, and also provides additional programs for partners words concerns. Partners must report all types of questions or concerns to this program through their choice of communication channels. As a rule, nearly all studies received on business ethics and compliance involve labor relationships issues. It could be said that Starbucks feels that company should conducting business ethically and always will try to boost its business ethical standards.

According to Starbucks' Moral Sourcing (2011), Starbucks' business ethics includes social responsibility and its component, included in this are

Taking value countries that produce caffeine;

Taking value the environment;

Taking value communities;

Taking care about employees.

I would like to consider each one of these concepts more directly. As a matter of fact, taking value countries that produce espresso is a very important ethical issue for Starbucks. It can be said that Starbucks can take serious options to help espresso farmers improve their lives and protect the surroundings in which they grow caffeine. Starbucks has carefully studied many problems, which farmers are encountered by today, including financial and environmental. By taking care about countries that produce espresso Starbucks at the same time maintains a well balanced state with their plantations, pays attention to the safety of the environment and retains high benchmarks of coffee quality. Because Starbucks' success relies generally on the secure supply of quality coffee, the company has taken steps to keep the stability of coffee production with a simultaneous concern for the surroundings. Starbucks also facilitates community assignments to increase the welfare of young families in "coffee" regions.

The second component of Starbucks business ethics program is taking value the environment. It should be noted that taking procedures to reduce waste production and control permit the company to maintain the natural resources and raise living standards around the world. Starbucks actively looks for out opportunities to minimize impacts on the environment and contributes a lot of money and the perfect time to make our planet healthier. The third aspect is taking care about communities. As an undeniable fact, local Starbucks coffeehouses have grown to be a central part of many neighborhoods, they serve as a place where people can collect, talk, talk, have a good time. But Starbucks is convinced that by make their lovers' responsible friends and neighbors and active individuals in the incidents of these areas where they live and work, along they can bring more benefits to local communities. That is an important part of the business ethics and the culture №№of the business.

The forth factor of Starbucks business ethics program is taking value employees. A lot more than 63, 000 people just work at Starbucks and each one of these people the business message or calls "partners", who are a tool for success. And since Starbucks' success will depend on basically on the determination of the lovers, the company's main aim is to show them how much Starbucks appreciate and admiration them, matching to Tom Allen (2009).

In my estimation, Starbucks has good attitude to business ethics. However, I would like to say that even this business ethics structure needs some changes. To begin with, there have to be made certain improvements in the sphere of business ethics because Starbucks is working globally and not atlanta divorce attorneys country ethical concepts are identical. That is why Starbucks cannot permit to reduce its image in the international business. Often, one of the moral principles plays a considerable role in a customer's decision whether visit Starbucks again or not. Good service and exemplary frame of mind of the staff in Starbucks Organization always has to use ethical concepts that will assist the company to succeed. To be able to provide the best service and unique products to the customers, Starbucks Corporation has to do everything possible to satisfy the customers' needs.

If I was a leader, I would create a plan of changes running a business ethics and implementation of new solutions, I would consider the examination and analysis of the existing strategies, business ethical principles, newest solutions and innovative techniques that could have an organization to succeed. As for specific steps, I propose the business to expand its presence in popular internet sites and make a questionnaire study in the coffee houses with the aim to boost its fairness and quest for excellence. I presume that available desire of the company to listen to and consider opinions and suggestions of the customers concerning bettering service quality would be the easiest way to reflect its business ethics and can have a confident impact on company image. I am persuaded that this step will help Starbucks to gain more fans all around the globe. This may show that Starbucks is caring for people.

To conclude I would like to say that ethics - is the mankind, honesty, admiration, goodwill, fairness and trust. It isn't possible to provide effective management without business ethics, with regard to success of the venture it's important to treat others with admiration, appreciate other people and consider what is occurring around the enterprise. Each corporation is the part of the contemporary society and the wider environment, disregard for culture and the surroundings can lead to a situation in which the company can no longer continue its activity. Society and the surroundings can exist without the particular company, but the company without its environment and contemporary society will not survive. It ought to be noted that folks create the organization and the organization is created in the first place for folks. All products and services that are produced and offered are created specifically for folks and for their needs.

Without any uncertainties Starbucks Company has almost perfect business ethics expectations. Although, easily will be a leader of the organization I'd propose the company to extend its occurrence in popular social networks and make a questionnaire study in the caffeine houses with the aim to boost such important moral worth as fairness and quest for excellence. I strongly assume that such step can help the company to listen to and consider opinions and recommendations of the customers pertaining to Starbucks' goods and service quality and become the ultimate way to echo its high business ethics criteria.

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