Case Study Brand Ambassador Marketing Essay

This project statement projects the utilization of customers as the brand ambassadors by the company. The job argues that be it feasible to make customers as its brand promoters or not. it will familiarizes you with this issue brand ambassador and then the benefits and drawbacks are cited.

Brand ambassador is a marketing term for a movie star employed by a company to market its products within the activity known as star branding. The brand ambassador is intended to embody the organization image to look at, demeanor, worth and ethics.

The Dictionary of Business & Management identifies a brandname as: "a name, term, indication, image, or design, or a blend of them, designed to identify goods or services of one seller or a group of sellers and to distinguish them from those of competitor".

Nowadays customers face a large number of voices and images on tv set, magazines, magazins, hoardings, banners, radio etc. they are the brand ambassador of the merchandise. Every brand efforts to grab the attention of customer to be able to see them about the merchandise and service. The challenge of the internet entrepreneur is to discover a hook that will contain the subject's attention.

But nowadays company like mc-Donald, Sony, Uniliver etc has considered an progressive move by employing the true customers as the brand ambassador. Companies spend large amounts of money to align their brands and themselves with endorsers. Overall spending on citizen marketing keeps growing and is expected to top $1 billion in 2007, up from $980 million in 2006, corresponding to PQ Media's word-of-mouth marketing forecast. That amount is likely to swell to almost $4 billion by 2011.

Consumers are decided on based on their devotion to something and how big is their sociable circles. They are anticipated to utilize friends, family, organizations and resources through discussions, blogs, live events and online sociable media.

Their activities are assessed by things such as online traffic, range of blog posts, reader responses and e-mail replies, and how many people participate in real-world incidents. These programs "hire" consumers, via bonuses and rewards, to act as part PR agencies, part sales reps and part evangelists.

Often, these repetitions create their own branding gimmicks.

In your view, in the Indian marketing context, is the idea of brand ambassadors more likely to be successful? Justify your answer.

Ans (a): Yes it'll surely prove to be successful in the Indian population. The following reasons are:-

It assists with increasing web traffic and discussions on social press sites by expressing their unfiltered thoughts, thoughts about the product through tweets, status updates etc. Faithful customers are in a behavior of talking about the product that they like most with their friends, family members which indirectly helps bring about the brand and increases the sales. The energy of customer storyline is such that it can influence a more substantial number of society as the individuals can associate themselves with the client well. For ex - dove has used this theory n uses its dedicated customers as its brand ambassador.

Customers can open up entry doors faster than you can. :

It becomes very difficult alone for the company to promote its brand products to each and every individual on the market. By making devoted customers as its brand ambassador it is causeing this to be possible. Customers can more quickly promote anything be it negative or positive and other people listening gets influence spontaneously. It demonstrates to be a major opportunity for the business to make customers as brand customers. After utilizing a product customer immediately put up their sales radar as well as bogs or tweets. thus it end up being helpful.

It's genuine, it's real, and it isn't marketing:

Nowadays there are quantity of advertisements on tv that this becomes very tuff to break through the clutter. Insurance firms several customers who are your brand ambassadors, it is possible to break through with an authentic voice because it will sound different in the end it's humanization of your brand at its best. The reality is that whatever customer said it will have a tone of genuineness in that.

Many movie star endorsers get unnoticed today inspite of the glamour factor added in it. so a fresh and innovative technique for innovation is firmly needed to promote the merchandise.

Comment after Sony's strategy of using brand ambassadors to unveiling its camcorders. What can be the possible dangers of using this approach?

Ans (b):- sony's strategy of using customers as brand ambassador is new and innovative step for campaign.

Out of 2, 000 people only 25 ambassadors were picked based how much they planned on traveling and participating in sporting events. The winners received a free of charge camera and other equipment in October along with lessons how to utilize them. Applicants who didn't make the slash got a thank-you be aware and a 20 percent discount coupon for the camera.

They should hand out discount coupons, show the camera to anyone who asks and blog each week about their ventures over a dedicated Sony micro site.

To avoid charges of deception, ambassadors are suggested by marketers to openly show you that they're reps.

Sony decided that selecting brand ambassadors who like to travel, take pictures and blog would jump-start the launch of its reports Gps navigation camera. "That is something with emerging technology and we really need to let consumers see people utilizing it, " says Koba Kobayashi, director of digital imaging accessories at Sony.

The Risks of Relinquishing Brand Control

Fear of the rogue customer.

Making customers as their brand ambassador can be a difficult proposition because companies are terrified that customers may turn to them and post anything which can prove to be negative.

Although it's very rare that the customer arrive against you, it can happen only if the firm struggles to provide satisfactorily product to customers. So that it can be negative only if there is lack of efforts from the company itself.

Concern over burning off a brandname ambassador because they go forward.

It becomes a serious problem for the company if they stick to one customer for brand campaign and he/she is unable to accommodate them because of their time or any other concern. So it is more suitable that the organization allow multiple customers to take part in a single route in like manner avoid such issues. It becomes difficult to mange an individual transition.

Fear of not "controlling" the brand note.

A marketing consultancy can do is to impact brand text messages and perception, however the reality is that its typically controlled by our audience. The customer word of mouth magnifies the world through social advertising or others. Due to social media customers have a words and they can post their thoughts and thoughts whether we empower them or not.


This concludes that the thought of employing real customers as brand ambassador proves beneficial and cost effective to some extent. Loyal Customers ambassadors have to be treated well as they are the one whose person to person proves to be best for the company. this plan is effective in grabbing the interest of a large number of customers as they think it is real and can certainly relate themselves using their words.

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