Classification of advertising in the media, Forms and genres...

Classification of advertising in the media

Undoubtedly, according to the way of distribution, advertising in the media takes the most significant place. Therefore, in the classification scheme this type of advertising can not be ignored. It is on the example of advertising in the media that we can distinguish the next level of classification and talk about types of advertising.

Type (English type ) literally means "fingerprint, shape, pattern". But communicators for the purposes of a differentiated approach suggest using this concept when considering information distribution channels ( type of channel ). Applying this approach to the consideration of advertising in the media, distributed through various channels, we can distinguish:

• advertising in newspapers;

• advertising in magazines;

• advertising on the radio;

• advertising on television.

Each type of advertising has its own characteristics in terms of development, submission and effectiveness.

So far, the classification of advertising in the media has received insufficient attention. In the best case, we are talking about the division of advertising into direct and indirect advertising. Advertising in the media, on the one hand, is an independent phenomenon, on the other - it has common signs with journalism. Therefore, the approach to classification of advertising should take into account these circumstances. Moreover, many researchers hack or otherwise already recognize that advertising is an integral part of the media product. However, it seems to us extremely important in the classification of advertising in the media to take into account also specific form-building, technical features of advertising messages in print and electronic media.

Forms and genres of advertising in print media

In our opinion, the classification of advertising in print media can be conducted for several reasons. First of all, we are talking about a certain form-building feature. The second characteristic for classification is genre-forming characteristics. And finally, the third sign is the place and method of placement.

Classification by form-building

More often in print media, there are three forms of advertising, which are basic when selling ads.

Modular advertising. The module is a certain part of the strip taken for the minimum amount of space that can be sold to the advertiser for its advertising appeal. As a rule, the strip is divided in a standard way into fractions: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, etc.

Sometimes the module is calculated not by the standard-proportional division of the strip, but based on the accepted five- or six-column layout. In this case, the band is divided into a corresponding number of columns (five or six), and then the columns are divided. This method is not particularly good for advertising sales, as it violates the principle of unification. The division into modules, based on the proportional division of the strip, allows you to prepare a standard layout, which can be placed in newspapers of different formats. For example, the original layout, designed for 1/2 A4 format, will calmly stand up in 1/4 of the A3 format or 1/8 of the A2 format. This standardization is convenient for a large advertiser who places advertising in more than one edition.

This principle of modular division is mainly used by newspapers. Logs most often apply another principle of modular grid - 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4.

Modular advertising is sometimes referred to as "display", as it implies a certain structure of the advertising message, designed as a master layout on the computer with the help of graphic programs.

Classified advertising. Any newspaper publishes today a sufficient number of advertisements from both physical (private announcements) and legal entities (firms, organizations). Blocks of classified advertising can be divided into directions depending on the needs of the market: real estate, cars, work, materials and equipment, services, etc. Large blocks can also contain subheadings. For example, in the "Real Estate" block, if it is presented in the volume in bulk, it is allowed subheadings indicating the direction of the action: "buy", "sell", "exchange", "withdraw", "I will give". Sometimes in this heading there is a so-called object heading: "apartments", "garages", "summer cottages", "offices".

To determine the cost of classified advertisements, a modular grid is sometimes used, which is typical for business newspapers and magazines. But most often the price is determined here for a square centimeter or a sign, but necessarily taking into account the sizes and typefaces of fonts accepted when making layout advertisements.

Classified advertisements are often called Classified, or classified ads.

Text advertising. Here we are talking about materials that are close in style to the materials of the editorial section of a newspaper or magazine, but published as advertising. Sometimes an advertiser does not want to give a classic advertising message or publish an advertisement in the section of classified advertising, but intends to tell the reader in detail about his new product and its advantages over a similar product of competitors. In this case, according to the application form, the advertising material can be presented in text format, sometimes in a genre similar to editorial journalistic materials (article, interview or even reportage). Special forms of presentation can also be found, which we will consider as advertising genre educations (they will be discussed below).

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