Company profile and market analysis of Rimmel

In 1834, "The House of Rimmel" was made by Eugene Rimmel in Regent Avenue London, UK. Rimmel is the most advertising plastic brand known as Rimmel London. The company is now owned by Coty, Inc.

Rimmel's tagline is: "Receive the London look".

Few years ago Rimmel was modelled by an British tv set presenter and model Holly Marie Willoughby. Kate Moss (English model), Sophie Ellis (English singer, model) Lily Cole (model and celebrity) and Aymi Hamasaki Japan performer, are those celebrities who plays an important role for encouraging Rimmel London.

In 2009, Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger's daughter Georgia May Jagger and Canadian super model. Coca Rocha were released as spokeswomen for the Rimmel London. The first marketing campaign premiered by Rocha. For the success of Rimmel London on earth global market, Rimmel has authorized world famous celebrities Zooey Deschanel, Solange Knowles and Alejandra Ramos.

Rimmel products may easily be found in UK, France, US, Norway, Ukraine, Spain, Belgium, China, and many other countries.

Rimmel London is the main one plastic brand that boosts the inner beauty and individuality of every girl. Its mission and goals are described below

To build a confidence, and perception atlanta divorce attorneys women.

To create equality and independence in them.

To create a feeling of personality.

To attaining the seeks, and gratifying the dreams.

To build a trust on yourself and committing the energy of skills that each women have.


The eye-sight of Rimmel towards beauty is that we now have no universal expectations of beauty, and every female has something in her personality that makes her unique and beautiful. As Rimmel stands for, reliance trust and opinion so its eye-sight is to make every woman to trust and trust herself. The other most significant perspective of Rimmel is to encourage every women to fulfil her dreams with confidence, with her own styles and ways. Rimmel vision's are very great and clear which make this brand most successful in customers.

Rimmel have various products in UK for and its own products are described below with the characteristics





Sun shimmer


Foundation enhances beauty. Rimmel foundations are created from the formulation which is most beneficial for every epidermis, style and provides finishing by using its products. A number of the Rimmel products of foundations are the following

Lasting Finish 16Hr foundation.

Match perfection base.

Stay matte basis.

Costumers get ultimate finishing Rimmel powders. A number of the Rimmel powders for face are the following

Silky lose face powder.

Clear appearance clarifying powder.

Match perfection compact powder.

Stay matte pressed natural powder.

Rimmel concealers assists with hiding defects. With Rimmel concealers skin area appears perfect and flawless. Some of the Rimmel concealers are listed below

Hide the blemish concealer

Stay matte dual action concealer.


Through Rimmel blushes women cheeks looks glowing, sparkly and natural in a simple sweep. It enhances their natural beauty by using these blushes. Some of the Rimmel blush products are the following.

Mono blush

Multi- tonal blush


Mascara is the plastic product which gives volume, length and curves to the sight. Rimmel mascaras will be the most selling mascara's head and it helps the customer to improve the beauties of these eyes. A number of the Rimmel mascara's are listed below

100% waterproof mascara.

1-2-3 looks mascara.

Extra very lash mascara.

Rimmel eyes shadows provides you modest and dramatic look. It creates eyes to looks more appealing. It improves appearance depending on complexion and experience. It increases attention of men and women and provides glamorous and gleaming look to sight. Some of the Rimmel eyeshades products are the following

Colour rush trio eyeball shadow.

Colour rush duo vision shadow.

Colour rush quade eyeshadow.

Rimmel eyeliner makes eye more appealing and beautiful. Purpose of these attention liners is to give shape to eyes regarding to choice. Mainly women apply eyeliners on their eyes based on the current fashion and styles. Rimmel liner products are the following

Exaggerate liquid eyeliner.

Lash eyeliner.

Lash accelerator mascara.


This is the main product of Rimmel which is utilized by every girl of any generation. It offers beautiful condition to lips. Fresh and shiny colours of Rimmel lipsticks make lip area more attractive. Rimmel lipstick products are the following

Colour show off.

Lasting carry out lipstick.

Rimmel lip liners define lips in a perfect way, plus they can easily blend with any colors that happen to be applied on lip area. A number of the Rimmel lip liners are listed below

Lasting coatings 1000 kisses lip liners.

Exaggerate automatic lip liner.

Gloss gives mouth a mildly shiny and lustre look. It gives fresh and healthy look and stay for very long time. Its products in UK are the following

Stay shiny.

Vinyl gloss.

Royal gloss.


Rimmel provides women each and every product to improve there beauty. With the hands shape tips also needs to appears perfect. Women care about their nail that is why Rimmel provides beautiful and glamorous colorings for nails as well. Some of the fingernails products are the following

5 in 1nail good care.

60 seconds nail polish. 7


Rimmel shimmer collection offers a summer glow within a year. A number of the products for shimmering are listed below

Sun shimmer 3 in 1 shimmering bronzer.

Sun shimmer instant tan bronzing spray.


Rimmel is the cosmetic brand which comes worldwide. Rimmel has got strength, providing its unique London turn to more than 40 countries worldwide. Rimmel is the Britain's top selling aesthetic brand.

For supplying the best performance on earth Rimmel agreed upon their home- grown up supermodel Kate Moss for global contracts.

Kate Moss was using Rimmel products since she was a teenager. She remembers

"Heather shimmer lipstick was my favourite!!"

Rimmel London performed an important role for every woman on the planet. As Kate Moss feedback

"We have freedom of preference, and folks can create their own style. "

Rimmel different products have been sold worldwide and can certainly be found anywhere in cosmetic store, medication store, super marketplaces, and beauty salons and in a great many other places.

Rimmel offers its best performance by translating the looks of London into new tones, products, packaging and advertising. , Rimmel products are always easy to use, versatile and accessible, made to encourage experimentation and self-expression.


Rimmel products will be the big attraction for girls. Rimmel taps in a female psyche and organise music and occasions as well as journals competitions and sponsorships. Rimmel always keeps in mind likeness of its consumers which are specially from age 16 - 24 years of age females.

The other main marketing strategy of Rimmel is makeovers. Rimmel used this strategy and it was organised by 4 privileges and Done and Dusted, where large numbers of girls was waiting around patiently.

Sponsoring the discos, says Coty Beauty UK marketing manager Natalie Moon

"We posted video tutorial of its online which formed part of an Rimmel London competition. "

Rimmel sponsor the first T4's celebrities of 2009 at Earls Courtroom, providing friends with makeovers in branded mobile phone booths as performances took place from acts including JLS, SUGABABES, and CALVIN HARRIS.


Capital Radio Get together in the playground which is organised by princess trust have been sponsored by Rimmel since 2002 - 2004. This event is no longer in existence but jv between Rimmel and Capital RadioStation Full Caty Show. It includes Rimmel way to listeners that may be activated through occasions.


Rimmel is ideal contender for sampling. Improving upon word of mouth marketing promotions and offering possible customers have chance to familiarize with the Rimmel products for free. Recent retail sampling involved beginning a pop shop in Selfridges.


Cloth show live where people gather in organizations are been targeted by Rimmel. Rimmel has been employed in exhibitions for 7 years, which is a key event.

Swot Examination

Rimmel circulation is very effective

Rimmel has a very strong and unique feature.

Rimmel give attention to female beauty and experience

Rimmel has extensive and large range of products for every and all of body.

Rimmel is a worldwide brand

Rimmel products are made from high quality


Poor packaging of products.

Not suits to a lot of people who are having some skin allergies.


It will raise India's market and current economic climate.


Market competition.

Political threat.

Religious threats.




India economy is the eleventh major overall economy in the nominal GDP.

India is the fourth most significant purchasing power party.

India has great economical power since it has large numbers of real human and natural resources and many skilled specialists.

In 2009 India's GDP expansion rate is 6. 8%.

India's large service industry is of 55% of India's GDP. Industrial and agricultural sector contribute 28% and 17% respectively.

India's culture is proclaimed by a higher degree of syncretism and cultural pluralism.

Foreign immediate investment is increasing rapidly in India. There is a continuous growth in per capita income. This may lead to higher buying ability in hands of Indian consumers.


India is having biggest democracy on earth.

People of India have made many parties relating to them.

India has real multi party system like

National level political parties.

Regional level political parties.

Recognition of politics parties.


India inflation has risen up to a two- 12 months- high, elevating the likelihood of interest. In 2008 May, low cost prices increase up to 10. 16%. In 2009 2009, according to a written report Indian inflation stood at 11. 49%. This rate results the increasing in prices. Calculating inflation, the whole sale price index differs from other work. Indian government calculates whole deal price of group of 435 goods is computed every week. As India's inflation is increasing, it does mean the price tag on living is also rises which is a lot higher for the populace. For example preparing food gas prices increased by 20% in 2008.



Now a day's businesses are emphasized to visit internationally due to competitive environment. Every business would like to increase their customers. Without heading internationally business will remain in the limited size. By left over in limited size business can concentrate on the quality of their products but nonetheless if you won't develop than it can lose their customers.


Companies have to increase and increase internationally to earn a living using their business. Professionals of the firms increase their income which relies on

Foreign range.

Foreign resources.

To acquire resources.

USE OF Technology:

There are many reasons for doing international business, and technology is one of the reason through which a business can utilise scientific resources from anther countries. Technology in a business can be used in various ways which are essential for every business

Use of technology in production.

Use of technology instead of eating products.

Use of technology in providing products.

Use of technology in presentation products.


By going internationally it does increase the standard of living. Folks are introduced by a global brand Rimmel. They are employing the international brand and try to adopt the style and the international makeup products, through their standards are increased. There lifestyle are improved and they come to learn about the cosmetic world internationally.

LABOUR Benefits:



PEST Examination


Tax programme

International resistance

Government resistance

International trading law

General intuitive

Privatization policy



Interest rate.

Production levels.

Consumer self-confidence.


Lifestyle changes.

Living requirements.








In international market exporting is the most well- established and traditional form for doing international business. Rather than making factories of Rimmel in India, Rimmel exporting will be an outstanding way for doing business internationally.

Rimmel in India instead of manufacturing their products they can choose this plan for business that is exporting. Exporting can reduces the potential risks of operating overseas.

JOINT Project:

Joint venture can be an agreement between several companies for purpose of performing business and these businesses shares both earnings and loss. Joint Venture Company is the most accepted form for taking the product Rimmel internationally. In India there are individual laws for joint venture.

Through jv strategy Rimmel can utilise the abilities of other companies with which it is going to join. It can also help Rimmel to satisfy certain requirements of local customers in by India by knowing about their personal preferences through other company. But there is a disadvantage of jv that any of the company doesn't have full control of management in virtually any action.


The merger and acquisition process occurs when exporter merges with domestic company in target market and creates a new entity. This technique is utilized for reconstructing business. In India there is too much competition in merger and acquisition. Inside the conditions of merger and acquisition India is one of the leading nations on the globe. Merger and acquisition business deals in India amounted to $40 billion through the initial in 2 months in the entire year 2007.

In Indian commercial sector, acquisition of the international companies by Indian business has been the latest development. There are different factors in India that played out their parts in facilitating the merger and acquisition in India that are favourable administration coverage, buoyancy in market. In India there may be increased competition of companies in participating in global corporate sector facilitated in the merger and acquisition activities in India.


Foreign direct investment can be an investment of overseas asset into domestic framework, equipment and company. It does not include investment in stock market.

Foreign direct investment experienced helped Indian overall economy to grow. Administration is constantly on the encourage this type of online marketing strategy to do investment of the type. But with $5. 3 billion in FDI in 2004 India get less than 10% of the FDI of china. Government Direct Investment played important role in Indian current economic climate through this FDI India can perform financial stability, development and development, and it can also focus on all areas.

Licensing and Franchising

Franchising is a company where one get together give option to other for a distribution of the goods using the franchisers brand and system in trade of a price. Whereas licensing do not get the same level of support and training as compare to franchising.

In India this is actually the most popular business getting into strategy for international business to acquire chain because of their own company outlet stores. This is recommended for international businesses, due to this Rimmel can start their company stores this will be beneficiary to allow them to go internationally.

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