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Competence approach to vocational training

The concept of "competency model". Key performance indicators

Competency model is a tool for developing individual plans for professional development of a future specialist. She describes the intellectual and business qualities of the future specialist, his interpersonal communication skills and allows planning its further development: mastering the knowledge, skills, skills necessary for successful work in the specialized professional field of activity.

On the basis of the competency model, it is possible to effectively develop new approaches to training future specialists, to form new courses of professional development (Table 11.1, 11.2).

Table 11.1

Knowledge and skills required by a PR specialist

The main tasks of a PR specialist in an organization

Special knowledge and skills


Preparation of information messages and placing them on the official Internet portal in the established order

Knowledge of information technology, the skill of writing messages, literacy, knowledge of media requirements for the information materials they receive

Analytical and structured thinking,

normality, discipline, responsibility

Organization and holding of briefings, press conferences, interviews for media representatives

The skill of public speaking, maintaining contact with the media, organizational skills

Self-confidence, sociability, stress resistance

Maintenance of information communication and coordination with representatives of authorities participating in the response to the event

Maintaining contact with government officials

Sociability, teamwork, discipline

Answers to external phone calls from representatives of the media and citizens, including the organization of the "hot line", the response to inaccurate information

Good knowledge, knowledge of the organization's policy (which can not be done)

Stress-resistance, dynamic thinking, fast reaction, analytical, normative, disciplined

Monitoring of reports in the press and the Internet

Work skills with a lot of information



Special knowledge in the field of professional activities of the industry

Table 11.2

Competency model for line item PR specialist

Competency Name

Competency Description

Analytical and structured thinking

Ability to see the cause-effect relationship, use logic in analyzing information and making decisions; the ability to see the situation as a whole and its individual elements, to identify significant interrelationships; the ability to distinguish the main thing from the main; ability to generalize

Flexibility and creativity of thinking

Ability to improve traditional patterns of activity; ability to produce a variety of ideas

Dynamic thinking

Ability to respond quickly to changing situations; the ability to quickly switch from one activity to another


Highly developed ability to quickly and permanently memorize new information, including those relating to people (names, scope, etc.)

Organization, Planning and Control

Ability to define priorities for tasks, identify and allocate resources; the ability to effectively organize activities, breaking it into stages; ability to correlate tasks with time; ability to timely control results according to predefined criteria


Ability to capture the attention of the audience; ability to listen and hear the opponent; the ability to be open to dialogue; the ability to express clearly and convincingly your thoughts, the ability to convey them to others; ability and willingness to accept various forms of self-expression of partners

Ability to work in a team

Ability to take a common team goal and work towards achieving it using a strategy of cooperation, not competition

Stress resistance

Ability to maintain self-control in critical situations and to act productively in conditions of emotional pressure, resource scarcity or multitasking conditions


The ability to make and execute decisions, despite the disagreement with them of other people; the ability to present yourself in a convincing or impressive manner; the ability to persuade, exert influence and resist it

Observation, mindfulness

The ability to notice significant, characteristic, including subtle properties of objects and phenomena

High learning ability and breadth of interests

Desire and ability to learn; openness to the new; interest both in the professional sphere and outside it

Discipline and normality

The ability, if necessary, to follow the instructions and instructions meticulously, to work according to established rules with observance of the prescribed regulations; the ability to accept constraints given from outside (by the process or superior leadership) without creating feelings of emotional dissatisfaction

Special knowledge and skills

Ability to compose texts.

Knowledge of media planning programs: Excel, Excom Media Planer, the basics of media planning for GDP, compilation and optimization of the media plan, Exxon Media Planer, Proba-Media, Galileo, TV Planet, Super Nova (radio); InfoSYS (for TV).

Knowledge of computer programs;

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Microsoft software package (Word, Excel, Power Point), Outlook, Internet browsers. instant messengers (Skype, ICQ, FTP-managers), basic management skills for typical content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, OpenCMS, Bitrix), Lotus Notes, monitoring programs (Factiva, Medialogy,

Knowledge of a professional foreign language

Qualification characteristics of a graduate of a university
The qualification of a specialist in advertising and public relations provides for the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and skills for the functions of a spokesperson, communication structure manager, expert, consultant, referent in state and public institutions and organizations, commercial structures on mass information and business communication , public relations, humanitarian technologies, scientific, cultural and tourist exchanges.

The professional activity of the graduate is aimed at studying and developing appropriate recommendations on the following aspects:

• processes and phenomena of domestic political and international life;

• international, interethnic and international relations;

• socio-economic problems of the city, region, republic, country and the modern world as a whole;

• planetary, nationwide, regional and local information flows; scientific and cultural cooperation;

• information support of domestic and foreign policy; formation of public opinion at home and abroad;

• Creation of a single international economic, ecological, cultural and information space;

• The processes of globalization;

• The processes associated with disarmament, the construction of a safe world.

Professional qualities of a specialist in the field of advertising and PR communications

Due to the fact that Advertising & PR is a complex discipline that covers various fields of activity (advertising, sociology, psychology, marketing, management, journalism, etc.), then specialists in this field need a lot of skills.

All this was summarized in the Federal State Standard of Higher Professional Education in the direction of preparation 031600 Advertising and Public Relations (qualification "Bachelor") on March 29, 2010. It determines that the graduate must have the following professional competencies (PCs):


• Ability to exercise professional functions in the field of advertising and public relations in state, public, commercial structures, the media, the social sphere, the sphere of politics, economy, production, trade, science, culture, sports (PC- 1);

• Possession of knowledge and skills in press centers, press services, press departments, mass media, public relations departments, public relations centers, advertising departments, communication agencies (PC-2);

• the ability to monitor and plan communication campaigns and events (PC-3);

• the ability to use the techniques and techniques of conducting public opinion polls and focus groups in market research (PC-4);

• Possession of the basics of speech, knowledge of its forms, rules of speech etiquette and dialogue, laws of composition and style, methods of persuasion (PC-5);

• Basic skills of creating texts and documents used in the field of public relations and advertising, literary editing skills, copywriting (PC-6);

• Basic skills of brand management (PC-7);

• Basic media planning skills (PC-8);

• Basic communication skills, ability to establish, maintain and develop interpersonal relations, business relations with representatives of various state, financial, public structures, political organizations, media, information, advertising, consulting agencies (PC-9);

• Ability to discuss professional problems, defend your point of view, explain the essence of phenomena, events, processes, draw conclusions, give reasoned answers (IIК-10);

• the ability to conduct research in a specific subject area, understand the results of experimental and observational ways of testing scientific theories (PC-11);

• the ability to realize knowledge in the field of advertising and public relations as a sphere of professional activity (PC-12);

• skills in the advertising department, marketing department, public relations department, advertising agency (PC-13);

• ability to carry out advertising, information and promotional campaigns and events (PK-14);

• Ability to use the techniques and techniques of marketing desk and off-campus market research, organize consumer surveys to identify their loyalty to the product and firm, in order to identify the competitive advantages and disadvantages of the company and organization (PC-15).

In the field of organizational and management activities:

• Understanding the fundamentals of management and marketing (PC-16);

• knowledge of the history and basic theories of management, mastering of basic management functions (planning, organization, coordination, accounting, control, decision-making, leadership, motivation, adaptation) and methods of their implementation; knowledge of the fundamentals of business processes (PC-17);

• ability to make quick decisions, including in crisis situations; ability to develop non-standard solutions (PC-18);

• Ability to participate in the management and organization of advertising and public relations services of the firm and organization, to carry out operational planning and operational control of advertising work, public relations activities, to carry out activities to improve the organization's image, promote goods and services of the firm on the market, evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and public relations (PC-19);

• Possession of skills in the organization and operational planning of their activities and activities of the firm and organization (PC-20);

• mastering the skills of organizational and managerial work with small teams (PC-21);

• the ability to participate in the formation of effective internal communications, the focus on creating and maintaining a favorable psychological climate in the team, motivating employees to actively work and develop the organization; the implementation of work to improve the skills and general cultural and professional level of staff (PC-22).

In the field of project activities:

• Ability to participate in designing in the field of advertising and public relations of a company, organization, providing tools and methods for implementing projects, participating in organizing the work of project teams (PK-23);

• Possession of skills in the preparation of project documentation (feasibility study, terms of reference, business plan, creative brief, agreement, contract, contract) (PC-24);

• Ability to implement projects and own methods of their implementation (PC-25).

In the field of communication

• The ability to participate in the creation of effective communication infrastructure of the organization, ensuring internal and external communication, including with government agencies, public organizations, commercial organizations, the media; participate in the formation and maintenance of corporate culture (PC-26);

• Ability to participate in the planning, preparation and conduct of communication campaigns and activities in accordance with the aims and objectives of the organization on the basis of research results (PC-27).

In the field of advertising and information activities:

the ability to organize the preparation for the production, production and distribution of promotional products, including text and graphics, work and presentation materials in traditional and modern means of advertising (PC-28 ).

In the field of market research and forecasting and analytical activities:

the ability to organize and conduct market research in order to forecast the development of the market, its capacity and the dynamics of demand and consumer preferences, and develop measures to improve the competitive position of the organization and firm (PK-29);

• the ability to organize and conduct sociological research with a view to making a forecast of public opinion and developing measures to enhance the image of the firm, organization (PC-30);

• Ability to organize and conduct market surveillance, surveys, questionnaires, experiments to improve the image and competitive position of the organization and firm in the market; to collect, process and analyze the data obtained (PK-31);

• Ability to prepare, organize and conduct questionnaires and opinion polls of consumers and public opinion; perform processing and preparation of data for analysis (PC-32);

• the ability to collect and systematize scientific and practical information on the topic of research in the field of public relations and advertising (PC-33);

• skills of writing analytical references, reviews and forecasts (PK-34);

• skills of drawing up and processing materials for expert opinions and reports (PC-35).

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