Concept Of Sustainability And Marketing

In the 21st century the internet entrepreneur should give attention to the environmental and communal issues along with commercial aspect. Sustainability retains a balance method of environment, human health and better business management. It means marketing consultancy should use green recourses somewhat than depleting resources which help us to reduce polluting and harmful waste. The corporate world has the moral duty to utilize natural recourses and explore new resources with ecological alternative. The key question which will be analysed, how should environmental and interpersonal concern to be integrated in the business and online marketing strategy.

Definition of Lasting marketing

"The idea of sustainable marketing supports that an organisation should meet up with the needs of its present consumers without reducing the power of future technology to fulfil their own needs" Philip Kotler and Garry Armstrong: Ideas of marketing (2008)

Business has to face new competitive environment from the competitor because of scientific and globalisations. Which means firm explore new marketing concept, home based business model and new form of assistance. Along the way of finding new online marketing strategy they disregard the cultural and environmental factor which in real can act as competitive gain for the company.

The business literature forecast that sustainability will play a major role in 21st century, as company must interpret social expectation which consist of integrated system such as economical, communal and environmental factors. However the organisation is not implementing the environmental management with due diligence and firm will not appreciate the environmental factors into proper plan. Financial supervisor believe that investment into sustainable factors as high pricey and present less importance to the problems and focus on the commercial and earnings motive.

Many marketing finding and publication has turned out that integration sustainability notion into firm helps to build good brand image in the corporate world. As normal marketing theory is argued, what is the best way to sell the product in the framework of environmental worsening, resources depletion, high human population and world poverty. Organisation should finally integrate the concept of sustainability marketing in to the strategic planning the better performance of business.

"Sustainable marketing has been submit as an umbrella under that your traditional applications of marketing can merged with both environmental and sociable issues" (Fuller 1999; vehicle Dam and Apeldoorn 1996)

Further discussion will be based on the following headings

Marketer Adaptation to the idea of Sustainability

  • The task of Sustainable marketing
  • Adaptation to the idea of Sustainability

Integration within overall marketing strategy

  • The tactical Implication
  • The marketing strategies

The problem of Sustainability marketing:

In 21st century you can find incredible development in technology and international trade, hence company find new way to advertise the merchandise and new idea of marketing is developed. All this is done to battle your competition and achieve the sales goal. Social responsibilities of companies will be the real obstacle for the firm which is a debated subject in the organization world. The is basic opinion that company follow their own profit motive and less care about the social and environmental factors and everything they actually is sell the product with marketing trick to improve the company performance. However there may be optimistic view, as some companies are adopting progressive behavior and felt the need for communal sustainability marketing.

On the other hands there is debate that companies advocate and implements social sensibility due to pressure from legal, civil activist and environmentalist pressure, while some big companies appreciate public interest for the business purpose and which become competitive advantages for the business.

The companies should arrange for sustainable future by studying the cultural and environmental effect on the marketing strategies. It means further re-evaluating just how product and service are created and impact of sustainable marketing on customers, supplier and stakeholder. .

On the political arena the green labeling plans and recycling are poor to develop on earth, which require stimulus from individual administration in their countries. Many popular company advocate recycling their product and look after the sustainability. For example electronic production such as Philips and Electrolux are incorporating environmental factors to their product. There are obvious guidelines by organization like ISO14062 which focus on the integration of environmental account into product design and development.

Marketer must verify the role of sustainability at macro and micro level. In the macro level, marketing proper plan must take into account the interface between consumption and creation and influence over the company's product manufacturing and its communication attempts

The micro level marketing, the firm have main responsibility at the start and end of the merchandise with also service development process. Hence marketing professional should get appropriate knowledge, information, training and tools to permit them to understand environmental and sustainability factors in their proper marketing decision. However, organization marketers while implementing the concept of sustainability face many problems and lead them into unidentified territory. Therefore we are analyzing facts and the benefits of incorporating sustainability factors in proper decision plan of the organization


Sustainability is a fresh concept in the corporate world and calls upon for important changes in company patterns and advocate sensible actions from stakeholder, federal government and consumers of the business. The company focuses on innovation, increase production and intake, but less attention on depleting natural resources and environmental damage

In 1960 record was presented by membership of Rome regarding global risk by continuous and irresponsible development and after examining the reality, it was put into the as included programs of United Country, voluntary firm and government.

In 1990s the idea of sustainability was ignored for the traditional profit motive of the company's. However the NGO and legal cell implicated company for the participation in the depletion of forest, drinking water and air pollution, depletion of ozone coating and hazardous waste. Finding of market survey reveal that folks are interested in buying a product of company which adopt idea of sustainability and employees are willing to get employed by such organization

The idea of Sustainability (Triple important thing theory )of Bansal

"Sustainable development can be seen as a alternative approach to organizational decision-making, illuminating the interdependent romantic relationship between economic, interpersonal and environmental concerns" (Bansal 2001).

Diagrammatically Bansal (p 48) displayed this romantic relationship as

Figure shows the interrelationship between monetary, environmental and sociable consideration and the idea of Sustainable development.

The management literature shows the way the organization can change idea of sustainability in their business decision making, which require best business model which emphasis, balance approach with traditional financial goal and with public and environmental goal. That is known as triple important thing theory

Three line ideas are as fallows

Economic perspective: Sustainable development of economic point is design of use of resources in sensible manner without jeopardizing the likely potential for same benefit in the foreseeable future.

"A main aim of ecological development is to attain areasonable and equitably sent out level of economicwell-being that can be perpetuated continually for many humangenerations". (Goodland and Ledoc 1987)

Environmental perspective: The business considers environmental thought into marketing decision making and their execution into strategic plan. Lasting development in environmental point of view is defined as

"defining the amount of resource depletion, waste materials generation, and people growth that the earth can realistically absorb without threatening the atmospheric, geospheric, and biospheric techniques that support human being life on earth" (Stead and Stead 1996 p. 62).

Equity point of view: The companies focus on the merchandise recycling and really should not break the cycles of renewal. The ecological development in collateral perspective is thought as "a long-term eyesight in that it must foresee the consequences of its diverse activities to ensure that they don't break the cycles of renewal; it should be a contemporary society of conservation and generational matter. It must steer clear of the adoption of mutually irreconcilable aims. Equally, it must be considered a society of sociable justice because great disparities of wealth or privilege will breed destructive disharmony" (Hossain 1995)

Management of corporate and business social responsibility: This implies the corporate must adapt the concept of Sustainability and business approach to develop a long-term shareholder value by firmly taking on opportunities and taking care of risk deriving from monetary, environmental and cultural development.

Contemporary business business concentrate on marketing, but sustainability need have to integrated into marketing concept to value creation for the consumers and permanent mutual valuable relationship.


Marketing theory deals in close relationship with difficulties of ever changing social, financial and natural environment, bringing on find new competitive benefits from companies. This development is associated with changes in business strategies. Consumer action along with legislative proposal has exerted affect on shifting business thoughts towards sociable liable marketing. The marketing acquire much critics and common man expect higher communal sensibility and responsibility from group, including better quality and safe product.

"A consumer rejects high advertising and promotional activities, deceptive routines. Marketing routines are criticized predicated on an excessive amount of materialism but less on interpersonal good, environmental and ethnic aspect. "(KOTLER et al. , [14]).

Recent development in marketing concept is shown by four main tendencies, which provide a framework for sustainable marketing and building long term customer marriage by

  • Raise the value proposition and value creation to consumers.
  • Broader concept of social marketing alternatively ecological marketing
  • Relation marketing theory handles building long-term mutually beneficial connection with the clients.
  • Cooperation network based on collaboration with key consumers

Value proposition and added value delivery to consumers

As per KOTLER view marketing is dominated by process of fabricating, promoting and delivering goods and service to customers and main purpose of business is to meet up with the customer needs and needs profitably and efficiently than the rival competitor. Today's customers will be more knowledgeable, increase buying power and with new empowered competitor, therefore there's a need for home based business strategy model. Value proposition of several companies nowadays include environment-friendliness of the product based on durability and energy saving. Further marketing principles includes finding alternatives which is supposed at more value added and still maintaining competitiveness with respect to sustainability need.

Societal marketing concept

The societal marketing deals with firm to conform social and moral marketing into their marketing and development activities and companies should have a balance approach to conflict requirements of company profits, consumer's needs and contemporary society interest. According to society's judgment role of marketing is to provide high quality lifestyle. The inexperienced cause related marketing are the new advancement to socially sensible marketing. The inexperienced cause related marketing is the activity performed by the business to construct the brand image and enhance the corporate image. It is regarded as brand attribute and tool to recognize social mission purpose. Social terms symbolize the eye of shareholder, dealer, customer, employee and all the stakeholder.

A research conducted in the UK among consumers certainly underpins this latter

consideration (Number LEWIS, [18]).

The cosmetic of Brand image

Co-operation in network predicated on relationship with key customer across the supply chain

Network firm helps business spouse to talk about their tool, cost and benefit and give more valuable and successful solution to idea of sustainability consideration. According to KOTLER the marketing network many stakeholders such as customer, dealer and distributor and also to build with them good profitable business relationship to that will deliver a competitive advantage. This brings about better business performance for both, than doing the things singularly. Product are produced with minimum fresh materials, energy and less waste material technology, thus to cooperate to achieve sustainable product. Mutually commercial partnership in value chains in the network company will us bring sustainable customer relationship


In Corporate Sustainability the key process contribution of marketing concept is providing value established, customer and collaboration based business idea for competitive strategies of sustainability. Marketing concept reveals that the firm to change the sustainability under legal and interpersonal pressure and also from cost and profit factors. All this implicates many concerns that a company has to deal and accordingly analyse the facts while integrating of sustainability need into online marketing strategy practice. You can find four facts that can play a major role in this process such as

Sustainability -oriented competitive Strategies.

Most companies even today, due legal and communal pressure plays a major role in considering and implementing sustainability factors however, many visible company realize that sustainability can maintain competitive advantage in the market and therefore they incorporate sustainability into strategy decision of the organization. Such company can be benchmark for other to fallow their theory.

Cost and advantage analysis

Social and legal pressure about the concept of sustainability compelled many firm to cope with cost and profit analysis. Initially lack of immediate experience about benefits of social cause, the company was centering more on cost and financial manager more stressed about the commercial gains. During the last decade, the company realized the huge benefits and competitive edge sustainability factors can have on company performance

Efficiency and innovation

The company concentrated more efficiency to pay the high cost of sustainability investment and during the process better management performance. Companies are implementing social and environmental requirements in the system such as ISO400 and EMAS with the aim of eco-efficiency. The company use EMS standards to choose provider quality management. All of this factors shows us about the various methods the businesses conform for sustainability thought.

Company reporting and their brand image

The companies are getting more mindful about the effects on individuals and modern culture and appropriately made the public reporting on achievements in public performance and environmental awareness as norm. All of the stakeholder customer, buyer, distributor, employees, and civil activist are requiring for commercial disclosure of the performance of sustainability. The in charge behavior on social aspect by the firm has great effect on purchasing electricity of the client and positive influence on staff requirements and retention. Shareholder value is determined by company brand and reputation. Many US firm engage in philanthropic activities to boost the brand image. For instance in Europe and Japan every stakeholder group is involved with sustainable consideration according to KPMG record.

If internet entrepreneur ignores the lasting factors, then you will see longer term problem, such as difficulty in

  • Marketing of the product
  • Obtaining insurance for the company
  • Receiving financing for the company
  • Staff requirement and retention
  • Maintaining talk about holder confidence


"Sustainable development can be may be accomplished only by proactive corporate marketing and energetic government intervention" Sheth and Parvatiyar (1995). However the new development of globalizations has brought on bottleneck for the government to put into action the communal and environmental issues and the corporate companies make a proactive approach to the implementation and adaptation of sustainability. From utilization marketing to more ecological marketing and from unseen hand to noticeable hand of government. The number will illustrate the next ways

Figure extracted from Sheth and Parvatiyar (1995)s

Miles and Covin (2000) suggest two models for environmental management, they are

  • The conformity model
  • The proper model

The compliance recommend to fallows the government applicable legislation and laws and regulations, which is defensive way and the tactical model advocate to the company to increase stock holder earnings by utilizing public and environmental strategy proactively to generate sustainable competitive advantages. Marketing choice should include finding market that happen to be ecological concerns and make product and service to be market leader. The marketing attitude should alter from satisfying customer need through useful solution alternatively than product per se. The following facts will be examined as fallows.

  • Lasting value
  • Sustainable solution
  • Ecological product design and development
  • Sustainability effect on the merchandise life cycle
  • Ecological value( the goal)

The product life pattern is impacted by communal, environmental and inexpensive factors and this impact can be positive and negative and our aim is to keep up net sustainable value.

  • Ecological solution( the result)

Hybrid product system makes the merchandise less negative impact and maximizes positive factors of sustainability, thus gratifying the societal needs. Lasting solution mandates all stakeholder engagement to effect a result of changes in utilization and production routine.

  • Lasting product design and development( the process)

The procedure of integrating sustainability issues and effects on the development process, which entail the product launch and additional process, in this technique the reason is to maximize net sustainable value and fulfill the shareholder and customer.

Sustainability influence on the merchandise life cycle

As product pass through different life cycle from development, kick off, to progress, maturity and decrease levels and in process take a look at the impact of sustainability over the time. For example Nike has developed some five periods of lasting life routine for the athletics footwear from research, design, creation, retail, and consumer and down cycling

Sustainability for competitive advantage

Michael Porter and Vander Linda(1995), has proposed win-win situation, where improved communal and ecological performance causes best performance of corporation in commercial point of view, as the strong focus on technology and in this process reduce the natural materials, energy, pollution and waste materials associated with it. For instance green selection of product from Electrolux which have less effect on environment, achieved 3. 5 percent higher margin than company expectation. (8)


Marketing idea of sustainability and issues of commercial social responsibility has gone through sizeable development from early phase to till to date. At the first stage the business lacked clear suggestions how the idea of sustainability to be implemented into the online marketing strategy and action at the company. The business was more concentrating on legal and public angle than financials good thing about Sustainability.

The organization now recognized and implementing sustainability models and following the 'triple bottom line' theory and by adopting this theory the company increase profit, open public connection and competitive edge. Finally, now marketing strategies propagates to provide greater observance to marketing values, such as selling benefits, not just products and safeguarding of corporate ethics and all these goals may be included in sustainability strategies, as well.

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