Conclusions - Business activity


1. Intrafirm planning (WWF) in the commercial structure is a set of system documents that ensure the progressive development of the company through the flexible use of advanced planning technology, market participation tactics, operational methods, various forms of control over the implementation of business projects.

WFTU Technology is an organic symbiosis of the prospective (strategic) and operational planning for the development of a commercial structure, aimed at achieving a mission with the sequential inclusion of the following stages:

1) analysis and evaluation of internal and external (market environment);

2) the rationale for strategic objectives;

3) choosing a corporate strategy for market participation;

4) development of a strategic plan;

5) determination of the forms and methods of implementing the plan (tactics);

6) monitoring the implementation of the adopted plan and adjusting management decisions, taking into account the numerous changes in the market situation.

2. Promising (strategic) plan of commerce is a system document covering the periods of two years, during which the main objectives of the company are formed, the overall strategy for achieving the goals set taking into account

the influence of market environment factors. Long-term planning determines the current direction of the company.

Strategic planning is a multiple process of developing a concept for the development of a company, forming a mission for it, which determines the long-term orientation of commercial activities in order to obtain a good image and stable position in the market. As a rule, long-term plans are developed only at the highest level of the firm's hierarchy of management and are the main document of strategic development of five or more years, expressing the main content of medium- and long-term planning.

3. Portfolio Strategies is an aggregate portfolio that includes planning and management solutions for the redistribution of corporate resources between the company's structural divisions to justify profitable market segments and the potential capabilities of each business unit.

4. Business plan is a system document developed on the basis of an integrated assessment of the market situation for the implementation of the mission of the company in order to improve financial sustainability, justify a new business, obtain favorable loans, attract high-quality specialists.

5. Business transaction - a set of procedures from the beginning to the completion of an entrepreneur's idea, project, i.e. from the investment of the original means and to the receipt of net income as the final result of the activity. Business operations is carried out at the following main stages: the idea, the formation of the plan, the planning, the conclusion of contracts, the provision of resources, obtaining and (or) selling products and obtaining the intended effect.

6. Marketing plan is a system document based on an integrated assessment of the market situation for implementing a program to achieve the objectives of a particular business transaction.

7. Marketing program is a system document developed on the basis of market research for the realization of the commerce function with the use of a sound market participation strategy in order to maximize the satisfaction of customers' requests and obtain the intended profit.

8. Communication program is a system document that includes strategic, tactical and efficient blocks of commercial activities in order to achieve the mission of the company as a result of the organization of not only effective internal and external contacts, but also taking into account the requests of each client individually .

9. Most often in our country the following application packages (SPP) in the field of entrepreneurship are applied: COMFAR (Computer model for feasibility analysis and reporting); Alt-Invest firms Alt (St. Petersburg); PROPSPIN (Project profile screening and reappraisal information system), established at the United Nations (UN) Industrial Development Organization; Project expert firm "Pro-Invest Consulting".

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