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Corporate Advertising

As we mentioned earlier, corporate advertising is a kind of an organization's story about its activities, views and problems, aimed at creating and maintaining a positive image and receiving public support. The emphasis in such information is rather on the image of the company itself, rather than on the content and sale of its products. Unlike publicity, corporate advertising, including propaganda advertising, is paid by the organization and allows the sponsor to submit his story when and how he wants it.

The negative side of corporate advertising is that its audience realizes that this advertising is financed and services itself, so there can be a high degree of resistance to the interested audience. Publicity is not paid by the sponsor, therefore it is believed that the degree of trust in it is greater.

According to some experts' estimates, although no one has officially counted it, for public audience inside organizations such as company employees, etc., about one million magazines and newspapers are published, whose audience amounts to about tens of millions of people. Their circulation, size and range - from one page to large glossy multicolored magazines. This is Intra-corporate advertising.

Printed publications

Despite the fact that most corporate publications are intended for the internal audience, some of them are also distributed to external readers (customers, suppliers and partners, freelancers, etc.). Magazines and newspapers produced by higher education institutions, for example, can choose as their audience the leaders of the local community, donors, legislators and former graduates. Such publications create prestige, a benevolent attitude of the organization. They also offer information about products or promote goods and services.

In addition to intracorporate magazines and newspapers for internal use, there are also brochures, leaflets, posters and other forms of printed materials. Public relations departments, particularly in non-profit organizations such as hospitals, often publish many brochures that describe specialized programs, products and services offered by these organizations. Banks, for example, can have a series of brochures that describe a variety of types of deposits, investment programs and financial planning services.

Another variety of corporate publications are all kinds of financial reports, such as, for example, annual. This is an official document. It contains the financial information required by law, is sent to all investors and the financial community, it is often used as evidence of the company's financial health and its place in the commodity market. This is an important tool for building and maintaining a corporate image. Most of the annual reports are filled with noteworthy facts and references.

Videos and movies

Although video and movies are the most complex and expensive media, they can influence the consumer in a way that is not available to any other means of delivering information. Some large companies even take off their own news programs, which are shown to their employees during a lunch break or other technological breaks. Visual demonstration of samples of goods using video - the practice of the appearance of goods in news programs or a movie to show its image in the right angles. It is a form of publicity, which uses the film as an intermediary in the transmission of information. For example, a manufacturing company as a kind of publicity can send a message about news on video cassettes, disks or by e-mail to television stations. Video films can also be used for sales presentations, employee training and various press conferences.

There are, however, several restrictions on the use of video and movies. First, viewers are accustomed to quality images and, therefore, expect to see such video and movies that are made professionally. And this means that such materials will be expensive.

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