Corporate Strategy To Attract Customers Against Its Rivals Marketing Essay


There a wide range of rivals of Tesco early 1990s Tesco competitors gave very rough time to Tesco, etc that point Tesco needed a good and recently trading strategy. Tesco old trading strategy was very good. But on that time Tesco was not attracting the clients anticipated to bad customer services. In 1997 Terry Leahy Became a member of Tesco as a Chief Executive. Terry Leahy thought that why Tesco is not bringing in the customers as compare to its rivals like Sainsbury's, Asda etc. So from that point Tesco started out additional services to catch the attention of the clients. These services receive below.

Online Shopping services

Tesco internet

Tesco Golf club Card

Excluding the above mentioned services Tesco lately released new additional services to get the clients. These services includes Tesco Finance institutions offer the credit cards, mortgages, lending options, Tesco Insurance, personal savings and travel. (cn. tesco. com)

Tesco Corporate Strategy might be very valuable research and review as well as very extensive. This strategy appeals to the customer and provide very difficult competition to its rivals especially Grades and Spencer, Sainsbury's, ASDA, Morrison etc. Sometimes some Tesco rivals beat Tesco in some fields, therefore corporate strategy of Tesco continuously bring in additional customer services to draw in the clients against its competitors.

'' Matching to Jamier L. Scott Corporate strategy is some activities made to enhance the level of client satisfaction that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the client expectation'' (2002),

In the retail business or any business the customers are incredibly important, almost every company try to attract the clients. This could be in various ways like to be able to sold items, damage item may be exchange or refund with in specific time frame with the receipt which is given to the customers during the advertising items. Many companies do this process on the customer services desk as well as some companies do this process on the standard table like Tesco. However now day's customers expect more than such kind of services. Quite simply customer's desire is up to date customer service or upgraded customer services.

'' According to Berman B. Evans improved products and services create cable connections. Additional customer service is the extra elements that improve a retail strategy combination'' (2010)

Upgraded services are good service like store atmosphere, store location, prices, promotional methods and will be offering.

Many large organizations like ASDA, Tesco, Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury's use its commercial strategy to up to date its products and service, which is very helpful to produce a good connection with the clients.

'' A strategy is an idea of action made to achieve a particular goal. The term strategy has armed service connotation, because it derives from the Greek term for standard'' (Oxford Dictionary 2nd Release)

Every company formulate strategies to boost its business earnings and customers as well concerning innovate some products or services that can be attract with their customers.

Aims and Targets:-

My Dissertation Subject is: How Tesco use its commercial strategy to entice the customers against its competitors?

My part of study:

Explanation of Tesco corporate and business strategy which is utilized to create current customer services.

To understand the Tesco commercial strategy which is using to create additional customer services?

Explanation of how Tesco corporate strategy attracts the customer by using ancillary customer services.

To understand the Tesco offers, goods, services and advancement how they are attracting to the customers.

Comparison of Tesco strategies with its rivals strategies that how to attract the clients.


Organization Analysis:-

Tesco is the planet greatest 3rd retail business which is situated in UK. Tesco have significantly more than 440, 000 employees all over the world and almost 3700 stores in UK as well as 13 in other countries. In recent time Tesco opened its stores in the AMERICA, which is known as Fresh & Easy as compare to its international rival Wall Mart as well as Tesco have many stores in Europe and Asia like Poland, Slovakia, Hungry, Turkey, Czech Republic, Republic of Ireland, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia.

MR Jack Cohen was the founder of Tesco. He began his business in 1917 as a small stall. Tesco opened up its first store in 1929 in Edgware. After that Tesco unbelievably has developed its business in UK and worldwide. Tesco created many innovations to attract the clients.

Day by day Tesco is increasing its products and services to keep the customer loyal, this gives though a chance to its competitors. Tesco is first company which introduced self check outs to provide good customer services. Tesco is offering many services to its customer from tesco. com like home delivery services and online ordering/shopping and present return to the client in the form of Tesco club greeting card. Tesco use its corporate and business strategy in different ways to appeal to the client. A Tesco 2009/2010 interim end result is showing that sales boosted from 11. 4% to 14% and revenue increase 8. 6% from its original revenue Tesco dividend development rate is 9% and Income per share expansion is 9. 1% which ultimately shows very strong position of Tesco in international and countrywide market.

Literature Review:-

In an organization corporate and business strategy is the base of all strategies. Commercial strategy expose and decides the purposes, objectives, goals and also produce, polices, strategies and primary for achieving goals. It does also contribute to make the employees, stakeholder, communities and customers; usually corporate strategy pertains to the entire business. (Nicolai J. Foss)

Corporate strategy is very useful to achieve the goals in a challenging environment to meet up with the stakeholder and market expectation, whereas corporate and business strategy consists of making business level strategies like marketing strategies those strategies are very helpful to attract the clients. (Richard Whittington, Kevan Scholes)

Marketing strategy is the most important strategy which organization makes from the organization strategy to draw in the customer. This plan keeps the client loyal and comprehends the behavior of the customer, for an example a customer go to an electronic show room to buy some digital things, and customer gets extra treatment and good service from the dealer then definitely the strategy of the retailer is to get the customer. There is no doubt customer will come over and over and to inform the other friends about this shop. (TheTimes100. co. uk)

The research demonstrates many corporation like Parcel pressure, Cadburys, Argos, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Markings and Spencer supplying higher level of customer satisfaction to attract the clients. These organizations get the client by using their corporate strategy to do market research. (TheTimes100. co. uk)

The restrictions between corporate strategy and online marketing strategy are unclear. The primary purpose of corporate strategy is to draw in and wthhold the customers. (Mintzberg, 1994)

Marketing strategy management as well as corporate and business strategy are very important tool for an organization to attract the clients and keep carefully the customer loyal from the competitor's corporation; both strategies take the organization into accounts externally and internally to provide extra treatment of the customers. (J. Rea, Harold Kerzner)

Corporate strategy of any company describes business according to the customer services. (Levitt, 1975)

All over the world every size of company use innovative commercial strategy to encourage the customers. (John Toschohl)

The performance management externally and internally is very important to get and wthhold the customers. Performance management places the objective, duties and goals for a director. This gives permission to the organization team to do best for the satisfaction of the customer. Performance management can take very important key action like rewards, progress and training to improve the performance, such varieties of things are incredibly essential to help, maintain and attract the customer which is very good for achieving the organization goals. The main reason for performance management in an company is to provide quality of customer support and satisfaction as well as manage the client desire and give rewards. Its effectively get the customers by controlling the staff. The guidance of team and accountability can help to a business to get its goal and goals; by using this a business may measure the whole performance, attainment can be rewarded and identified by using performance management. (Cook, S)

Organization can boost the fascination of customer and keep the customer devoted by using progressive customer services, (Danon)

Corporate technique for any organization takes on very authentic role to draw in and retain the customer without customer a business cannot run the business on the market. Therefore companies innovate, provide good customer support and products guide and help the customer, provide different types of products and incentive these are the various strategies which company make to entice and keep the customer loyal. In order that customers are the survival for any organization. (John A. Goodman)

There are two concentrate of strategy that was integrated directly into one concentrate. Many people are still debating that how two concentration of strategy are different, differentiation strategy concentrate on different services and products which firm are providing to a small band of customers. Mostly this plan adapts the tiny firms and new entrants. somewhat than large one. It offers products and services based on the small group of customer. (Philip A. Wickham)

Marks and Spencer (M&S) is a retailing company which is really located in UK. M&S carry out its business review to check on its falling profit and trading environment. M&S amended its corporate strategy to meet the customer as well as gain the competitive benefits.

M&S Corporate strategy:-

To broaden business internationally.

To increase for multi route development.

Changing the all procedure execution as well as increasing the speed.

M&S again will refocus on brand communication

M&S is working and launched a fresh program to put into action above strategies under the 2020 slogan. (Lan Dyson)

M&S has declared a plan to close its some unprofitable store for attaining its aim and goals. M&S commercial strategy is describing that M&S is broadening its business string internationally to get the customer satisfaction and keep carefully the customer loyal. The move of M&S in the international ramp is providing the tough the perfect time to its competitors in all types of product and service. M&S is also looking types for its food and non foods for growing its business. (Ms-corporate-strategy/8601465. article)

Sainsbury's Corporate and Business Strategy:-

Sainsbury's is a proper retail leading company in health and food. Sainsbury's goals is attracting the customer by providing the quality of products at reason prices and their aim is to inspire the customer to consume good and reasonable nutritious diet food by promoting the full of energy lifestyle.

Sainsbury's will not compromise on quality, flavour and services. The main target of Sainsbury's is to make the healthy and low fat food to keep the customer devoted.

Sainsbury's purpose includes providing best food for health which keeps their customer life-style healthier.

The main opinion of Sainsbury's while reselling its products with their customer that customer have full and clear information about our products, quality and price.

Sainsbury's corporate and business strategy also contains that provide good customer services using its healthier food to preserve and attract the customers.

Tesco Corporate strategy:-

Tesco is the 3rd largest retail corporation. The commitment of Tesco is to develop the shareholder prices by via ground breaking customer focus strategy.

To provide quality of products at cheap to customers.

Customers are unique and we are leading to deliver the first class services to the customers.

To keep the customer loyal we reward the client by using team card.

To supply the high range of products with the high quality.

To expand business globally to compete the competitors.

To supply the flexible and clean environment to customers. (Tescoplc. com)

The main target and elements of Tesco strategy is listed below:-

To become strong in food and non food.

To get better in retailing services like Telecoms, Tescodirect. com, Tesco personal fund and Tesco. com

To raise up the core UK business.

We lay modern culture/community at the spirit of what we do.

Tesco wants to be a victorious international shop. (Tescoplc. com/Plc)

Chief executive of Tesco Terry Leahy thought to Weekend Times that Tesco will be the greatest online world grocery suppliers as well as our aim to achieve the UK no. 1 online business. (1999, Lorenz)

Terry Leahy leader of Tesco explained that people are retaining and attracting customers by giving extra care and attention, products and services to customers as compare to competitors, additional customer services and care and attention is offering though period to Tesco competitors. Tesco is offering wide range of its products and services online in line with the customer aspire to attract the customers and keep the customer dedicated. (Tescoplc2000)

Research Methodology:-

The research includes redefining and defining problems, creating hypothesis, collecting, recommending, and organizing analysing the data reaching on realization, at the end list down the final outcome to choose whether creating hypothesis is fit. (Clifford Woddy)

Research standardized the effort to get new knowledge. (Redman and Mary)

Careful inquiry to learn some new facts and knowledge is called research. (Move forward learner Dictionary of Current English)

To determine and find out knowledge which is covered in the centre of research. (Lee)

The main reason for the study is to determine and discover the answer of the question as well as try to determine the hidden real truth which still have not been determine and discover. (Rajendar Kumar)

The main reason for while doing research is to find out relationship between theory and practice. Specifically if the research is directed by the research (Inductive methodology) or the research is directed by theory (deductive methodology). Both techniques will provide very good understanding of my research. To the better understanding of issue the thesis will complete on the research of quantitative research as well as qualitative research. (Rowley)

Data Collection Reference:-

For my research we shall be gather secondary data form authentic articles, books, publications, newspapers, news, and websites as well as printed journals. The goal of collection of extra data is too explicit and very useful to use. The collection of secondary data is quite helpful and useful as this data has already been collected.

Definitely for my research we shall use most important data. This data we shall collect from interviews, surveys, managers and personnel face to face meeting. Conferences and interviews will be do by means of prearranged questionnaires.


The main target of my research is to comprehend the logic behind the effectiveness of corporate strategy within an organization and how Tesco use this strategy to get the customers as compare to its competitors like Grades and Spencer, ASDA, Morrison's and Sainsbury's. The variables which we considered are quality of products and services, innovations, time taken in processing the question, reputation and costing.

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