Critical Assessment Between Apple And Lenovo Marketing Essay

This article is going to briefly compare the two brands on brand management---Apple and Lenovo. Apple and Lenovo are two big computer producers, that have their own characteristics separately, while, in various aspects, Apple is way better and prior set alongside the same products brand Lenovo.

A good brand brings much information important to the clients. A reliable brand means a whole lot for the clients. It would become an id of the foundation of products. It presents the promise, bond or pact with the manufacturer. An excellent brand makes reliable purchase communication between the companies and the clients. From the point of view of the firms, a good brand building is also of great significance. A amazing managed brand would bring more revenue and greater commitment from the clients to the firms (Baxter, 2006). Besides, a superb brand image would make the business it represents better among its challengers. Also, good brand building would make this company a far more cohesive group, that includes a very progressive heart to make itself better all the way. Therefore, the great importance lays on the brand management from the companies. This paper will attempt to briefly compare the brand management of both brands-Apple and Lenovo---in order to get some useful lessons on brand management.

In a expression, this paper is aimed at comparing both brands and getting the improvable spots of Lenovo, and then it will propose some recommendations which could improve and make Lenovo into a much better plus more perfect computer maker, besides, related discussion and analysis will also be given.

II Brand Assessment and Critical Evaluation

2. 1 Simple presentation about these two brands

Apple, which originally called "Apple Computer", is an American multinational company which designs and offers electronic digital products, which including computer software and series of computers. The most well-known hardware products produced by Apple Company are Macintosh type of computers, the ipod touch, the i phone and the iPad. The amazing software products result from Apple are various and marvelous, such as the Mac pc OX operating-system; the iTunes mass media browser; the iLife series of multimedia and creativeness software; the iWork collection of output software; Aperture, a professional photography package; Last Cut Studio room, a collection of professional sound and film-industry software products; Logic Studio, a suite of music development tools; and iOS, a mobile operating-system. Till August 2010, the business has had 301 retail sub stores in ten countries, and one online store by which various related hardware and software products are sold to customers(Bosch, 2005).

Lenovo is mainly a China targeted company. Mainly predicated on Chinese language, Lenovo is a multinational computer technology firm, which mainly advances, produces and offers computer systems and notebook personal computers. Besides, workstations, machines, storage drives, IT management software products and related services are also designed and sold in the business.

Lenovo Company was at first born named as "Story" in Hong Kong in 1988. Its basic principle operations are right now made in Beijing of China, Morrisville, North Carolina of america, and also in Singapore, beside, it has research centers in these locations, as well as in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Chengdu of China, and Yamato of Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Lenovo has got the former IBM Computer Company Division in 2005 for about 1. 75 billion us dollars, by which, it acquired the Thinkpad line of notebook Personal computers. Of 2009, the Lenovo Company rated the fourth most significant among the non-public computers retailers in the globally. Till enough time that reaches more than half of 2010, Lenovo's market show increased a whole lot, which modified from 8. 6 percent to 10. 4 percent. Lenovo plays as the most significant personal computers retailer inside China. Based on the research organization IDC in July, 2009, it has a 28. 6% talk about of the Chinese market. Till March 31, 2009, it is reported that Lenovo possessed provided 14. 9 billion us dollars for the Chinese fiscal year every year. Lenovo Company vends its products in many ways. They include businesses that of small size to those of medium size. Also, it has a series of online chain stores, plus main technology vendors.

2. 2 brand comparison

In many ways, Apple is a lot stronger a brand than Lenovo.

Firstly, Apple has better product strategies. The largest feature, also the most excellent merit of Apple personal computers is that they apply the unique Mac OS X operating-system, which is created and innovated by Apple itself(Birdsong and Evans, 2004). This special system is more secure and better to be utilized by the customers. On this aspect, it is unique among all the competition, this innovative nature and different feature make it surpass other computer brands a long way away, of course including Lenovo, which has always been applied others' hard wares and gentle wares entirely. Also, Apple has beautiful appearance in its operating face(). On this point, Lenovo is a lot plainer. What's more, they have better quality conception and performance. As predicted through online, hard wares problem look very frequently on Lenovo computer systems, this is a disgusting and upset encounter that you find your computer fails to work well due to its hard ware problem in a short time of less that three years after it is bought. As of this aspect, Apple has frustrating merit. It often has very excellent allocation hard wares so as to condition the better performance of its computer systems, especially in a few top quality computer products, such as those ones utilized by the pictures makers(D. A, 2004). In short, Apple symbolizes good quality; good quality stands for Apple.

Secondly, on the facet of brand elements, Apple's brand elements have been designed naturally much better than Lenovo. To begin with, Apple---this brand name is obviously much easier and bright a concept for the clients to remember. Weighed against Apple, this given birth to term, which is so familiar and easy to be acknowledged and appreciated by the customers, Lenovo, this phrase, which is "man-made" by the custom, is a lot harder and stranger to be remembered and known by the customers. The simple term "apple" is simpler to say, spell, and read, bear in mind in the brand "Apple". Compared to "apple", the word "lenovo" is so abstract and weird to the clients, especially for individuals who meet it at the very first time, who may even hardly could bear in mind and have impression in their intellects towards this difficult expression. Also, the brand "Apple" ingeniously let its name "apple" be meticulously and completely equivalent to its brand image image----an apple with a component bitten off. Weighed against Apple, upon this point, Lenovo does not have any fresh idea at all---- again it just makes its brand word "lenovo" appears on the every computer machine's "face", which is seemingly a weaker and less fresh deed to market its brand image.

Thirdly, for the performance on the aspects of development and brand products technology, Apple has an visible superiority to Lenovo. Apple comes with an aged and longer evolutionary record than Lenovo. Delivered in 1977, Apple Company is a famous and familiar computer creation company in the us, which was the earliest initiator and the recognized producer of computers (D'alessandro, 2001). Many hard wares come out from Apple producing lines "Powerbook" have always been the primary stream products welcomed by the customers in the personal computer markets(D. Ryder, 2002). Besides, it includes suggested creative new ideas for many times, which has headed the digital fashion for a time. The special connection with Mactonish OS makes Apple computers the best option for the picture workers, which has a privilege merit on the field of pictures and images management, and has a big market talk about for long time(Kapferer, 2008). Compared with Apple on these aspects, Lenovo is relatively a fresh and young brand, and the most important point is the fact that Lenovo does not have any unique center techniques of its which let itself recognized from other opponents. To some extent, Lenovo pcs are some pretty much blended machines. Therefore, on the areas of being creative and making invention, Lenovo is a relatively too weak brand compared with the shiny Apple.

Besides the above mentioned, strong brand as Apple is, it does far better on the facet of globalization as well. On this point, Lenovo is again weaker relatively. With special and leading products characteristics, Apple has built its branch companies or representative organizations in tens of countries in the worldwide, along with which, its products can be purchased popularly all over the complete world. While, Lenovo is actually a China-based brand. It mainly targets at Chinese language customers and develops inside China vast. In this way, Apple is unquestionably a globalized strong brand, while, Lenovo is weaker upon this point.

2. 3 Critical Analysis and Recommendations

Based on the aforementioned comparability, it is apparent that Lenovo is relatively a poor brand in lots of ways on computer creation, quite simply, it could be improved in a variety of aspects.

2. 3. 1 Critical evaluation

Firstly, it is so naturally shown that Apple has a better product strategy on the aspects of products feature, quality perceptions and performance. Apple has its own unique software and technology coaching using its products, besides, it might perform satisfactorily on its products' quality. While, Lenovo has long being relied on others' technology and relevant software products, and always its products' quality performance is not satisfactory and clean nearly as good example as Apple. Based on the customer established brand collateral model, vitality or effect of the brand is based on what the customers have learned, sensed, seen and found out about a brand consequently of their experiences(Kotler, 2006). In other words, what consumers reaction to the brand matter a lot. The energy of an brand is based on the imagination of customers. Therefore, uniqueness and excellent quality performance of the merchandise could possibly be the core importance of a brand's management. Once a brand allow customers show their satisfaction towards its products, the brand is an outstanding brand.

Secondly, Apple has better designed brand elements weighed against Lenovo. The brand name "Apple" is better designed than the name "Lenovo".

Good brand elements should improve brand consciousness; form strong, favorable, and unique brand organizations. According to the criteria for choosing brand elements, the core elements for brand building are memorability, which includes being easily identified, and being easily recalled. So relating to these conditions, Apple's brand features are simple, familiar, and distinctive. While, Lenovo's brand name is difficult and unusual relatively. Besides, good brands should be easy: they should be easy to state, to spell, to learn, and also to remember(W, 2003). On this point, Apple is an extremely well example, while Lenovo is not. The name word "apple" suits the key points almost perfect and completely. The born word "apple" is very easy and simple for customers to identify and remember. However, Lenovo is completely a strange and new phrase, which would bring some difficulty to customers to remember it. What's more, the brand picture of Apple is beautiful and directly recognized through the senses. Upon this point, Lenovo is comparatively plainer.

Thirdly, on the areas of evolution and brand products development, it is evidently that Lenovo performed less well than Apple. An excellent brand must have a kind of innovative spirit that let its brand and its own products create new constantly. Development is core spirit of company heart, once a group could have the ability to let itself keep making progress and innovation constantly, the group could be an advanced team(Kilbum, 2006). Definitely, Apple is an remarkable example. Founded previously, it has a very long history of having made improvement and innovation. The very best example is the fact it has its own unique included software and hardware technology which distinguished itself from most of other competitors. Upon this point, Lenovo is relatively weaker and poorer. But not unchanged through all the years since it was born, Lenovo only need stored "combined" others' all sorts of technology products and put them into a bit of exterior clothes which called "Lenovo". It is an undeniable weak point.

2. 3. 2 Recommendations

Through the above mentioned brief comparison and analysis, we could attract that Lenovo might improve itself from some aspects.

Firstly, may be Lenovo could try to improve its product quality performance or make its after service easier to remedy the poor product quality problem. It might make an effort to learn some technology and analysis out some its own reliable skilled products strategy. To be specific, in the first place, it could make practical research on the list of users of the products in order to discover clearly what their products' weakness are right now, and then it might make an effort to solve this problem one step by another. On other side, it might improve its after service condition, which is also an important part of getting the customers' hearts. Along this process, the brand will make itself more perfect. From the way of improving after service, it also could learn its own products better, it'll become familiar with how they perform and work used and know where and how to make its products better.

Secondly, on the aspect of brand elements, may be Lenovo will make a little change on its brand name to make it easier accepted by the customers and easier be kept in mind by the customers. Based on the information online, Lenovo has already established it called as "legend" in the beginning time. However, "legend" could be an improved choice. The term itself has a kind of profound meaning which indicates a sense of secret, and of great antiquity. Also, it is a born word, which is simpler and easier for individuals to remember. Anyways, on every side, naming the brand as "lenovo" is a less good idea when compared to a name as "legend" or something else similar. Although there could be some practical problem in changing a brand's name, I must say i think this is a considerable idea to increase the brand condition.

III Conclusion

To summarize, through these comparison and the relevant brief analysis, a conclusion could be performed that Lenovo is a fragile brand relatively to Apple on many aspects. Apple has better product strategies, product performances, better brand elements designed, and more distinguished brand invention to be exceptional among all the opponents. However, Lenovo is a relatively limited and vulnerable brand, especially without any do it yourself unique technology.

Lenovo could improve itself through ways such as make its products performance better or improve its after service condition, and could considering changing its brand name into a more symbolic and serious name as "legend" or something else, which is easier and more glowing a notion for customers to remember.

All in all, good brand strategy is a central part in a brand's building; a wise management should select a well and clear way to make its brand better.

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