Culture of business communication, Etiquette. Basics...

Chapter 9. The culture of business communication

9.1. Etiquette. Basics of business ethics

The rules for effective mutual communication in the conditions of professionally necessary actions in the language of specialists were called - business etiquette & quot ;. He has been developing consistently and consistently for a long time as a result of a constant evolutionary selection of communicative conditions, methods, techniques and forms of the most expedient business conduct conducive to success in business relations.

Due to the objective laws of the development of the society and the progress of technical scientific thought, the worldwide process of unification and strengthening of economic ties is rapidly and all-pervading. And not only on a global, interstate scale, but also at lower levels of professional and business communication, up to interpersonal interaction. There is a growth of export and import markets, many companies become multinational and transnational. Business success has become more dependent on knowledge of local color and traditions, as well as compliance with the rules of etiquette by businessmen of those countries with which they cooperate. Local etiquette when doing business abroad is a big problem for those who go on business trips to different countries. It is equally important to know about the peculiarities of culture, traditions and rules of good taste of the countries, where business partners come to the company.

Until today, due to cultural heritage, the course of historical development, geographical location and many other objective and subjective conditions, differences in the rules of business conduct and communication in different countries remain. National characteristics, religious traditions, climate, historically established moral norms influence how businessmen dress, behave, think decent and worthy, and that is a sign of insecurity or disrespect for a business partner. However, despite the existing differences in national traditions and rules in different countries of the modern world, the basic principles laid down by the centuries-old practice of commercial (trade) interaction between different peoples and cultures, often originating from ancient times, remain constant. It is about respecting the business partner and his time, respecting one hundred rights to private life and property, maintaining a certain distance in business communication, respecting the characteristics of culture and traditions, as well as the history of the host country.

Before the start of business interaction, it will be superfluous to firmly grasp the simplest rules of conduct adopted in society, what and how to do in certain situations in specific countries. The simplest and most universal recommendation can be the following basic tips. Since the success of any interaction is almost wholly or, at least, largely dependent on a favorable first impression, then try to produce it. To begin with, you should learn at least a few phrases in the language of the host country: "thank you", "please", "please say", "how to get" and the like; learn to count to ten; to master the simplest methods of non-verbal household communication adopted in the host country; do not forget about self-esteem, hold on and behave as you would like, so that your partners behaved towards you. If there is no precise knowledge of how to proceed, you should refer to a person by first and last name. In many countries it is considered a good way for visitors to consume local food.

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