Customer Online Shopping Behaviour

The internet has revolutionized businesses, economies and societies all over the world. It is constantly unleashing new business models, creating new products and services, changing just how consumers shop and businesses sell their products. The increasing quantity of Internet users yearly indicates increased knowing of Internet's benefits for individuals around the world. As Internet is now more widely used and is playing a very significant role atlanta divorce attorneys sector of individuals life, for example in studies, in business, entertainment, public life and also in online shopping, the internet brought a revolution in the real human life, it's very helpful in every sector. Online shopping is also growing enormously. As many companies are wanting to globalize their sales, Internet becomes the primary method of advertising and providing their products worldwide. Many businesses are creating webpages in addition with their retail stores, and many start their businesses with online stores only. Web store is the number one remote shopping method that consumers use nowadays. Shopping on the internet offers lots of benefits that you won't find shopping in a store or by email. The internet is usually open - seven days a week, 24 hours per day - and deals can be numerous online. Having a click of a mouse, you can buy an airline ticket, reserve a hotel, send flowers to a pal, or purchase your chosen styles. But sizing up your sees on the internet is just a little different from checking out items at the mall. Internet is changing the consumer behavior toward online shopping too since it is straightforward and consumers can get huge range of variety and can compare the costs easily and it is convenient too. Online shopping gets famous ever before than before and it's really making a great space in the consumer market, and because of this more consumers appealing to toward online shopping everyday all over the world. Regarding to Imrg Record in 2007 online shoppers from United Kingdom spent more than 46. 6 billion pounds in shopping. This makes UK the No 1 leading country in the Europe for online shopping (IMRG 2008). And Matching to 5 time forecast by 2011 32 million internet surfers will be shopping on the internet, and the spending they expecting to expand 52 billion pounds (Forrester UK e-commerce forecast). It means UK Online market keeps growing extremely fast as compare to Pakistani online Market. A Review completed by Global Nielsen implies that 97% of UK internet users have shopped online, and on the other end 60% of Pakistani internet surfers never shopped online (A global Nielsen Consumer article 2008). It really is an enormous difference. The populace of Pakistan is 171 million (countrywide population insurance policy 2010). And populace in UK is 61. 4 million (office for national statistics 2010). If we see from this online market point of view Pakistan is one of the actual market in the world by looking at the existing population of the country. However there are a few major elements which do not allow Pakistan to progress further in the forex market. Even though most Pakistanis reside in the cities and they have more recognition about internet than people living in remote areas, people in Pakistan are well aware about internet use, and almost all of them are students and children, they have more awareness about internet use than any age group. From the previous research which has been done in this issue priority was about security of internet shoppers.

2: Problem statement

Online shopping in Pakistan is not growing well as it will do as compare to other countries. Pakistan is a potential online market, which should improve like other countries, the majority of the Pakistani inhabitants living in cities and they are more aware of internet use, but still why it is not growing fast. Like other countries Pakistan likewise have many online shopping sites like emarkaz, galaxy, beliscity and myshop. But looks like the Pakistani consumers are more interested to do window shopping rather than online shopping. Pakistan's online market should grow faster and really should become one of the greatest market in the world. Online shopping sites are trying to aware to the folks of Pakistan about great things about online shopping as the online shopping in Pakistan has been shown to a good potential market. Online shopping can truly add great convenience to the life of individuals. Buying goods online offers customers an chance to find a great variety of product online, and customers can review a broad collection of products and find special deals and discount with the best offers online. Inside the coming years, the introduction of trusted online retailers is bettering and assures a dazzling future. However, the tangible and intangible problems of online shopping still exist and the online store merchants lack the client knowledge in some amount. Therefore, our motive is to explore customer behavior when purchasing products through looking into the factors that make a difference online customers attitudes, objective and real buying tendencies. Furthermore, through the findings of our research, we offered the online retailers some recommendations to improve their sales and attract more customers.

It is important to consider the clients behavior into account, experienced users concentrate more on the variables that directly effect the task, while beginner users are focusing more on understanding the information. There are many techniques for the inspection of the usability. Every approach has its own advantages which is therefore important to check per situation which approach is appropriate.

When the customers went to the online shop, several factors determine if they will return to the site. The most important factors are the simplicity and the occurrence of user-friendly features.

3: Aims

The seeks are to attempt to find a possible treatment for divert Pakistani people behaviour toward online shopping, and improve Pakistani online market development. The main targets of current research are

To review why the Pakistan's university level students do not feel comfortable with online shopping.

What are the major problems with Pakistan's online shopping market.

And what are the possible answers to improve Pakistan online shopping market.

Some of basic known reasons for not shopping on the internet are the following:-

People are use to with retail shopping

Many enjoy shopping with others and it is often a good way to make social cable connections. When shopping independently online, the excitement is lost.

Privacy and security issues

Privacy is the main reason that non-online purchasers do not shop online. Almost 95% of Users have dropped to provide personal information to Internet sites at onetime or another when asked (Hoffman, Novak, & Peralta, 1999). Another recent study has found that privacy was the very best matter of customers while security placed lower part (Schaupp & Belanger, 2005). This shows that many do not trust the level of privacy of the Internet and are concerned with their credit-based card frauds, unwanted solicitation, and use with their information for other purposes. Security of Internet sites is not the most notable matter because many shop on Internet sites that they trust so that other factors appear to be more important than security.

Access to the web and computer necessary

Because one needs money to buy a computer also to have internet connection, online shopping appears to be limited folks of reasonable amount of income. Also, since it is harder to learn computer at an older age, older people people have a tendency shop at traditional retail stores.

Product category risk

Product category risk relates to useful products such as attire, perfume, and electronics, that contain functions that cannot fully be expeirenced online. Online shopper come to mind that the merchandise will not be what they have expected by taking a look at online. This is a clear drawback of onlins shopping since it demonstrates "[t]he likelihood of purchasing on the web decreases with rises in product risk" (Bhatnagar, Misra, & Rao, 20000, p. 100). Apparels in particular had negative score in online shopping because of it is difficult to feel and see the texture of shade online that is matchless to going to a retail store, even with magnifying tools online. Also, one cannot try on clothing before buying it online, so that it would be very inconvenient if the size did not fit the person and he/she had to come back it.

Too many choices

Although having access to a very large numbers of products is highly desirable, consumers have limited cognitive resources and may simply struggle to process the possibly vast levels of information about these alternatives (Haubl & Trifts, 2000). Online stores need to supply the variety in an arranged way that will aid shopping online.

Possible Solutions to improve Pakistan online shopping market.

Consumer expectations

The main idea of online shopping is not in possessing a beautiful website that could be stated in a lot of search engines and it is not about the art behind the website. It also is not only nearly disseminating information, since it is focused on building relationships and earning money. Mostly, organizations make an effort to choose techniques of online shopping without understanding these techniques and/or without a sound business model. Rather than promoting the organization's culture and brand, the website should fulfill consumer's expectations. Most consumers choose online searching for faster and better shopping experience. Many experts notify that the uniqueness of the web has dissolved and the need for the design, which is user centered, is vital. Companies should always remember that there are specific things, such as understanding the customer's desires and needs, living up to assurances, never walk out style, because they give reason to come back. And the reason will stay if consumers always get what they expect. Daily online shopping is becoming increasingly more popular and website that wishes to get more consumers.

Organizations, which want visitors to shop more online for them, should consume extensive amounts of money and time to specify, design, develop, test, use, and keep maintaining website. Also if company needs their website to be well-liked by online shoppers it should leave the user with a positive impression about the organization, so consumers can get an impression that the business cares about them. The business that wishes to be satisfactory in online shopping needs to remember, that it's much easier to lose a person then to get one. Lots of researchers state that even though site was a "top-rated", it would go nowhere if the organization failed to live up to common etiquette, such as coming back e-mails in a timely fashion, notifying customers of problems, being honest, and being good stewards of the customers' data. Organizations that are looking to keep their customers or gain new ones try to get rid of all mistakes and be more appealing to become more advisable for online consumers. And this is why many designers of webshops considered research outcomes concerning consumer objectives.

Enjoyment of retail shopping lost - Online shopping can be fun

A review has discovered that many people find entertainment and freedom through shopping online and like to browse through even if indeed they don't have a goal-oriented shopping item on brain (Wolfinbarger). One such factor is user-friendly program that make shopping interesting and visually satisfying. To solve the condition of the lost interpersonal interactivity, consumers can take part in other important activiteis such as partying, dining, athletics, etc. Even though the enjoyment obtained from online shopping is uncomparable to the one by social connections, some of it can be paid out by the entertainment of shopping on the internet and taking part in alternative activities.

Privacy and security issues - Third-party seal

This is a very important concern because studies have discovered that "consumers who perceive fewer dangers or concerns toward online shopping are expected to machine more online acquisitions than more risk-laden consumers (Miyazaki & Fernandez, 2001, p. 31). Although it can be done to invade one's privacy online, no significant amount of statistical results associated with the victims who have been invaded, has been found. Many are simply worried and mistrust online stores. What online stores need is the device that impulses security of financial ventures on the Web. One possible solution is to require site makers to give a third-party seal approval that signal level of privacy and security on the internet sites. Thus when consumers see the seal, they can trust the website and not fret about invasion of the privacy. Furthermore, all companies will need to keep frauds away in order to create company reputation and also to endure in the competitive online market. After they build consumer trust, online shoppers will never be discouraged to shop on their Sites.

Access to the Internet and computer necessary - growing use of computers

Internet access has been available in Pakistan because the mid-1990s. PCTL started out offering access via the nationwide local call network in 1995. By early 2006 Internet penetration continued to be low. There were signs that this was changing, however. The united states has been seeking an ambitious IT policy, targeted at improving Pakistan's drive for financial modernisation and creating an exportable software industry. There is no doubt that has been helping boost the popularity of the Internet. The market certainly has huge potential, by 2009, however, Internet penetration continued to be high and broadband expansion had been increased. There was some good media on this entry when the year 2008 found an increase in broadband subscriptions; significantly, this viewed to be continuing in 2009 2009, boosted by the pass on of competition throughout the market. DSL subscriptions were dominating the broadband market, quite overshadowing the wire modem broadband services provided using HFC infrastructure.

In the meantime, early on signs of wireless-based broadband Internet technologies had begun to appear and by 2008 there have been a number of WiMAX networks being rolled out in the bigger urban centres. For the moment, however, the amount of wireless broadband clients remains relatively small.

Product category risk - 3D technology

Apparel online shopping has a great deal of room for improvement. Though it is not yet widely used, many online shop creaters are growing 3D technologies to make use of for online shopping. Companies such as E-Tailor, is growing customized fitting room for consumers to generate their own body online that will allow them to try on as much clothings as is possible. A university in Switzerland is creating a better try-on software that will allow their customers to use multiple levels of clothes. In order to avoid the gradual downloading time of 3D images, these are moving the fabric and skin area animaiton to your client side, using program such as ActiveX that is downloaded automatically at the first access tot he Website (Cordier, Seo, & Magnenat-Thalmannm, 2003). TO VIEW full article go to: http://tclab. kaist. ac. kr/~fcordier/Home_files/Papers/ Made-to-Measure_Technology_for_Online_ Clothing_Store. pdf

Simlarly, E-Tailor is planning an application that allows animation of scanned customer physiques in the exclusive appropriate room (Kartsounis, Magnenat-Thalmann, & Rodrian).

These sites enable you to view the 3D technology

http://www. cyberware. com

http://www. atc. gr/e-tailor

Too many choices - Interactive decision aids

Online shoppers are looking for useful functions on Web sites in addition to help ease of use. More specifically, they really want to compare available products and their prices from a number of different online stores. By giving decision helps that help decision making, Internet sites can entice more online buyers. Many choices can be puzzling, but with interactive toolkits such as suggestion agent that allows consumers to view a useful set of products from the infinite list on the Web that allows in-depth evaluations among picked items. These interactive decision assists allow consumers to make "better decision with less effort". This enables visitors to compare different prices of one product made available from different distributors on the Internet. Thus, the toolkit allows consumers to get the best deal possible. Although these tools already are provided by many Internet sites, they could be improved with the addition of more features that provides additional information of products. The tool is also beneficial to the world because they keep the market prices competitive so that nobody vendor may charge significantly more than others.

These sites use the CM decision help

http://www. pricegrabber. com

http://www. bizrate. com

http://www. dealtime. com

Additional online facilitating conditions

Transaction efficiency (such as delivery swiftness and providing traffic monitoring amount) is also a significant condition that will meet consumers. Consumers be prepared to have the products with high speed, and want to be able to observe their purchased item to avoid any frauds while delivery.

4: Books review

Comparsion with india and bangle desh, sri lanka

By taking a look at the prior studies we have found some very useful information about consumer's online shopping behaviour, every author did very congrats in this field, because of their studies in this field it is actually heading to help us in this projects, some of their literature reviews are as follows.

There are also some levels of risk involved in online shopping. Online consumer cannot check bodily the quality of the merchandise and also consumer cannot keep an eye on the security and safety when he is giving very hypersensitive personal and financial details while consumer doing online shopping (Lee and Turban, 2001). Education is major factor looked after takes on moderating role in interconnection between your three main determinates and online consumers' frame of mind toward internet shopping. Normally higher educated consumers feel more relaxing to work with online shopping rather than shopping in traditional (Burke, 2002). You will find multiple reasons for consumers to do online shopping somewhat than "real world shopping". Even the way of online shopping give advantages to change consumer's frame of mind and push those to choose online shopping, and simply they aren't essentially choosing one way of shopping on another way. It depends on consumers to do shopping whenever and however it's convenient for them, it is up to them to shop by using catalogue or store and online (Cyr, 2000). These days individuals are doing shopping by using various ways, a few of them are doing in common way like windowpane shopping plus some of these are doing online shopping. In america university level students are the 90 percent of the people who have got usage of the internet on daily basis, plus they spend $200 billion a year and they are one of major buying vitality of america market, and average of the student's spend $287 monthly (Gardyn, 2002). It is very important for retailers and educator of consumer behaviour to keep concentrate and better understanding concerning this group, because students keep very strong power in market place. The major subconscious factor which influenced the individuals shopping selections is four, Frame of mind, motivation, learning and values and perception. This means Motivation and conception forms behaviour and after that consumers can make decisions. Behaviour play the role of bridge among consumers' use and track record characteristics and this helps their needs (Armstrong and Kotler, 2000). We found four major key aspect of internet shopping; famous web sites, design, information content, security and level of privacy, we discovered that all these dimensions have an immediate effect on online shopping intention, and the main thing that have greater impact on purchasing online is security and level of privacy (Ranganthan and Ganapathy, 2002).

5: Stakeholders

Here is some information about stakeholders.

Started thier journey back 1991 as Galaxy Computer systems. It was enough time when curiosity to

learn about personal computers was growing slowly but surely and gradually in Pakistan. It had been also a fact that option of good quality computer products was also a problem because sellers were also gathering information about pcs combined with the users.

they package with every sort of electronic stuff and mainly they package with computer laptop computers, desktop personal computers and other accessories and they're running the business very successfully, and this company providing online shopping service to all or any above the Pakistan. Interview will be conducted with consumer relating to this service and we will discuss every possible measure with them

The main goal behind the establishment of Galaxy Personal computers was to educate masses

about computers and to provide them necessary quality hardware. As a matter of fact, since first day of the establishment we attempted our level better to provide genuine and quality products to your customers. Galaxy Personal computers never compromised on quality to make revenue. This is actually the only reason that today, Galaxy Computer systems is placed among the Top Resellers all over Pakistan with its Karachi and Lahore Outlets.

Keeping in view the need of your time, we always strived to present the latest products. As a matter of fact Galaxy Computers isn't just the top positioned retailer but we live also the distributor for the merchandise which are believed to be unique in there kind and difficult to get. Because of the availability of such products it is manufactured possible for a common person to use and facilitate himself with the latest inventions.

Not only in Pakistan but also overseas users get themselves up to date by using our website. Our Website is up to date daily and it contains not only the prices of the products but also useful links and configurations where it's easier for the customers to find the right product.

With esteem to Product Circulation, Galaxy computer is very popular among the sellers across Pakistan. Specially in video gaming and graphic products the retailers highlight on using the world famous brands for graphic cards and memory which we transfer. US Robotics will not require any introduction as it pertains to marketing products and as a distributor for all of us Robotics, Galaxy Computer systems has permitted for common person as well as in commercial to own easy data connectivity.

After sales service is an integral factor for just about any computer user and with out a quality service even a good product leaves a negative impression. On this field we always tried out our best to satisfy our customer and it's really only because of your quality after sales service that the amount of satisfied customers of Galaxy Personal computers is increasing daily.

We use different means to communicate with our appreciated customers, suppliers and well wishers which include email, mobile phone and fax. On contact web page all the details are listed by which we can be approached.

Beliscity Online Pakistan: they will be our second consumer; Founded in 2001, Beliscity. com is the leading online shopping mall in Pakistan supplying a huge selection of products from the world's leading manufacturers to a large number of retail and corporate and business customers throughout the world Our customers are privileged with a quick, easy and reliable way of buying the products they want, at the most competitive prices with direct delivery with their door Cost free in Pakistan.

We are always in an activity of adding new brands and products; broadening our online choices in order to accomplish our vision that individuals can find and discover anything they would like to buy online.

The idea behind Beliscity. com was simple, to provide customers with an instant and easy way of shopping for the products they want, at most competitive prices, shipped direct to their door. We started out of with a set of about 200 products the majority of which were IT related and currently Beliscity. com retail website now has an assortment of over 7, 000 products including Perfumes, APPLIANCES FOR THE KITCHEN, Watches and many more.

6: Methodology

The nature of the research is qualitative. At the moment, two qualitative techniques are considered to undertake this research i. e. , interviews and questionnaires. In questionnaire and the interview. Questionnaires are usually paper-and-pencil instruments that the respondent completes. Interviews are completed by the interviewer predicated on the respondent says. Sometimes, it's hard in order to the difference between a questionnaire and an interview. For example, some people think that questionnaires always ask brief closed-ended questions while interviews always ask broad open-ended ones. But we will use questionnaires with close-ended questions because they do tend to be shorter in interviews and there may also be some closed-ended questions asked within an interview. The reason why to utilize qualitative approach on other methods is Qualitative research explores behaviour, encounters and frame of mind throughout such methods as focus categories and interviews. This attempts to find in-depth views from participants. Since it is experiences, behaviour and frame of mind which are incredibly important, fewer people be a part of the research, but the contact with these folks tends to go longer. Under the umbrella of qualitative research there are a wide variety of methodologies. (Dr. Catherine Dawson). We will gather the information and data by using Interviews and questionnaire and we will try to get views from our client's galaxy and beliscity online shopping and their sales section and also from Pakistani community university students. What they think about online shopping and what is the major problems with online market. Why they do not feel safe with online shopping. And the data we are going to acquire from them will be textual and we will use closed-ended questionnaire, the reason of choosing closed-ended questionnaire is, you won't take extra time of the individuals to response all the questions. A close-ended question restricts applicants to choosing a specific, sturdy answer for examples: "Just how many many years of experience have you got as a team innovator?" "That which was your GPA?" "Have you ever worked from home?"

The benefits of closed-ended questions are

Closed-ended questions are easier analysed. Every answer can get a number or value so a statistical interpretation can be assessed. Closed-ended questions are also better fitted to computer examination. If open-ended questions are analysed quantitatively, the qualitative information is reduced to coding and answers have a tendency to lose some of their initial so this means. Due to the simpleness of closed-ended questions, this kind of reduction is no problem.

Closed-ended questions can be more specific, thus more likely to speak similar meanings. Because open-ended questions allow respondents to make use of their own words, it is difficult to compare the meanings of the responses.

In large-scale studies, closed-ended questions take less time from the interviewer, the participant and the researcher, and they also are a less expensive review method. Generally, the response rate is higher with surveys that use closed-ended question than with the ones that use open-ended questions.

Quick to answer

Easy to code

Allows surveyor for a direct response from the respondent

Gives control of the question and response

Allows to discover specific information from and about the respondent

Gives full control of the direction of the study.

Developing a targeted and effective questionnaire can help to efficiently and effectively pinpoint the info to create more up to date decisions.

Developing a questionnaire is really as much an art as it is a science. And just as an designer has a variety of different colors to choose from in the palette, we've a number of different question types with which to question an accurate picture of customers, clients and issues that are important to them.

The Dichotomous Question

The dichotomous question is normally a "yes/no" question. An example of the dichotomous question is

Have you ever shopped online?



We can also use yes/no questions to separate people or branch into sets of those who "have purchased" and the ones who "have not yet purchased" your products or services. Once separated, different questions can be asked of each of these groupings.

The Multiple Choice Questions

The multiple-choice question includes three or even more exhaustive, mutually exclusive categories. Multiple choice questions can ask for sole or multiple answers. In the next example, we're able to ask the respondent to choose exactly one answer from the 7 possible

Example: A multiple-choice question to find out what sort of person first found out about our online shopping store is

How did you first listen to about our online shopping store?







Other: Please Designate _______________

For this kind of question it is important to consider including an "other" category because there could be other avenues where the person first found out about your site that you might have overlooked.

Rank Order Scaling

Rank order scaling questions allow a certain group of brands or products to be placed based upon a specific attribute or quality. We may demand that the options be ranked based mostly upon a particular attribute. Ties may or may well not be allowed. If allow ties, several options will have the same results.


Based after what you have observed, heard, and experienced, please rank the our online repayment method according to trustworthiness.

The Ranking Scale

A rating range question requires a person to rate something or brand along a well-defined, consistently spaced continuum. Score scales are often used to measure the way and level of attitudes. The next is an example of a comparative score scale question
Which of the next categories best details your previous experience investing in a product or service on our website? Do you say that your experience was

Very pleasant

Somewhat pleasant

Neither pleasurable nor unpleasant

Somewhat unpleasant

Very unpleasant

The Semantic Differential Scale

The semantic differential level asks a person to rate something, brand, or company based after a seven-point ranking level that has two bi-polar adjectives at each end. The following is an example of a semantic differential range question.

Would you say our website is

(7) Very Attractive






(1) Very Unattractive

Notice that unlike the rating level, the semantic differential size does not have a neutral or middle selection. A person must choose, to a certain degree, one or the other adjective.

The Demographic Question

Demographic questions are an integral part of any questionnaire. They are being used to identify characteristics such as age, gender, income, contest, geographic place of residence, volume of children, and so forth. For example demographic questions will help you classify the difference between product users and non-users

Demographic data helps you paint a far more accurate picture of the band of persons you are trying to understand. And by better understanding the type of people who use or will probably use your product, you can allocate promotional resources to reach these people, in a far more cost effective manner.

Our questionnaire will be based on pursuing question.

Have they ever shopped online?

How do they experience online shopping?

What will make this service useful for them?

If they have got any security problems with online shopping.

Why they mainly use online searching for?

Is it safe to allow them to use credit or debit greeting card over the internet?

Are they feeling easy to do home window shopping alternatively than online shopping?

7: Limitations

Some of the constraints of this task are the following.

The method of using questionnaire with individuals will make difficult for us to look at complex issues and thoughts in this task.

It is also difficult to learn if participant has recognized the question properly while we are not present.


Our research was conducted at ------College or university, the participants are students who come from different departments. We classified quite influencing factors into customer-oriented and technology-oriented factors. We implemented qualitative method in the term of questionnaire to exam the way the respondents think about these factors, and we determined the relationship between your factors and the consumers behaviour and online shopping patterns.

Our final studies show that only the experienced consumers attitudes highly affect their buying objective. Exchange security and product quality as the most important elements of electronic digital product online shopping in the customer-oriented factors are voted by the respondents; while in the technology- focused factors, easy to find their way and useful web content are the most crucial issues which attracted more customers attention. In addition, we advised that the online retailers should guarantee a safe and appropriate transaction process, furthermore, make more work to web design and improve the come back and refund after-sales service. Our study is likely to contribute the e-commerce, especially centered on the web shopping product field, the further research can take our research as a basic and go deeper to research.

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