Customer Relationship Management Routines in HSBC Plc


Nowadays, quality service is the main goal for most of the business organizations in this challenging and quickly changing commercial world. Customer satisfaction is one of the main concerns for them. An

effective Customer Romantic relationship Management could have the ability to help a corporation to remain competitive in the

market, acquire prospective customers, hold on to profitable customers, lower operational costs, and

finally generate a income.

As the most significant domestic bank or investment company in Hong Kong, HSBC implemented the Customer Marriage Management

system to be able to increase customer convenience and offer anytime, everywhere and anyhow

banking. Additionally, it is revolutionizing customer empowerment and beating its competition in the

market place.

Company Background

The HSBC Group, one of the world's major banking and financial services organizations, had its

beginnings in Hong Kong more than 130 years back. Today, the HSBC Group has some 10, 000 offices

in 76 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the center East, and


Globally speaking, at the Group's key lies domestic commercial banking and financial services,

which account themselves locally and conduct business locally. Highly successful technology links these

operations to deliver a variety of international products and services, modified to local

customers' needs.

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Organization (HSBC) is the founding member of the HSBC

Group. It is the Group's flagship in the Asia-Pacific region and the largest bank incorporated in Hong

Kong. Known in Chinese language as Wayfoong (which translates as "focus of riches" or "abundance of

remittances"), the bank is also one of the SAR's three note-issuing banking institutions, accounting to get more than

63. 6% of its banknotes.

HSBC offers a full selection of personal financial and prosperity management services in Hong Kong.

These include HKD/USD currency and RMB/multicurrency savings accounts, integrated accounts,

mortgage funding, personal credit services, seek the services of purchase and leasing for motor vehicles, term

deposits and credit/debit cards, financial planning, investment services such as product trusts, bonds

and certificates of deposit, local and international securities, broking services, Mandatory Provident

Fund investment options, and insurance. Services are allocated through programs such as HSBC's

ATM network, internet bank service, 24-hour telephone bank centre, more than 20 Mortgage

Advice Centers providing customized advice seven days a week, and a network of over 180

branches and offices. At the end of Apr 2004, , HSBC's internet banking service, was

being employed by over 700, 000 customers. CRM PRACTICESCLEARWATER AND CRM.

Implementation:CLEARWATER AND E- CRM


A loyal customer is an excellent customer. A couple of two Customer Romance Management principles

about customer commitment, customer satisfaction and customer experience

. Only very satisfied customers will be very dedicated to a business.

. CLIENT SATISFACTION equals Customer Experience minus Customer Anticipations.

From the aforementioned two guidelines, customers may become very loyal if indeed they are incredibly satisfied. And,

customer satisfaction may be accomplished if they give a much better (i. e. higher level of) customer experience or

meet with low customer goals. As customer targets are more or less uncontrollable,

increasing customer satisfaction by increasing the quality of customer encounters is a large topic in

Customer Romance Management.

By performing the client Experience Management (CEM), the company can find out the critical

needs of and decisive stages in working with the clients make source of information planning, marketing, as well

as company strategies effectively and successfully. Under CEM, customer critical occasions are defined

accordingly under every part of the customer process circuit, which are the PRE-purchase/utilization,

AT-purchase/utilization, and POST-purchase/use. Each customer process circuit will have its

own customer multi-channel touch points, as well as for simplification, they can be grouped into "Physical

Touch", "Call", "Internet" and "Others".

Here is the CEM critical moment in time spreadsheet which lists the critical occasions of HSBC Personal Bank customers in their customer process circuit of Pre-Purchase, At-Purchase and Post-Purchase


1. In the Pre-purchase Phase, there are eight customer touch-points, such as

Customer Service Middle - Financial Examination.

On-site service - Financial Examination.

Events - Exhibition.

Inbound Cell phone calls - Call for Enquiries.

Outbound Calls - Tele-Marketing.

Inbound Email - Email for Enquiries.

Outbound Email - e-Marketing.

Portal - FAQ treatment.

Advertising - Image Building.

2. Inside the At-purchase Phase, there are ten customer touch-points, such as

Branch - Make Purchase.

Customer Service Middle - Customer Offer Upgrading.

On-site service - Agreement Signing.

Events - Sales Road Show.

Inbound Phone calls - Place Order by Mobile phone.

Outbound Telephone calls - Tele-Sales.

Inbound Email - Make Exchange by Email.

Outbound Email - e-Sales.

Portal - e-Banking.

Advertising - Invitation to Utilize the Service.

3. Inside the Post-purchase Period, there are nine customer touch-points, which include

Branch - Customer Enquiries.

Customer Service Center - Customer Enquires.

On-site service - Financial Review.

Events - VIP Gathering.

Inbound Phone calls - Demand Complaints.

Outbound Cell phone calls - Follow-up by Telephone. Inbound Email - Email for Claims.

Outbound Email - e-Follow-up.

. Site - DIY services, e. g. customer information upgrade.

Due to the several needs of customers in their Pre-purchase, At-purchase and Post-purchase,

customer critical second changes atlanta divorce attorneys customer process cycle. For HSBC Personal

Banking, the critical customer occasions are Financial Examination for Pre-purchase, Making

Transaction for At-purchase and Customer Enquires for Post-purchase.


Financial examination in a person service centre or as an on-site service - By far the most important

mission in the client PRE-purchase process is to entice clients. In HSBC Personal

Banking, financial research is a highly effective way for requesting customers to choose the bank's product.

So, it is regarded as the critical second for the potential customers, which remain only a

prospective ones at this stage.

In order to serve the actual customers, HSBC Personal Bank employs many professional

financial planers. Alongside the internal trained in customer service, bank service and

investment knowledge, they are all well prepared in their own position.

AT- Purchase

Making deals at the branch - Among every one of the banking services, making a exchange is always

the most significant service from the idea of view of the customers. Customers expect that they can make

and complete their orders within a short time period and in a convenient way.

Once discovered as a critical customer interaction point, the client satisfaction levels in this specific

area should be examined. Using a network of over 180 branches and office buildings throughout Hong Kong, HSBC

believes that the positioning of the branches are convenient enough for every one personal banking

customer to reach within a short journey.

However, because of the large numbers of its customer base, HSBC's Personal Banking service cannot meet

the customers' need for "fast" service on a regular basis: there are always long queues at HSBC branches that

keep customers looking forward to over 30 minutes. After considering the costs and performance factors

against the customer satisfaction factors, instead of starting more branches HSBC made a decision to improve

this critical customer discussion moment in the following ways

1. Dividing customers into customer groupings, serving them separately according with their needs and value

to the bank (like the customer segmentation of the prior section). 2. Changing general service branches into service centers for specific functions, for example, HP Centers,

Mortgage Advice Centers, Night and day Centres, etc.

3. Enhancing the automated channels which include the ATM network, internet banking service, 24-hour

phone banking centre, etc.


Customer enquiries to the client service centre or from inbound telephone calls - It really is understandable that

customers need professional advice and assistance in their banking/financial service. So, at HSBC

Personal Banking, customer enquiries are considered the critical service instant for customers in the

Post-purchase customer process.

For customer enquiries to the client service centre, as mentioned in the At-purchase process, there

are a large number of Day and Night Centers in Hong Kong to specially package with customer enquiries.

For the inbound customer enquiry cell phone calls, once again by taking into consideration the costs and performance factors

against the customer satisfaction factors, HSBC is moving its customer call centre to less cost city,

such as Genzheng, China.


After finding out about the best customers, and about their customer experience (critical occasions),

Customer Romantic relationship Management is preparing to undergo implementation by working together with the

other four Customer Relationship Management factors, which are strategy, people, process and

technology, a company-wide kick-off should be made by the very best management of HSBC.

Feedback Mechanism

Having a tailor-made version of the CRM 3C Method that is most effective to the latest company conditions

is essential as it will directly have an effect on how successful the client Romantic relationship Management can be.

Therefore, adopting a good responses mechanism, repeating cycles of working the execution, and

making adjustments, are all essential steps. HSBC PREMIER



Drive In: There is a separate car parking space for the Premier customers and as soon as the

customer extends to the palace, there is a person standing up there at the auto parking entrance who occupies the

duty of Parking your car and travelling it back to the customer when he is done with his work. This

valet auto parking service is not available at all lenders which makes it a unique experience for the customer

and makes the client feel very important. It comes as a delight to most of the bank's premier


Entrance: The entry for the Leading customers is segregated from the standard entrance of

the Bank. As soon as a Top customer reaches the lender, there is a person standing at the entrance

who escorts and guides the Premier customers towards another access which is specially for the

Premier customers. There generally is a red carpet welcome for the Top customers and the customers

are guided to a plush hanging around and transfer room meant only for the Leading customers.

Lobby : The Lobby to that your Leading customers are escorted is totally different from the

normal lobby of the bank. It really is delighting, having plush lounge with leather sofas, LCD panels, reading

materials, and selection of snacks and beverages for the customer. There is always a relationship manager

who is waiting for the customer and he's responsible to take care of every single query of the client in

a reliable manner. As soon as the Premier customer gets into the lobby a relationship director is assigned

to him who acts a investment specialist for the client.

Private interacting area - In the Premier Lender space there are empty cabins which are not

assigned to any Marriage manager consequently and a Romance manger can take his customer to any

of the clear cabins and discuss about the problems that concerns the customer. The customer may even

get the special service of the Portfolio Manager to handle his investments and Portfolio effectively. The

Private Cabins to that your customers are taken are also very Plush in aspect with comfortable sofas,

LCD screens and incredibly intriguing decor.


Mobile Banking - A Premier Customer is allocated a Relationship Supervisor & a Portfolio

Manager by the Bank and at any point of time the Customer can professionally call them whenever

it is needed. HSBC has used the customer service level to up to now that facilities like making a

draft, depositing money and many other services are given to the customers at their

doorstep. The thing that the customer has to do is to call up the bank and a lender executive

is sent to customers doorstep for providing convenient service. Internet Banking - THE LENDER provides high tech security & extremely

personalized website keeping the capability of the customers in mind. To be able to encourage

internet bank among the clients who aren't so well versed with internet and pcs,

HSBC Bank also provides customer web education. These steps are taken by the bank only

keeping the customers convenience at heart.


Cheque bounce security: One very delighting service that HSBC provides is that

whenever there is a case a customers cheque will bounce anticipated to insufficiency of

funds in the clients account, the lender calls up the client and when needed the lender clears

the cheque if the client is a faithful one and offers to deposit the amount with the bank in

some later time frame. By giving this service the Bank makes sure that its customers don't get a

bad name on the market and helps its customers to meet the short term problems.

Overdraft on savings account (interest free): The lender also provides a

overdraft center on the saving account up to some limit which is interest charge up to a particular

time period.

Personalized cheque literature and cards.

Usage of 'PREMIER lounges' all across the globe.

Access to 'PREMIER lounges' at major airports across the


24*7 bank.

Cash/cheque/draft in your doorstep service.

Tickets to premier shows, concerts, fund launches.

Cheque pro service: The Cheque Pro facility is a new thing that has been introduced by

HSBC for the convenience of its customers. According to this facility a data source is maintained by

the bank how many cheques a customer is using, and when the cheques in the cheque

book of a person will finish the Bank itself sends a fresh cheque reserve to the client without even getting the customer to require the cheque e book.

Chauffer powered test drives (Audi, Mercedes, BMW): The bank from

time to time provides its Leading customers with moves for free try and chauffer driven

test drives which functions the goal of both delighting the client as well as luring the

customer to choose the expensive product through the lender at easy fund.

Cheques payable at par across all branches.

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