Customer Romantic relationship Management Approach Of Lenovo


The report will give attention to the B2B relationship of Lenovo with its business customers and its own stakeholders. It will concentrate on the techniques followed by the Lenovo to maintain and increase the level of romance. Statement will be critically analyzing the process and will be giving suggestion to the company.


Businesses will involve exchanges between the two entities, either there are retailers or the customers. Relationship is the only real factor which bounds both entities to keep with device of the exchanges (trade). There's been a tremendous change in the B2B marriage, before it was only limited to the supply string management however now it has been extended to the product development and 4Ps (Paryatiyar, A & Sheth, 2000). In today's environment of unsustanibility and competition, a firm concentrates more on the partnership building. Along with the globalization in trade mergers and acquisition have began to take place, which has forced companies to construct relationship with existing companies to excel in your competition and provide value added services to its customer (Narayandas, 2003). The article will critically evaluate the techniques and methods utilized by the Lenovo to gratify its customers and stakeholders.

Background of Lenovo

Lenovo is a multinational company with its head office in the China. It is a world third most significant computer manufacturer. It studies 3% of the worldwide sales and has a sales share of 27% in the China. The business modified its name from tale personal computers to Lenovo merely to make the Lenovo a "brand" itself, which can assure the future development and penetration in the international market. The Lenovo has reached to an even, where it is today just as a result of "Branding" (Mark Ritson, 2005). Lenovo focused on the strategy of brand building, that they believed and knew can help in building the devoted customers (Dr. W. A. Pfortsch, 2008).

Customer romance management approach of Lenovo

Branding of the Lenovo

Lenovo has communicated using its business customers and its associates through the personality of the brand. They have created their personality more than that of the computer maker, which includes urged consumers to be associated with the brand. The Lenovo has managed its romance by presenting Lenovo as a brand synonymous to professional services, integrity and easiness for the consumers to comprehend. Lenovo has differentiated themselves into various sub brands to maintain their connections will all different associates of the business. They have differentiated their customers in to the professional customers and the finish customers, that they may have differentiated there brands into Tianjiao and Fengxing, serving each segment to keep commitment (Dr. W. A. Pfortsch, 2008). Lenovo has used branding as an instrument for creating marriage with its customer because they believe that a customer provides more value to the features related with the product name on the market then your price value from the product in the market.

Lenovo practices different technique for maintain its romantic relationship with its b2c and b2b clients. They believe that for the b2c clients more emphasis should get on the tangible factors associated with the brand name. Whereas for the b2b clients (which include corporation and the distributor) more emphasis should be on the intangible variables from the brand (Glynn et al. 2007).

Lenovo believes that they have been successful throughout these years in building mental relationship with the superior customers through the idea of branding. They may have created sense of psychological attachment within consumers by providing trait such as credibility and unique innovativeness in their product (Dr. W. A. Pfortsch, 2008).

Lenovo has increased the amount of trust with in its consumers across the world by associating themselves with the renowned events like Olympic, which itself is a brandname and which connects million of folks emotionally with it (Business cable, 2005).

Transactional model of relationship building with its superior and small size business associates

Lenovo has differentiated its degree of relationship determination in two ways. They deal differently using its premium business associates and small company associates. For interacting with the business associates they apply superior relationship, where they provide additional discounts, sales benefits in term of the zone choices and training because of their staff for the marketing of their product. Furthermore they also provide free demo discounts (giving free products to the advanced customer on the volume of the ordered they book). For the small business associates they just provide them facility of discount on rebate obligations, which helps them in maintain romance (Lenovo, 2006).

Lenovo unified channel programme of marriage building

Lenovo has launched this programme to learn in dept about its b2b romance that what their associates desires from them and where they lack. Because of this they have got built a team, in which each person in a team will be caring for a particular business associate. Each member will be handling whole portfolio of the sole business customer, which they consider will be beneficial for them as there would be a single person dealing, which could manage entire problems and demand of the customer. This would raise the level of relationship. Moreover they believe it will not be chaos tic as it uses to maintain days gone by, which reduced their business connection by 30% (Stuart Wilson, 2009).

Relationship building through e-business

Lenovo has looked after its relationship using its small and big size business customers through there customized b2b site. They have given a protected password to each with their business customer, where they can buy their orders straight, can get there obligations online and can put their concerns. This increases efficiency and at the same time has led to the forming of trust, as customers believe that Lenovo has a concern for the coffee lover (Ajit Sivadasan, 2009).

BondingDyson brand model





(Source: Dyson et al, 1996)

Dyson model suits best to the Lenovo as it started its procedure for relationship building using its B2B customers from the branding and later with the introduction of customer relationship programmes. Other models from research workers like Keller do not fit the Lenovo as Keller model only relates to the context of branding, which can't be applied in the universal market, as B2B relationship differ in differ physical areas. While Dyson model can be carried out for the merchandise for the common market.

Dyson model clarifies the levels of relationship a person builds with a company through an first step of branding and later with the beliefs of the company. The various steps in the model have a different width as the loyalty and the relationship with a brand helps to keep on increasing from a step to step.

Presence: Lenovo made it occurrence to its b2b customers and end customers by causing itself known as successful brand, synonymous to the durability and accessibility. By making acquisition with IBM and with continues up gradation of the existing product with a new brand name. They also made their occurrence appear in the customers mind by its extreme advertising campaign like "legend computer express", which portrait the relationship building process with a brandname and the huge benefits associating with company.

Relevance & promises: Lenovo offer sturdiness, performance, right price and vale added service, which makes it product relevant for the business customers and end customers to buy. It makes it 100% relevant by the guarantee they make during campaigns by efficient procedures (control on supply chain management, which makes them deliver products with length of time of 2 days and nights). This builds trust and determination in customer and begins the process of long-term relationship building.


Critical evaluation

Lenovo to a more substantial extent has been successful in building and keeping its relationship with its business customers. It has taken combination of all the qualities from branding to e- business, unified course of command word to differentiation of business customers. It is noted that on the basis of the brand acquisition of IBM, Lenovo could build romance with the southern Asian and European countries business customers, as it was possible for Lenovo to merge intangible benefits of IBM in conditions of the loyalty and long term relationship, Lenovo romance using its Taiwan upstream provider is a proof that. This has helped them in turning inventory ratio to a profitable level (Business cable, 2005). Lenovo is successful in having a good relationship even with its government bodies; through they aren't a major part with their business cycle. Lenovo's unified programme is a distinct approach; it had a twin impact as they were able to build strong relationship with the six thousand local retailers and the marketers, which help them to be a head in the Chinese language market of computer manufacturers. Furthermore Lenovo is successful in having control over the resource string (Philip Kotler, 2006).

Lenovo launches each product under its sub brand, this may have an impact on the magnitude of marriage and devotion among its dealer and business customer. Romance management techniques carried out by Lenovo is different for its mid and high size business affiliates, this can create a sense of partiality and uneven concern.


Lenovo shouldn't highly depend after the software for dealing with its supplier and its customer affiliates, as it will not lead for an emotional marriage; which can only just be build by way of a personnel conversation.

Training should be imparted to the team members of the unified route, so that they should become aware of the latest upcoming on the market.

They should make their e-business better which will further improve the value of romantic relationship, as customers will be satisfied and can feel that organization is concerned for the coffee lover.

Lenovo should not increase its price though following the path of branding as business individuals are price sensitive plus they can turn their relationship in one firm for an another organization.

Lenovo should give identical weight time to tangible and intangible factors, while maintain romance using its customer. Tangible in terms of the price and intangible in terms of the assistance and comforts, which will eventually lead to a long-term relationship.


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