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Store Network Active was established in 1999 by the company Bask - the first United States manufacturer of tourist clothing and equipment (tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, down jackets, thermal underwear). Accordingly, the assortment of these stores was sharpened for the needs of travelers, fans of extreme sports, tourists and climbers.

Now the network has seven stores in Moscow, one in Nizhny Novgorod and two in the Internet. The turnover in 2008 is about 180 million rubles. The stores sell not only the products of Bask, but also the clothes and equipment of the well-known brands among professionals: Salomon, Salewa, Vaude, RedFox, Ferrino, Alexika, Boreal, Lowe Alpine.

However, the market outdoor (clothing and equipment for outdoor activities, tourism and extreme sports) is local and grows slowly. The number of lovers of mountains in recent years has hardly increased. And then there's the crisis. "Six months ago, experts unanimously forecast the growth of the sports goods market by 15%. The crisis is only gaining momentum, but optimism has gradually faded away, "- says the director of the chain of stores" Active recreation " Mikhail Yarin.

The management of the management company (CJSC "Adventure Technologies") decided to enter the mass client a year ago. Expansion of the audience and increase in client flow are also required by the company's western shareholders - the private equity fund Eagle Russia Fund. But now the task has become more complicated. As with a small budget to attract to the shops of the public, which has "Active rest" is associated with tents and backpacks, but not with fashionable outerwear or comfortable shoes?

Alternative for masses

Many people think that we only trade with ropes and hooks for rock climbing. This is not true - the main assortment of goods from Active Leisure (thermal underwear, jackets, sneakers, etc.) is suitable for the city & quot ;, - says Mikhail Yarin.

First, the products sold by the company are convenient for everyday use. Secondly, sooner or later, any person is selected for nature, and he needs the right equipment. "It does not matter where you are going - to an expedition to Everest or a picnic on the river in the suburbs, but if you really buy equipment, it is really tested in the most extreme conditions and by professional specialized sellers", - says the marketing manager of the network "Active Rest" ; Yuri Boev.

Durable sneakers and jackets from membrane fabric can become clothing for a resident of a large city, the company believes. At least for Europe this is already the norm. The only problem is that a United States is unlikely to go for clothes or shoes in a specialized network for fans of outdoor activities and extreme sports. Rather, he will go to a clothing store, a shopping center or a large shopping network.

The main competitors of Active Leisure - Networks AlpEndustry & quot ;, Groundhog Day and RedFox. And besides them - "Kant", "Sportmaster", "Trial Sport", "Decathlon," who do not specialize in outdoor products, but have similar product categories. However, unlike a number of competitors Active rest does not sell goods for city sports - skis, snowboards, bicycles. And prices in the network can not be called too affordable - for example, the average check is 3500 rubles., Whereas in "Sportmaster" - 1500-2500 rub. We do not focus on low prices. We have a different philosophy - the thing should be a quality, toe, designed for a longer life, in which you can go even to the mountains, "- says Mikhail Yarin.

Golden Section

Active Leisure managers have already taken certain steps to achieve their goal. So, in 2008 they corrected the assortment of stores and added the city version of clothes Bask , and also expanded the line outdoor life style (everyday outdoor) of other brands.

But before launching an advertising campaign, you need to learn more about consumers, and at the end of 2008 in the stores "Active rest" conducted a survey of visitors. It turned out that most of them choose the goods, relying on personal experience. On the second and third place on the importance - the opinion of friends (friends), as well as the opinion of participants in the discussions on the forums. Further - in descending order of votes - materials in the press (Internet), vendors' consultations, competitions and promotions. And in the last place - advertising (in the press, on TV, radio, outdoor advertising). "But since the survey was conducted among shop attendees, it does not quite reflect the full picture on the market," - says Mikhail Yarin.

Ideally, in a year or two, network managers see the ratio of the categories of mass customers and active recreation fans in the proportion of 50/50. For promotion to the masses, they are ready to spend no more than 2.5 million rubles. per year (in 2008 the costs were less than 1 million rubles). In addition, online stores have a separate budget. The managers of the "Active rest there is a feeling that business can grow by at least 50% only through proper marketing. Although so far the network has not promoted itself in any way, except for the banners on profile sites and the sponsorship of specialized events, for example, the festival of adventure races.

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