Development of marketing strategy in the Internet...

Developing a marketing strategy on the Internet

In 2011, a landmark event was recorded: according to ComScore Russia ranked first in Europe in terms of the number of Internet users in September. The number of United Statess who entered the network amounted to 50.81 million people and each spent an average of 22.4 hours on the Internet. Of course, if we talk about the proportion of Internet users in the total population of the country, we are still inferior to many European countries, but the growth rate is not leave no doubt: the Internet - this is the reality of modern life of United Statess.

Marketers were among the first to understand what amazing opportunities the Internet opens for direct communication with representatives of target audiences and increase sales, and sent their ideas, creative initiatives and advertising budgets to the Web.

The specifics of Internet communications

By now, the understanding of the Internet as a specific communication channel in the new information environment has developed. From the point of view of marketing, the digital world - Digital and the Internet make the world of goods and services more accessible, transparent to humans. They contribute to the acceleration of the dissemination of information, its accessibility regardless of geographical location, social status, education, socialize the consumer, make it more competent, and increase choice. This increases competition in the market, on the one hand, offering new opportunities for marketing, on the other, complicating the environment.

The Internet significantly changes the spatial and temporal scale of business. Being a global medium of communication that does not have any territorial restrictions, the Internet allows larger players to increase the market coverage even more significantly. At the same time, even the smallest suppliers can reach a global presence and engage in commerce on a global scale. The distance between the seller and the buyer begins to matter only at the stage of pricing for the delivery of goods.

The Internet and modern digital technologies allow us to study the consumer in detail, to identify behavior patterns and, most importantly, to influence them. This helps build effective communications and convert them into specific sales of goods and services.

The main characteristics of the Internet, providing new opportunities for marketing, are:

1) interactivity - communication on the Internet is characterized by the fact that its initiator can act not only the seller, but also the buyer;

2) Integration - Integration of almost all marketing tools, traditional for offline activity of marketers, takes place in the Internet channel: direct sales, public relations, branding, advertising, consumer studies, pricing, etc.

3) convergence - it is a broad sense of the processes that allow goods and services that previously belonged to different markets to exist on the same market. For example, simultaneously there are electronic and paper directories, records on physical media of information and in virtual collections, etc.

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