E Marketing Or Digital Marketing Marketing Essay

E-marketing or digital marketing is referred as marketing rules and techniques via electric media plus more specifically the web. The terms e-marketing, internet marketing, digital marketing and online marketing, are frequently interchanged, and can often be considered synonymous. E-marketing is the process of advertise a brand or a product by using the internet. It merged both immediate response marketing and indirect marketing elements and uses an array of modern technologies to help connect businesses to their prospects.

To conclude, e-marketing includes all the actions of an company conducts via the www (worldwide web) with the goal of attracting home based business, new marketing, figuring out and building customer romantic relationship, preserving current business and developing its brand's reputation.

2. How is E-marketing much better than traditional marketing?

When the product implemented effectively, the ROI (Return On Investment) from e-marketing can very good exceed that of traditional marketing strategies.

Whether you are a "bricks and mortar" business (developed business) or a new concerned operating online, the web is the only real key that helps you to access to the digital business community. It's rather a mean to reach literally millions of men and women every year. It really is at the forefront of a redefinition of way businesses connect to their consumers.

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II. Evaluate about changes of E-marketing in

1. Segmentation/ Targeting

A companies online customers have different demographic characteristics, needs and behaviours to its offline customers (traditional marketing customer). It uses that different methods to segmentation may be required and specific sections might need to be selectively targeted.

There are generally 6 segmentation/ targeting options in e-marketing

- Customer profile characteristics (demographics): this will be where most will start their web business, based on the traditional segmentation predicated on the kind of customer recorded in neuro-scientific customer account. For B2C (Business to customer) e-retailers, it will be included: years, gender and geography. For B2B (Business to business) companies, it'll be shown size of company and the industry sector or the product they operate in.

- Customer value - current and future: the operators are trying to understand customers so they can target and develop loyalty group. Usually, they'll divided the consumers into 3 separate organizations: most- valuable customers (often purchase online), most- growable customers (customers can become loyalty customers) and below zero customers (customers who aren't enthusiastic about purchasing online). When contemplating loyalty- founded segmentation, it pays to to compare current against future value.

Example: The customer habit towards e-marketing study made by store group Otto provided by Chris Poad, their Ecommerce Director at an Econsultancy Masterclass

=> It really is more sophisticated than simple value in that it looks at a range of signals of quality.

- Customer lifecycle categories: as tourists use online services, they often have to feed a few of the periods before purchasing a product (known as the online loyalty ladder). They have to fill a few of the forms requesting their regions, gender, years group etc. And for many stores, encourage customers to go from first purchase to the next one is an issue, and to the 3rd purchase is a super challenge task. Marketing promotions and special discounts will be asked to encourage further purchase.

- Customer behavior in response and purchase (detected and expected): customers are interacted with online purchase by advertising e-mail or pages seen on site are captured, the e-retailers can be able to build up an in depth response and buy background of customer. From there, they can easily track down the frequently, lately, value and group of products purchased from customers who visit their website (RFM examination).

- Customer multi-channel behavior (channel desire): Regardless of the way you have offered to customers about online channels, some customers will like using online marketing communications channels plus some would like to choose traditional stations (Right touching- this is actually the ultimate goal of digital marketing). Out of this, the merchants can determine which customers like mail then they can up- weight more online activities and decrease the frequently and using more traditional communications for those who favor these.

- Customer personas including psychographics: From your 5 options above, now the vendors can easily isolate customers directly into groups that work, help them to save lots of lots of time and money on research, advertisement plus they still understand just what are their customer's demand. So they may offer the right products to the right customers.

(E-marketing changes in segmentation/ focusing on, retrieved on 17 November 2010 from http://www. smartinsights. com/blog/email-marketing/email-segmentation-and-targeting-options/)

2. Differentiation/ Positioning

Competitors' online product and service offerings will often differ in the web environment. Developing an appropriate online value proposition is an important aspect of the strategy. The differentiated online offerings are based on the low costs in acquiring and keeping online customers which can be then handed down onto customers.

Retailers offering lower prices online. Example: Tesco. com (price special offers on preferred products), Comet (savings relative to in-store on some products).

Airlines offering less expensive flights for online bookings. Instances: easyJet, Ryanair, BA.

Financial services companies offering higher interest rates on personal savings products, lower rates of interest on credit products such as credit cards and loans. Instances: Nationwide, Alliance and Leicester.

Mobile cellphone network providers or resources offering lower cost tariffs or discounts for customers accounts who are handled online without paper billing. Good examples: O2, English Gas.

Other options for differentiation can be found online for companies where their products are not appropriate for sale online such as high-value or complex products or FMCG (FAST PACED Consumer Goods) brands sold through stores. These companies may use online to include value to the brand or product through providing added value services or different types of experience.

(E-marketing changes in differentiation/ placement, retrieved on 17 November 2010 from http://www. davechaffey. com/Internet-Marketing/C4-Strategy/Online-marketing-strategy-option)

3. Products/ Distribution

A product promoted entirely online will go through a life routine in the same unstable way as a product sold through any traditional route (PLC). Products marketed online will have a core benefit to the buyer, be an actual tangible product, with augmentation that adds value such as insurance, guarantees therefore. Although tools actually specify the term 'product, ' they can be easily adapted to add brands, services or solutions.


EBAY is a very popular website. After that, whatever you want to buy will be came out simply by a click. You select what product you prefer from wherever on earth with wide range of cost for the same product. You may get the latest version of the technology. You select your product and if you opt to buy anything on eBay, you should have all the information and details that given by the seller (brands, insurance, shipment cost). To illustrate, Iphone 4G is a hottest product of Apple Organization, just by a click, you can get an array of found from China, THE UNITED STATES, UK, India and they will be pleased you by their quality, tight contract to protect your rights. You may gratify by eBay usually.

(E-marketing changes in products/ syndication, retrieved on 17 November 2010 from http://marketingteacher. com/lesson-store/lesson-emarketing-product. htm)

4. Price

Pricing in e-marketing is quite competitive. Each company is trying to lessen their price to get customer's attention to their products. Price is usually shown and stated in ascending price from different companies on the website. With the greater access to prices information, quicker and in a format that makes pricing similar and transparent. There are a number of sites that will compare and contrast prices for the same or similar goods and services


Thegioididong. com is one of the most popular website for buying quality mobile phones in Vietnam. It is offered and urged clients to look their products online by lower the price tag on the mobile phone compare purchasing the product at thegioididong stores. For example, Nokia N8 on the site is 11. 000. 000 and at the store is approximately 11. 500. 000 VND, so if you buy online, you can save yourself 500. 000 VND with the same warranty and benefits for the merchandise you get.

Amazon. com is another reliable website for selling and buying online after eBay. It is segregated products into specific sections (clothing, consumer electronics, toys, shoes, electronics, computers, rings or even literature), simply by clicking, we can find all the things that you need with appropriate price from the web dealer. Usually, products will be discount from 20% up to 40% when you purchase from Amazon. com. The costing is usually discount because of the company's competition in e-marketing.

Buying a hottest product without "moving your seat" is today innovative technology, or what we should contact business is "online shopping", as well as for the shop, it is "e-marketing".

CRM is needed to ask direct questions to customers to get their opinions on the products and advertisement of services will be sent by email to their home address (costing of labor and time) => inefficient way in CRM

eCRM feedback in one the procedure before customers can complete purchase online step and whenever there is a new product, the sellers have their email and for just one easy click, all the ad will be delivered to hundred or thousand email inboxes in simply a few minutes with a little cost => save money and time.

(E-marketing changes in CRM, retrieved on 17 November 2010 from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/ECRM)


To buy an Ipad eBay, we must fill in an application which includes: name, address, postcode, country, gender, and especially the email address (to allow them to send you a confirmation of your purchase and talk to you). If you want to buy any product, this is the very first step in purchasing (forcing the clients to stay in contact with the retailers). When there is a new advertising campaign, the vendors has record your past purchase and they send you a contact. Furthermore, by the web site, they can monitor the frequently of customer go with their website and purchase products => Knowing consumer's online demand => Love of the company on customers.

III. Conclusion

E-marketing is becoming the main role on the whole marketing. It can help to enhance the traditional marketing in segmentation/ concentrating on, differentiation/ placement, product, price and also customer romantic relationship management. As the internet is more concerning in life, the demand of customers is also higher plus more complicate. They choose the convenience and keeping time than going around and looking for the product they want. Based on that changing, marketing has to lengthen and develop in e-marketing to satisfy today customer's demand. Until now, e-marketing has prevailed, in line with the attractiveness of eBay, Amazon. com, apple. com or Google all around the globe. And for each and every company in this ground breaking century, e-marketing is necessary cannot be dismissed, take critically if company desires to endure.

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