Effectiveness Of Customer Care Policies For Hospitality Industry Marketing Essay

Customer's service - we must provide our customers there necessary requirements. Needs to address the business enterprise requirement. We've offered them the service which they can keep their trust. We have to full fill their requirements.

Customer care and attention- serve them beyond their expectation create the trust in them that people can serve them better. Make sure they are comfortable in order to always keep coming back. Adapt the insurance plan in line with the guest needs.

Importances the customers care insurance policy in hospitality industry - hospitality business is the term personalizes service with their important customer's. and them that customers are always right. Customers are like god.

To make the clients happy the planes can be for inner and external customers if you wish to extend your business then your internal and external customers also must be very satisfied coz then only you may become a successful organisation. And your company can stay at the very top for longer time of period.

The reason of every big successful company is the ways they make their customers insurance policies the policies which they make in their organisation those are favourable to the customers.

These policies are helping the clients to archive their own goal or their focuses on. they analysed their weakness and talents which are external problems.

Need of customer care policies plans-

Uninformed customer potential customer - incorrect or missing market studies could guide the miss present the clients expectation causes frustration. To keep the customers happy or even to complete their needs and wish some essential factors need to be handle carefully

Trust offer -customers trust is very important it is everyone responsibility to provide what they have assurance to the clients mistakes can happens while doing the work. There are different pollicises for each department

Service regular -service show could be dissatisfying because of personnel not open-handed reason for this is they don't know their job well so they can not perform well. Poor knowledge and lack of coordination between employees.

Low excellence principles -If the organization has set some guidelines then those could be unlike forms the customers' potential customer and management. It may have the wrong self understanding about their customers' needs.

The performance of customer care policies for hospitality industry

It can help know about the customers desire and their needs

To know our competition exact position in the market.

We can identify the latest developments in the market.

By this we can improve the examiners standards

The effective customer support can enhance the business.

Hotel industry customers - every hotel has the various customers their need also different they go to the hotel according to their needs and how much they can effort it's all be based upon customers.

Customers have the various types - they could be business customer's holiday, leisure, university student, disable, local etc.

Business customer's - they don't select the same hotel often they select the according to their needs is determined by what kind of business they will take action what facilities are they anticipating from the hotel. Also people travel all around the world they don't really stay for long time in one hotel. They have to move according to their client their conferences. so their needs will vary from some other clients.

Leisure customer- leisure customers have more time to spend then people. Their stay normally is long stay because they come to start to see the places they have sufficient time to spend the money and use the blissful luxury facilities of the hotels. Leisure customers normally are lovers, newly hitched, or wealthy people.

Tourist client - the name itself identifies their identity vacationer customers come to see the places their stay can be long or can be short is based what plane they may have in their brain. Tourist people can be friend's households. Etc mostly they choose the normal hotel or we can call it as budge hotels. Only the holiday who have additional money to spend they choose the luxury hotels.

Citizen - the local people also visit their historical places or for change they visit the places in their claims only this people the majority of the time their stay is short in addition they choose the budget hotels.

Royalty card holder - the name says itself royal means these customers are incredibly important customers they have to treat in different ways than some other clients. we must give them special attendance they always stay in an extravagance hotels their stop by at the hotel can be consistent. they are the cards holder of the best hotels also they provide the business to the hotels.

How medication dosage these points can be applied to the McDonalds case study

? Because they serve the different types of customers in one organisation

Kids and young technology- the key customers of the McDonalds will be the young people and the youngsters their main motto is to provide them better way to allow them to come back over and over. They have got really effort able prizes because the teenagers and kids they don't really have lots of money to spend on their food. So MC Donald's suits their budget. Mc Donald's is where people can come and also have a causal appointment or perhaps for relax also they got different Varity in junk food.

Families -as compare with the other fast food chain competitors they have got Varity and a very effort able prize food every single kid want to visit the MC Donald and also have some food.

Business people-business people are extremely busy especially in the morning so they don't really have time make at home or spend time is restaurants so in addition they prefers the junk food like MC Donald provides.

Traveller -for tourists MC Donald's they supplies the maps and happy food in very low prize. So holidaymakers can come and have the happy meal in quick time and that is how they may save their time.

Disable people-for the disable people mc Donald have special facilities like they have got special setting agreement also discount in awards.

Health conscious people-people are extremely health mindful now they want to have salads, and less essential oil, no processed foods in their daily foods so to them mc Donald's have different salads and other Varity food menu.

Importance of customer care culture-the recent review implies that they did some evaluation of customer support program.

90% staff discovered that program is effective.

92 % say that they learn out of it and now they have some understanding of the hospitality industry.

80% have found the hand e book was very important to them

By getting some knowledge the customer treatment has been improved

Evaluation of customer care program-

Analyse recent customer's needs of the market.

Mc Donald's must know very well what current position in the market is there. Where they are simply located in the market.

Identify their resources plus they need to know their recourses from where they can get the business.

Mc Donald's can be use as a person care finest perform. For instance bench marking.

Mc Donald's have their own goals. they would like to grow their business

They need to look at the result in case there any problem they needs to determine alternative solution for this.

Analyse the responses in regular intervals.

KPI-key performance indicator

Customer feedback is vital every organisation has to encourage their customers to provide there feedback so that the organisation should come to know where area they lack.

The customers feedback can be verbal or non verbal.

Verbal feedback- it can be face to face, telephonic

Non verbal feedback-questioners, comment cards, E mail reviews, reviews from staff

Face to face-this can be immediate connect to the guest this can be very quick way to get the opinions you can get the exact responses from the visitor.

Telephone feedback-as we may use the latest technology so we can utilize it to provide the feedback phone feedback is one of them in this the clients can call the organisation and give their feedback.

Questioner method -this is the theory which is directed at the clients what they take into account the company what exactly are their prospects from the business every one can't point out their feelings as a result of vocabulary problem but questioner method help them expressing their views and they can show their knowledge with everyone.

Email feedback-today every hotel has their own website we can go compared to that website and can take a glance of this hotel or company that is why Email feedback is very important you can give your feedback after visiting that hotel or that one organisation.

Comment card -this is a simple way to find out the customers opinions after each service or every visit you can provide the customer, responses cards and can request them to fill the feedback greeting card.

Guest background record -the visitor history record keeps the estimation the helpfulness of the customer care procedures this deals with the keeping the customer's personal data, so that if they come next time then you already have their information. By keeping visitor records can be very useful because if the client knows that you really manage them you already recognizes what they like and what they don't like they will always come back to your company may be they will recommend

Advantages of direct dialogue-

This method really helps to get the non-public view and personal thoughts about the company. Or service

Straight talk with the guest can enable you to better understand the visitor needs.

Full keep matter information is composed from the customers by using this method.

Disadvantages of immediate dialogue -

This process is very prolonged as customer point of view because business course people don't have that much time.

Communication distance can occurs in this

Advantages of phone feedback-

This is very quickest way which can save enough time also

Customers can give there reviews direct on the phone after end the stay in hotel.

Disadvantage of cell phone feedback-

While talking on the phone with the clients if we can't know very well what is your partner says then it can create the situation because you don't know what reviews customers is supplying. which means this can be cons of the telephone feedback.

This can be incomplete feedback

You can't find the detail home elevators the phone.

Advantages of questioner methods

This is simple way to have the feedback from the customers

This is also quick way to find the feedback from the customers you can get the info or some notes from the customers.

This is low priced method compare to the other methods.

Disadvantages of questioner method

Sometimes customers don't feel safe to fill the form

This method may bring the verbal communication barriers

Some time if the customers don't understand the question properly then he can't provide you with the perfect feedback.

Advantages of Email feedback

This can be easy way to provide the responses also this is more rapidly and cheaper way.

Also we may easily communicate with the business enterprise client

The words which we used in the e mails it could be easily read and easy to understand. Also we can provide the information information in the mail.

Email reply can be very fast and convenient

Disadvantages of email feedback

The main hazards of the email feedback will be the computer virus if the e-mail contain virus then you can't open up that email and that means you can't have feedback or you can lose quite data.

Sometimes Emails can be very big, for the business enterprise client big email messages are not good, because they don't really have time to undergo that email.

Email mailing is not useful to the traveler people since they don't possess an access to the internet while visiting.

Advantages of comment card

This procedure provides immediate give food to back

This card you can give the guest when they check out because that point they can provide the feedback the reason behind this is they already use the facilities what we have offered to allow them to give the feedback.

Disadvantage of comment credit card -

Sometime the comment card information can be lost because you have to keep all the information all the documentation work, in case we lost that work then we can't get back to the customers.

Sometimes if a definite person contains the bad guest reviews then that reviews form may be he will not share with his superiors' if that occurs then this can be loss for the company.

Comment card responses is not beneficial to the business people because they comes for short reaching or quick your meal that moment they don't really have enough time to fill up the comment card.

Advantages of guest history records

This method pays to to the business to know their visitor needs very well

Also the guest will also feel very good that the company giving so much of respect so they'll always want to go to that same company

May be they can suggest the other folks to go that one organisation.

This is how they can extend their business.

Disadvantage of visitor history records

You have to keep so much of records for example you have to keep their birthday time, anniversary particular date etc.

To keep that record up to date may be you will need to appoint one extra person to do that job.

Effectiveness of opinions method

It can give the clients full detail information

You can know very well what your customers planning on from you what their anticipations.

Customers likes and dislikes

It apprises the service excellence

It really helps to know the current trends which 're going in the market.

Also help to improve the customer care policies

Guest can give their feed back again as enough time or whenever they want at any time.

Self empowerment

Self empowerment means it allows all the staff of the organisation


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