Energy Refreshments And Sport Advertising

Any sport is surrounded by numerous advertising providers. Sports night clubs want to try out, gain and earn the audience - to attend the competition; manufacturers of activities goods want to increase sales, sponsors want to promote their brands; programs want to transmit rating matches. Successive actions of every of these subjects to attain the goals relate to the group of activities marketing.

To understand the sport marketing profession it is important to say what a marketing is: "Marketing - the skill and science to find the right target market, to attract, hold on to and increase the quantity of consumers by setting up a buyer's confidence that it represents the highest value for the business. "

Sports marketing is a relatively new field and idea of marketing. It really is import ant to note that this self-discipline within marketing is not clearly defined. Activities today utilize corporate and business sponsorships and tv set money in order to remain competitive and purchase top quality players: the firms use groups, leagues, schools, and individual s to distinguish their products in an exceedingly competitive business environment. (Howard Schlossberg)

One of the best phenomena in the current sports is the introduction of its business sphere. And in this business the central place is occupied by sport "first persons": players, athletic teams, coaches, managers and owners. They help business expansion, getting sponsors and athletics audiences.

Firstly, the introduction of sports contributed to the tactical orientation of many companies manufacturing sports accessories: clothing, sneakers, equipment, etc. They produce its products with respect to the needs of modern sports and the expansion of athletic performance.

Secondly, the marketing of sport is devote the guts of activities activity. Showing off event is not the one product of entities from the inner world of sports activity and, of course, it is within the activities industry. Obviously, the truth is, this event is positioned in the center of attention and it gives a whole lot of commercial opportunities for players and clubs.

But I must say that in activities there are other opportunities of commercial effect, in addition to the specific occasions, such as image and reputation of players and team sports activities brand. They too are part of a athletics product, are in demand on the market and, hence, take part in the athletics industry. Such sources of commercial opportunities are the different parts of all events, not simply one specific event or only a solo season. They are the end product of a thorough work teams, athletes and ideas about them.

In today's best sports activities marketing plays an important role, because thanks to him the most heavily involved with sport activities.

"Many companies are looking at sports activities marketing as a computer program expense, a powerful view of obtaining their goals in the market. Sports Marketing can be an extremely attractive proposition for sponsors and advertising brokers, a blend of wide-spread fairs and mass audiences in a modern and stylish event "- so brilliantly and effectively noted Messon Izell. And business interests sport companies and sports activities marketing should use this interest. (Howard Schlossberg)

Sports marketing agents

Sports marketing agent works in the marketing sphere, being an agent for an athlete, a sport team or company. His main job is to market the athlete's job within sport, to make good deals with advertising companies, so to state to make an athlete a "a major star".

This means that the activities agent is responsible for meetings, discussions and making agreements, as well as picking the best agreements for the athlete that he signifies. Much of a activities agent's day he put in in networking, communicating and negotiating, that always means hot working time-table, going a loy and doing few works at the same time, that requires certain personal skills, abilities as well as good motivation.

Sports managers should have strong knowledge in several spheres as

1. Athletics knowledge (idea of sport, sport mindset, sociology of sport management in sports education, management of school athletics, management of free time, control sportsmen).

2. Management running a business (marketing, economics, legislations, consumer behavior, strategic management, financial and personnel management).

3. Marketing communications (journalism, pr and press, advertising, broadcasting).

4. Social sciences (personal relations, ethnic knowledge, labor market knowledge).

To be considered a good sports activities marketing agent methods to be well informed about the particular sport and the styles in the sport, to remain up-to-date on athletics events and sports activities advertising. But it is also important to own good business skills and understanding of: business management, financial and risk research, investment research as well. Excellent communication and negotiation skills are so very important to this position, and good words and foreign languages knowledge.

The work activities of any athletics marketing agent include

Meeting with sportsmen, team owners and professionals, and continuous networking with them;

Making agreements and negotiating contracts, promoting the athlete with the perfect options for advertising contracts;

Providing marketing and financial research on various contracts, providing this information to the athlete and interested companies;

Traveling to different parts and countries to stand for the runners and instructions to the interested companies for the contract negotiations.

Being well-informed about the latest events in the world of sport, regarding the current trends in several kinds of athletics;

Recruiting and marketing advertising services to the activity commands, players, sport organizations and sports occasions to get new clients.

Sports agents are often employed by a particular agency, offering the promotional and sponsorship service in the needs of sports, teams, and individual athletes. Including the Sport Marketing Association (SMA) is a company that grows a beneficial marriage between professional experts and academicians involved in the business of marketing sport. ()

Some athletics marketing agents be employed by a activities team, for the organizers of sports (like contests and tournaments). in cases like this agents are responsible for promoting the team or event that they work, providing necessary radio and papers advertisement, news about upcoming video games to encourage their attendance. Also, they may sick for outside the house sponsorship by advertising advertising space, including areas on game-time overhead screens, advertising on scoreboards and collectible cups, and so forth. ()

So why does so many companies want to advertise their products with the aid of sports marketing?

A successful marketing campaign in the sport, as in virtually any other field of marketing, is based on the ability to identify the key advantages of a sports activities product and clarify to consumers why do they need it. Within the sports marketing the next promotional themes are used: health, feelings, dread and pleasure.

Emotional techniques tend to be used in athletics marketing. In this case, it's important to understand how emotionally the consumer perceives this, for example, some activities lovers even see themselves as an associate of a common teams. An example of an mental reception can be considered in the slogan "Excitation of victory and the agony of defeat", which was used to promote in the past. Fear can be used in advertising mainly to be able to stress the negative outcomes that may occur, if not used or misused the merchandise. Manufacturers of bicycles and motorcycles tend to be appealing to dread in advertisements, pointing to the horrible consequences of mishaps caused by insufficient head injured helmets.

Athletes do actively participate in promotional materials, companies are using the fact they are credible for a broad audience. Although in recent years the self-confidence in the professional athlete's advices decreases: people recognize that for the positive words about a particular product they get a decent price. However, the most well-known players - Michael Jordan, Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods - has established themselves as a trusted way to obtain information.

Another advantage of showing players in advertising is their elegance. When you want to focus on this feature in the training video or picture then put emphasis on physical beauty associated with an athlete, his lifestyle or a high level of intelligence. A good example of using this system - advertising "I want to end up like Mike" with the contribution of Michael Jordan and Nike advertising with the slogan "I am - PADRAIG HARRINGTON" in which children of all races and ages hoping on shoes of Tiger.

Energy beverages and sport advertising

The energy drinks market is targeted mainly at young consumers with buying vitality, being very popular and covering markets all over the world. The role of energy beverages is possibly large: young clubbers desperate to be active all the night, and the long working hours means a great deal of employees could be a great marketplace for these refreshments. This market move has led some energy drinks manufacturers to specifically develop products aimed at young people, who've productive life and would like to be the leader But for obtaining this, a certain kind of ads is necessary, that might be interesting for teenagers.

Speaking about the market of energy beverages, Red Bull remains the marketplace leader and now is typically the most popular and trendy one.

Breakdown of Top 10 10 Energy Drinks

Drinks Show of Energy Drink Market

(based on dollar sales)

Red Bull 42. 6

Monster 14. 4

Rockstar 11. 4

Full Throttle 6. 9

Sobe No Fear 5. 4

Amp 3. 6

Sobe Adrenaline Rush 2. 9

Tab Energy 2. 3

Monster XXL 0. 9

Private Label 0. 9

Rip It 0. 8

Sobe Trim 0. 7

However, Red Bull dominant position should be stored, and that is the strategy for a marketing company. That can be achieved only via a good advertising and advertising company. The brand Red Bull spends closely to achieve this - it is reported to get up to 30% of its turnover on promotions. (Findarticles. com)

The concentration of the promotional company of Read Bull is extreme-sports and social event sponsorships, that there is now a strong association between your drink and sport game titles, races, with dangerous, adrenaline-fuelled activities.

Red Bull has an aggressive international marketing campaign, as it's the sponsor of many extreme athletics: like windsurfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, kayaking, wakeboarding, cliff-diving, searching, skating, freestyle motocross, rally, Formulation 1 race, and breakdancing to art shows, music, and video games. (Findarticles. com)

The company is the owner of the team "Red Bull Rushing" and Scuderia Toro Rosso in Method 1, and football club "Red Bull New York" and "Red Bull Salzburg" while others all around the globe. Additionally it is the organizer of the tournament on Aerobatics "Red Bull Air Race World Series championship" and airplane "Red Bull Flugtag" and some other. By using sport advertising company Red Bull attempts to promote a "cool" general public image and increase brand electric power.

So a good example of The Red Bull company shows the potency of the activity advertising.


In today's sport marketing takes on an important role, so the sports marketing brokers have a great field for working. The task of the agencies is to show the importance of sport for companys' campaign, and evaluate how the consumer perceives its romance with business. Sport clubs and athletes are increasingly reliant on promotional companies too today.

Sports marketing have a tendency to expand, so trend's success or inability will hinge on sports activities' role in modern culture in the coming years. Many issues arise everyday between fair play and big money, so it is very important to sports activities marketers to increasingly authorities themselves to be able not to ruin an efficient marketing tool and sport generally. (Paul Schaaf)

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