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Emami, in collaboration with Activor Corp, USA, herbalists and dermatologists from India has generated a unique fairness cream for Men with a breakthrough Five Vitality Fairness System to make skin area fair and good-looking in four weeks. It also helps in reducing stress and fatigue signs - gives men's tough pores and skin a firmer look. Emami Rational And Handsome World's No. 1 fairness cream shields men's face from sun's ULTRA VIOLET RAYS.

Fair and good looking is a brand that created the Men's fairness cream section in India. Launched in 2005, the brand became the creator and the marketplace leader of the segment. Emami wanted ways to challenge the Good and Lovely brand from HFAIR & HANDSOME. Emami possessed a brand By natural means Fair which was small compared to FAL.

Emami proceeded to go for serious customer research which showed that 25-30% of customers of Fairness products were men. That customer understanding paved way for a special brand for men. Good and Handsome is directed at young metropolitan men aged 15- 35. The brand premiered with much promotion across visual press.

A fair complexion is definitely associated with success and popfair & handsomearity. Women and men equally desire fairness, it is believed to be the main element to a successffair & attractive life. Well for ladies the market is loaded with fairness cream but for men there's not been an individual fairness products.

The Fair and good looking is the name of the fairness creme which is made solely for men. As we realize that the men have got the very tough skin unlike the skin of the girls and they need some extra or some thing dissimilar to use because of their face. Keeping these factors at heart the Rational and handsome fairness creme is made. This product is the productions of the company Imami. Imami is a great company, which produces many kind Makeup products for women, and this is designed for the fist time for men. My husband uses the creme Rational and attractive and he is quite happy with this CREAM. The aroma of the creme is great and keeps my husband feel fresh for a longer time. This CREAM will not make any one fair but is a good cream over all and gives a nice look when it's applied on the face


In the facial skin of appearing competition Emami has changed aggressively to promote Good & Handsome by roping in Bollywood icon ShahRukh Khan as its brand ambassador. The TVC featuring SRK has already been on air.

According to a written report in agency faqs, SRK was at first skeptical about endorsing a fairness brand for PR reasons, However Emami could persuade SRK into endorsing this brand. Good& Handsome is the first brand to target men. It had been followed by Good and Lovely extending itself to men's variant Men's Working. Now this section is seeing lot of activity.

The marketing campaign for Rational and Handsome is one of the lousiest campaign I have ever before seen. Here the primary personality is depicted as a fool who enters a females hostel to steal a fairness cream. I still cofair & handsomedn't realize why cofair & handsomedn't he just visit a supermarket and purchase it.

The brand is being positioned as the fairness cream that can make men good-looking and also appealing to women. The brand uses the tagline: Be fair Be Handsome. If the campaign is lousy or not, after two years of launch, reasonable and handsome will probably be worth Rs 45 Crore now commanding market share of over 30-40% in the portion.

The brand must be liked for creating a category. It is true that men uses lotions meant for women. Hence there's a logic in building a brand for men in this category. The total fairness market is projected to be around Rs 900 crore and men's portion is just about Rs 160 crore. Although Rational and Handsome has gained the first mover advantages, already competition is hitting up. HFAIR & HANDSOME has long FAL into men's category with a variant Menz Dynamic. Nivea and Lo'real also have transferred into this segment. Unlike Rational and Handsome ( FAH), other brands are little delicate in setting their brands as a fairness cream.

˜Handsome' is the new mantra for Indian men!

Emami announces ˜Mr Handsome Contest' for the very first time in India Mumbai, 30th October 2007: It had been raining men and good looking men at that at the Emami Mr Handsome Contest kept today at a glittering wedding ceremony at India's fashion and entertainment hot seat - Mumbai. Emami Ltd, the non-public care and healthcare major, created a competition that will give India its very first ˜good-looking' winner of your male beauty pageant. The contest is aimed at redefining the concept of looking good and feeling great and revolutionizing it with the addition of new proportions to it. Ten attractive finalists (out of a total of 973 entrants) sashayed down the runway today as they walked past superstar judges Alyque Padamsee, Marketing and Advertising Expert, Ashok Salian, ace photographer of India and last but not the least, singer and professional par excellence Sharon Prabhakar. The show was aimed by none other than choreographer and grooming expert Achla Sachdev. The magnum opus observed a noticeable difference in the manner male looks have been re-defined.

Commenting at the release, Mohan Goenka, Director, Emami Band of Companies said, "We have launched the Emami Mr Handsome Competition with the only real intention of offering India its very own handsome success. We at Emami have always noticed movements in the male grooming section and have tried out to imbibe them to enhance our product stock portfolio for men. This competition will not only set industry criteria when it comes to the concept of male looks but also when it comes to influencing this portion. To commence with, we have started Emami Mr Handsome Contest from Mumbai this year but since this contest is our intellectual property, we soon intend to take it nationwide.

Emami includes all the says with 29 depots across India and enjoys a wide distribution network composed of 2500+ distributors and a direct coverage of 4. 15 lacs outlets. To felicitate this distribution power, Emami has1200+ strong and stimulated Sales Force including both immediate & indirect manpower operating in the market.

Modern Trade: Together with the change of scenario in retail market the Company has drawn an extensive coverage plan for concentrating on customers in modern format outlet stores effectively selling on the market immediately or through exclusive marketers. A specialized SALES TEAM in addition has been developed to service these ever growing Modern Retail outlets. Currently, the Company is covering over 4000+ key accounts and is expected to increase the sales in 2008-09.

In order to generate complete retail emphasis to the business enterprise through direct reach and circulation, the Company has also undertaken an hostile plan to identify Concentration Sates in the united states. The objective behind this is to increase strong numeric circulation, reduce dependency on general, initiate intensive BTL activities, strengthen rural coverage and present smart sales force to counter any competition.


For this, Emami has started out test marketing Fair & Young, a fairness creams that focuses on the young in the south. It already has a fairness cream for men, Fair & Handsome and Rational & Ageless that focuses on women.

The introduction is by using an experimental basis and we wofair & handsomed soon roll it out to the others of India. We chose the South as the spot contributes 30 per cent to our overall sales of fairness cream, " said Goenka. Fair & Ageless is directed at women above 30 years and it is available around India.

Both the merchandise come in three different sizes and are costed between Rs 7 and Rs 57. The company has tied-up with Activor Corp, USA, for elements and specialized know-how. Emami executives declare that these fairness creams offer more than simply lightening the colour of skin. For example, 'Fair & Teen' has ingredients like polypeptide, saffron and sandalwood to care for acne and acne for youngsters, while 'Good & Ageless' contains pentapeptide, aloe vera and grape seed to help aged women be rid of wrinkles.

The company, so far, has authorized sales worth more than Rs 2 crore for 'Fair & Teenager' and is targeting Rs 5 crore turnover end of this fiscal.

The Emami Band of Companies, specialising in personal health care and health care products, has agreed upon on Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan to endorse Emami Rational and Handsome, its cream brand for men.

According to Emami executives, Khan was an clear choice as the acting professional has been the brand ambassador for various other brands under the Emami Group, such as Himani Navratna Olive oil, Himani Navratna Cool Talc, and Himani Sona Chandi Chyawanprash.

"Shah Rukh was not very thinking about being truly a part of an fairness cream commercial, as he didn't want to come across to be biased or judgemental on the concept of fairness, uncovers Mohan Goenka, director, Emami Group of Companies. However, as SRK and the company happen to reveal a good working relationship, the theory materialised.

The endorsement deal is for an interval of 2 yrs, starting 2007. Mumbai-based Situations Advertising, the firm on record for the product's advertising, along with Bhargav Krishnan of Eighty One, has generated and produced the TVC. The advertising film has been aimed by film director Shirish Kunder and made by Red Chili.

The company is banking on the TVC to spread the concept of fairness creams no longer being the website of the ˜good sex'. The fact that 75 % men use fairness creams made for women prompted the launch of the product. Professionals at Emami Fair and Handsome go as far as to lay claim it to be the world's first fairness cream for men.

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Direct delivery of license or certification symbol -- FAIR & HANDSOME and its own many affiliates are certified to issue accreditations or certificates for many key market segments, including however, not limited to the next: C-FAIR & HANDSOME Symbol (Canada), D Mark (Denmark), DENAN PSE Symbol (Japan), S Mark (Japan), GS Mark (Germany/Europe), S Make (Argentina), INMETRO Mark (Brazil), ATEX Certificates (Europe), CB test certificates and IECEX certificates of conformity.

Intermediate applicant services -- Once the required qualifications/marks are revealed, Good & HANDSOME can job manage the whole certification process. Rational & HANDSOME will complete required varieties, coordinate test management, pay submittal fees in appropriate currency, prepare certification-ready documents packages, and talk to applicable certification organizations to obtain the certification markings or certificates.

COMPANYs and inspections -- Rational & HANDSOME is authorized to conduct original and follow-up stock audits and inspections on behalf of many other recognition organizations as necessary to complete and maintain certifications.

Certification management services -- FAIR & HANDSOME can maintain recognition files for a manufacturer's products and coordinate all necessary actions required to keep the certifications valid, such as annual audits, follow-up tests and qualification renewal.

Technical file prep services -- Records assisting conformity to requirements is frequently needed under EU directives for CE Marking conformity. FAIR & HANDSOME can prepare a file based on information/data supplied by the manufacturer or produced by Good & HANDSOME to support the manufacturer's declaration of conformity.

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