Features of the organization of the activities of...

Features of the organization of the activities of advertising agencies in the external market

According to the optimal organization of advertising activities, there are many points of view, for example, the leadership of the world's largest advertising and information group WPP Group distinguishes three levels of advertising activities:

1) creative;

2) the actual advertising activity;

3) the commercial level, assuming special management.

WPP holding includes dozens of specialized enterprises, including such leaders of advertising and marketing business as Young & amp; Rubicam, Ogilvy & amp; Mather Worldwide, J. Walter Tompson, Research International, Cole & amp; Webber, Hill & amp; Knowlton.

David Meister, a professor at Harvard Business School, recognized the authority in the field of service company management, focused on the fact that advertising is just a service industry, and therefore an advertising agency - is a service organization. Thus, it must live the needs of customers and build their work in such a way that not only attract, but also keep the advertiser, make the process of interaction with him as efficient and comfortable as possible. Another point of view is important - this is the opinion of the world-famous economist Theodore Levitt, who stated about the "short-sightedness of marketing" and proved that any company always has non-trivial points of an advantageous commercial activity application that are out of the field of its traditional activity.

In general, we can distinguish three organizational forms of advertising in the leading countries:

1) advertising departments of industrial and trading companies;

2) advertising agencies;

3) specialized (creative) organizations.

The responsibility of advertising departments includes (often in conjunction with an advertising agency) the development of advertising programs, including estimates of advertising costs. As a rule, they do their own production and dispatch of direct mail advertising, organize exhibitions and expositions, distribute catalogs. The advertising department - it can enter the structure of the marketing department (or sales) - coordinates its activities with other departments of the company and is responsible for monitoring the implementation of promotional activities and evaluating their effectiveness.

The activities of advertising agencies are the most common in the advertising business in many countries.

Advertising companies are called advertising agencies (advertising agencies). This phrase was coined by the founders FCB (Foot, Cone & amp ; Bedding Worldwid) D. Lord and E. Thomas. Their principle is "from person to person". The head of the agency Albert Lasker and his team were able to do something that changed social models and buying habits. The legacy that they left is now called the foundation of the advertising profession.

Despite the presence of a significant number of advertising agencies in the world, the main turnover and major profits fall to the share of several dozen large companies (for example, the share of 25 large advertising agencies in the United States accounts for 44% of the total cost of completed advertising orders).

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