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Finishing in fashion

The segment of projects with a fine finish develops fully in the city, on suburban properties this trend spreads to a lesser extent. According to Elena Karaseva, in the next two to three years it will still get active development. In the overwhelming majority of settlements, ready houses are rented out for rough finishing. Often - with free planning, without internal partitions. Under a white finish or with a finished finish, only show houses are offered in business and elite class settlements. We do not have to talk about the volume of the market: single examples are not an indicator. Nevertheless, interest in this topic is growing & quot ;, - says the head of the marketing service of UK "PulExpress" Marina Ageyeva.

In 2013, on the market, in addition to traditional cottage villages, business-class townhouses appeared. Previously, this type of housing we observed only in the segment "econom."

It is rumored that in Moscow there is a kind of renaissance of business-class townhouses for permanent residence. I can not say that similar processes are taking place in St. Petersburg. Townhouses for permanent residence in demand in the suburbs or within the city boundaries. In settlements for seasonal living they do not get accustomed, it's not the format: a small plot, a rather high density - this is not our mentality. There are examples of good projects, for example Ollila in the resort area. Townhouses of business class, the project has been selling for several years, but it is already sold for the sixth season! This is an indicator of the ratio of business class customers to housing of this type, "- shares the thoughts of Svetlana Neveleva.

In commercial terms of business class objects, the head of the real estate market research department at Knight Frank St. Petersburg. Petersburg Tamara Popova sees two different trends. In demanded towns, the prices of supply have sought to increase. In projects with weak sales dynamics, supply prices in some cases even decreased in order to attract buyers. The aggregate of these factors has caused a moderate growth in the average indicator in the townships of the business class. The annual increase in the average price of home ownership in the business class was 4%, "- says Tamara Popova. "Property prices in this segment for the year increased by 10-15%. Recently, many potential customers have realized the advantages of comfortable living outside the city, so the demand for the objects of the country market began to grow.

In favor there are objects located in infrastructure-secured areas, with the classiness of buyers worried less ", - the director of the department of new buildings of company NAI Vesar Polina Yakovleva does not agree with the colleague.

Exit to the people

The developers are trying to adapt to the realities. Experts say that over the past six months there has been a tendency to reorient some business-class villages to lower price segments by including small houses and townhouses in the facility. "These measures allow increasing the liquidity of the objects, however, they change their perception in the target group, to which the developers were counting initially", - explains Tamara Popova.

As a result, in 2013, 39% less business-class cottages were sold than a year earlier. Stable sales occur only in several projects, and in most of the cottage settlements transactions are single or absent altogether. This indicates a discrepancy in the quality of the construction of cottages to the level of requirements imposed by buyers for business class facilities, experts are convinced. They also consider that in some settlements sales have been suspended, and in a number of objects sale of plots without a contract began.

The analysis of the dynamics of key indicators in the suburban real estate market in 2013 shows that the pace of new projects in the high price range has slowed down. In conditions of an unstable market situation and lack of available funds, developers do not risk starting construction of new cottage settlements. Some developers reoriented to lower-class villages or took a wait-and-see attitude. Washing out the liquid supply and the lack of business-class objects in demand by the market gives grounds to talk about further reduction of the quality offer in this segment. The situation can be changed only by positive macroeconomic changes. However, despite all the unfavorable factors, we still expect the start of sales in the new planned settlements, "- says Tamara Popova.

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